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A method for guaranteeing on-demand passage. Road planning is performed according to regional total time and total demand, a road maintenance and reconstruction cycle and the comprehensive capacity in order to construct exclusive routes and leisure routes; at the starting point, the aim of the regional total demand is achieved within the cycle; a safe and comfortable passing road is calculated at a maximum fixed traffic in cooperation with a primary to secondary service level; traffic exceeding the secondary service level is guided or restrained, or a service level is customized according to a passing demand of each country/district; and a temporary or sudden forecasting section exceeding passing traffic which is designed for an existing road network is subjected to motor road planning and design according to a pre-determined scheme. On-demand passage is guaranteed in one direction or comprehensively by means of planning and design optimization, road structure optimization and a guaranteeing method.


一种保障按需通行的方法A way to ensure on-demand traffic 技术领域Technical field
本发明涉及一种全球交通及相关,保障道路设计通行力,或提升设计舒畅通行的方法,特别是相交道路通行能力稳定提升,综合整优创新规划设计理念,从根本上起到缓堵及安稳舒控有序通行的持续。进而保障路网安稳舒控通行更接近或等于设计能力,节能减排保护蓝天,保护地球,造福全球促进人类发展。以及各类升降需求相关的产品,含台阶或配套平移斜行曲线运动垂直升降的规划或保障方法。The present invention relates to a method for global traffic and related, to ensure the design capacity of roads, or to improve the design of smooth traffic, especially the stable improvement of intersecting roads, comprehensive optimization and innovative planning and design concepts, which can fundamentally reduce congestion and stabilize Sustain the continuation of orderly traffic. In turn, ensuring the stability and comfort of the road network is closer to or equal to the design capacity, saving energy and reducing emissions, protecting the blue sky, protecting the earth, and benefiting the world to promote human development. As well as products related to various lifting requirements, including planning or guarantee methods for vertical lifting of steps or supporting translational and oblique curve movements.
背景技术Background technique
现有道路以时速为关键参数,速度越快弯道半径越大,特别是相交道路段占地范围广,才能附合互通建造,审批慢建设周期长成本高较难实施普及,城市道路更受地形地物人文影响限制改造成本高;采用同一平面通行红绿灯控制,道路通行能力又成倍降低,且拥堵常见,不仅通行舒畅体验下降,还增加了停车等待中的油耗及尾气排放,车况车速车距不附安全要求事故增加。Existing roads use speed as the key parameter. The faster the speed, the larger the radius of the bend, especially when the intersecting road section occupies a wide area, it can be constructed with interoperability. The approval is slow, the construction period is long and the cost is high, and it is difficult to implement popularization. Urban roads are more tolerable. The cost of reconstruction is high due to restrictions on the humanities of the terrain and features; the traffic lights on the same plane are used to control the traffic capacity of the road, and the traffic capacity is doubled, and congestion is common. Not only the comfortable traffic experience is reduced, but also the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions during parking and waiting are increased. Incidents without safety requirements have increased.
高速公路也常见堵车的新闻,主因在于合流后大于高速通行能力,或出口受周边道路影响无法前行,全线拥堵导致救援困难,现有高速公路,有最低或最高限速要求,车辆在高速路上长时间排队停车,严重与高速路禁停管理模式冲突。故此如何保障安全与道路畅通,能采用本方法做为优化补充。The news of traffic jams is also common on expressways. The main reason is that the capacity is greater than the high-speed capacity after the merging, or the exit is affected by the surrounding roads and cannot move forward. The congestion on the whole line causes rescue difficulties. The existing expressways have minimum or maximum speed limits and vehicles are on the highway. Long-term queuing for parking is in serious conflict with the highway parking prohibition management model. Therefore, how to ensure safety and smooth roads can be supplemented by this method.
靠近十字路口的一段距离内,一般都会限制停车,但红灯亮起,即全路段塞满,众所周知,红绿灯周期越短,通行效率越高,如何保障红绿灯路口不停车通行,各国仍在研究或在用方案,难于广泛应用。Parking is generally restricted within a certain distance close to the intersection, but the red light is on, that is, the whole section is full. As we all know, the shorter the traffic light cycle, the higher the traffic efficiency. How to ensure the traffic light at the intersection is still studying or The in-use solution is difficult to be widely used.
互通立交,是公认的好方案,因地理限制,拆迁,节能减排,各方利益交织以及建设周期,成本,导致众多十字路口不得不采用红绿灯,如何在互通立交进行结构上的改造?地下互通难题存在太久了。Interchanges are generally recognized as a good solution. Due to geographical restrictions, demolition, energy saving and emission reduction, intertwined interests of all parties, construction period and cost, many intersections have to use traffic lights. How to make structural transformations at interchanges? The problem of underground intercommunication has existed for too long.
潮汐车流定点画线,机械车辆搬移,费时费力,成本高昂;停车难拥堵原因之一,如何化解成为本领域难以解决的问题。Tidal traffic flows at fixed points and draws lines, mechanical vehicles are moved, time-consuming, laborious, and costly; one of the reasons for the difficulty of parking and congestion, how to resolve it has become a problem that is difficult to solve in this field.
各个领域越来越多应用成熟升降设备的今天,需求越来越细化;本文整合优化创新的产品,包括升降产品或升降系统就是为解决此需求矛盾,包括高楼疏散或免接触升降方法;以期让各领域能更合理的发挥升降效能;更好的满足细分需求;以广泛应用于政府机关住宅写字 楼商场医院机场车站街区举例。Today, more and more mature lifting equipment are used in various fields, and the requirements are becoming more and more refined; this article integrates and optimizes innovative products, including lifting products or lifting systems, to solve this demand contradiction, including high-rise evacuation or contact-free lifting methods; Let various fields be able to play the lifting efficiency more reasonably; better meet the needs of subdivision; take the example of widely used in government agencies, residential office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and airport station blocks.
发明内容Summary of the invention
本发明的上述技术问题主要是通过下述技术方案得以解决的:一种保障按需通行的方法:特征在于,规划设计按区域总用时总需求,道路维修改建周期,综合能力进行道路规划为专用道和休闲道,起点上做到周期内满足区域总需求目标;安稳舒畅通行道路以固定最大通行量配合一至二级服务水平计算,超过二级服务水平的流量进行引导或限制,或按各国地区通行需求定服务水平,超过已有路网设计通行量的临时或突发预测量部分,按预案走机动道路规划设计。The above-mentioned technical problems of the present invention are mainly solved by the following technical solutions: A method to ensure on-demand traffic: It is characterized in that the planning and design is based on the total time and total demand of the area, the road maintenance and construction period is modified, and the comprehensive ability to carry out road planning is dedicated Roads and recreational roads, from the starting point, the goal of meeting the total regional demand within the cycle is achieved; the stable and smooth roads are calculated with a fixed maximum traffic volume and the first to second service levels, and the traffic exceeding the second service level is guided or restricted, or according to countries and regions The traffic demand determines the service level, and the temporary or sudden forecast volume exceeding the traffic volume of the existing road network design shall be planned and designed according to the plan.
作为优选,道路网络为常见道路网的组合,即井字形+菱形+其它外形,主要特征是,斜线互通道路密集规划;或存在具有上下高低落差的穿跨互通的二层结构,高低落差结构指一条道路行驶方向不同的车道存在高低结构,高低部位有转向车道跨越另一侧道路,或转向连接道跨越相交道路的结构;或存在靠右行相交靠左行的左右互通结构,左右互通结构为跨线相交,二层外观U形或n形或m形,4个U形有8个连接道,连接道在中间位置四个方向各一个连接道或有更多的连接道,例如每个方向有二个连接道是前后设置;专用道细分的汽车专用道特征是:进出口或车道中,配有引导分流信号或阻止通行设备,促成至少有一个车道或一个层面,能在1秒至600秒内,流量超值自行调控或人工按需转换;对比高速公路:专用道相交合流或分流增加调控信号或阻断设备;或二层以上道路与二幢以上建筑,平行连接或存在升降通道结构。Preferably, the road network is a combination of common road networks, namely tic-tac-toe + rhombus + other shapes. The main feature is the dense planning of diagonal inter-channel roads; or there is a two-story structure with upper and lower heights and cross-interconnecting and high-low drop structures. Refers to a high-low structure in a lane with different driving directions, where there is a turning lane that crosses the other side of the road, or a turning link that crosses the intersecting road; or there is a left-right interchange structure that intersects on the right and moves on the left, and the left-right intercommunication structure Intersects across the lines. The appearance of the second floor is U-shaped or n-shaped or m-shaped. There are 8 connecting channels in the 4 U-shapes, and the connecting channels are in the middle position. There are one or more connecting channels in each of the four directions, such as each There are two connecting lanes in the direction that are set up front and back; the special car lanes subdivided into the dedicated lanes are characterized by: in the entrance or the lane, there is a guide diversion signal or a traffic blocking device, which promotes at least one lane or one level, which can be in 1 second Within 600 seconds, the flow exceeds the value by self-regulation or manual on-demand conversion; compared with expressways: special roads intersect or diverge, increase control signals or block equipment; or roads above two floors and two or more buildings are connected in parallel or there are lifts Channel structure.
作为优选,供无人驾驶的公共交通专用道;按顺预约通行优先,各区域设有预约互动系统或终端,监测预警设备,或宣传引导分流补偿管控,或有限制超量进入,实现道路功能或行驶方向转换的设备;道路上有拥堵预约调控设施,前置保障道路或路网舒畅通;或采用创新穿跨互通或左右互通结构的小型车专用道路。As a preference, dedicated roads for unmanned public transportation; priority is given to traffic according to scheduled appointments, and each area is equipped with an appointment interactive system or terminal, monitoring and early warning equipment, or publicity, guidance, diversion and compensation control, or restrictions on over-entry, to achieve road functions Or equipment for changing the driving direction; there are congestion reservation control facilities on the road to ensure the smooth flow of the road or road network; or the special road for small cars with innovative cross-over intercommunication or left-right intercommunication structure.
作为优选,相交道路为二层,道路侧边或中间,有一组连接道或更多连接道是前后上坡或下坡组成的结构,上下坡道同在前后路口之间这段道路上或两者距离5M至1000M范围内;或者道路侧边与中间,四个方向各有一组连接道与上下层道路相连的结构,每组连接道平行对称,每组连接道有二条或以上。Preferably, the intersecting road is on the second floor. On the side or in the middle of the road, there is a group of connecting roads or more connecting roads that are composed of front and rear uphill or downhill, and the up and down slopes are on the same section of the road between the front and rear intersections or two. The distance between them is within the range of 5M to 1000M; or the side and middle of the road, each of the four directions has a set of connecting roads connected to the upper and lower roads, each group of connecting roads is parallel and symmetrical, and each group of connecting roads has two or more.
作为优选,相交道路是二层结构;至少有一条道路中,全部或部分路段行驶方向不同的车道之间,存在高低落差结构;道路转向连接道左右对称或前后设置结构。Preferably, the intersecting road has a two-story structure; in at least one road, there is a height difference structure between all or part of the lanes with different driving directions; the road turning link has a symmetrical or front and rear structure.
作为优选,设置有部分车道或全部车道能按规则停车或申请停车的道路结构,这类道路或车道没有设置下限车速;其它车道定义为畅通车道救援车道禁停;道路中按照行车停车警示的 安全距离,设有自动提醒标识或有取代人工应急放置标识的设备,或设有违停即封道设备或预警调控救援设施,保障道路畅通;道路中的提醒标识或管控措施,包括带有检测车速或信息互动的系统,以及按预设启动管控设施的反应装置。Preferably, there is a road structure in which some or all of the lanes can park or apply for parking according to the rules. Such roads or lanes do not have a lower speed limit; other lanes are defined as unblocked lanes and rescue lanes; parking is prohibited in the road according to the traffic parking warning. Distance, with automatic reminder signs or equipment to replace manual emergency placement signs, or with road closure equipment or early warning and rescue facilities to ensure smooth roads; road warning signs or control measures, including speed detection Or an information interactive system, and a response device that activates the management and control facility according to the preset.
作为优选,道路结构为模块化拼装或预制件;钢混结构拼装模块或预制件尺寸范围:长5米至45米X宽1米至28米X高0.3米至10米,或预制件尺寸等于大于10米X 5米X 2.5米集成管网照明信号防水防火防损调控单元系统,安装检测通过即可使用;或者道路结构为模块二层或三层结构的预制件,主要特征是集成管网照明信号防损调控单元,可自行移动,特定节日集会或临时救援通行,快速应急设备。Preferably, the road structure is modular assembly or prefabricated parts; the size range of steel-concrete structure assembly modules or prefabs: 5 meters to 45 meters in length X 1 meter to 28 meters in width X 0.3 meters to 10 meters in height, or the size of the prefabricated parts is equal to More than 10 meters X 5 meters X 2.5 meters integrated pipe network lighting signal waterproof, fireproof and loss prevention control unit system, which can be used after installation and inspection; or the road structure is a modular two-layer or three-layer prefabricated part, the main feature is the integrated pipe network The lighting signal loss prevention and control unit can be moved by itself, special festival gatherings or temporary rescue passes, and rapid emergency equipment.
作为优选,相交道路中,同一走向道路上存在靠右行靠左行结构;或一条道路设有靠右行驶方向标或信号,与之相交道路设有靠左行驶标识或信号的结构;道路或路口区域,能有或没有通行信号调控设备,指示信号或阻断设施是光栅或投影或杆栏等常见产品或改良产品,路口有许可行人与慢行工具通行设施或禁止行人与慢行工具通行的信号或设备。Preferably, in the intersecting roads, there is a right-driving and left-driving structure on the same direction road; or a road is equipped with a right-driving direction sign or signal, and the intersecting road is equipped with a left-driving sign or signal structure; roads or At intersections, there may or may not have access signal control equipment, indicating signals or blocking facilities are common products or improved products such as gratings or projections or railings, and there are facilities for permitting pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles or prohibiting pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles from passing Signal or equipment.
作为优选,相交道路为二层或以上结构,相交道路的四个方向各有二条连接道路或更多的连接道;至少有一层结构是仅供车辆行驶的或能在同平面路口范围换乘。Preferably, the intersecting road has a two-story or above structure, and each of the four directions of the intersecting road has two connecting roads or more connecting roads; at least one structure is for vehicles to travel only or to transfer in the same plane intersection.
作为优选,换乘区设在同一平面的路口范围,路口范围指相交路口区域或路口四角位置,或路口范围指相交道路任何一个方向换乘距离在200米以内。Preferably, the transfer area is set in the intersection range on the same plane. The intersection range refers to the intersection area or the four corners of the intersection, or the intersection range refers to the intersection distance within 200 meters in any direction of the intersecting road.
作为优选,每街区或村落,或全市公里道路网范围内,按预设线路或引导线路,通过提前预约互动系统,定点发车或门对门匹配接送,24小时服务稳定的公共交通;街区范围或道路上使用的交通工具,指具有预设开车停车规则线路的无人驾驶工具,或按需预约互动系统完成接送的移动工具,能与地铁互补或常见公交延伸,或成独立体系。Preferably, for each block or village, or within the kilometer of the city’s road network, according to the preset route or guide line, through the interactive system of advance reservation, fixed-point departure or door-to-door matching shuttle, 24-hour service of stable public transportation; block area or road The means of transportation used on the Internet refer to unmanned driving tools with preset driving and parking rules, or mobile tools that can be booked on-demand interactive system to complete the shuttle. It can complement the subway or common bus extensions, or form an independent system.
一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征在于,公共交通使用创新的运行方法,创新的运行方法是预约互动优先通行或六站通达稳时公交系统;或使用创新措施保障道路不停车通行的方法,道路不停车通行方法指,相交路口采用靠左行靠右行实现互通的方法或预约互动通行系统通过引导分流调控保障道路舒畅的方法,预约互动通行系统能按预设自动执行或面对临时超量车流自动引导分流或人工调控。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The main feature is that public transportation uses innovative operating methods, which are to make appointments for interactive priority access or six-stop access to the stable bus system; or use innovative measures to ensure non-stop traffic on roads , The method of road non-stop passage refers to the method of crossing left and right to achieve intercommunication or the method of booking interactive traffic system to ensure road smoothness through guidance and diversion control. The booking interactive traffic system can be automatically executed according to preset or face temporary Excess traffic flow is automatically guided or adjusted manually.
设计思维上:总区域总用时总需求主线,细分差异化,专用道以二点之间距离,通过道路到达所需时间,结合安稳舒畅的时速管控,做为首要参数,避免高速通行比慢行用时多;实现安稳舒畅快捷到达;休闲道以舒适体验为首要参数,相区分或关联;休闲道以人为本优先,溶合在生活休闲区中。专用车道建议全线监管,通行量设上限下限,城区进出口密集区域或特定路段,可规划预约停车的车道,其它车道禁停,配套应急措施纠违,或应急维护救 援;休闲道定点停车或预约停车,车流量车速按不同区域分设管理。In terms of design thinking: the total time of the total area is the main line of total demand, subdivided and differentiated, the dedicated road is based on the distance between two points, the time required to reach through the road, combined with stable and comfortable speed control, as the primary parameter, to avoid slower than high-speed traffic It takes a lot of time to travel; to achieve a safe, comfortable and quick arrival; the leisure road takes comfort experience as the primary parameter, which is distinguished or related; the leisure road is people-oriented and integrated in the life and leisure area. Dedicated lanes are recommended for full-line supervision, with upper and lower limits for traffic volume. In densely-imported areas or specific road sections in urban areas, lanes for reserved parking can be planned. Other lanes are forbidden, supporting emergency measures to correct violations, or emergency maintenance and rescue; recreational lanes for designated parking or appointment Parking, traffic flow and speed are managed separately according to different areas.
解决方法:在设计上能达到按需(全区域统筹规划,城市道路规划再优化)安全稳时舒适通行,道路及路网改造或建设与交规优化,则有望进一步全面缓解或避免拥堵及事故的发生,节能减排利国利民利全球!道路相交段通行力的稳定,低效通行总量的减少与分流,按需通行道路的快速扩建改建,按需通行规则优化,以及各类管函,休闲道路功能的全方位整合。Solution: In terms of design, it can achieve on-demand (overall regional planning, urban road planning and re-optimization), safe, stable and comfortable traffic, road and road network reconstruction or construction and traffic planning optimization, it is expected to further alleviate or avoid congestion and accidents. Occurred, energy-saving emission reduction benefits the country, the people and the world! Stable capacity of road intersections, reduction and diversion of total inefficient traffic, rapid expansion and reconstruction of on-demand roads, optimization of on-demand traffic rules, and all-round integration of various management functions and leisure road functions.
设计方案:以安稳舒畅按需通行量,优化原有道路与路网的规则设计,是远景规划分步细分的有力补充;与常见道路最大通行量和远景通行量为依据设计不同,本方案采用近期固定通行量,加各阶段远景预测的最少固定通行需求,按一级通行服务水平设计,加临时需求确保各阶段专用道的通行量,保持在一级到二级服务水平,设下限车速的车道禁停,各国各地区能另选标准,道路规划结构和相交互通等见各图例。Design plan: Based on the stable and smooth traffic on demand, optimizing the original road and road network rule design, it is a powerful supplement to the step-by-step subdivision of the long-term planning; it is different from the design based on the maximum and long-term traffic of common roads. Adopt the recent fixed traffic volume, plus the minimum fixed traffic demand predicted in the long-term perspective at each stage, design according to the first-class traffic service level, and add temporary demand to ensure the traffic volume of the dedicated roads at each stage, maintain the first to second service level, and set a lower speed limit No parking is allowed in the lanes, countries and regions can choose different standards, and the road planning structure and intercommunication are shown in the illustrations.
为解决细分需求矛盾或消防救援思维设计;本文创新升降设备在现有升降技术或设备优点的基础,进行了各优点的整合与创新;使之附合细分的升降需求,通过更合理的规划设计,结构优化创新,运行保障方法,实现减少等待时间,保障按需升降的良好体验,或效能效益的提升,需保持距离或免接触式升降通行或免接触交互或交流的公共区域,防护椅或其通道体系能为安全和谐健康舒畅出行提供有力保障。In order to solve the subdivision demand contradiction or the fire rescue thinking design; this article innovative lifting equipment based on the existing lifting technology or equipment advantages, the integration and innovation of each advantage; make it fit the subdivision lifting demand, through more reasonable Planning and design, structural optimization and innovation, operation guarantee methods, to reduce waiting time, to ensure a good experience of on-demand lifting, or to improve efficiency and efficiency. It is necessary to maintain distance or contact-free lifting passage or contact-free interaction or communication in public areas, protection The chair or its passage system can provide a strong guarantee for safe, harmonious, healthy and comfortable travel.
本文以人流总用时总效益总成本为主要参数作为验证标准;平均每层总用时,或总候时为升降体验作为设计依据;众多实用例子参数或场景,以人为本,按固定需求舒适体验为基本建造要求;对相对稳定的临时人流或突发大流量进行预测评估做好应急预案,高层建筑一小时内所有人员能全部撤离的方案,有条件的国家或区域可按消防时限规划,例如30层设计能在3分钟完成疏散,优选本文所述一种产品,包括携行座椅,通过重力滑降方式,含重力控速装置自行移动,其它名称等同,是最佳个人随行救生保障品。This article takes the total time spent on the flow of people, the total benefit and the total cost as the main parameters as the verification standard; the average total time per floor, or the total waiting time is the lifting experience as the design basis; many practical example parameters or scenarios, people-oriented, and comfortable experience based on fixed needs. Requirements; predict and evaluate relatively stable temporary flow of people or sudden large flows, and prepare emergency plans, so that all people in high-rise buildings can be evacuated within one hour, and countries or regions with conditions can be planned according to the fire protection time limit, such as 30-story design Evacuation can be completed in 3 minutes, preferably one of the products described in this article, including a carrying seat, sliding down by gravity, including a gravity speed control device to move by itself, other names are equivalent, it is the best personal accompanying life-saving guarantee.
附图说明Description of the drawings
图1靠右行国家相交道路简图,与常规道路区别在于部分车道或道路可按需转向。Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the intersecting road in the right-bound country. The difference from the conventional road is that some lanes or roads can be turned on demand.
图2靠左行国家相交道路简图,与常规道路区别在于部分车道或道路可按需转向。Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the intersection road in the left-bound country. The difference from the conventional road is that some lanes or roads can be turned on demand.
图3适合不同国家与地区,道路或车道能按需转向;本文中一般指机动专用道,应急保障设计。Figure 3 is suitable for different countries and regions, and roads or lanes can be turned on demand; in this article, it generally refers to dedicated motor lanes and emergency support design.
图4是靠左行靠右行相交区域简图,相比常规道路更容易实现不停车通行或通行能力的稳定。Figure 4 is a simplified diagram of the intersection area between left and right rows. Compared with conventional roads, it is easier to achieve non-stop traffic or stable traffic capacity.
图5平面相交道路靠左行靠右行示例图,与常规道路通行走向有所不同,虚线箭头新增标识。Figure 5 shows an example diagram of a road that intersects on a plane and keeps on the left and on the right, which is different from the normal road. The dashed arrow has a new sign.
图6具有图5结构功能外,增加(10)(11)(12)(13)区域有公共交通四角换乘结构,比如对角换乘。Figure 6 has the structure function of Figure 5, adding (10), (11), (12), and (13) areas with public transportation four-corner transfer structure, such as diagonal transfer.
图7常规道路示例图,车流量少定义为休闲道,人流车流波动较多的路口,建议按下述结构改造。Fig. 7 is an example diagram of a conventional road. Less traffic is defined as a recreational road, and intersections with more pedestrian and traffic fluctuations are recommended to be reconstructed according to the following structure.
图8横向道路存在靠左行靠右行结构,两侧道路按习惯是休闲道,中间是专用道;能按需转换。Figure 8 The horizontal road has a left-handed and right-handed structure. The roads on both sides of the road are used to be leisure roads, and the middle is dedicated roads; they can be converted on demand.
图9竖向道路存在靠左行靠右行结构,是图6变化又一结构举例,其它变化结构同理。The vertical road in Figure 9 has a left-to-right structure, which is another structural example of the change in Figure 6, and the other changes in the structure are the same.
图10为三层结构,一层为休闲道,另外二层为小车专用道相交或大车能通行的相交道路层。Figure 10 shows a three-layer structure, one layer is a recreational road, and the other two layers are the intersection of small car lanes or the intersection of roads where large vehicles can pass.
图11三层结构,上层下层单行道方式上跨下穿相交道路结构,能实现不停车通行的结构之一。The three-story structure in Figure 11, the upper and lower one-way roads cross over and under cross the intersecting road structure, one of the structures that can realize non-stop traffic.
图12是图11结构变化的举例,主要是转向结构或位置不同,横向右转在竖向道路中间。Figure 12 is an example of structural changes in Figure 11, mainly because the steering structure or position is different, and the horizontal right turn is in the middle of the vertical road.
图13与图8是横向道路标识不同,主要考虑不同国家原有通行习惯,图6结构变化举例。Figure 13 and Figure 8 are different horizontal road signs, mainly considering the original traffic habits of different countries. Figure 6 shows an example of structural changes.
图14是图10的变化之一,采用直行跨线立交结构,转弯量少的小车专用道能直行右转或直行左转。Figure 14 is one of the changes of Figure 10, adopting a straight overpass structure, and a small car lane with a small amount of turning can go straight to the right or go straight to the left.
图15是图11结构变化一例,三层全互通结构之一;道路相交区能按需配套公交站。Figure 15 is an example of structural changes in Figure 11, one of the three-layer full intercommunication structure; the road intersection area can be equipped with bus stops as needed.
图16也是图11的变化,横向一段道路或整条道路是二层或三层,相交区域为三层结构。Figure 16 is also a variation of Figure 11. A section of the road or the entire road in the horizontal direction is two-story or three-story, and the intersecting area is a three-story structure.
图17道路层数不同对应不同需求:(28)是相交道路,(29)是连接道,(30)是路口换乘区,(31)是休闲道,(32)换乘区或交织区;(33)四角换乘选区;实用性创造价值见举例说明。Figure 17 Different road layers correspond to different needs: (28) is an intersecting road, (29) is a connecting road, (30) is an intersection transfer area, (31) is a recreational road, (32) a transfer area or interweaving area; (33) Four corners transfer constituency; see examples for practicality and value creation.
图18创新二层互通结构,按箭头标识通行就能理解;或看详细举例说明,深入了解各种可能的变化结构。Figure 18 Innovative two-layer intercommunication structure, you can understand it by pressing the arrow mark; or see detailed examples to understand various possible change structures.
