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Fountain pen construction and ink cartridge therefor


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    • B43K5/00Pens with ink reservoirs in holders, e.g. fountain-pens
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825,450. Reservoir pens. WATERMAN PEN CO. Inc. Dec. 13, 1955 [Dec. 16, 1954], No. 35798/55. Class 146(3) An ink cartridge 15 has a bore 17 closed at its inner end by a diaphragm 18. The forward end of the cartridge is a sliding fit in a bore 11 of a cupling member 4 which secures the barrel 1 and nib section 2 together by means of a thread 6. The bore 17 fits tightly around a piercing tube 10, such that by screwing the barrel on to the member 4 the bore 17 slides over the tube 10 causing the sharpened inner edge 25 of the tube to penetrate the diaphragm 18 to form a hinged flap 27 to permit the flow of ink to the nib 3. A spring 20 presses a conical portion 16 on the cartridge into engagement with a seat 9, thus forming an ink seal; the angle of conicity of the seat 9 is preferably greater than the portion 16. Upon exhaustion of ink, the cartridge may be withdrawn to permit replacement, or some ink may be drawn into the cartridge by laterally squeezing and then releasing the cartridge walls which are preferably of polyethylene.
GB3579855A 1954-12-16 1955-12-13 Fountain pen construction and ink cartridge therefor Expired GB825450A (en)

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US475716A US2802448A (en) 1954-12-16 1954-12-16 Fountain pen construction and ink cartridge therefor

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GB3579855A Expired GB825450A (en) 1954-12-16 1955-12-13 Fountain pen construction and ink cartridge therefor

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