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Semiconductor memory


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    • G11C29/00Checking stores for correct operation ; Subsequent repair; Testing stores during standby or offline operation
    • G11C29/70Masking faults in memories by using spares or by reconfiguring
    • G11C29/78Masking faults in memories by using spares or by reconfiguring using programmable devices
    • G11C29/781Masking faults in memories by using spares or by reconfiguring using programmable devices combined in a redundant decoder


In a multi-bit semiconductor memory having a redundant memory YR-ARY, any faulty data line CD is replaced with a redundant data line. To decrease the number of redundant data lines required when a plurality of data lines are selected at once, the semiconductor memory is furnished therein with first storage means (MMo Fig. 3) for forming signals necessary for an address comparing operation in an address comparing circuit (ACo-ACn) and also second storage means (DM1...DM3...) for forming signals indicative of data line positions to be remedied. When a faulty address has been detected as the result of the address comparing operation, the second storage means is referred to, and the data line indicated by the second storage means is replaced with the redundant data line. This arrangement can decrease the number of the redundant data lines when compared with an arrangement wherein all the data lines to be simultaneously selected are replaced with redundant data lines. <IMAGE>
GB8524042A 1984-10-19 1985-09-30 A semiconductor memory Withdrawn GB2165971A (en)

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JP59218480A JPS6199999A (en) 1984-10-19 1984-10-19 Semiconductor storage device

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GB8524042A Withdrawn GB2165971A (en) 1984-10-19 1985-09-30 A semiconductor memory

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