图19创新二层互通结构变化之一,四转向进出口为前后设置在道路中间;2个没显示进出口在竖向上部。Figure 19 is one of the changes in the innovative two-story intercommunication structure. The four-turn entrance and exit are arranged in the middle of the road before and after; the two do not show that the entrance and exit are in the vertical direction.
图20可见部分为半互通结构,竖向没显示部分增加连接道则为二层互通结构变化例;转向能连车库街区。Figure 20 shows that the part is a semi-interoperable structure, and the part that is not shown in the vertical direction is a second-story interoperable structure change; it turns to a block that can connect garages.
图21可见部分为半互通结构,四个方向道路两侧有前后设置的连接道,按箭头指示属二层互通结构举例。Figure 21 shows that the part is a semi-intercommunication structure. There are connecting roads arranged front and rear on both sides of the road in four directions. According to the arrow, it is an example of a two-layer intercommunication structure.
图22左右互通推荐结构例,4个外围右转连接道对应数字(1)(4)(5)(8),相交主道路对应数字(15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20)区域结构;(14)(3)(13)(7)(9)(10)(11)(12)对应8个连接通道,按箭头转向行驶能实现4个直行,8转向4调头全互通;(21)街区停车场等,(22)专用道可控出入口;有更细说明。Figure 22 Recommended structure example for left-right intercommunication, 4 peripheral right-turn connecting roads correspond to the numbers (1)(4)(5)(8), and the intersecting main roads correspond to the numbers (15)(16)(17)(18)(19) (20) Regional structure; (14)(3)(13)(7)(9)(10)(11)(12) Corresponding to 8 connecting channels, according to the arrow steering can realize 4 straight driving, 8 steering 4 U-turn Full interoperability; (21) block parking lot, etc., (22) dedicated lanes with controllable entrances and exits; there are more detailed instructions.
图23是穿跨互通结构推荐例,(1)(2)(7)(8)是二条相交道路能跨线直行,(3)(4)(5)(6)(9)(10)(11)(12)各是左转或右转连接道,连接道两端调头通道能按需增减。Figure 23 is a recommended example of a crossover intercommunication structure. (1)(2)(7)(8) means that two intersecting roads can go straight across the line, (3)(4)(5)(6)(9)(10)( 11) (12) Each is a left-turn or right-turn connection road, and the U-turn channels at both ends of the connection road can be increased or decreased as needed.
图24结构主要特征是:(17)(20)连接道能做为街区专用道或车库连接专用道;车流量少称休闲道。The main features of the structure in Figure 24 are: (17) (20) The connecting road can be used as a block-only road or a garage-only road; the traffic volume is less called a leisure road.
图25穿跨互通结构变化举例,共同特征是占地少,采用创新的二层结构实现全互通。Figure 25 shows an example of cross-over interoperability structure changes. The common feature is that it occupies a small area and adopts an innovative two-tier structure to achieve full interoperability.
图26穿跨互通结构变化又一举例,其它类似相似变化等同。Fig. 26 is another example of the change of the cross-over intercommunication structure, and other similar and similar changes are the same.
图27推荐例;4个外围连接道(1)(4)(5)(8),相交主道路(15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20)区域;(2)(3)(6)(7)(9)(10)(11)(12)对应8个连接通道;(21)街区停车场,(22)出入口,(13)(14)预留区绿化。Figure 27 Recommended example; 4 peripheral connection roads (1)(4)(5)(8), intersecting the main road (15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20) area; (2)( 3)(6)(7)(9)(10)(11)(12) corresponding to 8 connecting channels; (21) block parking lot, (22) entrance and exit, (13) (14) reserved area greening.
图28细分推荐例是图27基础上,在(23)(24)(25)增加小车专用连接道,(26)为转向分流或阻断设备。The recommended example of subdivision in Fig. 28 is based on Fig. 27, adding dedicated connection lanes for trolleys in (23), (24), and (25), and (26) is a steering diversion or blocking device.
图29下半部右侧竖道左转连接道显示属全互通结构,按图显示属半互通相交,路网全互通结构例。The left-turn connecting road on the right side of the lower half of Figure 29 shows that it belongs to a full intercommunication structure. According to the figure, it shows an example of a semi-interconnection and full intercommunication structure of the road network.
图30下半部右侧竖道左转连接道显示属全互通结构,按图显示属半互通相交,路网全互通结构例。The left-turn connecting road on the right side of the lower half of Figure 30 shows that it belongs to a full intercommunication structure. According to the figure, it shows an example of a semi-interconnection and full intercommunication structure of the road network.
图31部分特征:(2)(8)连接道在(17)有交织,(5)(10)连接道与(18)有交织,(3)(4)(12)左转连接道。Part of the characteristics of Figure 31: (2) (8) the link is interleaved at (17), (5) (10) the link is interleaved with (18), (3) (4) (12) the link is left turn.
图32互通路网举例图。Figure 32 shows an example of an interconnection network.
图33多种互通组成的道路网示例。Figure 33 An example of a road network composed of multiple interoperability.
图34分体道路立交结构,(1)(2)(3)(4)(6)(7)(8)(9)是转向连接道进出口,(5)是升降通道有升降器。Figure 34 Split road interchange structure, (1)(2)(3)(4)(6)(7)(8)(9) is the entrance and exit of the steering connection road, (5) is the hoistway with elevator.
图35是分体道路互通结构类示例图。Figure 35 is an example diagram of split road intercommunication structure class.
图36规划新思路设计的路网示例;总效益总成成总通行用时理念,创新结构加保障方法预防缓堵。Figure 36: An example of a road network designed with new ideas for planning; the total benefit assembly is the concept of total traffic time, innovative structure and safeguard methods to prevent congestion.
图1.各自对应图1图2图3图4图5图6图7图8图9图10图11图12,9X.10X.12X.12D.对应图13图14图15图16,3D.图17,3G.图18,3H.图19,3K.图20,3N.图21,3M.图22,3Y.图23,3X.图24,3Z.图25,3T.图26,3B.对应图27,3A.对应图28,3P.图29,3S.图30,3J.图31,3W.图32,3U.图33,3C.图34,3E.图35,3F.对应图36。Figure Corresponding Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9 Figure 10 Figure 11 Figure 12, 9X.10X.12X.12D. Corresponding Figure 13 Fig. 14 Fig. 15 Fig. 16, 3D. Fig. 17, 3G. Fig. 18, 3H. Fig. 19, 3K. Fig. 20, 3N. Fig. 21, 3M. Fig. 22, 3Y. Fig. 23, 3X. Fig. 24, 3Z. Figure 25, 3T. Figure 26, 3B. Corresponding to Figure 27, 3A. Corresponding to Figure 28, 3P. Figure 29, 3S. Figure 30, 3J. Figure 31, 3W. Figure 32, 3U. Figure 33, 3C. Figure 34, 3E. Figure 35, 3F. corresponds to Figure 36.
具体实施方式Detailed ways
通过上述多方位设计优化,以安全舒畅的通行时间为首要参数,减少建造周期成本,没有红绿灯等待拥堵的综合道路及路网,实现道路及路网通行能力的整体提升稳定,实实在在提升多方位节能减排的综合效益;城市规划多层街区结构,例如地下二层地上二层加地面合计五层8KM长街区,综合效益高。Through the above-mentioned multi-directional design optimization, with safe and comfortable traffic time as the primary parameter, the construction cycle cost is reduced, and the integrated road and road network without traffic lights waiting for congestion can achieve the overall improvement and stability of the traffic capacity of the road and road network, which is a real improvement. Comprehensive benefits of energy saving and emission reduction in azimuth; urban planning multi-layer block structure, such as two underground floors and two floors above ground plus a total of five floors of 8KM long blocks on the ground, with high comprehensive benefits.
例:超40KM/H车道禁停;本道路或本段道路固定最少通行量,等于大于单车道最大通行量时,开设公交专用道或小车专用道,或其它专用道;公共交通专用道单设或与休闲道专用道合并设计;车道数按单车道,双车道,四车道,八车道匹配对应,配合远景通行量预测需求,规划后期改扩建采用平面预留用地或原地多层方式,避免拆迁难周期长成本高等难题;休闲道是通行道路也是生活区,故通行量以人流量为主要计算标准,车流为辅,休闲道至少保障一个车道畅通;四个车道时建议保障二个以上车道畅通,专用车道车流量建议小于720pcu/h/ln;常见六车道加非机动车道人行道,改为路口立交全互通八车道或四车道,或专用道休闲道相接结构;休闲道通过最高舒适人流量预设,限车次车速达到舒畅,车辆专用道以一到二级服务水平限定车流车速进行预控。固定临时车流量超专用道二级服务水平,且道路两侧区域不足以分流时,引导补偿分流或机动车道解决特定大流量,超量临时车流,潮汐明显车流或车位急缺等特殊情形。For example: No parking in lanes exceeding 40KM/H; this road or this section of road has a fixed minimum traffic volume, which is equal to or greater than the maximum traffic volume of a single lane, open bus lanes or small car lanes, or other dedicated lanes; public transportation lanes are set separately Or merge design with recreational lanes; the number of lanes is matched according to single-lane, two-lane, four-lane, and eight-lane, to meet the forecast demand of long-term traffic, and the plan later reconstruction and expansion adopts plane reserved land or in-situ multi-layer method to avoid The difficult period of demolition is long and the cost is high; the recreational road is a passable road and a living area, so the traffic volume is calculated based on the pedestrian flow as the main calculation standard, and the traffic flow is supplemented. The recreational road shall ensure at least one lane to be unblocked; when there are four lanes, it is recommended to secure more than two lanes. Unblocked, the traffic flow of the dedicated lane is recommended to be less than 720pcu/h/ln; common six-lane plus non-motorized sidewalks are changed to a full interchange with eight-lane or four-lane, or dedicated lanes and leisure lanes connecting structure; leisure lanes pass the highest comfortable people The flow is preset, and the speed of the limited number of trains is comfortable, and the vehicle-only lanes are pre-controlled by limiting the flow and speed of the first to second service level. When the fixed temporary traffic flow exceeds the second-level service level of the dedicated lane, and the areas on both sides of the road are not sufficient for diversion, guide compensation diversion or motor vehicle lanes to solve special situations such as specific high flow, excessive temporary traffic flow, obvious tidal flow or shortage of parking spaces.
道路按二年建造期:5年后每小时2400辆固定车流,一级服务水平600pcu/h/ln,专用车道为双向4车道,两侧休闲道各为二车道,专用道休闲道为平面或上下层设计,配套或预留绿荫生活建设用地,二年后道路满足10年的固定通行需求,后续按实际预约流量修正扩建时机,建造双层或三层道路,超出一级服务水平的道路,暂作车库或休闲服务区,20年远景需求只需双层8车道;考虑24小时安稳公交规划,10年后固定车流也许不增反减,20年后按每小时8千人坐公交计算,候车时间0-5分钟,安稳舒畅等同或高于现有地铁高铁,中短距离出行更安全经济稳捷;定点候车十分钟为限,人流少时段预约发车为主。The road is constructed according to the two-year construction period: 2400 fixed traffic per hour after 5 years, the first-class service level is 600pcu/h/ln, the dedicated lane is two-way four lanes, the leisure lanes on both sides are two lanes, and the dedicated leisure lanes are flat or The upper and lower floors are designed with supporting or reserved green living construction land. After two years, the roads will meet the fixed traffic demand for 10 years. The expansion time will be revised according to the actual scheduled flow. Double or three-tier roads will be constructed that exceed the first-class service level. , Temporarily used as a garage or leisure service area, 20-year long-term demand only needs 8 double-layer 8 lanes; considering the 24-hour stable bus plan, the fixed traffic flow may not increase but decrease after 10 years. After 20 years, it will be calculated by 8,000 people per hour by bus. , The waiting time is 0-5 minutes, the stability and comfort are equal to or higher than that of the existing subway high-speed rail, short and medium-distance travel is safer, more economical and stable; the waiting time is limited to ten minutes, and the scheduled departure is mainly in the less crowded time.
道路扩建改建创新:以节能减排,减少建造影响周边为理念,采用创新方案达成相交道路二层互通,或道路网络的互通,从而减少地形或环保受限,拆迁难成本高,建设周期长等困境;按照一次性完成建造,或分期建造不影响通行且不闲置为佳;有条件的建议采用模块化拼建方式减少改建扩建周期,减修路影响。Road expansion and reconstruction innovation: with the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, and reducing the impact of construction on the surrounding area, innovative solutions are adopted to achieve the interoperability of intersecting roads on the second floor, or the interoperability of road networks, thereby reducing terrain or environmental protection constraints, high costs for demolition and long construction periods, etc. Dilemma: It is better to complete the construction at one time, or to construct in phases without affecting traffic and not being idle; if conditions permit, it is recommended to adopt modular assembly methods to reduce the period of reconstruction and expansion and reduce the impact of road repairs.
按指示行驶附合各国交规;淡化靠左行靠或行,全路段预约调控方法保障舒畅解决拥堵;(宣传、习惯、标识标牌、信号、控制、互动、引导等);建议高速车道加入预约调控系统,强化纠违补偿措施,维护规则与实际通行相附率,不设或只设上限车速的车道能预约停车,时速设下限则禁止停车,专用道选配的补偿机制,全路段预约调控方法,完美解决了高速公 路拥堵必停的规则矛盾。Follow the instructions to drive in compliance with the traffic regulations of various countries; dilute the left-handed, lean or go, and the reservation control method for the entire road section to ensure a smooth solution to congestion; (propaganda, habits, signs, signs, signals, control, interaction, guidance, etc.); it is recommended to add reservation control to high-speed lanes System, strengthen the correction and compensation measures, maintain the rate of compliance with the actual traffic, the lanes with no or only upper speed limit can be reserved for parking, and the lower limit of the speed is set to prohibit parking. Compensation mechanism for dedicated lane selection, reservation and regulation methods for all sections , It perfectly solves the contradiction of the rules that the expressway must stop in congestion.
附图36个,图3F.对应图36,属城市道路网规划一例,按每个点对点或区域之间通行的通行率总用时需求,设专用道路网或休闲道路网,形成一定距离横竖十字或斜线十字互通或路网互通的结构模式,创新采用总用时总里程总成本做为规划评价的参数标准,优点多影响广,对城市规划,道路规划及各领域都具承前启后的引导意义,总通行量总直线距离不变,总通行用时越低效率越高,总成本越低总效益越高。There are 36 attached drawings, Figure 3F. Corresponding to Figure 36, which is an example of urban road network planning. According to the total time required for the traffic rate of each point-to-point or between regions, a dedicated road network or a leisure road network is set up to form a certain distance horizontal and vertical cross or The structure model of diagonal cross intercommunication or road network intercommunication, innovatively adopts the total cost of total time and total mileage as the parameter standard for planning evaluation. The advantages have a wide impact and have guiding significance for urban planning, road planning and various fields. The total straight-line distance of the traffic volume remains unchanged, the lower the total traffic time, the higher the efficiency, and the lower the total cost, the higher the total benefit.
1).对范围内总流量及分流能力,所有道路及拥堵路段进行全面的实际通行力分析,特别是固定流量和临时流量,对应每个时间段的高峰值(每车道通行流量越大,时间段取值越小加强分析),进一步优化道路及路网方案为安稳舒控设计,避免缓解设计治标不治本,或出现预测误差过大致道路闲置资源极大浪费。1). Perform a comprehensive actual capacity analysis on the total flow and diversion capacity, all roads and congested sections within the scope, especially the fixed flow and temporary flow, corresponding to the peak value of each time period (the greater the traffic flow per lane, the more time The smaller the value of the segment, the stronger the analysis), and further optimize the road and road network plan for a stable and comfortable control design, so as to avoid alleviating the design symptoms but not the root cause, or the prediction error is too large and the road idle resources are greatly wasted.
2).拥堵路段,采用两侧周边改建扩建新建方式先行,加大公共交通舒畅,快捷换乘低成本出行选择力度,从而减少本路段,及周边道路车流量;对可能拥堵路段,提前规划按步建成,所有出入口可控互通道路。2). For congested road sections, adopt the method of reconstruction, expansion and new construction on both sides of the surrounding areas first to increase public transportation comfort, fast transfer and low-cost travel options, so as to reduce the traffic flow on this road section and surrounding roads; for potentially congested road sections, plan ahead Built step by step, all entrances and exits are controllable and interchangeable.
3).采用创新方法改扩建相交专用道路为互通,相比现有技术方案成本更优周期更短(模块式可立竿见影)。3). Adopt innovative methods to transform and expand the intersecting dedicated roads for intercommunication, which is more cost-effective and shorter than the existing technical solutions (modularity can be immediate).
4).优化交规,避免不必要交织提升通行力,保障安全稳时舒控,特别是潮汐道路及因故减少车道或封道的转流能力;增加按规定预约通行的,进行当天当月奖利,对管理部门保障有序或提升的,当天奖当月奖。4). Optimize traffic rules to avoid unnecessary intertwining to improve traffic capacity, and ensure safe and stable time control, especially on tidal roads and reduce the diverting capacity of lanes or road closures for some reason; increase the number of scheduled traffic according to regulations, and carry out the same day and month bonus , If the management department guarantees an orderly or improved guarantee, the award will be awarded on the same day and the same month.
5).形成安稳舒控路网,按需互动通行,预约互动方式达成总需求或个性需求适用于各行各业。5). The formation of a stable and comfortable road network, interactive traffic on demand, and the appointment of interactive methods to achieve total or individual needs are suitable for all walks of life.
6).地下国防路网人防设施的扩建新建,更多人才转向太空海洋等未知世界…,中国梦全球梦。6). With the expansion and construction of the underground national defense road network and civil defense facilities, more talents are turning to the unknown world such as space and ocean..., the Chinese dream global dream.
一种保障按需通行的方法,通过保障道路通行能力或提升通行能力的办法,最大特点是通过整合优化创新,保障安稳舒畅,现在与未来的道路规划分为专用道路与休闲道路,两者之间能相互转换或组合应用,专用道相比现有高速公路,更具安全稳定舒畅快捷有序可控的优势,提前预约机制或预约加通行数据预测,相比对照通行数据预测,在于思维模式差异;休闲道以人为本,未来绿荫成片连接,专用道靠近休闲道方式或公交专用道就在休闲道中,小车专用道时速设下限更适熟练驾驶人员或远行;不设下限时速的车道,适合新手实习或出入口慢行;区域总用时做参数优势极为明显,道路发展史上属首创,发现和技术运用二方面都具有特大历史意义;两点之间整优创新后的检验标准,避免局部缩短但总用时或总成本增 长的缺陷。A method of ensuring on-demand traffic. By ensuring road capacity or improving traffic capacity, the biggest feature is to ensure stability and comfort through integration, optimization and innovation. The current and future road planning is divided into dedicated roads and leisure roads, one of the two It can be converted or combined with each other. Compared with existing expressways, dedicated roads are safer, more stable, more convenient, faster, and more orderly and controllable. The advance reservation mechanism or reservation plus traffic data forecasting is based on the mode of thinking compared to comparison traffic data forecasting. Differences: The recreational lanes are people-oriented, and the greenery will be connected in the future. The dedicated lanes are close to the recreational lanes or the bus lanes are in the recreational lanes. The lower speed limit of the dedicated lanes for small cars is more suitable for skilled drivers or long distances; no lanes with a lower speed limit are set. Suitable for novice internships or slow entrances and exits; the advantage of regional total time used as parameters is extremely obvious. It is the first in the history of road development, and both discovery and technology application have great historical significance; the inspection standard after the optimization and innovation between the two points avoids partial shortening But the shortcomings of total time or total cost increase.
一项发明创造的难点,往往在于提出或者发现技术问题本身,而在发现技术问题之后再应用相关的技术手段来解决该技术问题反而是比较容易的。因此,发现技术问题的非显而易见性也是衡量一项发明创造是否具有创造性的一个方面。权益成本时间是常见的评价标准,但总权益总成本总用时,因各种原因被忽视或难于发现,因权益分配忽视或技术难度等原因不想采用或无法运用;各时段以总权益总成本总用时为检验方法的发现与运用,具有极大实用性创造性新颖性;说明内容N年来,仍未发现这些好方法应用推广,故选公告公开,希望各国各地区验证后各权利集团集心合力,推荐优选方案,保障各方即得或将得权利,各方快速推广应用,共同造福全球社会,预约安稳舒畅的通行方法涉及众多行业中,同样有很多产品,适合整合优化创新后在全球广泛应用,说明书细分产品能创新实用的至少数以百计;欢迎合作共促发展。The difficulty of an invention is often to propose or discover the technical problem itself, and it is relatively easy to apply relevant technical means to solve the technical problem after the technical problem is discovered. Therefore, discovering the non-obviousness of a technical problem is also an aspect of measuring whether an invention is creative. Equity cost time is a common evaluation criterion. However, the total time spent on the total cost of equity is ignored or difficult to find due to various reasons. It is not used or cannot be used due to neglect of equity allocation or technical difficulty. The total cost of total equity is used in each time period. Time is used to test the discovery and application of methods, which is of great practicality, creativity and novelty; the explanation content has not been found for N years of application and promotion of these good methods, so the announcement is made public, and it is hoped that all rights groups will work together after verification by countries and regions. Recommend optimal solutions to ensure that all parties get or will get their rights. All parties quickly promote and apply, and jointly benefit the global society. Make appointments for a stable and smooth traffic method involving many industries. There are also many products, suitable for integration, optimization and innovation, and widely used globally. , At least hundreds of products can be innovative and practical. Welcome to cooperate and promote development together.
其中图36为全区域规划中城市路网一例:井字+菱形+辅助=专用道互通,按舒畅点对点总需求,综合规划专用道休闲道,休闲道时速一般低于40KM/H,以人为本,适合行人,行驶或移动设备,或车辆通行的道路,区别于各种专用道;含有最低限速40KM/H的车辆专用道至少为双车道道路或更多车道道路,同向专用道间距大于100米,不超10公里为佳,限速标识固定或按需调整限速,没有最低限速的车道能预约停车,一般用于进出口比较密的区域或拥堵路段;如3F.图36横向平均2公里就有一条四车道或八车道的专用道,竖向,斜向则平均6公里就有一条专用道,能连接地下或地面或地上的车库,区域内按需增减专用道或休闲道,专用道就近配有24小时定点通达或预约点对点,门对门直达的安稳舒畅公交,每2公里设快速六站通达公交,二大创新特征是预约或直达;选配休闲公交或各类公共行驶设备,对应慢行需求或其它通行需求。Figure 36 shows an example of the urban road network in the regional planning: Tic Tac Toe + Diamond + Auxiliary = Dedicated road interoperability. According to the total demand for comfortable point-to-point, the dedicated road leisure road is comprehensively planned. The leisure road speed is generally lower than 40KM/H, which is people-oriented and suitable Pedestrians, driving or mobile equipment, or vehicle traffic, are distinguished from all kinds of dedicated lanes; the vehicle lanes with a minimum speed limit of 40KM/H are at least two-lane roads or more lanes, and the spacing between the same-direction dedicated lanes is greater than 100 meters , No more than 10 kilometers is better, the speed limit signs are fixed or the speed limit can be adjusted as needed. The lanes without the minimum speed limit can be reserved for parking. It is generally used in areas with dense import and export or congested roads; such as 3F. Figure 36 Horizontal average 2 There is a four-lane or eight-lane dedicated road for a kilometer, and there is a dedicated road for an average of 6 kilometers in vertical and oblique directions, which can be connected to underground or ground or above-ground garages. The dedicated lanes or leisure lanes can be added or decreased as needed in the area. Dedicated lanes are equipped with 24-hour fixed-point access or reservation point-to-point, door-to-door, safe and comfortable buses, and six fast bus stops every 2 kilometers. The two innovative features are appointment or direct access; optional leisure buses or various public driving equipment , Corresponding to slow traffic demand or other traffic demand.
例如:30公里城市范围,横向15条,加竖向5条,加斜向10条,合计最少有30条专用道X 4车道X1000辆=每小时可通行12万辆X每天按10小时通行=日均可通行120万辆,密集的休闲道公共交通:区域点对点,门对门24时服务,公共交通以直行方向直达,或六站通达为主,辅配休闲等公共交通工具;城市间规划直达或换乘通达,公交定点发车间隔30秒--5分钟,同站换乘,休闲公交定点发车间隔5--30分钟,美如画,互动预约公交系统,只需记住路口换乘转向或等车接送,保舒畅又节能减排。60公里城市范围至少有60条4车道或以上的专用道,日均可通行240万辆以上;60组全市快速公交或地铁组,加360组区间公交加225组以上的有人或无人驾驶设备,实现村庄街区或站台直达,构成全市公共预约总系统。For example: a city area of 30 kilometers, 15 horizontal, 5 vertical, 10 oblique, a total of at least 30 dedicated lanes X 4 lanes X 1,000 vehicles = 120,000 vehicles per hour X per day for 10 hours of traffic = 1.2 million vehicles can pass every day, dense recreational road public transportation: regional point-to-point, door-to-door service at 24 o'clock, public transportation is directly accessible in the straight direction, or six stops, supplemented by public transportation such as leisure; inter-city planning direct access Or transfer to the bus, the fixed-point bus departure interval is 30 seconds-5 minutes, the same station transfer, leisure bus fixed-point departure interval 5--30 minutes, picturesque, interactive appointment bus system, just remember to change the direction of the intersection or Waiting for the shuttle bus to ensure comfort and energy saving and emission reduction. There are at least 60 dedicated lanes with 4 lanes or more within a 60-kilometer city, with more than 2.4 million vehicles per day; 60 groups of city-wide rapid bus or subway groups, plus 360 groups of interregional buses and more than 225 groups of manned or unmanned equipment , To achieve direct access to village blocks or platforms, forming the city's public reservation system.
相交道路中,至少有一组前后上坡或下坡组成的结构,达成穿跨转向,两者距离5M至1000M范围内;十字路口采用四进四出,四组8个进出口全互通转向,进出口在道路一侧或二侧或中间,前后结构设计主要优点在于转向或机动调控转向,或地形宽度受限时采用,靠右行道路此设计主要用于左转,也适合进出车库,靠左行道路则解决右转,不停车过相交路口的方案之一,此方案配套街区或车位车库更合理。In the intersecting roads, there is at least one set of uphill or downhill structures to achieve cross-span steering. The distance between the two is 5M to 1000M; the intersection adopts four-in and four-out, and four groups of 8 entrances and exits are all interconnected and turned. The exit is on one or two sides or in the middle of the road. The main advantage of the front and rear structure design is steering or maneuvering steering, or when the terrain width is limited. This design is mainly used to turn left on the road, and it is also suitable for entering and leaving the garage, keeping to the left. It is one of the schemes to solve the problem of turning right on the road and not stopping to cross the intersection. This scheme is more reasonable for supporting blocks or parking spaces.
