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    • B41J35/00Other apparatus or arrangements associated with, or incorporated in, ink-ribbon mechanisms
    • B41J35/04Ink-ribbon guides
    • B41J35/10Vibrator mechanisms; Driving gear therefor
DE19833301933 1983-01-21 1983-01-21 Expired DE3301933C2 (de)

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DE19833301933 DE3301933C2 (de) 1983-01-21 1983-01-21

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DE19833301933 DE3301933C2 (de) 1983-01-21 1983-01-21
IT2064383A IT1194206B (it) 1983-01-21 1983-04-18 Dispositivo per la corsa ed il trasporto del nastro inchiostrato in macchine per scrivere e macchine similari
JP58199335A JPH0376233B2 (de) 1983-01-21 1983-10-26
US06/571,451 US4611938A (en) 1983-01-21 1984-01-17 Mechanism for raising and feeding ink ribbons in typewriters and similar machines

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DE3301933A1 DE3301933A1 (de) 1984-07-26
DE3301933C2 true DE3301933C2 (de) 1985-03-07



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DE19833301933 Expired DE3301933C2 (de) 1983-01-21 1983-01-21

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US (1) US4611938A (de)
JP (1) JPH0376233B2 (de)
DE (1) DE3301933C2 (de)
IT (1) IT1194206B (de)

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JPH0376233B2 (de) 1991-12-04
IT8320643D0 (it) 1983-04-18
IT1194206B (it) 1988-09-14
DE3301933A1 (de) 1984-07-26
JPS59138485A (en) 1984-08-08
US4611938A (en) 1986-09-16

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