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conjunto de painéis compreendendo perfis de retenção com um grampo separado e método para inserção do grampo


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    • E04F15/00Flooring
    • E04F15/02Flooring or floor layers composed of a number of similar elements
    • E04F15/02038Flooring or floor layers composed of a number of similar elements characterised by tongue and groove connections between neighbouring flooring elements
    • F16B5/00Joining sheets or plates, e.g. panels, to one another or to strips or bars parallel to them
    • F16B5/0004Joining sheets, plates or panels in abutting relationship
    • F16B5/0008Joining sheets, plates or panels in abutting relationship by moving the sheets, plates or panels substantially in their own plane, perpendicular to the abutting edge
    • F16B5/0012Joining sheets, plates or panels in abutting relationship by moving the sheets, plates or panels substantially in their own plane, perpendicular to the abutting edge a tongue on the edge of one sheet, plate or panel co-operating with a groove in the edge of another sheet, plate or panel
    • F16B5/0016Joining sheets, plates or panels in abutting relationship by moving the sheets, plates or panels substantially in their own plane, perpendicular to the abutting edge a tongue on the edge of one sheet, plate or panel co-operating with a groove in the edge of another sheet, plate or panel with snap action
    • E04F2201/00Joining sheets or plates or panels
    • E04F2201/01Joining sheets, plates or panels with edges in abutting relationship
    • E04F2201/0138Joining sheets, plates or panels with edges in abutting relationship by moving the sheets, plates or panels perpendicular to the main plane
    • E04F2201/0146Joining sheets, plates or panels with edges in abutting relationship by moving the sheets, plates or panels perpendicular to the main plane with snap action of the edge connectors
    • E04F2201/00Joining sheets or plates or panels
    • E04F2201/01Joining sheets, plates or panels with edges in abutting relationship
    • E04F2201/0169Joining sheets, plates or panels with edges in abutting relationship by rotating the sheets, plates or panels around an axis which is perpendicular to the abutting edges and parallel to the main plane, possibly combined with a sliding movement
    • E04F2201/0176Joining sheets, plates or panels with edges in abutting relationship by rotating the sheets, plates or panels around an axis which is perpendicular to the abutting edges and parallel to the main plane, possibly combined with a sliding movement with snap action of the edge connectors
    • E04F2201/00Joining sheets or plates or panels
    • E04F2201/05Separate connectors or inserts, e.g. pegs, pins, keys or strips
    • E04F2201/0523Separate tongues; Interlocking keys, e.g. joining mouldings of circular, square or rectangular shape
    • E04F2201/0535Separate tongues; Interlocking keys, e.g. joining mouldings of circular, square or rectangular shape adapted for snap locking
    • E04F2201/00Joining sheets or plates or panels
    • E04F2201/05Separate connectors or inserts, e.g. pegs, pins, keys or strips
    • E04F2201/0523Separate tongues; Interlocking keys, e.g. joining mouldings of circular, square or rectangular shape
    • E04F2201/0552Separate tongues; Interlocking keys, e.g. joining mouldings of circular, square or rectangular shape adapted to be rotated around an axis parallel to the joint edge


patente de invenção: conjunto de painéis compreendendo perfis de retenção com um grampo separado e método para inserção do grampo. a presente invenção refere-se a um conjunto de painéis, prefercialmente de painéis de piso, consistindo em um primeiro painel e pelo menos um segundo painel com, em cada caso, um lado de topo e um lado inferior, em que o primeiro painel compreende em uma borda um primeiro perfil de retenção com um gancho dirigido para o lado de topo, o segundo painel compreende em uma borda um segundo perfil de retenção com um gancho dirigido para o lado inferior, o primeiro perfil de retenção e o segundo perfil de retenção podem ser conectados por um movimento relativo dirigido perpendicularmente a um plano de deposição, e em que um grampo separado é provido, o qual compreende uma cabeça de grampo, um corpo de grampo e uma base de grampo. mais ainda, a invenção se refere a um método para inserção do grampo em um perfil de retenção.
BR112012017155A 2010-01-15 2010-12-20 conjunto de painéis compreendendo perfis de retenção com um grampo separado e método para inserção do grampo BR112012017155A2 (pt)

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DE102010004717A DE102010004717A1 (de) 2010-01-15 2010-01-15 Set aus Paneelen umfassend Halteprofile mit einem separaten Clip sowie Verfahren zum Einbringen des Clips
PCT/EP2010/007801 WO2011085788A1 (en) 2010-01-15 2010-12-20 Set of panels comprising retaining profiles with a separate clip and method for inserting the clip

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BR112012017155A BR112012017155A2 (pt) 2010-01-15 2010-12-20 conjunto de painéis compreendendo perfis de retenção com um grampo separado e método para inserção do grampo

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