城市休闲道路,配24小时有人或无人驾驶的公共交通工具,实现短距接驳或预约直达;多车道时至少保障一个车道畅通,四车道建议至少二个车道禁停,人车相互礼让,选配有人或无人驾驶的自动纠错工具或救援设备;专用道休闲道相邻互补时,靠近休闲道的车道,最低车速等于,或低于休闲道许可的最高限速,一般时速对应不同国家和地区规定,本示例上限60或40KM/H,下限30或10KM/H;休闲道车速常见上限5,10,20,30,40KM/H,专用道禁停,休闲道承担预约或故障情况下短暂停车,超时有人或无人驾驶工具实施救援或拖离;出入口管控可以是划线,标识,互动提示,灯光,投影,挡杆等,一般在专用道休闲道中间的隔离带位置,保障大车流与人流的舒畅通行;或路面层为休闲道,路面下层或上层为专用道;达4800辆/H大车流路段,采用双向8车道专用道,或达9600辆每小时上下层16车道专用道再选配休闲道相邻;有专用道相交区域,建议因地制宜高低搭配,或至少有一条道路为二层结构,或三层结构,为道路互通提供最有力的保障条件;高流量道路采用多层结构时,休闲道专用道都能在一个层面或多层设置,如有更多层结构,多层结构道路按需连接不同层面的街区生活区;专用道能采用不同层面,做为不同车速的专用道,例如城市快速或城际高速专用道,进出口距离近且配套预约不停车措施,再无须紧急停车道。Urban leisure roads are equipped with 24-hour manned or unmanned public transportation to realize short-distance connections or direct reservations; when there are multiple lanes, at least one lane is guaranteed to be unblocked. It is recommended that at least two lanes be forbidden for four lanes, and people and vehicles are comity. Choose automatic error correction tools or rescue equipment equipped with human or unmanned driving; when the dedicated lanes and recreational lanes are adjacent to each other, the lanes close to the recreational lanes, the minimum speed is equal to or lower than the maximum speed limit permitted by the recreational lanes, and the general speed corresponds to different According to national and regional regulations, the upper limit in this example is 60 or 40KM/H, and the lower limit is 30 or 10KM/H; the usual upper limit of recreational lanes is 5,10,20,30,40KM/H, and the dedicated lanes are forbidden to park, and the recreational lanes assume reservations or failures. Stop for a short time, overtime, rescue or towed away by manned or unmanned tools; entrance and exit control can be marking, marking, interactive prompts, lights, projections, blocking levers, etc., generally in the isolation belt in the middle of the dedicated leisure lane to ensure Smooth traffic and pedestrian flow; or the road layer is a leisure road, and the lower or upper layer of the road is a dedicated road; up to 4800 vehicles/H, a two-way 8-lane dedicated road, or up to 9,600 vehicles per hour with 16 lanes dedicated to the upper and lower floors The roads are then equipped with recreational roads adjacent to each other; there are special roads that intersect with each other. It is recommended that the height is matched according to local conditions, or at least one road has a two-story structure or a three-story structure, which provides the most powerful guarantee conditions for road interconnection; high-flow roads are used more frequently. In the case of a multi-layer structure, the leisure lanes can be set up at one level or multiple levels. If there are more layers, the multi-layer structure roads connect different levels of neighborhood living areas as needed; the dedicated lanes can adopt different levels and serve different speeds. Special lanes, such as urban expressway or inter-city expressway, are close to the entrance and exit, and there is no need to stop by appointment, so there is no need for emergency parking lanes.
稳时公交,全球通行,全国高速地域直达,全市直达或六站通达的交通模式:以市域说明主要整合优化创新内容。Stable public transportation, global access, national high-speed regional direct, city-wide direct or six-stop transportation mode: the city area explains the main integration and optimization of innovative content.
1S.以全市总发展规划,全市总通行量总用时总成本,规划整合道路进行设计优化创新1S. Based on the city's general development plan, the city's total traffic volume, total time and cost, planning and integration of roads for design optimization and innovation
2S.以稳时为第一要点,实施舒适快捷服务,以稳时为应急预案的设计前提优化创新2S. Take stability as the first point, implement comfortable and fast services, and optimize and innovate with stability as the prerequisite for the design of emergency plans
3S.直达或六站通达为公共交通创新点,减少候车换乘用时,超时或闲时采用预约发车3S. Direct or six-stop access is an innovative point of public transportation, which reduces the waiting time and the use of scheduled departures during overtime or idle time.
4S.优化权利评价体系,总通行里程总用时总成本总满意度,社会综合效益体现值。4S. Optimize the rights evaluation system, the total mileage, total time, total cost, total satisfaction, and social comprehensive benefit value.
A1.按需预约通行重在互动,优化车次车辆调派,资源利用更高更稳,更接近出行期望值,车辆坐满都去同一目的地,即实现专车点对点直达,资源整合高,政府乐见,民意提升幸福感高,实现交通强国梦。A1. On-demand reservations are focused on interaction, optimizing the number of vehicles and vehicle dispatching, resource utilization is higher and more stable, and closer to the expected value of travel, vehicles are filled to the same destination, that is, point-to-point direct access by dedicated vehicles is realized, and the integration of resources is high. The government is happy to see. Public opinion improves happiness and realizes the dream of a powerful country in transportation.
A2.街区村落或二公里内采用固定线路有人或无人驾驶,公共车辆路边站台停放模式,达到满座率自动发车或按预约随时发车,门对门的无缝公交接驳换乘快,实现24小时安全稳时 通达的目标,十公里距离六站通达(起到终六车站或按各区需求标准),此基础上再细分人群特点,单独增设休闲公交(行动缓慢人群专用公交,特殊需求公交),提升出行舒适满意度,对现有短距出行方式,生活方式产生极大影响。A2. Use fixed lines with manned or unmanned driving in villages or within two kilometers. Public vehicles will be parked on roadside platforms. When full capacity is reached, they will depart automatically or at any time according to appointment. Door-to-door seamless bus connection and transfer are fast, realizing 24 The goal of safe and stable hourly access, ten kilometers away from six stations (up to the last six stations or according to the requirements of each district), on this basis, the characteristics of the population are subdivided, and a separate leisure bus (special bus for slow-moving people, special-demand bus) ), improve travel comfort satisfaction, and have a great impact on existing short-distance travel modes and lifestyles.
公共车辆来自社会团体企业街道村落或个人,公共交通管理或运营企业全区域配套站点统筹,常见的免费乘车付费乘车,迎来运营企业或管理机构奖利乘车人员,或补偿无法预约乘车人员,包年乘车或乘车赚钱成为可能,其它行业在人工智能自动化大批量取替人类岗位时,各国基本保障进一步得到增强落实。例如:人工智能机器人越来越取代人类现在工作岗位前景下,各国有条件的可自定优化保障标准:从起点开始,终生实行衣食住行医教等基本保障,不任高低贵贱,富有贫穷,上至各国元首政要,各行专家学者,特殊人才专业人才,下至普通工作人员,老年婴幼儿等等,都一视同仁按时发放;是各国现有保障制度救济制度的优化方案,知足常乐!促各国人类持续发展:基本保障之上继续激励扩展新工作;有理想有竞争促发展,比如深海太空人才极缺。Public vehicles come from social organizations, enterprises, streets, villages or individuals. Public transportation management or operating companies are coordinated with supporting sites throughout the region. Common free rides and paid rides are ushered in the operating companies or management agencies to reward riders, or compensate for the inability to book a ride. For car personnel, it is possible to take a car or make money by car for a year. When other industries are replacing human positions with artificial intelligence automation in large numbers, the basic guarantees of various countries have been further strengthened and implemented. For example: Artificial intelligence robots are more and more replacing human beings. Under the current job prospects, countries have conditions to customize and optimize the guarantee standards: starting from the beginning, basic guarantees such as food, clothing, housing, medical education, etc. will be implemented for life, regardless of high or low, rich and poor, up to the top Heads of state, dignitaries, experts and scholars from all walks of life, professionals with special talents, down to ordinary workers, elderly infants and young children, etc., will be distributed on time without discrimination; it is an optimized plan for the relief system of the existing guarantee systems in various countries, and it is always happy to be content! Promote the sustainable development of mankind in all countries: continue to encourage and expand new jobs on top of basic guarantee; have ideals and competition to promote development, such as the extreme shortage of deep-sea space talents.
A3.通达车定时定点,班次间隔为半分钟到十分钟,临时人流增加调配机动车辆或改换更大公交车。A3. Accessible buses are fixed at regular intervals, and the interval between shifts is half a minute to ten minutes. The temporary flow of people increases to allocate motor vehicles or change to larger buses.
A4.通过减少低载或空载车次,提升占坐率,通过路线更合理的整合优化创新,闲时改满座发车且候车不超十分钟,或按约定发车,真正实现公交通行为主的目标!实现大幅节能减排增效。A4. By reducing the number of low-load or no-load vehicles, increasing the occupancy rate, through more reasonable integration optimization and innovation of the route, changing to full seats and waiting for less than ten minutes in idle time, or leaving as agreed, truly achieving the goal of public transport ! Achieve substantial energy saving, emission reduction and efficiency enhancement.
A5.按交通流合理配套有人或无人驾驶车辆,道路配套及互动补偿保障机制,增加十字路口做换乘区可减少换乘距离时间;所有固定线路实行直达或六站通达,超六站改名区分或接驳,减少绕弯舒适快捷出行。提升公交出行首选比例,从而减少道路通行车辆数,让更多的四车道或六车道或8车道变为不再拥堵的休闲道,减少低载率车辆的方式,实现节能减排促进环保舒畅出行,同时道路建造维护量下降,有限的人力物力等资源用于更需要的区域,例如深海或太空等未知领域的科研探索。A5. Reasonably supporting manned or unmanned vehicles according to traffic flow, road supporting and interactive compensation guarantee mechanism, adding crossroads as transfer areas can reduce the transfer distance time; all fixed lines shall be directly connected or reachable with six stations, and the name of more than six stations shall be changed. Distinguish or connect to reduce the bends to travel comfortably and quickly. Increase the preferred ratio of public transportation, thereby reducing the number of road vehicles, turning more four-lane, six-lane, or eight-lane into recreational roads that are no longer congested, reducing low-load rate vehicles, achieving energy conservation and emission reduction, and promoting environmentally friendly and comfortable travel At the same time, the amount of road construction and maintenance has declined, and limited human and material resources are used in areas that are more needed, such as scientific research and exploration in unknown areas such as deep sea or space.
A6.直观影响:坐公交比开车出行更快捷舒畅合算,取代限号出行避免法律争议,低占座率客车电动车助动车出行量减少;自行车休闲道健身出行,按时定点公交,成为智能互动按需稳时的公交。A6. Intuitive impact: taking public transportation is faster, more comfortable and cost-effective than driving by car, replacing limited number travel to avoid legal disputes, reducing the number of low-occupancy passenger cars, electric vehicles, and mopeds; bicycle leisure trails for fitness travel, scheduled public transportation on time, and become smart interactive buttons Bus that needs stable time.
A7.主要区别:相比出租车网约车更稳定,预约成功后十分钟内车辆到达为设计上限,配套超时快速补偿,免费包车是补偿措施之一;24小时服务水平稳定,区别于公交出租车网约车忙时太挤或无法上车,闲时车辆减少候车时间增加或直接停运无车可乘;公共车辆停在各个站点或各街区,区别于公交集中停放,这是保障十分钟内可达的主因;预约公交可按优先 次序随时包车拼车,或达到满座率直达,区别与不稳定包车机制;各站点按预约确定是否需要停车,区别于公交车各站都需减速停车,用于确认是否有人上车下车;六站通达公交走同向,快速换乘接驳方式实现区对区,点对点的通行,区别于常见公交的弯来弯去,站点多停车次数多,停车行车时间长;同线路配不同座位的公共车辆,适应不同时段人流货物,保障占座率的稳定,减少空载低占座率实现节能减排,区别于常见公交同一线路配同一类形车辆,不同时段候车时间不等,空载低占座率车次多的状况;按照通行总里程总用时总成本预约调控,安全稳时舒适快捷的目标,解决全部固定或临时预约成功通行需求,区别于解决主要预测通行需求为目标的常见规划。A7. The main difference: Compared with taxis, online car-hailing is more stable. The vehicle reaches the design limit within ten minutes after the reservation is made. The supporting overtime is quickly compensated. Free chartered is one of the compensation measures; the 24-hour service level is stable, which is different from bus rental. When the car network is busy, it is too crowded or unable to get on the bus. When the car is idle, the waiting time is reduced or the waiting time is increased or there is no car to take. Public vehicles are parked at various stations or blocks, which is different from the centralized parking of buses. This is a guarantee of ten minutes The main reason for internal accessibility; the reserved bus can be chartered and carpooled at any time according to the priority order, or the full seat rate can be reached directly, which is different from the unstable chartered mechanism; each station determines whether it needs to stop according to the appointment, which is different from the bus stop at each station. To confirm whether there are people getting on and off the bus; the six stops reach the bus in the same direction, and the rapid transfer and connection method realizes the area-to-area, point-to-point traffic, which is different from the common bends and turns of the bus. There are more stops and more stops, so stop and drive. Long time; public vehicles with different seats on the same route can adapt to the flow of people and goods at different times, ensure the stability of the occupancy rate, reduce the no-load and low occupancy rate, and achieve energy saving and emission reduction. It is different from common buses on the same line with the same type of vehicle. The waiting time varies during the time period, and there are many vehicles with low-load and low-occupancy rate; according to the total mileage, total time and total cost, reservation and regulation, safe, stable, comfortable and fast, solve all fixed or temporary reservations for successful passage requirements, which is different from solving the main problem A common plan with the goal of forecasting traffic demand.
本发明各项单独实施具有社会效应;二项或多项组合同步应用效果更佳,能适应动态通行的变化。The individual implementation of the present invention has social effects; the simultaneous application effect of two or more combinations is better, and it can adapt to the changes of dynamic traffic.
展望可达目标:地面通行以人优先为本,慢速交通,适宜人类休闲停留,怡情舒展活动场所,车流一般小于200辆/h/ln。Looking ahead to the attainable goal: ground traffic is human-oriented, slow traffic, suitable for human leisure stays, and comfortable stretch activity venues. The traffic flow is generally less than 200 vehicles/h/ln.
例如:道路车辆每小时通行量大于1000的,采用双层或多层通行方式,通行车辆与行人采用分层区隔通行或平面分隔,条件受限的保留现有模式或其它补偿配套措施:路面以人为本地段行人优先,半地下层或地下一层为中慢速车辆专用道,选配1:1停车位,地下二层快速中速路,地下三层高速路或轨交道路,第四层轨交城际,深层国防民防道路体系,各国各地区可按此建议或按保持各自标准。For example: if the traffic volume of road vehicles is more than 1,000 per hour, double-layer or multi-layer traffic shall be adopted. Vehicles and pedestrians shall be separated by layers or planes. The existing mode or other compensation measures shall be retained if the conditions are restricted: road surface Pedestrians in the local section are given priority, semi-underground or underground floor is dedicated for medium and slow vehicles, 1:1 parking space is optional, underground two-level fast medium-speed road, three underground high-speed road or rail transit road, fourth-level rail For the intercity, deep defense and civil defense road system, countries and regions can follow this suggestion or maintain their own standards.
汽车专用道路一般为路面双向四车道,或中低速四车道再加四车道快速高速专用车道,双层或以上道路为单向双车道或四车道或八车道,或至少一层是双向行驶,按需通行道路逐步转为免费或按约通行有奖励,临时或特殊通行采用补偿方式,如遇忙用补偿方式置换优先通行权,封道建设需按要求绕道通行的。Vehicle-only roads are generally two-way four-lane roads, or four-lane low-to-medium speed plus four-lane high-speed dedicated lanes. Double-layer or above roads are one-way two-lane or four-lane or eight-lane, or at least one floor is two-way. The roads that need to pass are gradually converted to free or contracted. Compensation is used for temporary or special passages. In case of busy, the compensation method is used to replace the priority right of passage, and the construction of closed roads requires detours as required.
B1.立竿见影适合全球缓堵法:无红绿灯,实际通行能力提升至设计通行量,每车道小车1000辆每小时,拥堵路口采用高架或地下相交的,只需其中一条路行驶方向改变,形成4个U形进出,实现全互通!或n或m形等外观,4个U形有8个引桥或连接体,或称连接辅路(图18图22图27……),连接引桥在中间位置四个方向各一个能实现全互通,各二个为一组设计通行能力1000辆每小时每车道,理论依据:设计总量范围内,减少红灯停,绕行时间,从而提升行路段的安稳舒畅率。B1. Immediate results are suitable for the global congestion mitigation method: no traffic lights, the actual capacity is increased to the designed capacity, 1000 trolleys per lane per hour, and the congested intersection adopts elevated or underground intersections, and only one of the roads needs to change the driving direction to form 4 U-shaped in and out to achieve full interoperability! Or the appearance of n or m shape, 4 U-shapes have 8 approach bridges or connectors, or connection auxiliary roads (Figure 18, Figure 22, Figure 27...), connecting approach bridges in the middle position of each of the four directions can achieve full intercommunication, Two each is a group with a design capacity of 1000 vehicles per hour per lane. The theoretical basis: within the total design range, reduce the red light stop and detour time, thereby improving the stability and smoothness of the road section.
B2.各国交规统一解释按指示方向行驶,一条双向道路能理解为二条特殊相邻的单向路通行(一条路中的一段也适用,比如这条路不同地段采用不同的行驶方向情况下)对应穿跨互通附图综合优点多。B2. Unified interpretation of traffic regulations in various countries. Drive in the indicated direction. A two-way road can be understood as two special adjacent one-way roads (a section of a road is also applicable, for example, when different sections of the road use different driving directions). There are many comprehensive advantages of cross-connecting drawings.
B3.对于平面交叉设红绿灯的路口,立竿见影方法是:一条路改变行驶方向,红绿灯改造为二次绿灯为一个周期,或依次绿灯循环周期控制在12秒内,或直接改建为跨线互通方式,或双层信号控制。B3. For intersections with traffic lights at level intersections, the immediate method is: one road changes the driving direction, the traffic light is transformed into a second green light for a cycle, or the cycle of the green light cycle is controlled within 12 seconds, or it is directly transformed into a cross-line intercommunication method. Or double-layer signal control.
B4.注意事项:专用道每车道通行量按每三秒过一辆车统一设计通行量,或按不同国家标准执行。B4. Matters needing attention: The traffic volume of each lane of the dedicated lane is designed according to the uniform design traffic volume of a vehicle passing every three seconds, or according to different national standards.
B5.交汇区段,选增二个车道为佳(补偿交汇行驶干犹影响,加应急空间,即交汇区最大设计通行量为4800;六车道或以上交汇时,首选全定向二层互通结构)(安全技术提升且交规优化另议,暂按三秒主要考虑交规车距及安全意识,后续车辆自动行驶可按二秒或一秒,甚至更短的安全时间计量车距)。B5. In the intersection section, it is better to add two lanes (compensate for the influence of the intersection while driving, and add emergency space, that is, the maximum designed traffic volume in the intersection area is 4800; when six lanes or more intersect, the fully directional two-layer intercommunication structure is preferred) (Improvement of safety technology and optimization of traffic regulations are discussed separately. For the time being, three seconds are mainly used to consider traffic regulations and safety awareness. Subsequent vehicles can automatically drive in two seconds or one second, or even shorter safety time to measure the distance between vehicles).
B6.对照各国各地区范围,舒畅通行能力最大的道路,平均单车道舒畅通行量,做为各自设计通行量。B6. Comparing countries and regions, the roads with the most comfortable traffic capacity, the average single-lane traffic traffic volume, as the respective design traffic volume.
C1.根本治堵法:按需规划预约出行=出行前互动预警管控;C1. Fundamental treatment of congestion: planning an appointment to travel on demand = interactive early warning control before travel;
C2主要措施:1、预约系统提前预警防控分流,比如提前一小时或一天,或个性化设制互动时间。C2 main measures: 1. The appointment system provides early warning, prevention and control diversion, such as one hour or one day in advance, or personalized interaction time.
C3.常态化拥堵道路建议实施双层道路改建(增建地下路为主,流量大距离远可三层建高速路;比如建成后,路面为慢速路行人优先,半地下层或地下一层为车辆专用道路,对车流提前预警管控,地下二层为快速路高速路;双向六车道或八车道城市快速路,变更设计为至少有一个车道为按需预约停车的车道,作为故障拥堵待援线,其它车道时速设上限下限,保障道路舒畅不停车通行;保障规划设计避免高速遇堵)。C3. It is recommended to implement double-layer road reconstruction for normal congested roads (mainly adding underground roads, with large flow and long distances, three-story highways can be built; for example, after completion, the road surface is slower road pedestrians priority, semi-underground or underground. It is a special road for vehicles, which controls the traffic flow in advance. The second underground floor is an expressway; a two-way six-lane or eight-lane urban expressway. The design is changed to at least one lane for the on-demand parking lane, as a fault congestion waiting for assistance Lines, other lanes have upper and lower speed limits to ensure smooth traffic without stopping; ensure planning and design to avoid high-speed congestion).
C4、对于五年内必然增加的交通流,按三年内完工,十年规划引发的增流改建时直接完成!利于二十年规划或更长远规划,一般采用拓建用地预留或规划多层交通解决方案;以道路建设周期调控远景目标。C4. For the traffic flow that will inevitably increase within five years, it will be completed within three years, and the increase in traffic flow triggered by the ten-year plan will be completed directly when the reconstruction is completed! Conducive to 20-year planning or longer-term planning, generally adopt the expansion of land reservation or planning multi-level traffic solutions; the road construction cycle to control the long-term goals.
C5、规划落实快速机动道路的筹备建造,改变人类等待道路改扩建或新建,直接启动机动道路取代维修改扩建道路的通行,以此循环,全局总用时总需求总权利总成本优先,以保障各部权利,适合各行各业。C5. Plan and implement the preparation and construction of fast motorized roads, change humans waiting for road reconstruction, expansion or new construction, and directly start motorized roads to replace the traffic of maintenance, modification and expansion roads. In this cycle, the overall total time, total demand, total rights, total cost and priority are given priority to protect all ministries. Right, suitable for all walks of life.
C6、众多工作由机器人代替后,知足常乐,衣来伸手,饭来张口的休闲生活,会越来越多的体现;道路绿荫面积,等于或大于道路面积,路面以休闲道为主,专用道路采用路面或地上地下,避免干扰,保障安稳畅通车流量,地下道路更能避免行驶方向变更的习惯影响,无人驾驶则避开了有人驾驶的种种限制。C6. After many tasks are replaced by robots, the leisure life of contentment, clothing to stretch hands, and food to open mouths will be more and more manifested; the green area of roads is equal to or larger than the road area, and the roads are mainly leisure roads. Dedicated roads use pavement or ground and underground to avoid interference and ensure a stable and smooth traffic flow. Underground roads can better avoid the habit of changing driving directions. Unmanned driving avoids the restrictions of manned driving.
保护点在创新结构或保障方法,上下文都有体现:城市道路规划与城市规划相适应,点点滴 滴溶入生活,按实际通行量及各阶段远景预测通行量,结合道路建造同期,不同时间的综合能力,进一步改善现有道路结构及通行状况。人类勇于进取,人工智能越来越实用,走向越来越多的未知领域;实际舒畅通行调控保障手段是预约,提前知比知巳,减少预测不准;道路规划设计、相交路口结构、相交路口之间的结构、穿跨互通、左右互通、多层道路相交结构、总用时检验、总里程总成本舒畅满意度准则、预约稳时公交、道路预约调控系统、……保障机制,补偿机制,通过影响出行需求,实现道路舒畅平衡,主要是保障道路相关的利益方,进一步驱动职能部门,维护或保障交规更好落实,更利执行,有效平衡道路舒畅通行的方法,使受益方更积极完善的动力,道路越舒畅,收益越多或不降;人工智能运用所减少的人员,基本保障不缺失,生活质量不下降。Protection points are reflected in innovative structures or guarantee methods and contexts: urban road planning is adapted to urban planning, bit by bit is integrated into life, traffic volume is predicted according to actual traffic volume and the perspective of each stage, combined with the same period of road construction, at different times Comprehensive capabilities to further improve the existing road structure and traffic conditions. Human beings have the courage to forge ahead, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more practical, and moving toward more and more unknown areas; the actual smooth traffic control guarantee method is to make appointments, know in advance, reduce prediction inaccuracies; road planning and design, intersection structure, and intersection. The structure, cross-span interconnection, left-right interconnection, multi-layer road intersecting structure, total time test, total mileage and total cost comfort satisfaction criterion, appointment and stable bus time, road appointment and control system,… guarantee mechanism, compensation mechanism, through influence Traveling demand and achieving road smoothness balance are mainly to protect road-related stakeholders, to further drive functional departments, to maintain or ensure better implementation of traffic regulations, more efficient execution, and effective balance of road smoothness methods, so that the beneficiaries are more active and perfect. , The smoother the road, the more or the benefits will not drop; the number of people reduced by the use of artificial intelligence will not be missing, and the quality of life will not drop.
安稳舒控通行,具体指按总车流量或人流量需求数据,安全稳时舒适通行,可以引导分流或控制阻隔流量超出的道路和路网。其具体特征至少有以下一点:1、道路规划设计总流量为前提,以每段道路通过所需时间为首要衡量标识;2、结合每天每时段的按需通行量采取互动系统引导分流阻流;3、改建新建扩建相交道路为新型简捷互通道路;4、优化交规,停车措施,避免红绿灯等待时间,不停车稳时通过。Stable and comfortable traffic, specifically refers to the safe, stable and comfortable traffic based on the total traffic flow or the demand data of the human flow, and can guide the diversion or control the roads and road networks that block the flow. Its specific characteristics have at least the following points: 1. The total flow of road planning and design is the premise, and the time required for each section of the road is the primary measurement mark; 2. The interactive system is used to guide the diversion and block flow in combination with the on-demand traffic at each time of the day; 3. Reconstruct, build and expand the intersecting road into a new type of simple interchange road; 4. Optimize traffic regulations and stop measures to avoid waiting time for traffic lights, and pass through without stopping.
