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Photoelektrischer Wandler


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    • H01L27/00Devices consisting of a plurality of semiconductor or other solid-state components formed in or on a common substrate
    • H01L27/14Devices consisting of a plurality of semiconductor or other solid-state components formed in or on a common substrate including semiconductor components sensitive to infra-red radiation, light, electromagnetic radiation of shorter wavelength or corpuscular radiation and specially adapted either for the conversion of the energy of such radiation into electrical energy or for the control of electrical energy by such radiation
    • H01L27/144Devices controlled by radiation
    • H01L27/146Imager structures
    • H01L27/14665Imagers using a photoconductor layer
DE19873752072 1986-08-12 1987-08-12 Photoelektrischer Wandler Expired - Fee Related DE3752072T2 (de)

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JP61187841A JPS6344759A (en) 1986-08-12 1986-08-12 Photoelectric conversion device

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DE3752072D1 DE3752072D1 (de) 1997-07-10
DE3752072T2 true DE3752072T2 (de) 1997-10-16



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DE19873752072 Expired - Fee Related DE3752072T2 (de) 1986-08-12 1987-08-12 Photoelektrischer Wandler

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US (1) US5027176A (de)
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JP (1) JPS6344759A (de)
DE (1) DE3752072T2 (de)

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JPS6344759A (en) 1988-02-25
EP0256850A2 (de) 1988-02-24
US5027176A (en) 1991-06-25
EP0256850B1 (de) 1997-06-04
EP0256850A3 (de) 1988-08-10
DE3752072D1 (de) 1997-07-10

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