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Fremgangsmåte ved sammenföyning og utvidelse av amorfe mönstre


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Kenneth Stephen Mcguire
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    • B44C3/00Processes, not specifically provided for elsewhere, for producing ornamental structures
    • B44C3/12Uniting ornamental elements to structures, e.g. mosaic plates
    • B44C3/123Mosaic constructs
    • D21H27/00Special paper not otherwise provided for, e.g. made by multi-step processes
    • D21H27/02Patterned paper
NO20014866A 1999-04-09 2001-10-05 Fremgangsmåte ved sammenföyning og utvidelse av amorfe mönstre NO20014866D0 (no)

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US09/288,736 US6421052B1 (en) 1999-04-09 1999-04-09 Method of seaming and expanding amorphous patterns
PCT/US2000/009098 WO2000061358A1 (en) 1999-04-09 2000-04-06 Method of seaming and expanding amorphous patterns

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NO20014866D0 NO20014866D0 (no) 2001-10-05
NO20014866L true NO20014866L (no) 2001-10-05



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NO20014866A NO20014866D0 (no) 1999-04-09 2001-10-05 Fremgangsmåte ved sammenföyning og utvidelse av amorfe mönstre

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