左右互通指两个路口之间的道路方向与路口相交道路,至少有一个行驶方向不同,从而实现这个相交路口的简捷互通(例:横向道路靠右行驶,竖向道路靠左行驶;或竖向道路靠右行驶,横向道路带有靠左行驶结构)二条相交道路中,至少一条是采用多层分向行驶结构,从而实现相交路口的简捷互通;相交道路都是多层结构互通同理;相交道路中,双向行驶的多层道路中,上下层之间的方向正好相反,从而实现不对称车流的穿跨互通转变(创新互通不含他人已公开方法,例如苜目叶二层互通,四层定向穿跨互通等)。Left-right intercommunication means that the direction of the road between two intersections and the intersection of the road, at least one driving direction is different, so as to realize the simple and convenient intercommunication of this intersection (for example: horizontal roads drive on the right, vertical roads drive on the left; or vertical The road runs on the right, and the horizontal road has a left-driving structure.) Of the two intersecting roads, at least one of the two intersecting roads adopts a multi-layered driving structure to realize the simple and convenient intercommunication of the intersection; the intersecting roads are all multi-layer structures. In the road, the direction of the two-way multi-storey roads is exactly the opposite, so as to realize the transition of asymmetric traffic flow (innovative intercommunication does not include other public methods, such as cloverleaf intercommunication on the second floor and fourth floor. Directional crossing intercommunication, etc.).
按需快速高效增减入口或出口,各出入口能引导分流阻隔救援或控制调节不同方向车流的道路(区别高速在节日高峰拥堵停车,应急预防调控作用在此完美体现;道路单向有二条以上车道时,不设下限时速车道并可按规定停车,其它为畅通车道救援车道,严禁停车,配有及时高效警示或拖离等措施);提前预约出行首选公交,开车通过互动提前引导出行路线;穿跨互通以安全舒畅为前提,二点之间距离用时长短,决定道路互通半径设计最佳车速,而非按道路级别与车速来定义互通所需半径或通行时间,减少占地资源更经济环保的完成建设,以全路网舒适提高占座率,减少车辆低效出行实现节能减排,提升营商环境。Entrance or exit can be increased or decreased quickly and efficiently as needed. Each entrance and exit can guide and diverge and block rescue or control and regulate the roads of different directions of traffic (different from high-speed congestion and parking at festival peaks. The role of emergency prevention and control is perfectly reflected here; there are more than two lanes in one direction. At the time, there is no lower speed limit lane and can be parked as required. Others are unblocked lanes and rescue lanes. Parking is strictly prohibited and equipped with timely and efficient warnings or towing away measures); make an appointment in advance for the preferred bus for travel, and drive to guide the travel route in advance through interaction; Cross-intercommunication is based on the premise of safety and comfort. The length of time between two points determines the optimal speed of the road interchange radius design, instead of defining the required radius or transit time for intercommunication according to road class and vehicle speed, reducing land occupation resources and making it more economical and environmentally friendly Complete the construction, increase the seat occupancy rate with the comfort of the entire road network, reduce the inefficient travel of vehicles, realize energy saving and emission reduction, and improve the business environment.
通过预约系统按需出行,提前预控调节,缓解道路压力保障安稳舒控通行的方法,有一个或一套系统实现预约,预警调控,调控方式通过提示,或补偿或交换或强制限行或组合措施等,排序出行保障平衡。Travel on demand through the reservation system, pre-control and adjust in advance, alleviate road pressure and ensure a stable and comfortable method of traffic control. There is one or a set of systems to achieve reservations, early warning and control, and control methods through prompts, or compensation or exchange or mandatory restrictions or combined measures And so on, sort travel to ensure balance.
通过全局按需规划,提升道路利用率,与现有规划最大的区别是,进一步细分通行量为固定通行量,预测通行量,临时通行量,以实际最大的固定通行量为基础,预测为辅,预设道路扩容所需周期,进行道路规划设计;小区四周道路分为休闲路与专用道,配合停车或固定车库扩容规划,减少改造或建设综合成本,时间,实施分期无干犹通行的扩容预案。Through global on-demand planning to improve road utilization, the biggest difference from the existing planning is that the traffic volume is further subdivided into fixed traffic volume, forecast traffic volume, temporary traffic volume, based on the actual maximum fixed traffic volume, and the forecast is Auxiliary, preset the period required for road expansion, and carry out road planning and design; the roads around the community are divided into leisure roads and dedicated roads, to coordinate with the expansion plan of parking or fixed garages, reduce the overall cost and time of reconstruction or construction, and implement phased expansion without interference. Plan.
通过道路或路口新型结构的改造或新建,路口结构如图所示,保障或提升通行量缓解拥堵,新型结构道路或桥面或隧道,优先选用小车通行高度,增加同一时间内,提升道路通行能力,减少财力受限或地型受限或环保等因素受限,无法扩容的难题。道路或路口结构,采用模块化建设,减少修路对周边影响的时间。Through the transformation or new construction of new structures of roads or intersections, the intersection structure is shown in the figure to ensure or increase traffic volume to relieve congestion. For roads or bridge decks or tunnels with new structures, preferential use of trolley traffic heights, increase the same time, and improve road traffic capacity , To reduce the problem of limited financial resources, limited land type, or environmental protection and other factors that cannot be expanded. The road or intersection structure adopts modular construction to reduce the time of road construction affecting the surrounding area.
通过改变公共交通的站台设置,实现路口换乘,按需调配车辆减少空座率,提升占座率,通过增加机动车辆,实现车辆更合理的调控,减少等车时间或换乘时间,促进乘公交出作为优先选择方式,减少道路出行车辆的方法;指微距短距出行采用公共交通方式,实现中远距离出行的无缝对接,实现公交点对点,门对门通达或直达。短距出行的交通工具,首选无人驾驶,走固定预设线路,或专用道路,通过定点上车或按需个性化定时到门接送,实际固定道路段或村落或小区或街区范围的来往。By changing the station settings of public transportation, transfers at intersections are realized, vehicles are deployed on demand to reduce the vacancy rate and increase the occupancy rate, and by increasing the number of motor vehicles, it can achieve more reasonable control of vehicles, reduce waiting time or transfer time, and promote rides. Public transportation is the preferred method to reduce the number of vehicles on the road; it refers to the use of public transportation for short-distance travel to achieve seamless connection of medium and long-distance travel, and to achieve point-to-point, door-to-door or direct bus access. For short-distance transportation, unmanned driving is preferred, fixed preset routes, or dedicated roads, fixed-point pick-ups or personalized scheduled door-to-door pick-ups on demand, actual fixed road sections, villages, communities, or neighborhoods.
简要附图加数字标识,属原权利要求内容的更详细解说:道路桥梁专业人员,只看道路桥梁能快速指出各部位名称功能作用等,无附图说明不影响原权利要求;附图中多图片只看图也能清晰明了区别特征,结构保护重点或功能方法保护重点;附图所示的部分结构保护点,有些无附图也能一句话说明保护要点,区别特征,有附图说明则更清晰易理解;附图中连接线对应的数字下文中加(),例(1)=1,(2)=2类推。The brief drawings with digital signs are a more detailed explanation of the content of the original claims: road and bridge professionals can quickly point out the names and functions of each part only by looking at the road and bridge, and the description without the drawings does not affect the original claim; there are too many drawings in the drawings Only looking at the picture can clearly clarify the distinguishing features, structural protection key points or functional method protection key points; some of the structural protection points shown in the drawings, and some without drawings can also explain the key points of protection in one sentence, the distinguishing features, if there is a description of the drawings It is clearer and easier to understand; the numbers corresponding to the connecting lines in the drawings are added with () below, for example (1)=1, (2)=2 and so on.
比如立交结构权利要求:道路相交为二层立交结构,有8条或更多连接上下层道路的连接道,形成4个U形或n形;或更多连接通道形成m形或W形,或二种以上形状组合的外观结构。For example, the claim of the interchange structure: the roads intersect in a two-story interchange structure, and there are 8 or more connecting roads connecting the upper and lower roads to form 4 U-shaped or n-shaped; or more connecting passages to form an m-shaped or W-shaped, or Appearance structure combining two or more shapes.
例如2个U形加2个m形,或1个n形加3个u形或3个m形等;或路口4面道路中间各有一条连接道;或路口四面道路中间前后各一个,形成4组8个进出口结构;区别于常见二层跨线立交路口,只有四条连接道在道路两侧的结构,或4条连接道至少有一条不在道路中间的情况。For example, 2 U-shapes plus 2 m-shapes, or 1 n-shape plus 3 u-shapes or 3 m-shapes, etc.; or there is a connecting road in the middle of the four roads at the intersection; or one front and back in the middle of the four roads at the intersection, forming 4 groups of 8 entrance and exit structures; different from the common two-story overpass, there are only four connecting roads on both sides of the road structure, or at least one of the four connecting roads is not in the middle of the road.
创新结构新颖性有了,创造性有了,实用性也有了,结构保护点清晰;下面进一步强化这几点说明或对比。The innovative structure has novelty, creativity, practicability and clear structural protection points; the following further strengthens these points of explanation or comparison.
创新功能优势:4个u形n形或m形,能增加转向通行能力或稳定性,按保障方法更能实现二层互通。Innovative functional advantages: 4 u-shaped n-shaped or m-shaped, can increase the steering capacity or stability, according to the guarantee method, it can realize the second layer intercommunication.
扩展功能区别在于:4个u形n形或m形w形,增加信号或设备调控,能实现至少一个车道通行方向的转变,或至少一个进出口改变进出口方向;最多能实现一刻钟内所有车道或出入口的调控或转向。The difference in expansion function is: 4 U-shaped n-shaped or M-shaped W-shaped, adding signal or equipment control can realize the change of at least one lane traffic direction, or at least one entrance and exit to change the direction of the entrance and exit; it can achieve all within a quarter of an hour at most Regulation or steering of lanes or entrances and exits.
舒畅效果与实用性,不停车通行,按一级或二级服务水平,每车道每小时设计通行能力为300至1200辆,双向四车道通行能力,等同或大于常规双向六车道八车道红绿灯控制路口的通行能力。Comfortable effect and practicality, non-stop traffic, according to the first or second service level, the designed traffic capacity of each lane is 300 to 1200 vehicles per hour, and the two-way four-lane traffic capacity is equal to or greater than the conventional two-way six-lane eight-lane traffic light control intersection The traffic capacity.
对比常规全互通,本结构明显具有地形受限小,占地少,成本低,改建快,效能高,节能减排等优势。Compared with the conventional full intercommunication, this structure obviously has the advantages of small terrain restriction, less land occupation, low cost, fast reconstruction, high efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction.
要于半地下地下道路相交,优势更加明显;采用本结构广泛应用,各国地下全互通难题已解决。The advantages of intersecting semi-underground underground roads are more obvious; with the wide application of this structure, the problem of full underground intercommunication in various countries has been solved.
本结构配合创新的穿跨全互通或预约通行,更能减少占地或提前预警引导或分流补偿调控,保障舒畅。This structure cooperates with the innovative cross-span full intercommunication or reserved access, which can further reduce land occupation or early warning guidance or diversion compensation regulation to ensure comfort.
以上6点是常规道路相交很难达到或无法达到的,很难达到指常规全互通成本高,占地大,拆迁难,建造周期长,地形或其它受限条件多等因素;无法达到指这些不利因素,快速广泛应用比创新互通难。The above 6 points are difficult or impossible to achieve when conventional roads intersect. Hard to achieve refers to factors such as high cost of conventional full intercommunication, large land occupation, difficult demolition, long construction period, topography or other restricted conditions, etc.; inaccessibility refers to these factors. Disadvantages, rapid and widespread application is more difficult than innovative interoperability.
权利要求的结构在多个附图中都有体现,现以数字方式对各区块进行标识分步解说,希望您只看附图或说明,就能清晰明了的加深理解结构创新要点,结构保护要点;能理解功能创新要点,实用性要点,扩展要点更佳;为有利专利工作人员道路桥梁相关人员推广研究扩展细化,部分附图可看分步解说,供多方位快速理解,审查验证各项创新带来的实用性创造价值:共同造福社会!为各国安稳舒畅通行添砖加瓦。The structure of the claims is reflected in multiple drawings. Now each block is identified in a digital way and explained step by step. I hope you can clearly understand the key points of structural innovation and structural protection by just looking at the drawings or descriptions. Able to understand the key points of functional innovation, practicality, and extension points; for the benefit of patent staff, road and bridge related personnel to promote research, expansion and refinement, part of the drawings can be seen step-by-step explanations, for quick understanding from multiple directions, review and verification of various items Practicality and value created by innovation: to benefit the society together! Contribute to the stability and smooth passage of all countries.
图27结构1至10数字为相交道路的连接道,各国各地区叫其它名称不影响结果或作用,材料或建造方式等能达到通行需求不限制,各附图主要保护结构外观及变形,保障舒畅通行方法,实用性功能或作用。图27能通大客车大货车设计,或小车专用道或公交专用道等,共标(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20)(21)(22)个数字,每个数字代表一个区域或一段道路,如图所见此立交为二层左右互通结构具备全互通功能的立交,此创新立交称:左右全互通立交桥或左右全互通隧道,简称:左右互通;听名或看名能知八九,看图能理解实现方法,结构保护点包括上述四个方向各有二个连接通道或连接桥,形成外观U形或n形结构;含有m形等外观适用本图例,4个外围右转区域对应数字(1)(4)(5)(8),形成附加结构,是结构权利要求扩展内容之一,竖向同一条道路部分路段或两个路口之间路段,同时存在靠左行靠右行结构,非 常有利于各国各地区保留通行习惯的前提下,实现专用道对应数字(15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20)区域,安稳舒畅的通行;(2)(3)(6)(7)(9)(10)(11)(12)对应8个连接通道或连接桥,起到转向作用,按需左转或右转或调头,这8个区域都有标行驶方向,按行驶方向通行;分流合流交织区视舒畅车流量,或按需加宽加长交织区,补充交织减少的通行能力,(21)街区停车场等,(22)专用道可控出入口。(13)(14)区域为绿化带,是转向或改扩建预留区,此区域图27能改为图22结构(13)(14)连接道结构效果;或参考图28道路中间(23)(24)(25)区域的连接道,通道距离按小车专用道设计,(26)为转向分流或阻断设备,进一步优化了左转右转的通行能力,减少了跨线转向机率,进一步减少此路段合流分流的集中,安全性,舒畅性或通行能力更强或更稳定。Figure 27 Structure 1 to 10 numbers are the connecting roads of intersecting roads. Calling other countries and regions by other names does not affect the results or functions. The materials or construction methods can meet the traffic requirements without restrictions. The drawings mainly protect the appearance and deformation of the structure to ensure comfort General method, practical function or effect. Figure 27. Design of large trucks and buses, or dedicated lanes for small cars or bus lanes, etc., co-standard (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)( 10)(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20)(21)(22) numbers, each number represents an area or a section of road , As shown in the figure, this overpass is an overpass with a two-layer left-right intercommunication structure with full intercommunication functions. This innovative interchange is called: left-right all-interchange overpass or left-right all-interchange tunnel, abbreviation: left-right intercommunication; You can understand the implementation method by looking at the picture. The structural protection points include two connecting channels or bridges in each of the above four directions, forming a U-shaped or n-shaped structure; the appearance of an m-shaped and other appearance applies to this illustration, and the 4 peripheral right-turning areas correspond to The number (1)(4)(5)(8), forming an additional structure, is one of the extensions of the structural claim. It is a section of the same road vertically or a section between two intersections, and there is a left-to-right row at the same time. The structure is very conducive to the realization of the number (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) area corresponding to the number of dedicated lanes under the premise of maintaining the traffic habits of various countries and regions, and stable and smooth traffic; (2) (3) )(6)(7)(9)(10)(11)(12) correspond to 8 connecting channels or connecting bridges, which play a steering role. Turn left or right or U-turn as needed. These 8 areas are marked Driving direction, traffic according to the driving direction; divert and merge the interweaving area according to the comfortable traffic flow, or widen and lengthen the interweaving area as needed to supplement the reduced traffic capacity of the interweaving, (21) block parking lot, etc., (22) dedicated lanes with controllable entrances and exits. (13) (14) The area is a green belt, which is a reserved area for turning or reconstruction and expansion. This area can be changed to the structure shown in Figure 22 (13) (14) The structure effect of the connecting road in this area; or refer to the middle of the road in Figure 28 (23) (24) (25) The connecting road in the area, the channel distance is designed according to the dedicated lane for trolleys, and (26) is a steering diversion or blocking device, which further optimizes the traffic capacity of left and right turns, reduces the probability of cross-line steering, and further reduces Convergence and divergence of this section of the road are more safe, more comfortable, or more stable.
图28是图27细分设计小车专用道更详细的举例说明。图21图22配套连接小区或街区车库等的出入口,结构能完成调头转向,按需选择仅转向或能调头标识,配套信号或设备阻断通行或开启引导分流通行。Figure 28 is a more detailed illustration of the subdivision design of the car lane in Figure 27. Figure 21 and Figure 22 are connected to the entrances and exits of residential quarters or block garages. The structure can complete a U-turn. You can choose to only turn or turn-turn signs as needed. The supporting signals or equipment block traffic or open and guide branch circulation.
图21主要区别特征在于两侧通行道为前后配置结构,4组8个进出口,通过连接道实现全互通。The main distinguishing feature of Figure 21 is that the passageways on both sides have a front and rear configuration structure, 4 groups of 8 entrances and exits, and full intercommunication is realized through the connecting roads.
图27中(2)(6)区域左转车道换到图22中的(13)(14)区,(1)(10)之间,(4)(12)之间,(5)(11)之间,(8)(9)之间绿化带取消,连成双向车道,图22图28相对图27,主要是转向进出口结构位置变动或增减,其它类似结构变化同属保护范围;专用道全程调控是主要参数之一,如果没有全程调控系统或预约引导分流系统,一般划归休闲道,或专用道休闲道能按需转换;图27行驶方向固定标识,改为可换行驶方向标识,或增加信号控制或设备调控,能增加潮汐车流或突发大车流的调控能力,具备此能力的道路或立交称为机动道路或机动立交隧道;把临时车流或突发大车流引入机动道路通行,是道路规划设计优化方案内容之一,道路相关人士有兴趣可研究交流;附图3左右互通或穿跨互通结构都适合;规划新思路,创新结构,保障方法,功能效果如何实现有效保护。In Figure 27, the left-turn lane in the area (2)(6) is changed to the area (13)(14) in Figure 22, between (1)(10), between (4)(12), (5)(11) ), the green belt between (8) and (9) is cancelled and connected into two-way lanes. Figure 22 and Figure 28 are relative to Figure 27. The main reason is the change or increase or decrease of the position of the steering entrance and exit structure. Other similar structural changes belong to the scope of protection; Full-course regulation is one of the main parameters. If there is no full-course regulation system or reservation guide and diversion system, it is generally classified as a recreational road, or a dedicated road recreational road can be changed as needed; Figure 27 The fixed sign of the driving direction can be changed to the sign of the direction of travel. , Or increase signal control or equipment regulation, which can increase the ability to regulate tidal traffic flow or sudden large traffic flow. Roads or overpasses with this ability are called motor roads or motorized overpass tunnels; temporary traffic flow or sudden large traffic flow is introduced into motor road traffic , Is one of the content of the road planning and design optimization plan. People interested in the road can study and exchange; Figure 3 is suitable for intercommunication or cross-intercommunication structures; planning new ideas, innovative structures, guarantee methods, and functional effects to achieve effective protection.
图33左下角(9)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)区域,是相交道路连接道进出口,连接道采用坡道或匝道结构实现左转,属能调头的全互通创新结构之一,这里对左转走向做个说明,其它行驶方向看箭头标识,或参考其它附图通行;(9)入口对应左转箭头,经(9)至(16)连通道(16)出口向右合流完成左转;(12)入口对应左转箭头,经连通道(10)出口向右合流完成左转;(14)入口对应左转箭头,经连通道(11)出口向右合流完成左转;(15)入口对应左转箭头,经连通道(13)出口向右合流完成左转;所有进口出口能按需换向,或改变连接道位置,能安稳转向调控潮汐车流,或增加道路两侧出入口,形成 新的道路结构形状;图示靠右行,靠左行同理;考虑地形或成本扩建等因素,举例推荐创新互通结构建造。The area (9)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16) in the lower left corner of Figure 33 is the entrance and exit of the intersecting road connecting road. The connecting road adopts a ramp or ramp structure to realize a left turn. It is one of the innovative and fully interoperable structures that can turn around. Here is an explanation of the direction of the left turn. For other driving directions, see the arrow mark or refer to other drawings. (9) The entrance corresponds to the left turn arrow, via (9) to (16) ) The exit of connecting passage (16) merges to the right to complete a left turn; (12) the entrance corresponds to a left turn arrow, and the exit of connecting passage (10) merges to the right to complete a left turn; (14) the entrance corresponds to a left turn arrow, and the connecting passage ( 11) The exit merges to the right to complete a left turn; (15) The entrance corresponds to a left turn arrow, and it merges to the right through the exit of the connecting passage (13) to complete a left turn; all entrances and exits can be reversed as needed, or the position of the connecting road can be changed, which can be stable Turn to control tidal traffic, or increase entrances and exits on both sides of the road to form a new road structure shape; the figure keeps to the right, and the left is the same; consider the terrain or cost expansion and other factors, for example, recommend the construction of innovative interconnection structures.
图33右下角带(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)数字对应的位置,是上下层相交道路连接道,连接道采用坡道或平面或组合,连接通位置在地下或半地下,地面,低架桥或高架桥等单一或组合,与常规道路相交保障一条道路通行有4个连接道对比,创新结构区别在于,每个方向有二条或以上的连接道,8个连接道构成外观似U形n形,二层结构全互通;配套信号或阻控设备能自动或按需调控各个方向的转向通行,应对潮汐或临时突发大车流,效能明显增加,稳定;图示指定方向对应图4,主要应对固定大车流,本举例考虑安全舒畅,服务标准按一级到二级,双向四车通每车道每小时上限通行能力1000辆设计,按专用道说明则增加下限车流量,达不至下限车流的道路,归入休闲道;部分休闲道在车辆高峰或按需能转为专用道;各国按此标准或按各国已有标准,例如中国一般认为三秒间隔为安全,通行上限1200pcu/h/ln,美国部分地区等认为二秒间隔为安全,则上限为1800辆,有条件地区可按一级服务水平,专用道设计为600pcu/h/ln,或按通行人数进行设定上限或下限;公交专道按通行人数或效能比设定更优。The position corresponding to the numbers in the lower right corner of Figure 33 with (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8) is the connecting road that intersects the upper and lower floors. The connecting road adopts a ramp or a plane or Combination, the connection location is underground or semi-underground, single or combined, such as ground, underbridge or viaduct, intersecting with conventional roads to ensure that one road passes through. There are 4 connection roads. The difference in innovative structure is that there are two or more in each direction. The 8 connecting channels form a U-shaped n-shaped appearance, and the two-layer structure is fully interoperable; the supporting signal or resistance control equipment can automatically or on-demand control the steering in all directions, and respond to the tide or temporary sudden large traffic flow. Significant increase and stability; the indicated direction in the figure corresponds to Fig. 4, which mainly deals with the fixed traffic flow. This example considers safety and comfort. The service standard is level one to two. Two-way four-vehicle traffic is designed with a maximum capacity of 1,000 vehicles per lane per hour. The description of dedicated lanes increases the minimum traffic flow. Roads that do not reach the minimum traffic flow are classified as recreational lanes; some recreational lanes can be converted into dedicated lanes during vehicular peaks or on demand; countries according to this standard or according to existing standards in various countries, such as China It is generally considered that the three-second interval is safe, and the upper limit of traffic is 1200pcu/h/ln. In some areas in the United States, the two-second interval is considered safe, and the upper limit is 1800. The first-class service level can be used in areas with conditions, and the dedicated lane design is 600pcu/h /ln, or set the upper or lower limit according to the number of passers; the bus lanes are better than the set according to the number of passers or the efficiency.
各国各地区原有道路或公路名称叫法会不同,构造名称也有不同或多样,不影响结构或舒畅通行效能;整体方案中能通行车辆的道路,按创新规划设计思路,名称分为专用道或休闲道二大类,专用道可按字面意思理解,对应保障通行,一般指专供车辆行驶或设备工具移动的道路,专用道按车速分为高速专用道快速专用道慢速专用道,按车辆分为货车专用道,小车专用道,公交专用道,轨道专用道,特殊车辆或设备工具专用道等,专用道与一般道路或高速公路的区别在于,规划设计思路不同,专用道以固定最少流量,最大固定流量为主要参数,避免道路宽车流少,或固定车流超出通行能力的问题,通过预约通行系统提前引导分流调控,全路段避免各类干扰,配套应急救援或快速换道等措施,保障按需通行的舒畅。The names of the original roads or highways in different countries and regions will be called differently, and the structural names will also be different or diverse, which does not affect the structure or smooth traffic efficiency; the roads that can pass vehicles in the overall plan are divided into special roads or special roads according to innovative planning and design ideas. There are two types of recreational roads. Private roads can be understood literally and correspond to guaranteed traffic. Generally, they refer to roads exclusively for vehicles or equipment and tools. Special roads are divided into high-speed special roads, fast special roads, and slow-speed special roads according to vehicle speed. It is divided into truck lanes, car lanes, bus lanes, track lanes, special vehicles or equipment tools lanes, etc. The difference between dedicated lanes and general roads or expressways is that the planning and design ideas are different, and the dedicated lanes are fixed with a minimum flow rate. , The maximum fixed flow is the main parameter, to avoid the problem of wide roads with little traffic flow, or the fixed traffic flow exceeding the capacity, through the reservation traffic system to guide the diversion and control in advance, avoid all kinds of interference in the whole section, and support emergency rescue or fast lane changing measures to ensure Comfortable traffic on demand.
休闲道以人为本,行人为主,许可较少车辆或能移动设备或工具慢行的道路,移动速度一般指40KM/h内,休闲道按需能转专用道使用的,一般不超60km/h;各路段慢行标准或按各国各地区规定。The leisure road is people-oriented, pedestrian-oriented, and permits less vehicles or can move equipment or tools slowly. The moving speed generally refers to within 40KM/h, and the leisure road can be used as a dedicated lane on demand, generally not exceeding 60km/h; Slow travel standards for various sections may be regulated by countries and regions.
