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    • D04B15/00Details of, or auxiliary devices incorporated in, weft knitting machines, restricted to machines of this kind
    • D04B15/88Take-up or draw-off devices for knitting products
DE19732347443 1973-08-09 1973-09-20 Granted DE2347443B2 (de)

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JP8879873A JPS534140B2 (de) 1973-08-09 1973-08-09

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DE2347443A1 DE2347443A1 (de) 1975-02-27
DE2347443B2 true DE2347443B2 (de) 1976-01-08



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DE19732347443 Granted DE2347443B2 (de) 1973-08-09 1973-09-20
DE19732365663 Expired DE2365663C3 (de) 1973-08-09 1973-09-20

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DE19732365663 Expired DE2365663C3 (de) 1973-08-09 1973-09-20

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US (1) US3872692A (de)
JP (1) JPS534140B2 (de)
DD (1) DD107095A5 (de)
DE (2) DE2347443B2 (de)
FR (1) FR2240638A5 (de)
GB (1) GB1450163A (de)
IT (1) IT1004573B (de)

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DE2365663C3 (de) 1978-10-12
IT1004573B (it) 1976-07-20
FR2240638A5 (de) 1975-03-07
DE2365663B2 (de) 1978-02-23
DD107095A5 (de) 1974-07-12
JPS5036758A (de) 1975-04-07
JPS534140B2 (de) 1978-02-14
DE2347443A1 (de) 1975-02-27
DE2365663A1 (de) 1975-11-13
US3872692A (en) 1975-03-25
GB1450163A (en) 1976-09-22

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