街区村庄或车库等,与道路连接部分或路段,或道路与道路连接部分,桥梁公路地道连接段,称为引道,辅道,连接通道,连接道,通道,引桥,匝道,辅路,坡道,汽车坡道,直线坡道,曲线坡道,弯道,连接体,引线等等名称;包括电梯等升降通道,本文一般统称为:连接道;如有使用连接桥或其它名称,不影响其含义或作用,不影响权利要求;部分路段或位置结构在一起,用或不同连接道都不影响结果。比如路边车位或平行车库,或道路就 是备用车库,或升降桥梁能形成道路平面相交或立体相交等情形。Blocks, villages, garages, etc., connected parts or sections of roads, or connected parts of roads and roads, bridges, highways, tunnel connections, called approach roads, auxiliary roads, connecting passages, connecting roads, passages, approach bridges, ramps, auxiliary roads, ramps , Car ramps, straight ramps, curved ramps, bends, connecting bodies, leads, etc.; including elevators and other lifting channels, this article is generally referred to as: connecting road; if there is a connecting bridge or other names, it will not be affected The meaning or function does not affect the claims; part of the road sections or locations are structured together, and the use of different connecting roads does not affect the result. For example, roadside parking spaces or parallel garages, or roads are spare garages, or elevating bridges can form road plane intersections or three-dimensional intersections.
图1图2图3图4是道路相交区域的简化结构图,能匹配标识信号或设备控制实现不停车通行。Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 is a simplified structural diagram of the road intersection area, which can match the identification signal or equipment control to achieve non-stop traffic.
图1图2固定箭头路段,分别对应靠右行靠左行的国家或地区,相交专用道没有固定箭头标识,方向转向时全路段调控防干扰防车流超限;在潮汐时段按需变换提升通行量,特别适合潮汐明显且相对固定的道路段,图3所有相交道路都不固定行驶方式,完全按预约通行或临时通行量进行调控,相比其它相交道路应变通行能力更强更稳定,此类专用道也称为机动道路段或机动立交桥,有条件的区域可按1公里至10公里范围规划不同类形或等级的机动道路,比如过境道路增加预约调控系统,能更适应临时增加或突发的大流量通行;图4为相交道路一条靠右行,一条靠左行,形成二层结构最简洁有效的全互通,简称左右互通,适合固定车流量大,或地形空间受限,或各类成本受控,改建期限紧等等,最佳优选互通立交或互通路网,图4相比图3,建造或维护成本都低,主要在于引导信号调控设备减化;图36总体规划设计预防为主,各点总通行量按舒畅要求分离固定与临时车流,配套预约调控系统,标本兼治。Figure 1 Figure 2 Fixed arrow road sections, which correspond to countries or regions that lean to the right and left. There are no fixed arrow signs on the intersecting dedicated roads. When the direction is turned, the whole section is regulated to prevent interference and traffic flow exceeds the limit; change as needed to improve traffic during tidal periods It is especially suitable for road sections with obvious tides and relatively fixed. All the intersecting roads in Figure 3 are not fixed in driving mode, and are completely regulated according to reserved or temporary traffic. Compared with other intersecting roads, the capacity of adaptable traffic is stronger and more stable. Dedicated roads are also called motorized road sections or motorized overpasses. In areas where conditions permit, different types or levels of motorized roads can be planned within a range of 1 km to 10 km. For example, an appointment control system for transit roads can be more adapted to temporary increases or emergencies. Figure 4 shows the intersecting roads with one to the right and one to the left, forming the most concise and effective full intercommunication of the two-story structure, referred to as “left-right intercommunication”, suitable for fixed traffic with large traffic, or limited terrain space, or various types The cost is controlled, the reconstruction period is tight, etc., the best choice is the interchange or the interconnection network. As shown in Figure 4, compared with Figure 3, the construction or maintenance costs are lower, mainly due to the reduction of the guiding signal control equipment; Figure 36 The overall planning and design prevention is Mainly, the total traffic volume at each point separates the fixed and temporary traffic according to the requirements of comfort, and it is equipped with an appointment control system to treat both symptoms and root causes.
图5为常见的平面相交,相交道路一条靠右行,一条靠左行,通过相应的信号控制或限制措施配套,实现路口不停车通行;有红绿灯的路口,调整红绿灯能立竿见影的减少停车等待时间,从而大幅提升路口通行能力,每次绿灯六个方向通行加二个方向调头,管控单位保留路口人行道,或人流与车流完全分离,司机或无人驾驶的预控需求,每次绿灯时间为1秒到60秒,二次绿灯一个循环周期,或采用激光投影引导或其它信号引导方式管控有序通行;通过此方法可以让通行量接近或达到立交互通水平,设一段距离为调速区同步信号,带虚线的箭头标识,为新增条件按序通行标识,不影响优先通行车辆前提下按序转向。Figure 5 shows the common plane intersections. One of the intersecting roads should go to the right and the other to the left. Through the corresponding signal control or restriction measures, the intersection of traffic without stopping can be realized; at the intersections with traffic lights, adjusting the traffic lights can immediately reduce the waiting time for parking. , So as to greatly improve the traffic capacity of the intersection. Each time the green light passes in six directions plus two directions, the control unit retains the sidewalk at the intersection, or the flow of people is completely separated from the flow of vehicles, and the driver or unmanned pre-control needs, each green light time is 1 From seconds to 60 seconds, the second green light is a cycle, or laser projection guidance or other signal guidance methods are used to control orderly traffic; this method can make the traffic close to or reach the level of intercommunication, and set a distance as the speed control zone synchronization signal , The arrow mark with a dashed line, is a newly-added conditional order-by-pass sign, and turns in order under the premise of not affecting priority vehicles.
图6的(1)(2)(3)(4)靠右行,(5)(6)(7)(8)靠左行,(9)路口,区域位置功能图5等同,图6增加(10)(11)(12)(13)公共交通四角换乘结构,行人乘车过路口避免人流与车流交织,平交路口无人行横道,常见平交路口通过增加车道提升通行量,靠右靠左行是保障通行量的方法,例如每次绿灯设为3秒或6秒9秒等,能不停车过路口;为公交在路口四角停靠创造条件,每50米或按需设集结站点,互动预约上车下车,减停车换乘候时,增效益升满意度,行人不与车流交织,或走休闲道更能保障路口安全,一举多得。(1)(2)(3)(4) of Figure 6 is on the right, (5)(6)(7)(8) is on the left, (9) intersection, the regional position function Figure 5 is equivalent, Figure 6 is added (10)(11)(12)(13) The four-corner transfer structure of public transportation. Pedestrians cross the intersection to avoid the interweaving of people and traffic. There are no crosswalks at level crossings. Common level crossings increase the traffic volume by increasing the lanes and keep to the right. Left-hand travel is a way to ensure traffic. For example, each green light is set to 3 seconds or 6 seconds 9 seconds, etc., so that you can cross the intersection without stopping; create conditions for buses to stop at the four corners of the intersection, set up assembly stations every 50 meters or as needed, and interact Make an appointment to get on and off the bus, reduce parking and transfer waiting time, increase efficiency and increase satisfaction, pedestrians are not intertwined with traffic, or walking on recreational roads can better ensure the safety of intersections, which can do multiple things in one fell swoop.
图7为常见的靠左行,靠右行同理,车流量少则定义为休闲道,人流车流波动较多的路口,建议改建为带红绿灯的上下层休闲道或专用道,车流大于专用道单车道流量时,改建为左右互通或穿跨互通。Figure 7 shows the common left-travel, and the right-travel is the same. If the traffic volume is small, it is defined as a leisure road. The intersection with more pedestrian and traffic fluctuations is recommended to be converted into a leisure road or a dedicated road with traffic lights on the upper and lower floors. The traffic flow is greater than that of the dedicated road. When there is a single-lane traffic, it will be rebuilt for left-right intercommunication or crossover intercommunication.
图8图9图13为图5图6变化之一,主要是专用道侧边有休闲道,行驶方向正好相反,使本段或本条道路具有靠左行靠右行的形状结构。Figure 8 Figure 9 Figure 13 is one of the changes from Figure 5 to Figure 6. The main reason is that there is a recreational lane on the side of the dedicated road, and the driving direction is just the opposite, so that this section or this road has a left-to-right shape structure.
图10为三层结构,一层为休闲道,另外二层为相交道路中,小车专用道采用图28结构,或图22等左右互通结构,按固定或调控的指示方向行驶;适合小车为主,需重点考虑行人休闲生活的区域,小车专用道一般为双向2车道或4车道,对应300-1200pcu/h/ln或600-1200pcu/h/ln;相交四个车道通行上限4800辆/小时,八个车道9600辆/小时,专用道通行量最少值防投入后空置,最高值预防拥堵。Figure 10 shows a three-story structure, one floor is a recreational road, and the other two floors are intersecting roads. The dedicated lanes for small cars use the structure shown in Figure 28, or the left-right interchange structure such as Figure 22, and drive in a fixed or regulated direction; suitable for small cars. , The area where pedestrians live for leisure needs to be considered. The dedicated lanes for small cars are generally two-way two-lane or four-lane, corresponding to 300-1200pcu/h/ln or 600-1200pcu/h/ln; the upper limit of the intersecting four lanes is 4800 vehicles/hour, There are 9600 vehicles per hour in eight lanes. The traffic volume of the dedicated lanes is the least worth preventing and vacant after being put into use, and the highest value is preventing congestion.
图14是图10的变化之一,采用直行跨线立交结构,小车专用道只可直行右转或只可直行左转,部分转向走休闲道达到半互通或全互通,或有红绿灯。图11图12图15图16属三层结构,相同之处在于一条道路分为上层下层单行道方式,区别点在于休闲道专用道相邻与否,公交站是否在路口范围;多层道路结构中,至少有一个相反方向行驶的单行道组合;或至少有一层靠右双向行驶,一层靠左双向行驶的组合。Figure 14 is one of the changes of Figure 10, using a straight overpass structure. The dedicated lanes for small cars can only go straight to the right or only go straight to the left. Some turn to the recreational road to achieve semi-interoperability or full interoperability, or there may be traffic lights. Figure 11 Figure 12 Figure 15 Figure 16 is a three-layer structure, the same is that a road is divided into upper and lower one-way streets, the difference lies in whether the recreational lanes are adjacent or not, and whether the bus station is in the intersection range; multi-layer road structure There is at least one combination of one-way roads driving in the opposite direction; or at least a combination of driving on the right in both directions on the first floor and driving on the left in both directions on the first floor.
3D.图17是靠右行箭头,靠左行地区或国家能转向或左右互通结构;一个层面通过信号控制直行,一个层面通过信号控制转向;休闲道与一个层面平行,或多个层面有休闲道或街区,信号控制周期6秒或按需调控60秒内,通过信号控制与调速礼让不停车过路口,缓解人流车流通行压力,实现道路舒畅稳定,路口周边有地下车库街区更具综合效益优势,同平面靠近路口站台或路口换乘,全市道路公交一张图,再无须记忆查找公交线路途经站名,具里程碑式的创新意义,简洁高效的总用时总权益总成本优先原则,适合各行业;后续提升公交出行率,减少空载低载车流,车流少更舒畅,各方权益环保综合效益明显体现。3D. Figure 17 is a right-handed arrow, the left-handed area or country can be turned or left-right intercommunication structure; one level is controlled by a signal to control straight, and one level is controlled by a signal; the recreation road is parallel to one level, or there are leisure on multiple levels For roads or blocks, the signal control cycle is 6 seconds or the on-demand regulation within 60 seconds. Signal control and speed regulation are used to allow people to cross the intersection without stopping, which relieves the pressure of pedestrians and vehicles, and realizes a smooth and stable road. There are underground garage blocks around the intersection that are more comprehensive Benefit advantage, the same plane is close to the intersection platform or interchange, a map of the city's road buses, no need to remember to find the name of the bus line passing by, it has a milestone innovative meaning, concise and efficient total time, total equity, total cost priority principle, suitable Various industries; follow-up increase the bus travel rate, reduce the no-load and low-load traffic flow, less traffic flow and more comfortable, and the comprehensive benefits of environmental protection of the rights and interests of all parties are clearly reflected.
路口结构按指示通行或保障舒畅通行的方法,预约引导分流调控;固定车流少为二层结构,车流量大或行人多为三层或更多层结构;同时具备休闲道专用道特点,可按需相互转换或固定,解说信号控制下的通行,优化公共交通减少车流量为持续目标,从而避免或解决已有拥堵,节能减排。图17结构价值举例:(28)是相交道路,(29)是连接道,(30)是路口换乘区,(31)是休闲道,(32)换乘区或交织区;(33)四角换乘选区,路口同层面安稳快捷换乘,换乘距离0米到30米,人流密集区增加20米宽度,换乘距离能控制在50米,路口做为公交换乘站时,建议公交仅直行,直达或休闲公交等可按需转向,不同类型公交外观或标识区别,路口四角换乘距离是在道路宽度上加50米,一般情况四角换乘距离在100米内;考虑到四角配套其它设施需延伸,路口范围换乘以200米为限,配套有人或无人驾驶的移动工具,24小时不间断服务水平,每50米或按需求距离设置停车或换乘标识,标识有形或无形,比如带有北斗或GPS定位的手机,无形定位标识相对精准实用,门对门点对点预约 直达或通达成主流,能解决出租车专车忙时等不到或很难预约成功的难题;也没有共享车辆乱停乱放等不良情况;有形标识在定点定时换乘区或换乘车辆停放区设置,换乘区能配套预约系统,做为互动预约叫车或其它辅助系统终端,比如连接救援系统。The intersection structure should pass according to the instructions or the method to ensure smooth passage, make an appointment to guide the diversion and control; the fixed traffic flow is less than the two-story structure, the traffic flow is large or the pedestrian is mostly the three- or more-story structure; at the same time, it has the characteristics of a leisure lane. Need to convert or fix each other, explain the traffic under the control of the signal, and optimize the public transportation to reduce the traffic flow as the continuous goal, so as to avoid or solve the existing congestion, save energy and reduce emissions. Example of structure value in Figure 17: (28) is the intersecting road, (29) is the connecting road, (30) is the junction transfer area, (31) is the leisure road, (32) the transfer area or the interweaving area; (33) the four corners In the transfer area, the intersection is safe and quick to transfer at the same level. The transfer distance is 0 to 30 meters, and the crowded area increases the width by 20 meters. The transfer distance can be controlled at 50 meters. When the intersection is used as a public transfer station, it is recommended that the bus only Straight, direct or leisure buses, etc. can be turned on demand. Different types of buses have different appearances or signs. The transfer distance of the four corners of the intersection is 50 meters plus the width of the road. Generally, the transfer distance of the four corners is within 100 meters; taking into account the four corners supporting other facilities Need to extend, the intersection range is limited to 200 meters, supporting manned or unmanned mobile tools, 24-hour uninterrupted service level, every 50 meters or according to the required distance to set up parking or transfer signs, marking tangible or intangible, such as Mobile phones with Beidou or GPS positioning, the invisible positioning mark is relatively accurate and practical, door-to-door point-to-point appointments are directly accessible or reach the mainstream, which can solve the problem that taxis cannot wait or make appointments difficult to make appointments when they are busy; there is no random parking of shared vehicles. Undesirable situations such as misplacement; tangible signs are set in the fixed-point and timed transfer area or the transfer vehicle parking area. The transfer area can be equipped with an appointment system, which can be used as an interactive appointment booking or other auxiliary system terminal, such as connecting to a rescue system.
举例2:左转车辆大于休闲道设计所规定的车流量,即上下层都是专用道时,换乘区在路口四角;或路口为三层结构,二层汽车专用道相交区为创新全互通结构,双向4车道相交等于8个车道,每小时保障9600辆以内小车舒畅通行;休闲道公交每小时240辆X50人=12000人次,专用道规划以四车道或八车道为主,如需扩容改造以增加道路层数不扩路宽,休闲道规划建议双车道或四车道为主。Example 2: Left-turning vehicles are greater than the traffic volume specified in the leisure lane design, that is, when the upper and lower floors are dedicated lanes, the transfer area is at the four corners of the intersection; or the intersection has a three-story structure, and the intersection area of the second-level car lane is innovative and fully interoperable Structure, two-way 4-lane intersection is equal to 8 lanes, ensuring smooth traffic of less than 9,600 cars per hour; leisure lane bus 240 x50 people = 12,000 person-times per hour, dedicated lane planning is mainly four-lane or eight-lane, if expansion is required In order to increase the number of layers of roads without expanding the road width, the planning of recreational roads is recommended to be two-lane or four-lane.
图18图19图20图21都是二层互通结构举例,横向道路两侧各有一组,或道路中间各有一组前后位置的出入口,用于转向或调,或经此通道进入车库或街区;各图各自对应不同的半互通或全互通方法;其中3G.3M.也就是图18图22为推荐结构类型,外观结构不同,都属能调头的全互通结构,靠右行靠左行同时存在,四个转向在同层相交区,四转向提前下穿或上跨完成;行人乘车过路口或升降通道或就近休闲道通过;上下二层转向区或道路周边,就近建车库或连接已有车库车位,权限范围内以综合总成本,社会综合总效益为优先考虑规划;本结构是专用道互通或专用道休闲道相接路口,是靠右靠左组合的多种形状结构之一,附合转向习惯,能按需增减出入口,集各国此前各类机动车道路优点于一身的创新结构。Figure 18, Figure 19, Figure 20 and Figure 21 are examples of two-story interconnection structures. There is a group on both sides of the horizontal road, or a group of front and rear entrances and exits in the middle of the road, which are used for turning or adjusting, or entering the garage or block through this passage; Each figure corresponds to a different semi-interoperability or full interoperability method; among them, 3G.3M. That is, Figure 18 and Figure 22 are the recommended structure types. The appearance structure is different, and they all belong to the fully interoperable structure that can turn around. The right and left rows exist at the same time. , The four turns are in the intersection area on the same floor, and the four turns are completed in advance or across the span; pedestrians pass through intersections or elevator channels or nearby recreational roads; up and down two-story turning areas or around the road, nearby garages or connections Garage parking spaces, within the scope of authority, the comprehensive total cost, and the overall social benefits are the priority planning; this structure is a dedicated road interchange or a dedicated road leisure road junction, and it is one of the multiple shape structures that are combined from right to left. In accordance with the steering habits, it is possible to increase or decrease entrances and exits as needed, and it is an innovative structure that integrates the advantages of various previous motor vehicle roads in various countries.
图18结构说明:(1)(2)(3)(4)(20)(21)(22)(23)为相交道路跨线直行通道,(5)(6)是转向缓冲合流分流区,(7)(8)(9)(10)(15)(16)(17)(18)转向进出口通道,(19)为备用救援区或绿化隔离带,左右两侧能按需做为横向行驶的调头区;(11)(12)(13)(14)为道路预留区或休闲道,(11)(14)按需改建为直连(20)(23)的连接道后,竖向道路上能形成2个m形或4个u或n形结构,横向道路夹中间连接道能形成4个U形或n形结构,(15)(18)连接道从成本考虑(21)(22)为二层道路结构,地形等因素受限选(20)(23)为二层道路结构,实用性综合效益或配套街区车库考虑(20)(21)(22)(23)整体都为二层结构;(24)(25)(26)为街区或公园或厂区或田野等;专用道配套预约调控系统或引导分流阻断设备或救援预案。Figure 18 structure description: (1)(2)(3)(4)(20)(21)(22)(23) is the cross-line straight passage of intersecting roads, (5)(6) is the turning buffer merge and diversion area, (7)(8)(9)(10)(15)(16)(17)(18) turn to the entrance and exit channel, (19) is the spare rescue area or green isolation belt, the left and right sides can be used as horizontal U-turn area for driving; (11), (12), (13), and (14) are reserved for roads or recreational roads, and (11) (14) is converted into a connection road directly connected to (20) (23) as required. Two m-shaped or four u- or n-shaped structures can be formed on the road, and four U-shaped or n-shaped structures can be formed between the horizontal road and the middle connecting road. (15)(18) The connecting road can be considered from the cost (21)( 22) is a two-story road structure. The topography and other factors are limited to select (20) (23) as a two-story road structure, considering the comprehensive practical benefits or supporting block garages (20) (21) (22) (23) as a whole Two-story structure; (24), (25), and (26) are blocks, parks, factories, or fields, etc.; dedicated lanes are equipped with an appointment control system or guide diversion blocking equipment or rescue plans.
图18通行保障方法举例:(1)直行下穿直行至(3)继续直行,经(16)连接道完成右转,(1)经(7)连接道完成左转或经(5)调头至(8);(4)直行下穿直行至(2)继续直行,经(17)连接道完成右转,(4)经(10)连接道完成左转或经(6)调头至(9);(20)直行至(22)继续直行,经(15)连接道完成右转至(3),(20)经(8)完成左转或经(19)左侧调头至(21);(23)直行至(21)继续直行,经(18)连接道完成右转至(2),(23) 经(9)完成左转或经(19)右侧调头至(22);车流量超设计启动引导分流阻断措施或拖离救援预案;举例:(2)区域因故障导致(4)慢行,(8)(18)启动分流或阻断,或转反向行驶保障通行。Figure 18 Examples of traffic protection methods: (1) Go straight down and go straight to (3) Continue straight, turn right through (16) connecting road, (1) turn left through (7) connecting road or turn to (5) turn to (8); (4) Go straight down and go straight until (2) continue straight, turn right through (17) connecting road, (4) turn left through (10) connecting road, or turn left through (6) to (9) ; (20) go straight to (22) continue straight, turn right to (3) via (15) junction, (20) turn left via (8) or turn left via (19) to (21); ( 23) Go straight to (21) and continue straight, turn right to (2) via the (18) junction, (23) turn left via (9) or turn to the right via (19) to (22); traffic volume exceeds Design to start the guide diversion blocking measures or drag away the rescue plan; for example: (2) the area is caused by failure (4) slow driving, (8) (18) start diversion or blocking, or turn to reverse driving to ensure passage.
图23图24图25图26占地少优点多,是穿跨互通的多种结构或类似形状,也称之为上下层单行通互通结构,主要特点在于适用靠右行或靠左行,或靠右靠左行等多种情形;穿跨位置没有特别限制,穿跨后可以平面双向结构,也可以上下层单向或双向通行结构,或结合两侧休闲道或车库连接道,实现转向后的互通。穿跨互通方法,相比增加车道定向互通,喇叭形,苜蓿叶形,具有明显的占地少,免拆迁,成本低,易建造,周期短等优点;建成后互通用时短,安稳舒畅,适合常见的快速路高速路主干线次干线等类形,汽车专用道按通行车辆细分为,中大型车专用道,小车专用道,公交专用道和其它车辆专用道;休闲道路属自成体系的休闲生活道路,专用道休闲道共同特点,对于超出范围内的临时车辆,进行预控;生活因预约而改变。Fig. 23, Fig. 24, Fig. 25, Fig. 26, it occupies a small area and has many advantages. It is a cross-interconnected multiple structure or similar shape. It is also called the upper and lower layer one-way intercommunication structure. The main feature is that it is suitable for right-going or left-going, or There are no special restrictions on the crossing position. After crossing the span, it can be a flat two-way structure, or a one-way or two-way traffic structure on the upper and lower floors, or combined with recreational roads or garage connecting roads on both sides to realize the steering. Of interoperability. Cross-span intercommunication method, compared with increasing lane directional intercommunication, trumpet shape, clover leaf shape, has obvious advantages of less land occupation, no demolition, low cost, easy construction, and short cycle; after completion, the intercommunication time is short, stable and comfortable, and suitable Common expressways, highways, main trunk lines, secondary trunk lines, etc., car lanes are subdivided into medium and large vehicle lanes, small car lanes, bus lanes and other vehicle lanes; leisure roads belong to a self-contained system The common features of leisure life roads and dedicated leisure roads, pre-control of temporary vehicles beyond the scope; life changes due to appointments.
穿跨互通指:双向通行道路形成具有高低单行道结构;含上下层单行道反向组合的结构;实现全互通。Crossing and intercommunication refers to: the two-way traffic road forms a high and low one-way structure; the structure including the reverse combination of upper and lower one-way streets; realizes full intercommunication.
左右互通指:靠右行道路与靠左行道路相交构;含同向道路靠右行靠左行结构;二层结构能全互通。Left-right intercommunication refers to the intersection structure between the right-handed road and the left-handed road; the structure of the right-handed and left-handed road with the same direction is included; the two-story structure can be fully interconnected.
穿跨互通或左右互通,是双向通行或单向组合道路中,最精巧简洁高效的方法,通过各类开挖方法或盾构技术,实现各层面双向通行互通,或上下层单向通行互通组合;目前各国城市发展趋势和当前隧道城市地下工程越来越多的今天或明天,这二类互通方法必然成为主流,国防道路民生道路上都意义非凡。Cross-span intercommunication or left-right intercommunication is the most sophisticated, concise and efficient method of two-way or one-way combination roads. Through various excavation methods or shield technology, two-way intercommunication at all levels, or one-way intercommunication combination of upper and lower floors ; With the current development trend of cities in various countries and more and more underground projects in tunnel cities today or tomorrow, these two types of intercommunication methods will inevitably become the mainstream, and the national defense roads and the people’s livelihood roads are of great significance.
图23是穿跨互通结构的代表,高低位结构设计或上下层结构设计,都有体现;能实现12个行驶方向加4个调头行驶的全互通方法;(1)(2)(7)(8)是二条相交道路,跨线方式直线通行,(3)(4)(5)(6)(9)(10)(11)(12)各是左转或右转连接道,连接道两端能按需设计或增减调头通道;为减少占地成本,匝道选上下层单行道结构,有人驾驶更舒适考虑选分离式结构,或局部平面平行结构。Figure 23 is a representative of the cross-span intercommunication structure, which is reflected in the high and low structure design or the upper and lower structure design; it can realize the full intercommunication method of 12 driving directions plus 4 U-turn driving; (1)(2)(7)( 8) is two intersecting roads, crossing the line in a straight line, (3)(4)(5)(6)(9)(10)(11)(12) each is a left-turn or right-turn connecting road, and there are two connecting roads. The end can design or increase or decrease the U-turn channel according to the needs; in order to reduce the cost of land, the upper and lower one-way structure of the ramp is selected, and the separated structure or the partial plane parallel structure is considered more comfortable for manned driving.
弯区设专用道或休闲道或专用道与休闲道同时设置,或专用道与休闲道分开,双向转弯还可多层方式,可配合车库道调头,独立设调头也适合,街区\车库车道调头,管控等都按需规划;靠左行靠右行,靠左靠右混合,高低位左右转,优点无需加宽,各向舒捷稳时,特殊单行道路,特殊双向道路。There are dedicated lanes or leisure lanes or dedicated lanes and leisure lanes in the bend area, or the dedicated lanes and leisure lanes are separated. Two-way turning can also be multi-layered. It can be used with garage lanes to make a U-turn. Independent U-turn is also suitable. Block\garage driveway U-turn , Management and control, etc. are planned according to needs; left and right, left and right mixed, high and low turn left and right, the advantages do not need to be widened, all directions are comfortable and stable, special one-way roads, special two-way roads.
图24结构区别特征在于:(17)(20)连接道能做为街区专用道或车库连接专用道;车 流量少称休闲道。The distinguishing features of the structure in Figure 24 are: (17)(20) The connecting road can be used as a block-only road or a garage-only road; the traffic volume is less called a leisure road.
3A.3B.也就是图27图28,是3M.对应图22更详细的图解,及可能的变化结构举例,适用范围更广泛更明晰;50米横道双向8车道,35米竖道双向4车道,相交路口设计小车稳时通行每分钟200辆,小车专用道服务水平按1-2级范围,超出2级则实施引导分流管控补偿机制,或改扩建;重点:图28图27图22,结构除上述固定作用外,配合预约调控系统,能做为机动道路应对潮汐车流,或临时突增的大流量;按此类结构储备构件,作为临时移动道路构建更能得心应手,是保障服务水平或提升通行快捷有效的方法。3A.3B. This is Figure 27 and Figure 28, which is a more detailed illustration of 3M. Corresponding to Figure 22, and examples of possible changes in structure. The scope of application is wider and clearer; a 50-meter crossroad has 8 lanes in both directions, and a 35-meter vertical road has 4 lanes in both directions. , The intersection is designed to pass 200 vehicles per minute at a stable time, and the service level of the special lane for small vehicles is within the range of 1-2. If the level is exceeded, the guidance and diversion control compensation mechanism will be implemented, or the expansion will be implemented; focus: Figure 28, Figure 27, Figure 22, structure In addition to the above-mentioned fixed functions, in conjunction with the reservation control system, it can be used as a motorized road to cope with tidal traffic or a temporary sudden increase in traffic; according to this type of structural reserve component, it is more handy as a temporary mobile road construction, which is to ensure the level of service or improve A fast and effective method.
图27按大车通行适用广,按小车专用道构建占地少成本低建造快,例举下沉式或地下互通参数如下。Figure 27 is widely applicable according to the passage of large vehicles, and the construction of dedicated lanes for small vehicles occupies a small area and has a low cost and is quick to construct. Examples of sinking or underground communication parameters are as follows.
1、小车专用道限高2.6米限宽3米限核裁2T(3.5米高公交限高4米宽3.5米,或按车规设置,下同)。1. The special lane for trolleys has a height limit of 2.6 meters, a width of 3 meters, and a nuclear cut of 2T (the height limit for a 3.5-meter-high bus is 4 meters and a width of 3.5 meters, or set according to vehicle regulations, the same below).
2、小车专用道每车道平均每分钟车流大于6辆少于20辆,对应休闲道每车道每分钟车少于6辆设计。2. The average traffic flow of each lane of the small car lane is more than 6 and less than 20 vehicles per minute, corresponding to the design of less than 6 vehicles per minute per lane of the recreational road.
3、全路段禁止停车,道路连地下泊位或街区车库,配预约或定点自动代泊车,五分钟应急救援系统。3. Parking is forbidden in the whole section. The road is connected with underground parking spaces or block garages, equipped with reserved or designated automatic parking, and a five-minute emergency rescue system.
4、按顺预约优先通行,常拥堵路段或临时大车流启动补偿系统引导分流,选配应急移动扩容装置。4. Priority is given to traffic according to scheduled appointments, often congested road sections or temporary large traffic flow start the compensation system to guide the diversion, and optional emergency mobile expansion device.
5、预制上述结构组装模块,构建一个工时内完成改扩建方案的方法,减少道路维护改建的影响,竖向靠右行,横向靠左行,四个左转同层,四右转同层面,互通坡度5%,30米坡长适合大部分街区道,或按地形条件设计坡度坡长等;有条件相邻休闲道左右或上下层,有利互补减专用道成本及救援。5. Prefabricate the above-mentioned structural assembly modules to construct a method to complete the reconstruction and expansion plan within working hours to reduce the impact of road maintenance and reconstruction. Vertically move to the right and horizontally to the left. Four left-turns on the same floor, four right-turns on the same floor. The interchange slope is 5%, and the 30-meter slope length is suitable for most street roads, or the slope slope length is designed according to the terrain conditions; if possible, adjacent to the left and right or upper and lower levels of the recreational road, it is beneficial to complement each other to reduce the cost of the dedicated road and rescue.
6、本结构类形创新点:3.3mX 7m X0.5m带连接结构的长方体,依次拼接形成单层单向,或双向二车道或四车道;或双层单行道组合结构,或双层双向车道组合结构,或专用道休闲道分层结构;配套30T或50T拼装设备,按每小时6.6米进度,一个8小时班次拼装50米以上;一段三百米街道一周完成改建为路面休闲道,上层或下层专用道;或尺寸范围:长5米至45米X宽1米至28米X高0.3米至10米,或预制件尺寸等于大于10米X 5米X 2.5米,集成管网照明信号防水防火防损调控单元系统,安装检测通过即可使用预制成类似箱梁的多层结构进行拼接。做为紧急救援措施,立体空间模块化二层或三层结构的预制件,集成管网照明信号防损调控单元,可自行移动,特定节日集会或临时救援通道空间的设备。6. The innovation of this structure type: 3.3mX 7m X0.5m rectangular parallelepiped with connecting structure, which are successively spliced to form a single-layer one-way, or two-way two-lane or four-lane; or a double-layer single-lane structure, or a double-layer two-way lane Combination structure, or layered structure of dedicated lane leisure lane; supporting 30T or 50T assembly equipment, at 6.6 meters per hour, an 8-hour shift will assemble more than 50 meters; a section of 300 meters of street will be converted into a pavement leisure track in one week, and the upper layer or Lower floor dedicated road; or size range: 5 meters to 45 meters long X 1 meter to 28 meters wide X 0.3 meters to 10 meters high, or the size of the prefabricated parts is equal to or greater than 10 meters X 5 meters X 2.5 meters, integrated pipe network lighting signal waterproof The fire prevention and loss prevention control unit system can be spliced using prefabricated multi-layer structures similar to box girder after installation and inspection. As an emergency rescue measure, the three-dimensional space modularized two-story or three-story prefabricated parts, integrated pipe network lighting signal loss prevention and control unit, which can be moved by itself, and equipment for specific festivals or temporary rescue channel spaces.
图29图30下半部右侧竖道左转连接道显示属全互通结构,按图显示属半互通相交,路 网全互通结构。Figure 29 shows the left-turn link of the right vertical road in the lower half of Figure 30, which is a full intercommunication structure. According to the figure, it is a semi-interconnection and road network full intercommunication structure.
图31上部相交道路是靠右行;下部相交道路是靠右行靠左行,主要特征在于(17)(18)结构,横向道路中间各有一条双向通道连接,(1)(9)道路中间(2)(8)连接道经(17)连接(19),(6)(11)道路中间(5)(10)连接道经(18)与(16)(20)竖向道路连接,适合较少车流量右转;竖向道路2个方向的道路中间,改用一条双向双车道结构,则图31下部四个左转能实现较少车流通行;(7)休闲道;(13)(14)(15)转向连接道;(3)(4)(12)是左转连接道,适应每车道1000辆每小时通行能力;(2)(8)(17)区域,(5)(10)(18)结构区域,改成(3)(4)前后设计的成组连接道,能保障所有转向各1000pcu/h/ln舒畅不停车通行;前后设计的连接道一般为双车道,优点在于转向通行等同道路车流,双车道二级服务水平匹配四车道一级服务通行量。Figure 31 The upper intersecting road is left to the right; the lower intersecting road is to the right and left. The main feature is the structure of (17) (18). There is a two-way channel connection between the horizontal roads, (1) (9) the middle of the road (2) (8) Connecting road via (17) connecting (19), (6) (11) Road middle (5) (10) connecting road via (18) and (16) (20) vertical road connection, suitable Turn right with less traffic; use a two-way two-lane structure in the middle of the road in the two directions of the vertical road, and the four left turns in the lower part of Figure 31 can achieve less traffic; (7) leisure road; (13) (14)(15) Turn to the connecting road; (3)(4)(12) is the left-turn connecting road, which is suitable for the traffic capacity of 1000 vehicles per lane per hour; (2)(8)(17) area, (5)( 10) (18) The structural area is changed to (3) (4) front and rear design groups of connecting roads, which can ensure smooth and non-stop traffic for all steering and each 1000pcu/h/ln; the front and rear connecting roads are generally two-lane, with advantages It is that steering traffic is equivalent to road traffic, and the two-lane second-level service level matches the four-lane first-level service traffic.
图32互通路网举例,图33多种互通组成的道路网;图34右侧采用升降器完成转向;(1)(2)(3)(4)(6)(7)(8)(9)是转向连接通道进出口,(5)是升降通道,带有电梯或起重机或卷扬机,塔吊机或其它升降器,完成转向换道功能,观念条件附合的地区可尝试升降设备换道或道路直连车库;图34图35是分体道路靠左行的互通结构类,分体结构道路在相交互通上,具有更明显互通结构选择优势,属常见的三层或四层互通方法;图34图35解决左转右转规则与实际通行,长期存在的习惯或规则矛盾;左转直接向左,右转直接向右,在分体道路的中间,至少有二个分流或合流完成转向的出入口,穿跨方式完成转向,是区别其它转向结构最明显的特征;分体道路占地多些,带来的可选优势也多,举例三层以上街区各自连接各层连接道;相交道路采用立交互通的专用道,规划设计出入口能引导分流,全网调控道路。Figure 32 is an example of an interconnection network, Figure 33 is a road network composed of multiple interconnections; Figure 34 uses a lifter on the right to complete the steering; (1)(2)(3)(4)(6)(7)(8)(9 ) Is the entrance and exit of the steering connection channel, (5) is the lifting channel, equipped with an elevator or crane or hoist, tower crane or other lifters, to complete the function of turning and changing lanes. In areas where the concept and conditions are compatible, try to change lanes or roads by lifting equipment Directly connected garage; Figure 34 and Figure 35 are the interconnection structures with split roads on the left. Split structure roads have more obvious advantages in the choice of interconnection structure, which is a common three-layer or four-layer interconnection method; Figure 34 Figure 35 Solve the long-standing contradiction between the rules of turning left and right and the actual traffic; turning left directly to the left, and turning right directly to the right. In the middle of the split road, there are at least two entrances and exits that diverge or merge to complete the turn. , The crossing method to complete the steering is the most obvious feature that distinguishes other steering structures; the split road occupies more land, and it brings more optional advantages. For example, the blocks of more than three floors are connected to the connecting roads of each layer; the intersecting road adopts an interchange Intercommunication dedicated roads, planning and designing entrances and exits can guide the diversion, and regulate the roads throughout the network.
上述发明有全新创新思路也有常规技术上的创新或整合优化;是规划设计预防思路与道路结构创新等方式,标本兼治的综合方法;总效益总用时优先同样适合各行业引用或依此创新。上述发明提到的创新点或产品,很多适合各国科研院校企研究开发应用或专利申请上,有意合作可提供思路完善或提前落地实用。The above-mentioned invention has new innovative ideas as well as conventional technical innovation or integration optimization; it is a comprehensive method of planning and designing prevention ideas and road structure innovation, and treating both the symptoms and the root causes; the total benefit and the total time priority are also suitable for various industries to quote or innovate accordingly. Many of the innovations or products mentioned in the above inventions are suitable for research, development, application, or patent application of scientific research institutions and enterprises in various countries. Intentional cooperation can provide perfect ideas or implement them in advance.
图1多种移动斜行升降方式的简明图示,上部为常见的跨街区或道路,中间为采用创新全自动的电梯安稳或高效或节能的升降结构简图,左下为不同载额升降通道的组合图,右下为能重力索降或杆降或自带动力上升的简明示图,A升降区域;B配重模块;C升降模组;D测控区域;E外力升降;F垂直区多轿厢或房车自动开车升降区示意图;K过街通道能通车辆或只通行人;P配套节能利用或服务区;S全互通升降设备组合;T通道两侧节能升降设备;W有人或无人驾驶的移运工具;X连接道,能作为休闲道或预约公交道路等;Z各类型 专用道或繁忙街区等;YK垂直通道驳接换乘区,K1k2混合电梯结构轿厢,1K2K3K4K5K6k7k8k各通达分段轿厢,F1F2F3F4车辆或移动工具禁停升降通道,HJ滑降措施或随行座椅升降通道,GL多层建筑,HS索道,SJY索降座椅或索道升降产品,XXY杆降座椅或垂直升降产品。Figure 1 A concise illustration of various mobile inclined lifting methods. The upper part is a common cross-block or road, and the middle is a schematic diagram of a stable or efficient or energy-saving lifting structure using an innovative fully automatic elevator. The lower left is a lifting channel with different load capacities. Combination diagram, the lower right is a simple diagram that can be lowered by gravity or with a pole or with self-powered rise. A lifting area; B counterweight module; C lifting module; D measurement and control area; E external force lifting; F vertical area with multiple cars Schematic diagram of the automatic driving lifting area for cars or RVs; K crossing the street can pass vehicles or only pedestrians; P supporting energy-saving utilization or service area; S full interoperable lifting equipment combination; T-channel two sides energy-saving lifting equipment; W manned or unmanned Means of transportation; X connection road, which can be used as a recreational road or reserved bus road, etc.; Z various types of dedicated roads or busy blocks, etc.; YK vertical channel connection and transfer area, K1k2 mixed elevator structure car, 1K2K3K4K5K6k7k8k all accessible sub-cars Cars, F1F2F3F4 vehicles or mobile tools are forbidden to stop lifting channels, HJ sliding measures or accompanying seat lifting channels, GL multi-storey buildings, HS cableways, SJY cable-down seats or cableway lifting products, XXY rod-down seats or vertical lifting products.
升降产品附图为座椅升降的简易图一个,现有技术人员看文字能理解;附图可看或不看,暂以过街通道为例分步说明,对应少量行人或人流密集道路,其它场景例也能适用或有启发作用。The drawing of the lifting product is a simple drawing of the seat lifting, which can be understood by the prior art personnel by reading the text; the drawing can be seen or not, temporarily taking the crossing passage as an example for step-by-step explanation, corresponding to a small number of pedestrians or densely crowded roads, other scenes Examples can also be applicable or enlightening.
街道常见有人形横道,或有天桥或地下通道,或有电梯;直穿车辆繁忙的道路影响车辆通行,相比休闲道或完全分离的过道安全性低;因各种因素,行人不走或不能经天桥或地下通道或电梯通过道路;给本已拥堵的道路更增加拥堵或安全风险;本文提供的思路或结构或保障方法,有助行人更乐于按规划设计的线路过道路,进一步保障过街道路的通行安全或舒畅体验。Streets often have human-shaped crosswalks, or there are overpasses, underpasses, or elevators; passing through busy roads affects vehicle traffic, which is less safe than recreational roads or completely separated aisles; due to various factors, pedestrians do not walk or cannot walk Pass the road through overpasses, underground passages or elevators; increase congestion or safety risks to the already congested roads; the ideas or structures or guarantee methods provided in this article help pedestrians to cross the road more willingly according to the planned route and further protect the road crossing The safe or comfortable experience of the passage.
过街天桥两侧的电梯,暂以T区域为例:与此前常规电梯相比,主要区别特征在于:1、具有全自动开门或关门功能;2、具有预约开门或关门功能;3、轿厢配重或蓄能利用方式不同;4、天桥一侧或二侧电梯能组合配重节能;5、天桥一侧轿厢能一分为二或多轿厢合并扩容;6、具有外力升降或蓄能;7、重力或蓄能的综合利用;8、不同层面的控制板在升降通道外面;或没有控制面板,采用预约或预设控制终端或全自动控制;9、上述八项与此前技术能整合单一应用,或按需多项组合应用。For the elevators on both sides of the overpass, take the T area as an example: Compared with the conventional elevators before, the main differences are: 1. It has the function of fully automatic door opening or closing; 2. It has the function of booking door opening or closing; 3. The car counterweight Or the energy storage is used in different ways; 4. One or two elevators on the flyover can combine counterweights to save energy; 5. The car on one side of the flyover can be divided into two or multiple cars combined to expand; 6. With external force lifting or energy storage; 7. Comprehensive utilization of gravity or energy storage; 8. Different levels of control panels are outside the lifting channel; or no control panel, using appointment or preset control terminals or fully automatic control; 9. The above eight items can be integrated with previous technologies. Application, or multiple combination applications on demand.
S区域全互通升降为例:道路两侧配有能载人或车辆的升降器;四组升降器的组合使用在相交道路的四角区域。Take the full intercommunication lift in area S as an example: both sides of the road are equipped with lifters that can carry people or vehicles; the combination of four sets of lifters is used in the four corners of the intersecting road.
乘员进入检测区或预约时间,电梯便会启动自动装置,采取提醒阻止或按时依次到达楼层自动开门,进入电梯后自动关门,完成升降开门,开关自动依次循环,电梯内部的楼层控制面板能直接取消。When the occupant enters the detection area or the appointment time, the elevator will start the automatic device, take reminders to prevent or arrive at the floor on time, and automatically open the door. After entering the elevator, the door will be automatically closed, the door will be lifted and opened, and the switch will automatically cycle in sequence. The floor control panel inside the elevator can be cancelled directly. .
此实用创新产品包括座椅使用名称较多,不同名称或形状或结构功能或用途等同的新产品,统一理解为等同,比如为了乘坐公共交通不计入随身携带重量或尺寸,产品名称统称轮椅,或叫变型车等,都同在本文重力滑降或自身动力升降产品保护范围;文中错别字或不同人员有争议时,以发明人解述确认,谢谢。This practical and innovative product includes seats with many names, new products with different names or shapes or structural functions or purposes, and they are collectively understood as equivalent. For example, in order to take public transportation, the product name is collectively referred to as wheelchair. Or called variant cars, etc., are all in the scope of protection of gravity sliding or self-powered lifting products in this article; if there is a typo in the article or different persons have disputes, please confirm with the inventor's explanation, thank you.
本文实施例对发明内容有详细说明,对本领域技术人员来说,其依然能对本文各实施例所述的技术方案进行修改,或对其中部分技术特征进行等同替换,改进等,均应包含在本文发明的保护范围之内。The embodiments herein provide detailed descriptions of the content of the invention. For those skilled in the art, it is still possible for those skilled in the art to modify the technical solutions described in the embodiments herein, or perform equivalent replacements, improvements, etc., to some of the technical features, which should be included in Within the scope of protection of the invention herein.
具体实施方式Detailed ways
A升降区域:指升降通道,配套调控范围;A区自成体系,能单独或多套组合运用。A lifting area: refers to the lifting channel, supporting control range; A area is a self-contained system, which can be used alone or in multiple sets.
B配重模块:核载8人按30KG、60KG、120KG、260KG自动选配重,能按需不设配重或按需另设配重模组数量,重量。例如采用液压蓄能或其它方式蓄能,同样可以起到节能安稳之作用;蓄能方式可以是电能,势能,热能等多种已知技术;本文举例适用单一或组合形式体现;对应不同场景或不同环境不同范围的不同需求。举例平时结合休闲健身为主,优选携行背包式动力椅,比如手摇脚踩座椅产生动力升降;结合消防功能时,升降通道选配轮滚动力或外接电源措施;上下行人众多时,自动配重是最佳节能方式之一;不对称升降时,则宜选配蓄能或就近组合平衡不对称方式;部分举例有更详细说明实用场景等。B. Counterweight module: For 8 people, the weight can be automatically selected according to 30KG, 60KG, 120KG, 260KG, and the number and weight of the counterweight module can be set as needed. For example, the use of hydraulic energy storage or other methods of energy storage can also play a role in energy saving and stability; energy storage methods can be electric energy, potential energy, thermal energy and other known technologies; this article applies single or combined forms of embodiment; corresponding to different scenarios or Different requirements in different environments and different scopes. For example, it is mainly combined with leisure and fitness activities. It is preferable to carry a backpack-style power chair, such as power lifting by stepping on the seat with a hand crank; when combining the fire protection function, the lifting channel can be equipped with wheel rolling force or external power supply measures; when there are many people going up and down, it is automatically equipped Heavy weight is one of the best energy-saving methods; when lifting asymmetrically, it is advisable to select energy storage or a nearby combination of balanced asymmetric methods; some examples have more detailed practical scenarios.
C升降模组升降台,轿厢吊钩吊篮等;本文以安全性高的电梯轿厢为例进一步说明,其它同理。C lift module lifting platform, car hook basket, etc.; this article takes the elevator car with high safety as an example for further explanation, and the others are the same.
D测控区域有或没有都不影响升降功能及实用性,选配测控区域功能,更有效能或少等促舒畅。The presence or absence of the D measurement and control area does not affect the lifting function and practicability. The optional measurement and control area function is more efficient or less effective.
E外力升降手摇脚踩或履带轮滚或外接电源或各类蓄能动力等;不同需求,不同场景选配方案。E. External force lifting, manual pedaling or crawler wheel rolling or external power supply or various energy storage power, etc.; different needs and different scenarios are optional.
F垂直区多轿厢串联或并联或串并组合结构,多轿厢优化方案单项举例,加A区属混合组举例。In vertical zone F, multiple cars are connected in series or in parallel or in series and parallel combination structure, and the optimization scheme of multiple cars is a single example, and zone A is a mixed group as an example.
F区域,同一垂直通道中多轿厢指二个或以上轿厢;配套统一限速控制模块或系统,可升级改建为能自行移动自动脱挂的轿厢,或直接改建成车辆或移动工具自带动力升降的结构,以期小型车辆含轻型房车能开车实现垂直升降或高坡度的斜行或曲线上升或下降。In area F, multiple cars in the same vertical aisle refer to two or more cars; equipped with a unified speed limit control module or system, it can be upgraded and rebuilt into a car that can move and detach automatically, or it can be directly converted into a vehicle or a mobile tool. The structure with power lifting, in the hope that small vehicles including light motorhomes can drive to achieve vertical lifting or high-gradient oblique or curved ascent or descent.
例1:三个轿厢各自对应负二层负一层地平层,三轿厢同时上升或同时下降方式运行;适合每层人数都多,楼层少于15层为佳;超过十层建议采用循环方式,升降轿厢数一般少于楼层数,合计轿厢数量能等于或大于楼层数量的二倍,考虑到效能效益,区域受限,成本,节能环保,建造周期维护安稳等,升降轿厢数量考虑防坠可选楼层数减1,作为上升轿厢数或下降轿厢数,选配自带动力升降功能,能实现断电时使用电梯升降,主要是靠重力下降为主,等同消防电梯或具有疏散扩展功能。Example 1: Each of the three cars corresponds to the negative second floor and the negative first floor. The three cars run at the same time ascending or descending at the same time; suitable for a large number of people on each floor, less than 15 floors is better; more than ten floors are recommended to use circulation Method, the number of elevator cars is generally less than the number of floors, and the total number of elevator cars can be equal to or greater than twice the number of floors. Taking into account efficiency benefits, area limitations, costs, energy saving and environmental protection, construction period maintenance stability, etc., the number of elevator cars Consider reducing the number of optional floors for fall prevention by 1, as the number of ascending cars or descending cars, and the optional self-powered lifting function can realize the elevator lifting when the power is cut off, mainly by gravity, which is equivalent to the fire elevator or With evacuation extension function.
例2:负二层负一层地平层,同时上升二个楼层后,三轿厢同时上升或同时下降方式运行,此方式主要缓解相对拥堵的地平层或候时较长的楼层。Example 2: Negative 2nd floor and 1st floor level. After two floors are raised at the same time, the three cars will run at the same time ascending or descending at the same time. This method mainly relieves the relatively congested level or the floor with long waiting time.
例3:多轿厢能独立升降,地平层轿厢直升18层再依次按需上升,能到最高点;负一层升地平层或2层,然后直升10层再每层上升至17层;负二层每层依次上升最高到9层;楼层数不同,升降需求不同,对应轿厢数量,每个轿厢到达的楼层可按需另设;本方案区别于 此前已有的双轿厢直通或多轿厢分段;属二者优点组合,有直通到顶也有分段升降的新方法。Example 3: Multi-cars can be raised and lowered independently, the ground level car lifts up to 18 floors and then ascends as needed to reach the highest point; the negative floor is raised to ground level or 2 floors, then 10 floors are raised and each floor rises to 17 Floor; each floor of the negative second floor rises up to the 9th floor in turn; the number of floors is different, the lifting requirements are different, and the number of cars corresponds to the number of cars. The floor reached by each car can be set up as needed; this scheme is different from the previous double cars Cars are straight-through or multi-car segments; it is a combination of the advantages of the two, there is a new method of straight-to-top and segmented lifting.
例4:二个或以上轿厢为一组,以期实现重力组合方式下的节能或升降效能的提升,属于多轿厢分段运行的优化创新;二个轿厢组结构为例,负二到4楼,4楼到8楼,4楼是换乘区;8楼到12楼,12楼到17楼,12楼是换乘区;开门关门6。6秒,出门进门8秒,检测运行6秒,一般乘员采用分段接驳换乘的升降效率是不同乘员一同升降的3倍或以上。Example 4: Two or more cars form a group, in order to achieve energy saving or lifting efficiency improvement under the gravity combination mode, which belongs to the optimization and innovation of multi-car segment operation; the structure of two car groups is an example, negative two to 4th floor, 4th floor to 8th floor, 4th floor is the transfer area; 8th floor to 12th floor, 12th to 17th floor, 12th floor is the transfer area; door opening and closing is 6. 6 seconds, door entry is 8 seconds, testing operation 6 Secondly, the elevator efficiency of general occupants using segmented transfer is 3 times or more than that of different occupants.
例5:例4优化方法之一;负一层地平层2楼3楼一个或一组轿厢升降循环,楼层少相对更有序,出门进门按6秒,4个楼层60秒一个循环;3楼到9楼,9楼到16楼为一个轿厢组;效能体验更高。Example 5: One of the optimization methods of Example 4; one or a group of elevator car lift cycles on the second floor and the third floor under the ground level on the ground floor, with fewer floors and more orderly, 6 seconds for going out and entering, and a cycle of 60 seconds for 4 floors; 3 From the 9th floor to the 9th floor, the 9th to the 16th floor is a car group; the efficiency experience is higher.
例6:楼层大于12层,特别是30层甚至大于60层的高楼,建议优选本例通道组接驳升降方式:一个通道或一组通道中,有一个或多个采取六段通达或直达的升降轿厢,一组通道中,一个或多个通道有按需依层停靠的升降轿厢;比如66层高楼按需分为N段含六段,负二层到3楼的轿厢与负一层到4楼的轿厢为一组,4楼到9楼与5楼到10为一组,10楼到19楼与11楼到20楼为一组,20楼到35楼与21楼到36楼为一组;36楼到50楼与37楼到51楼为一组,51楼到65楼与52楼到66为一组,此六段能接驳方式通达所有楼层;相邻通道中配有能直达的轿厢,能直达一般指底层到顶层或带有车辆可通行的楼层;相邻通道负二层一分钟内能直达66楼;或地平层直升5楼,再直升11楼,21楼,37楼,52楼,66楼能六段通达,各楼层通达时间约10秒至6分钟;负二层到地平层作为一段加上则是七段通达;每段范围或通达段数可按需增加或减少;优选配有断电备用动力源或切换接口及监测调控防火救援设备。Example 6: Floors greater than 12 floors, especially high-rise buildings with 30 floors or even greater than 60 floors. It is recommended that the channel group connection lifting method in this example is preferred: one or more of a channel or a group of channels adopts six-section access or direct access Lifting car, in a group of passages, one or more passages have lifting cars that stop at each floor as needed; for example, a 66-storey high-rise building is divided into N sections, including six sections, as needed, and the cars from the second floor to the third floor and the negative Cars from the first floor to the 4th floor are a group, the 4th floor to the 9th floor and the 5th to the 10th floor are a group, the 10th floor to the 19th floor and the 11th to the 20th floor are a group, and the 20th floor to the 35th floor and the 21st floor are in a group. The 36th floor is a group; the 36th to the 50th floor and the 37th to the 51st floor are a group, and the 51st to the 65th floor and the 52nd to the 66th floor are a group. The six sections can be connected to all floors; in adjacent passages Equipped with a car that can be reached directly, which generally refers to the ground floor to the top floor or the floors with vehicles passable; the second floor of the adjacent passage can be directly reached to the 66th floor within one minute; or the ground level can be directly raised to the 5th floor, and then 11 Floor, 21st floor, 37th floor, 52nd floor, 66th floor can be accessed in six sections, and the access time of each floor is about 10 seconds to 6 minutes; the second floor to the ground level is one section plus seven sections; each section of range or accessibility The number of segments can be increased or decreased as needed; preferably equipped with power failure backup power source or switching interface and monitoring and control fire rescue equipment.
例7:过街场景,A区二个轿厢为一组或更多轿厢为一组;或多组轿厢配套组合形成区域通行组合;与此前多轿厢技术的主要区别特征是:轿厢能选配自动配重或自动蓄能用于升降;或轿厢能全自动升降开门关门;或升降时有更换公益广告,循环供水等功能结构;两侧道路街区能实现匹配节能或跨越道路或街区直送对面。这种提升重力效能的方法,特别适合只有上下层或常停层数不多的区域;上下层最常见的人行天桥,过街隧道,商场车站广场等。层数不多的住宅多层商场航站楼。Example 7: Crossing the street scene, the two cars in Zone A are one group or more cars as a group; or multiple groups of cars are combined to form a regional traffic combination; the main difference from the previous multi-car technology is: cars It can be equipped with automatic counterweight or automatic energy storage for lifting; or the car can automatically lift and open the door and close the door; or there are functional structures such as replacement of public service advertisements and circulating water supply when lifting; road blocks on both sides can achieve matching energy saving or crossing roads or Directly across the block. This method of improving gravity efficiency is especially suitable for areas with only upper and lower floors or a small number of constant stopping floors; the most common pedestrian bridges, cross-street tunnels, shopping malls, station squares, etc. on the upper and lower floors. Residential multi-storey shopping mall terminal with few floors.
应用场景举例:部分人行天桥形同虚设,未能充分发挥其应有作用;采用本升降器,能让过街更附合通行需求与习惯,比如通行用时,等同或更优先最佳通行习惯;舒适稳畅的通行体验,天桥或地下通道统称为休闲道,让经过优化改良的人行天桥或人行地下通道发挥其更广泛有益的作用,增加人行过街安全,同时可美化居住区环境和相对降低噪声,保障舒适安全的休闲生活。Examples of application scenarios: Some pedestrian bridges are empty and fail to give full play to their due function; the use of this lifter can make crossing the street more in line with traffic needs and habits, such as when the traffic is used, the best traffic habit is equal or more preferred; comfortable and smooth Overpasses or underground passages are collectively referred to as recreational roads, allowing the optimized and improved pedestrian overpasses or underpasses to play a broader and beneficial role, increase pedestrian crossing safety, and at the same time beautify the residential environment and relatively reduce noise, and ensure comfort Safe leisure life.
过街场景所用升降设备变化后区别特征在于:升降设备能固定在通道中;也能按需与固定通道分离,分离结构包括导轨,绳索,磁力,弹扣,链条,轮子等常见技术之一,或升降设备本身就具有自行移动分离或组合,升降设备移动距离一般在三公里半径内,此距离主要作用是范围内可移动升降设备能更好的配合支持各升降通道临时或突发流量,从而以较少的固定基建成本,应对流量波动时也能稳定如常。The different characteristics of the lifting equipment used in the street crossing scene after the change are: the lifting equipment can be fixed in the passage; it can also be separated from the fixed passage as needed. The separation structure includes one of the common technologies such as guide rails, ropes, magnetism, elastic buckles, chains, and wheels, or The lifting equipment itself has self-moving separation or combination. The moving distance of the lifting equipment is generally within a radius of three kilometers. The main function of this distance is that the movable lifting equipment within the range can better cooperate and support the temporary or sudden traffic of each lifting channel. With less fixed infrastructure costs, it can be stable as usual when dealing with fluctuations in traffic.
进一步与街区类短距离移动工具,有人或无人驾驶车辆进行优化组合;减少不必要的重复投资;减少车辆占地,运营管理等成本;此设计有此前六站通达公交系统中,也解决类似于解决最后一公里并有重大扩展创新;与过街升降通道组合优化的运用,属小区域公共系统进一步优化组合解说一例,考虑到24服务水平等同不下降,此升降设备为无人驾驶,单独设计配合专用通道,也可以与街区或短距无人车辆等同,配合安全措施相互补充到位即可通用;能分离自行移动的升降系统,配有能重力滑降装置,或靠自带动力升降结构,此预案适合需考虑救援或消防通道等要求时提供了新的思路与实现例。Further optimize the combination with block-type short-distance mobile tools, manned or unmanned vehicles; reduce unnecessary duplication of investment; reduce vehicle occupation, operation and management costs; this design has the previous six-stop bus system, which also solves similar problems In order to solve the last kilometer and have major expansion innovations; the use of combined optimization with the cross-street hoistway is an example of the further optimization of the small area public system. Considering that the service level of 24 is equivalent to not decreasing, this hoisting equipment is unmanned and designed separately With dedicated channels, it can also be equivalent to blocks or short-distance unmanned vehicles. With safety measures, they can complement each other and can be used universally. The lifting system can be separated and moved by itself, equipped with a gravity sliding device, or relying on its own powered lifting structure. The pre-plan provides new ideas and implementation examples when it is necessary to consider requirements such as rescue or fire-fighting passages.
此产品也叫保障椅,生存椅,随身床,携行具,健身器,防护车,滑降疏散座椅,救援车等等,是集日常生活,办公,出行,健身,集会,消防疏散,防护救援,野外生存,预约集控,自动预控等众多功能与一身的日常用品,应急防护救生的基本保障品,因轮椅在众多国家都附合独立通行,乘车乘飞机能不计入携带用品尺寸或重量,故本例就以能垂直滑降的轮椅或绳索滑降的轮椅统称为重力滑降轮椅,乘车时简称轮椅就行,此轮椅配套电动或风动或油气等动力,即为动力升降轮椅,日常应用的电动轮椅,加装本文所述的脱挂式滑降结构或上升结构,可称为电动升降轮椅,考虑常见复杂环境自救或参与救援或野外生存训练,生活用品,救生用品或工具,多能源发电机或多种能源蓄能装置,隔离防护用品等配套,称为全功能生存保障轮椅,建议例为基本生存保障用品,家家户户必备或人人必选座椅。This product is also called security chair, survival chair, portable bed, carrying equipment, exercise machine, protective car, downhill evacuation seat, rescue car, etc., which integrates daily life, office, travel, fitness, assembly, fire evacuation, protection and rescue , Survival in the wild, appointment centralized control, automatic pre-control and many other functions and daily necessities, the basic guarantee for emergency protection and life-saving, because wheelchairs are equipped for independent traffic in many countries, and they can not be counted as the size of the carry-on items. Or weight, so in this example, a wheelchair that can slide down vertically or a wheelchair that can be roped down is collectively referred to as a gravity downhill wheelchair. When riding a car, it is referred to as a wheelchair. This wheelchair is equipped with electric or wind or oil and gas power, which is a power lift wheelchair. The applied electric wheelchair, equipped with the detachable downhill structure or ascending structure described in this article, can be called an electric lift wheelchair. Considering common complex environments for self-rescue or participating in rescue or field survival training, daily necessities, life-saving supplies or tools, multi-energy Generators or multi-energy storage devices, isolation and protective equipment, etc., are called full-function survival protection wheelchairs. The recommended example is basic survival protection products, which are necessary for every household or everyone must choose the seat.
仅考虑日常应用加应急疏散,电动轮椅一侧或多侧,配装带有一组动力齿轮和一组定位平衡滑轮的封口装置,高层建筑固定专用通道上配一组垂直导轨,导轨至少一侧带有供齿轮配套的齿轨道或链条,轮椅通过自行移动磁撞或信号交互接入垂直轨道,或进入升降区域后,由升降系统接管轮椅移动,到达对应建筑层后或离开升降控制区后,恢复轮椅的全部功能,包括限速限时限重等等,自行移动上升通道,建筑成本相对较低且快速,维护成本相比系统管控整个升降区域要低N倍,适合同时上升需求不高的时段,相反系统管控适合更高安全需求或同时上升或下降需求高的场所,整幢大楼所有的需求,都能在出行前完成排序,交互确认后自动调控,按道路每3秒通行一辆车为安全,单个通道每分钟能通行20辆轮椅,单个垂直导杆或导轨可以有一个通道,或二个通道,大于轮椅尺寸的升降杆还能有三个以上通道,考虑到成本 及预留安全备用通道,优选单杆单通道或双通道的结构,上升与下降通道分离为佳,脱挂式重力滑降杆的另一重大优势,在于应急疏散时,所有升降通道都可以转为同时上升或下降,滑降对应高楼,上升对应地下建筑撤离。Only consider daily applications and emergency evacuation. One or more sides of the electric wheelchair are equipped with a sealing device with a set of power gears and a set of positioning and balancing pulleys. A set of vertical guide rails are equipped on the dedicated fixed passages of high-rise buildings, and the guide rails have at least one side. There are tooth tracks or chains for gears. The wheelchair is connected to the vertical track through self-moving magnetic collision or signal interaction, or after entering the lifting area, the lifting system takes over the movement of the wheelchair, and recovers after reaching the corresponding building floor or leaving the lifting control area All functions of the wheelchair, including speed limit, time limit, weight, etc., move the ascent channel by itself, the construction cost is relatively low and fast, and the maintenance cost is N times lower than the system control of the entire lifting area. It is suitable for periods when the demand for simultaneous rise is not high. On the contrary, the system control is suitable for places with higher safety requirements or high demand for rising or falling at the same time. All the needs of the entire building can be sorted before travel, and automatically adjusted after interactive confirmation. It is safe to pass a car every 3 seconds on the road. A single channel can pass 20 wheelchairs per minute. A single vertical guide bar or guide rail can have one channel or two channels. Lifting poles larger than the size of a wheelchair can also have more than three channels. Considering the cost and reserved safe backup channels, Single-pole single-channel or dual-channel structure is preferred. It is better to separate the ascending and descending channels. Another major advantage of the detachable gravity sliding bar is that during emergency evacuation, all the lifting channels can be turned to rise or fall at the same time, and the sliding down corresponds to The rise of tall buildings corresponds to the evacuation of underground buildings.
重点仍是:固定车辆或设备对应固定流量,机动车辆或设备对应临时流量或突发大流量。The key point is still: fixed vehicles or equipment correspond to fixed flows, and motor vehicles or equipment correspond to temporary flows or sudden large flows.
例8:通行健身场景,宁静舒畅的通行体验是居住区休闲生活区最佳的安全措施,本产品与生活健身深度溶合,升降通道或升降载人设备中,带有手摇或脚踩或其它肢体训练结构器件,使之即是升降通行设备,也是健身设备;缓慢通行过程中完成健身。Example 8: Passing fitness scene, quiet and comfortable passing experience is the best safety measure for leisure living area in residential area, this product is deeply integrated with life fitness, lifting channel or lifting manned equipment, with hand or foot or Other body training structural devices make it a lifting and passing equipment as well as a fitness equipment; fitness is completed during slow passing.
例9:商务楼政务办公医院等多层公共场景:五层以内优选自动开关门升降;12层或以上加配预约直达或接驳通达组成升降组;地下二层地上28层合计30层举例:四个升降通道中;第一通道负二层到28层可直达或按需分层升降;第二通道中,负二层到地面三层为一段升降区,负一层到28层为第二段升降区;第三通道平均每六层为一个升降区,五个升降区划分30层,每个升降区层数可相同或按实际升降需求调整,比如6到8楼为服务集中转换区时,此三层楼可作为一个升降段,或负二到8楼,一楼直升6楼7楼8楼9楼10楼设置带重合的二个升降段;11楼到16楼、17楼到22楼、23到28楼各为一个升降段;第四通道按需可直达任何一个楼层,默认五段接驳通达,一楼直升6楼,升11楼再17楼,升23楼再升28楼,这六个楼层如果有升降需求则停靠开门,反之能任一楼层直达,各楼层升降需求越多越复杂,则第三通道和第四通道的组合方式,升降效能越发突出,对比此前常规升降方法,效益或体验更明显。Example 9: Multi-layer public scenes such as business buildings, government offices, hospitals, etc.: Within five floors, automatic opening and closing doors are preferred; 12 floors or above are equipped with direct appointment or connection access to form a lifting group; the second underground floor 28 floors and a total of 30 floors above ground Example: Four There are two lifting channels; the first channel from the second floor to the 28th floor can be directly accessed or layered as required; in the second channel, the second floor to the ground third floor is a section of the lifting area, and the second section from the negative floor to the 28th floor is the second section Lifting area: On average, every six floors of the third channel is a lifting area, and the five lifting areas are divided into 30 floors. The number of floors in each lifting area can be the same or adjusted according to actual lifting requirements. For example, when the 6th to 8th floors are the service centralized conversion area, This three-story building can be used as a lifting section, or from the second floor to the 8th floor. The first floor is directly raised to the 6th floor, the 7th floor, the 8th floor, the 9th floor, and the 10th floor. Floor, 23 to 28 floors are each a lifting section; the fourth channel can be directly connected to any floor on demand, and the default connection is five sections. The first floor will go straight to the 6th floor, the 11th floor and then the 17th floor, and the 23rd floor and then 28 If there is a lifting demand for these six floors, then stop and open the door. On the contrary, any floor can be reached directly. The more the lifting requirements of each floor, the more complicated, the combination of the third channel and the fourth channel, the lifting efficiency is more prominent, compared with the previous conventional The method of lifting, the benefit or experience is more obvious.
运行方法变化:第一通道或第二通道第二段可按需快速转为五段接驳,能应对更大更复杂的升降需求。Operation method change: The first channel or the second section of the second channel can be quickly converted to a five-stage connection on demand, which can cope with larger and more complex lifting requirements.
运行变化二:第二通道第二段配二个或以上轿厢,同时同向升降,此方法是单双停的优点组合再次优化,一个通道具备常规二个通道或更多通道的功能或效能;五个轿厢能隔五层升降,一个通道就能达到第三第四这二个通道组合的效果,非常适合各楼层,同时都有升降需求的高层区域,此方法适合第三第四通道组合的备选扩容预案,或者通道数量受限的区域扩容方案。Operational change 2: The second section of the second channel is equipped with two or more cars, and they lift in the same direction. This method is the combination of the advantages of single and double stops and optimized again. One channel has the function or efficiency of conventional two channels or more. ; Five cars can lift up and down every five floors, and one channel can achieve the effect of combining the third and fourth channels. It is very suitable for all floors and there are high-rise areas with lifting requirements. This method is suitable for the third and fourth channels. Combined alternative expansion plans, or regional expansion plans with a limited number of channels.
运行变化三:多轿厢循环运行在单个通道或多个通道中,此前常规设计为二个或以上通道组成循环,本文建议采用单通道完成循环,通道尺寸不变的前提下,通过减少轿厢尺寸减少方式,实现单个通道多轿厢的循环运行;30层建筑采用58个或60个轿厢依次循环,考虑减少建造成本周期高度实用适用体验等,轿厢数量建议少于楼层数,轿厢之间一般采用分离或至少有一个或以上可以实现独立运行,主要作用是节能、运行效能效益更高,或升降体 验更安全或更舒畅。Operational change 3: Multi-cars circulate in a single channel or multiple channels. Previously, it was conventionally designed as two or more channels to form a cycle. This article recommends using a single channel to complete the cycle. Under the premise of the same size of the channel, by reducing the car The size reduction method realizes the cyclic operation of multiple cars in a single aisle; 58 or 60 cars are used in a 30-story building to circulate in turn. Considering the reduction of construction cost, the cycle is highly practical and applicable. The number of cars is recommended to be less than the number of floors. The separation is generally adopted or at least one or more can achieve independent operation. The main function is energy saving, higher operating efficiency, or safer or more comfortable lifting experience.
运行变化四:双轿厢串联或并联组合或混合,能实现更优节能,区配不同升降需求时保障能力更稳定。Operational change 4: Double cars are combined or mixed in series or in parallel, which can achieve better energy saving, and the guarantee capacity is more stable when the area is equipped with different lifting requirements.
三通道能大小通道组合接驳运行节能或采用完全等同载量容器结构,例如:进K1能直达任一层,K2上顶面;进1K换乘2次或3次能达顶层;1K-8K配对运行节能或走分段;YK为分段预防中间位或换乘区;K1或K2能独立运行或配对运行,或与1K-8K配重运行。Three channels can be combined with large and small channels to run energy saving or adopt a completely equivalent capacity container structure, for example: entering K1 can go directly to any floor, and the top surface of K2; entering 1K can be transferred twice or 3 times to reach the top floor; 1K-8K Paired operation is energy-saving or segmented; YK is segmented prevention intermediate position or transfer area; K1 or K2 can run independently or in pair, or run with 1K-8K counterweight.
应用场景结构例:乘坐者在检测区域或预约高层建筑所要去的楼层,电梯内部常见的楼层控制面板放在电梯外面的检测区或直接取消;电梯内外按需设有或不设置应急按键救援消防功能。Application scenario structure example: The passengers are in the detection area or the floor that the high-rise building is going to go to, the common floor control panel inside the elevator is placed in the detection area outside the elevator or canceled directly; the inside and outside of the elevator are equipped with or without emergency buttons as needed, rescue and firefighting Features.
应用场景推荐例:自动开关门的公共电梯单个尺寸:建议采用1。2米X1米左右,能进入轮椅,核载630KG,4至8人,考虑重力节能建议采用2个升降容器或以上的电梯组进行升降;考虑偶尔应急担架需求,二个升降容器能按需安稳快捷合并为一个整体,例如二个1。2米X1米合并成1。2米X2米或以上,合并方式可以是卡扣,连接模块,升缩轿厢,框接或轨导夹接等;过街升降高度一般为三到五米,自动检测开门,行人进出,关门,升降,再开门关门升降的循环用时,一般能在20秒内完成上升或下降;每分钟3次升降X2个轿厢X平均6人=36人次/分钟;每小时能升降2000人次;能满足大部分区域的升降需求;采用更多或更大容器的电梯组,能满足4000人次或以上的升降需求;例如轿厢尺寸采用1。5米X2。4米核载21人核载1。6吨,改用六个轿厢循环结构时,能减少近一半的开关门及进出轿厢的等待时间,7560人次X2=15020人次/小时,等同或高于常规扶梯每小时万人的运载量,且解决了轮椅,担架等运载升降问题,是广场车站密集人流的可扩容方案之一。聚多种电梯扶梯优点于一身的五段通达配合直达电梯组,是现有电梯改建快成本低效率高,解决局部拥挤或减少等待总时间的有效措施。Recommended application scenario: Public elevator with automatic door opening and closing Single size: It is recommended to use about 1.2 meters X 1 meters, which can enter a wheelchair, nuclear load is 630KG, 4 to 8 people, considering gravity energy saving, it is recommended to use 2 lifting containers or more elevators Group lifting and lowering; considering occasional emergency stretcher needs, two lifting containers can be safely and quickly combined into a whole as needed, for example, two 1.2 meters X 1 meters combined into 1.2 meters X 2 meters or more, the combination method can be buckle , Connecting modules, lifting and shrinking cars, frame connection or rail guide clamp connection, etc.; the height of the crossing is generally three to five meters, and it can automatically detect when the door is opened, pedestrians enter and exit, close the door, lift, and then open the door, close the door and lift the cycle. Complete ascent or descend within 20 seconds; 3 lifts per minute X 2 cars X average 6 people = 36 people per minute; can lift 2000 people per hour; can meet the lifting needs of most areas; use more or larger containers The elevator group can meet the lifting demand of 4000 passengers or more; for example, the size of the car is 1.5 meters X 2. 4 meters with a core carrying 21 people and a 1.6 tons. When the six car circulation structure is used, the reduction can be reduced Nearly half of the waiting time for opening and closing doors and entering and exiting the car, 7560 people X2 = 15020 people/hour, which is equal to or higher than the capacity of conventional escalators per 10,000 people per hour, and solves the problem of wheelchairs, stretchers and other transportation lifts. It is a square station One of the scalable solutions for dense crowds. Combining the advantages of multiple elevators and escalators in one five-stage access and direct elevator group, it is an effective measure to solve the local congestion or reduce the total waiting time.
实用场景评估验证例:30层高楼所有人员撤到安全区,每个楼层平均各有300人,每分钟每层各有2人或以上到达电梯区域测算验证;主出口共计配有一组2台核载1。6吨核载21人的电梯能从顶层直达地面层,加核载630KG核载8人分段接驳通达电梯3组6个轿厢,核载8人直达电梯一组2个轿厢。Practical scenario evaluation verification example: all personnel in a 30-story high-rise building are withdrawn to the safe area, each floor has an average of 300 people, and each floor has 2 or more people arriving at the elevator area per minute. The main exit is equipped with a set of 2 nuclear units. The elevator with 1.6 tons and 21 people can reach the ground floor directly from the top floor, plus 630KG, 8 people, and 3 groups of 6 elevators, and a group of 2 elevators with 8 people. Compartment.
负二层到地面三层人员,通过第二通道这一段升降区电梯或人行楼梯撤离到安全区;第一通道第二通道的电梯,直达有满载率人群10楼以上楼层或有人等待的顶层,达到满载率或满载即直达地面层撤离,反之则再下降停靠23楼、17楼、11楼再直达地面层撤离;4至10楼走第三通道分段升降区到地面层,6至10楼走第四通道到地面层,11至28楼人极少 且行走快捷者可选分段多次接驳到达地面层,大部分人员集中在23楼或17楼或11楼,换乘第一或第二通道电梯直达地面层;其中第一和第四通道为重点人群优先,按需或默认作为消防救援通道,重点保护及快慢人群分离,保障安全及高效升降。Personnel from the second floor to the third floor of the ground can evacuate to the safe area through the elevator or pedestrian stairs in the second passage; the elevator of the first passage and the second passage directly reaches the floors above the 10th floor for people with full load or the top floor where people are waiting. Evacuate directly to the ground floor when it reaches the full load rate or full load. Otherwise, descend and stop at the 23rd, 17th, and 11th floors and then go directly to the ground floor to evacuate; from the 4th to the 10th floors, go to the ground floor, from the 6th to the 10th floors. Take the fourth passage to the ground floor. Those who have very few people from the 11th to the 28th floors and those who walk fast can choose to connect multiple times to the ground floor. Most of the people are concentrated on the 23rd or 17th or 11th floors. Transfer to the first or The second passage elevator directly reaches the ground floor; the first and fourth passages are given priority to the key people, and they are used as fire rescue passages on demand or by default. The key protection and the separation of fast and slow people ensure safe and efficient lifting.
每分钟每层各有5人以上到达电梯区域测算,第一通道第二通道建议采用三联装或可分离的多轿厢结构;每个通道三个轿厢,一次能运载按60人计算,平均2分钟一个来回,60X2X30=3600人次,一个半小时就能撤完,第三通道地面层分段升降区,专职4楼至10楼升降,第4通道配合或考虑实际环境影响,以及部分重点人群优先等作为机动调控,进一步保障一个多小时升降过程的安稳有序高效。It is estimated that there are more than 5 people arriving at the elevator area on each floor every minute. The first channel and the second channel are recommended to adopt a triple-mounted or separable multi-car structure; three cars in each channel can carry 60 people at a time, and the average One round trip in 2 minutes, 60X2X30=3600 people, it can be withdrawn in one and a half hours, the third channel ground floor section lifting area, full-time 4th to 10th floors lifting, the 4th channel is in line with or considering the actual environmental impact, and some key groups Priority is used as a mobile control to further ensure the stability and orderly efficiency of the lifting process for more than one hour.
更高安全需求或其它需求,包括免接触安全需求,例如增加升降通道,或车辆通道直接到达对应楼层;高层建筑之间配连接通道等等,优选随行座椅升降的实用创新结构,或开着小车垂直升降系统。Higher safety requirements or other requirements, including contact-free safety requirements, such as adding lifting channels, or direct vehicle channels to the corresponding floors; connecting channels between high-rise buildings, etc., preferably practical and innovative structures that accompany the seat lifting, or driving Trolley vertical lifting system.
常规设计方案推荐例:所有楼层配免接触防护救援升降需求作为主要设计参数,候时加升降出电梯,10楼以内最长5分钟;20楼以内最长8分钟,30楼以上最长10分钟;候时优选半分钟内能进电梯为佳;每楼层上升加开门进出关门检测时间建议在20秒以内;候时超过3分钟高层区域,建议采用分段接驳通达;比如12层或以上可分为二段或更多段升降区。安全考虑优选能滑降疏散为主的专用道。Recommendations for conventional design schemes: All floors are equipped with contact-free protection, rescue and lifting requirements as the main design parameters. When waiting, the elevator will be lifted out. The maximum length is 5 minutes within the 10th floor; the maximum length is 8 minutes within the 20th floor and the maximum 10 minutes above the 30th floor. ; When waiting, it’s better to be able to enter the elevator within half a minute; the detection time for each floor ascending plus door opening and door closing is recommended to be within 20 seconds; when waiting for more than 3 minutes in high-rise areas, it is recommended to use segmented connections; for example, 12 floors or above Divided into two or more sections of lifting area. For safety considerations, special lanes that can mainly be used for downhill evacuation are preferred.
此前一幢高30层,每层240人建筑中的全部人员,疏散到室外的时间约为80分钟。优化创新思路:10层以上通过电梯疏散,能控制在30分钟内,最长60分钟为设计救援电梯量参数。现有技术高层电梯具高载量救援功能时,远比其它消防救援设备更及时高效,单人座椅滑降则在防护疏散更具优势。In the previous 30-story building with 240 people on each floor, it took about 80 minutes to evacuate all the people in the building. Optimized and innovative ideas: Evacuation from floors above 10 can be controlled within 30 minutes, and the maximum 60 minutes is the design rescue elevator volume parameter. When the existing high-rise elevator has a high-load rescue function, it is far more timely and efficient than other fire-fighting rescue equipment, and the single-seat sliding down is more advantageous in protective evacuation.
应急疏散30层高楼推荐例:楼梯与电梯混合使用进行疏散,10层内走楼梯配合低层电梯或分段电梯疏散;11-20层楼梯电梯各半数,21-30层电梯为主少量楼梯配合为辅,一般人员与慢行人员分乘对应电梯提高运行效率。为达到预期的疏散效果,30层*240人合计7200人次,电梯群组的数量设计一例如下:四通道全计12个轿厢,四通道为单个井道或二到四个井道任选;其中二个通道合计8个轿厢,组成能循环升降或一上一下配组升降,8个轿厢能二个一组或四个一组外,按需能8个一组或每个轿厢在区域内独立升降;余下二个通道合计四个轿厢,每个通道各有二个轿厢,每个轿厢能独立运行或配组运行;结构设计考虑闲时忙时或应急救援所需,如果有半数人员采用座椅滑降疏散,时间还能减半。Recommended example for emergency evacuation of a 30-storey high-rise building: mixed use of stairs and elevators for evacuation, 10 floors of stairs are used to evacuate with low-rise elevators or segmented elevators; 11-20 floors of elevators are half of them, 21-30 floors of elevators are mainly used for a small number of stairs. In addition, ordinary personnel and slow-moving personnel are divided into corresponding elevators to improve operation efficiency. In order to achieve the expected evacuation effect, 30 floors * 240 people totaling 7,200 people, the number of elevator groups is designed as follows: four channels total 12 cars, four channels are a single hoistway or two to four hoistways; two of them There are a total of 8 cars in each channel, which can be cyclically lifted or lifted up and down in groups. The 8 cars can be grouped in two or a group of four. 8 cars can be in a group or each car is in the area as required. The interior lifts independently; the remaining two passages total four cars, each with two cars, each car can run independently or in groups; the structure design considers busy hours or emergency rescue needs, if Half of the people used seats to slide down to evacuate, and the time can be halved.
应急疏散运行推荐方案之一:7200人次-3600人次不乘电梯,一个通道2个轿厢专用于慢行人员外,减去约15层人员楼梯疏散,3600人次能用10个轿厢/12=30次升降,二个轿 厢为一组同时升降方式,或部分三轿厢四轿厢一组方式升降提高同步自动开关门的运行效率,地面层或相近的二个楼层为配套疏散层;电梯运行设计直达任一楼层不超过一分钟,分段运行或一次换乘通达时限不超过二分钟,与常规电梯运行的主要区别特征在于:本设计思路在全自动开关门创新控制上增加每次升降最长时限控制,循环运行在疏散模式时执行预定编组方案,即多轿厢同时附合满载率直降疏散层的运行方法;以最少的开门次数,避免不必要的人挤人无法关门影响,实现同时间内最多的载人次数;加二通道二个载货救援电梯,载货电梯专用于消防救援搜索不计入疏散用时计算,一个载货电梯一次能载二辆救援车及四辆带有各类生命探测仪的机器人,做到一次探测搜索即准确无误及时救援或撤离,配套各类救援车辆能有效提升搜救效率,对应救援人抬肩背,预设的无人驾驶救援车直达有生命存在区域,具有更准确快捷安全实施救援撤离,为抢救治疗争取最多的安全保障,争取完成疏散后五分钟内复核确认无误撤离;因此防烟疏散电梯楼梯运行保障的设计时间至少为一小时或以上,再次建议验证后优选普及座椅升降的创新模式。One of the recommended schemes for emergency evacuation: 7200 people-3600 people do not take the elevator, 2 cars in one channel are dedicated to slow-moving people, minus about 15 floors of people to evacuate by stairs, 3,600 people can use 10 cars/12= 30 lifts, two cars are lifted in one group at the same time, or part of three cars and four cars are lifted in a group to improve the operation efficiency of synchronous automatic door opening and closing. The ground floor or two adjacent floors are the supporting evacuation floors; The operation design does not exceed one minute for direct access to any floor, and the time limit for segmented operation or one transfer is not more than two minutes. The main difference from conventional elevator operation is: this design idea adds each lift to the innovative control of fully automatic door opening and closing. The longest time limit control, the cyclic operation executes the predetermined marshalling plan in the evacuation mode, that is, the operation method of multiple cars simultaneously attached to the full load rate and directly lowers the evacuation floor; with the least number of door openings, avoid unnecessary crowding and unable to close the door. The maximum number of people carried in the same time; plus two cargo rescue elevators in two passages, the cargo elevator is dedicated to fire rescue search and is not included in the calculation of evacuation time. One cargo elevator can carry two rescue vehicles and four vehicles at a time. The robots of various life detectors can accurately and promptly rescue or evacuate in one detection and search. The supporting various rescue vehicles can effectively improve the search and rescue efficiency, corresponding to the rescuer's shoulders, and the preset unmanned rescue vehicles can reach life directly Existing areas, with more accurate, quicker and safer implementation of rescue and evacuation, strive for the most safety guarantee for rescue treatment, and strive to review and confirm the evacuation within five minutes after completing the evacuation; therefore, the design time for the operation of the smoke-proof evacuation elevator stairs is at least one hour or more , Once again, it is recommended that the innovative model of seat lifting be popularized after verification.
上述疏散方案小结:有望半小时内完成疏散,1小时救援限时的设计,优于大部分高楼疏散设计,特别是无人驾驶的救援车辆能通过电梯到达各个搜救楼层,相比现有救援方法又多了一种更高效实用的救援通道,特别是抢救重伤员等,相比云梯空中救援等具有无可比拟的多项优势。高层实现8分钟内全部疏散,则各轿厢每分钟合计至少载450人,则需要二通道组合16个轿厢的循环电梯二组,也就是6通道群控电梯组;或附合8分钟以内疏散完成的其它组合,例如不同区域增加电梯数量或增大轿厢载量等;部分高层考虑防烟救援成本,则还有待继续研究创新,超过30层越多越需考虑升降疏散为主;高层人员乘坐次数多的部位,只要条件许可优先采用二通道或多通道组合升降模式,二通道可选择分段分层运行加分段限时直达或通达任一楼层,直达时间推荐一分钟以内,多次停靠或换乘到达限时二分钟内为佳,或二通道多轿厢循环运行模式;三通道四通道六通道为大流量主通道或疏散救援主通道;升降通道外理论上能实现无等候时间,实际等候时间推荐20秒以内,最长候时不超过一分钟为佳;日常使用参考节能乘坐习惯;疏散救援则直达为主,对限时要求高作为设计主参数并进行验证;考虑外部救援到达所需时间,认为新建高楼还是以预防自救为主,包括增设座椅滑降通道或自带动力上升的升降通道,进行防震防火等设计维护进行保障,避免一处起火引发整幢起火最佳,疏散救援为备用方案;众观高楼疏散实例与起火仅几分钟的消防疏散要求严重矛盾,以5分钟内能全部到达各楼层防烟区或临时安全区,1小时内能全部疏散为最低设计标准,现有高楼相对更容易改造,防烟区承重隔热等需重点验证是否安全舒畅。Summary of the above evacuation plan: It is expected that the evacuation will be completed within half an hour, and the one-hour rescue time limit design is better than most high-rise evacuation designs, especially the unmanned rescue vehicle can reach each search and rescue floor through the elevator, which is more than the existing rescue method. There is a more efficient and practical rescue channel, especially for the rescue of severely wounded people, which has many unparalleled advantages compared to the ladder air rescue. If the upper floors are fully evacuated within 8 minutes, each car can carry at least 450 people per minute, and a second group of circulating elevators with 16 cars in two aisles is required, that is, a 6-channel group-controlled elevator group; or within 8 minutes. Other combinations of evacuation, such as increasing the number of elevators in different areas or increasing the car load, etc.; some high-rises consider the cost of smoke prevention and rescue, but further research and innovation are needed. The more the more than 30 floors, the more the elevator evacuation needs to be considered; As long as the conditions permit, the two-channel or multi-channel combined lifting mode is preferred for the parts with a large number of passengers. The second channel can choose to run in sections and reach any floor in a limited time or reach any floor. The direct time is recommended to be less than one minute, multiple times It is better to park or transfer within two minutes after arrival, or two-channel multi-car circulation operation mode; three-channel, four-channel and six-channel is the main channel for large flow or evacuation and rescue; theoretically, no waiting time can be realized outside the elevator channel. The actual waiting time is recommended to be less than 20 seconds, and the longest waiting time should not exceed one minute; daily use refers to energy-saving riding habits; evacuation and rescue are mainly direct, and high time-limited requirements are the main design parameters and verification; consider external rescue arrivals It takes time. It is believed that the prevention of self-rescue should be the main purpose of new high-rise buildings, including the addition of seat slides or self-powered lifting channels, and the design and maintenance of earthquake and fire prevention. It is the best to avoid a fire in the whole building. Evacuation and rescue As a backup plan; the evacuation example of a high-rise building is in serious contradiction with the fire-fighting evacuation requirements of only a few minutes after a fire. The minimum design standard is to reach the smoke-proof area or temporary safety zone on each floor within 5 minutes, and to be fully evacuated within 1 hour. High-rise buildings are relatively easy to renovate, and the smoke-proof area should be tested for safety and comfort, such as load-bearing insulation.
以6通道群控为例,6通道群控电梯有50个轿厢或能按需增减轿厢数量对应不同人群 的升降需求;66层X每层240人计算,30层内疏散救援参考上述,货梯救援适用66层在内的各层,31层-66层参考本次6通道群控电梯组完成疏散,36层X240人=8640人次/50个轿厢/每轿厢核载12人/要求8分钟内疏散完成=需要2组6通道群控电梯或等同此效率的电梯数;再举例疏散方式之,66层中的20层走楼梯完成疏散,防烟楼梯一般人员能在三分钟内完成,少量慢行人员乘坐防烟救援货梯疏散,余下46层乘坐电梯疏散,则46层X240人/每个轿厢核载12人/8分钟内完成疏散=2组6通道群控电梯或等同此效率的电梯数,比如采用1组6通道,3组二通道分设不同区域减少主通道拥挤,或三组四通道等方式;综上所述采用二通道组合多轿厢模式,不任是分段运行或分段接驳运行,或对称同时上下运行,或循环运行,都有利于大幅提高运行效率,能按需在快行或慢行模式转换,二通道组合多轿厢模式区别于单通道多轿厢模式,主要在于同时间内的运载效率或面对疏散时的安全感;四通道或六通道一般可直接预设为快行通道加慢行通道,对应人员疏散后转成另一模式运行,故更多通道组合的多轿厢模式面对高层疏散能起到至关重要的作用;适用疏散时间使用的高压气体或水池,能有效促进高层疏散安全或节能。Taking 6-channel group control as an example, the 6-channel group control elevator has 50 cars or the number of cars can be increased or decreased as needed to correspond to the lifting needs of different groups of people; the 66th floor X 240 people per floor are calculated, and the evacuation rescue in the 30th floor refers to the above , Freight elevator rescue is applicable to all floors including the 66th floor, and the 31st-66th floors refer to this 6-channel group control elevator group to complete the evacuation. The 36th floor X240 people = 8,640 people/50 cars / 12 people per car/ Evacuation is required within 8 minutes = 2 sets of 6-channel group-controlled elevators or the number of elevators with this efficiency are required; for another example of evacuation methods, 20 of the 66 floors take stairs to complete the evacuation, and ordinary people on the anti-smoke stairs can complete the evacuation within three minutes Completed, a small number of slow-moving people take the smoke-proof rescue freight elevator to evacuate, and the remaining 46 floors take the elevator to evacuate, then the 46th floor X240 people / each car carries 12 people / 8 minutes to complete the evacuation = 2 groups of 6-channel group control elevators or equivalent The number of elevators with this efficiency, such as using 1 group of 6 channels, 3 groups of two channels with different areas to reduce the congestion of the main channel, or three groups of four channels, etc.; in summary, the two-channel combined multi-car mode is adopted, and it is not divided. Segment operation or segment connection operation, or symmetrical simultaneous operation up and down, or cyclic operation, are all conducive to greatly improving the operating efficiency. It can be switched between fast or slow mode as required. The two-channel combination multi-car mode is different from single-channel The multi-car mode is mainly based on the carrying efficiency at the same time or the sense of safety in the face of evacuation; the four-channel or six-channel can generally be directly preset as the fast passage and the slow passage, and the corresponding personnel will be switched to another mode after the evacuation Therefore, the multi-car mode with more channel combinations can play a vital role in high-rise evacuation; high-pressure gas or pools suitable for evacuation time can effectively promote high-rise evacuation safety or energy saving.
双通道或更多通道的轿厢速算方法:防烟疏散救援需求在人群习惯和成本管控等条件下,如果带有缓冲场地能用于周转,平均每个通道最大的轿厢数能大于建筑层数;仅双通道垂直或近垂直范围内,平均每通道轿厢数一般不超过建筑层数;考虑到经济实用以及高效等因素,推荐所需轿厢数按一定时间内疏散完成进行最少量计算,同时考虑通道故障等因素,集中到一起的通道数或轿厢数,一般不超过疏散方案中所需的半数;四轿厢以内货梯因尺寸越大,一般不计入疏散载量,而是优先作为救援专用通道;大于双通道的货梯则计入疏散载量,并作为第二救援通道次序使用,其它客梯以所在位置和轿厢数量少的作为备用救援通道的先后次序;即疏散通道一般先用于疏散再用于救援;货梯救援通道先用于救援完成,以期疏散救援能同步开展,疏散完成后救援人员或设备能在最短的时间内完成复核撤离。Two-channel or more aisle car speed calculation method: smoke-proof evacuation and rescue needs. Under the conditions of crowd habits and cost control, if there is a buffer site that can be used for turnover, the average maximum number of cars per channel can be greater than the building floor Number; only in the vertical or near-vertical range of dual aisles, the average number of cars per aisle generally does not exceed the number of building floors; considering economic, practical and efficient factors, it is recommended that the number of cars required is calculated according to the evacuation within a certain period of time. At the same time, considering factors such as channel failures, the number of channels or the number of cars gathered together is generally not more than half of the evacuation plan; due to the larger the size of the freight elevator within the four cars, the evacuation load is generally not included in the evacuation load. Priority is given to special rescue channels; freight elevators larger than double aisles are included in the evacuation capacity and used as the second rescue channel sequence. Other passenger elevators are in the order of the alternate rescue channels with a small location and the number of cars; that is, evacuation channels Generally, it is used for evacuation first and then for rescue; the cargo elevator rescue channel is first used for rescue completion, so that the evacuation and rescue can be carried out simultaneously. After the evacuation is completed, rescue personnel or equipment can complete the review and evacuation in the shortest time.
推荐及原由:双通道多轿厢模式与此前公开的多轿厢技术主要区别在于:具备对称运行节能、重力下降节能、轿厢自动按需配重、轿厢在双通道中直接平移换位结构或换位节能、具备疏散救援功能、高层附合限时疏散、同时间同面积条件下运载能力高于此前技术、运行方法优于此前应用技术,同时间内运行效率高;双通道多轿厢按需运行所需的轿厢个数,余下轿厢一是用于自动配重节能,二是能用于减少或稳定候时,三是能用于应急疏散救援的快速反应或更高运行效率或载量;真正实现日常应用与应急疏散相结合,减少占用或建造成本,能在日常运行和应急疏散救援得到更好的平衡或更安全的保障;日常不太使用的轿厢直接放置在升降需求较少的高层或指定层,相比单独设置轿厢放置区或加设一个通道实施轿厢放置 等方案,双通道直接放置多轿厢或通道中设有增减轿厢功能的设计结构更具明显优势;每个通道或每组通道能独立运行,又能组合群控运行,适合不同情况下的不同运行需求,二个区域或以上实现所有人员按时疏散的设计结构,同样更附合安全保障稳定,比如三组群控电梯,有条件情况下可按五分钟内完成疏散的设计,就算一组电梯出现故障也能在8分钟内完成疏散,相比大部分高层一小时的疏散设计,更具安全保障;又因应急疏散与日常使用习惯基本相同,应急处置能更平衡高效,避免或减少疏散救援中发生的二次危险,减少救援所需时间或风险,增加救援人员的安全。Recommendation and reason: The main difference between the dual-aisle multi-car mode and the previously disclosed multi-car technology is that it has symmetrical operation energy saving, gravity drop energy saving, automatic car counterweight on demand, and direct translation and transposition structure of the car in the dual aisle Or transposition energy saving, with evacuation and rescue function, high-level attached time-limited evacuation, carrying capacity under the condition of the same time and the same area is higher than the previous technology, the operation method is better than the previous application technology, and the operation efficiency is high at the same time; dual-channel multi-car press The number of cars that need to be operated. The remaining cars are used for automatic counterweight energy saving, secondly used for reducing or stabilizing waiting time, and thirdly used for quick response of emergency evacuation and rescue or higher operating efficiency or Carrying capacity; truly realize the combination of daily application and emergency evacuation, reduce occupation or construction costs, and get a better balance or safer guarantee in daily operation and emergency evacuation and rescue; the car that is not used daily is directly placed in the lifting demand Fewer high-rises or designated floors, compared to setting up a separate car placement area or adding an aisle to implement car placement, the dual aisle directly places multiple cars or the aisle has a design structure with the function of adding or subtracting cars. Obvious advantages; each channel or group of channels can operate independently, and can be combined with group control operation, which is suitable for different operation requirements in different situations. Two areas or more are designed to realize the evacuation of all personnel on time, which is also more in line with safety guarantees. Stable, for example, three groups of group-controlled elevators can be designed to complete the evacuation within five minutes under conditions. Even if one group of elevators fails, the evacuation can be completed within 8 minutes. Compared with the one-hour evacuation design of most high-rise buildings, it is more It has safety guarantee; because emergency evacuation and daily use habits are basically the same, emergency handling can be more balanced and efficient, avoid or reduce secondary hazards in evacuation and rescue, reduce the time or risk required for rescue, and increase the safety of rescuers.
双通道多轿厢升降结构或材料,能使用导轨、气压,液压、链条、绳索、曳引等技术或组合运用等现有方法,推荐创新要点:高压空气蓄能或直接使用的主要作用一是升降节能、二是高压空气能起到一定的防烟排烟、三是高压空气能起到一定的防火灭火,四是能在一定区域内提供人员所需的呼吸气体增加安全疏散或被救援撤离的机会;水能日常生活必须品,目前大部分高层都有配套,推荐创新点在于日常也能正常使用或增加蓄能利用的机率,日常使用作为日常维护检验,相比仅仅定期检验与不定期查验更安全有效稳定;水作为防火的主要手段之一,各环节加增日常使用能有效减少防火建造或维护的综合成本;多轿厢自动按需作为对称节能或作为配重节能;多轿厢同时上升下降或平移结构创新,能有效提升运行效率或载量,这是双通道疏散救援最有力的保障措施。The dual-channel multi-car lifting structure or material can use existing methods such as guide rails, air pressure, hydraulic pressure, chains, ropes, traction and other technologies or combination applications. Recommended innovation points: The main function of high-pressure air storage or direct use is one Lifting and energy saving, second, high-pressure air can provide a certain degree of smoke prevention and exhaust, third, high-pressure air can provide a certain degree of fire prevention and fire fighting, and fourth, can provide personnel with breathing gas in a certain area to increase safe evacuation or evacuation by rescue The opportunity for water energy daily life is essential. At present, most senior executives have supporting facilities. The recommended innovation is that it can be used normally in daily life or increase the probability of energy storage utilization. Daily use is used as a daily maintenance inspection, compared to only regular inspections and irregular inspections. Inspection is safer, more effective and stable; water is one of the main methods of fire prevention, and the daily use of each link can effectively reduce the comprehensive cost of fire prevention construction or maintenance; multi-cars are automatically used as symmetrical energy saving or as counterweight energy-saving according to needs; multi-cars At the same time, ascending and descending or translational structural innovations can effectively improve operation efficiency or capacity. This is the most powerful safeguard measure for dual-channel evacuation and rescue.
综上所述,双通道组合结构或运行方法,能整合此前技术众多优点外,又创新本文所述的各项优点,在前人研究成果的基础上,通过优化整合创新,达成了此前应用没能实现的多项目标;最主要的三点创新成果认为是更安全,高层限时疏散成为可能,不再因占地或成本等因素受限;增加了救援车辆或设备乘坐电梯实施救援的新方法或启示,减少救援用时保障救援安全;更高效,同等占地同时间内升降效率更高或载量更大;更低成本,设计成本,建造成本,维护成本,运行成本等多方位得到体现;综合扩展应用例或启示,新增的动力升降产品及通道结构,则是跨越式的实用创新,增一条全新的安全保障通道。In summary, the dual-channel combination structure or operating method can not only integrate the many advantages of previous technologies, but also innovate the advantages described in this article. On the basis of previous research results, through optimization, integration and innovation, the previous application has been achieved. A number of goals that can be achieved; the most important three innovations are considered to be safer, high-level evacuation within a limited time is possible, no longer limited by land occupation or cost, etc.; new methods for rescue vehicles or equipment to take elevators to implement rescue have been added Or enlightenment, reduce rescue time to ensure rescue safety; more efficient, higher lifting efficiency or greater load capacity at the same time with the same land occupation; lower cost, design cost, construction cost, maintenance cost, operation cost and other aspects are reflected; Comprehensive expansion of application examples or enlightenment, the newly added power lifting products and channel structure, is a leap-forward practical innovation, adding a brand-new security channel.
20层以内或按需求层设计疏散救援滑道,滑道类型不限,主要考虑高层与生活休闲溶合,综合资源等成本更合理设计,此类设施限时通行能力有限时,仅作为备用救援通道;限时通行能力大,比如5分钟内通行能力,大于预计层总人数五分之一以上,并且附合疏散需求的保障时,则作为应急疏散推荐通道设计;其它类型的通道同理,优选本文所述随行滑降椅作为日常使用和应急自动疏散工具统一配备。Design evacuation and rescue chute within 20 floors or according to the demand level. The type of chute is not limited. It mainly considers the integration of high-rise and life and leisure, and the cost of comprehensive resources is more reasonable. When such facilities have limited time-limited traffic capacity, they are only used as backup rescue channels. ; The limited-time traffic capacity is large, such as the traffic capacity within 5 minutes, which is more than one-fifth of the total number of people on the expected floor, and when the evacuation requirements are met, it is designed as an emergency evacuation recommended channel; other types of channels are the same, preferred The accompanying sliding chair described in this article is uniformly equipped as a tool for daily use and emergency automatic evacuation.
点对点门对门无视换乘升降或平移举例:此为慢行人群或希望一步到位人群的推荐例,条件许可情况下建议选配或直接作为必配设备,提升安全,提升效率提升习惯性的舒畅通行; 上述提到了能乘坐电梯实施救援的车辆或设备,本例所用车辆或设备等同或简化,日常通行主要考虑舒畅时效,应急疏散一般也都在安全撤离时间内;有人或无人驾驶的微型车辆或设备,在解决道路拥堵方案或过街通道中都有提到,本次主要考虑专属与公共的平衡规划,原则上固定的公共微型车辆或微型轿厢或其它可移动的设备,能按预设或按需到达目标点,目标点可以是电梯层指定停靠位置,也可以目标门口或目标室内位置,行进路线可以是专用线,也可以是与行人共享的通道;暂用无人驾驶微型车辆作为所有可移动设备的举例说明,简称车辆;车辆尺寸一般小于所经轿厢尺寸,能预约或一定范围内直接与电梯交换信息,人员或物品等遇到电梯时无须下车,车辆直达到电梯轿厢中完成升降,再平移到所需目标位置;保障高效的重点在于无人驾驶按需排序;专属车辆或有人驾驶建议走慢行电梯或救援通道的电梯,或仅限于闲时通行避免通行通道拥堵。Point-to-point door-to-door ignoring transfer, lifting or panning Example: This is a recommended example for slow-moving people or people who want to get there in one step. If conditions permit, it is recommended to be equipped or directly used as a necessary equipment to improve safety, improve efficiency, and improve habitual comfortable travel The above mentioned vehicles or equipment that can take the elevator to carry out rescue. The vehicles or equipment used in this example are equivalent or simplified. The daily traffic mainly considers comfortable timeliness, and emergency evacuation is generally within the safe evacuation time; manned or unmanned mini-vehicles Or equipment, mentioned in the solution to road congestion or crossing passages. This time, the main consideration is to balance exclusive and public planning. In principle, fixed public micro-vehicles or micro-cars or other movable equipment can be preset Or reach the target point on demand. The target point can be a designated stop position on the elevator floor, or a target doorway or a target indoor location. The travel route can be a dedicated line or a passage shared with pedestrians; temporarily use unmanned mini-vehicles as Examples of all movable equipment, referred to as vehicles; the size of the vehicle is generally smaller than the size of the car that it passes through, and it can be reserved or exchange information directly with the elevator within a certain range. People or objects do not need to get off the car when encountering the elevator, and the vehicle reaches the elevator car. Complete the lifting in the car, and then pan to the desired target position; the key to ensuring high efficiency lies in the unmanned sorting on demand; exclusive vehicles or manned drivers are recommended to use the slow elevator or the elevator of the rescue channel, or only to avoid the passage in idle time Congestion.
配可移动车辆或可移动轿厢等设备,更多优点在于循环电梯再无通道中冲顶坠地等危险;能实现更快捷安稳的垂直升降或斜向升降或平移通行;按每次乘坐8人8秒完成一次设制,平均每秒通行一人,8分钟能疏散480人次或960人次,疏散通道具有三层时,8分钟内能疏散的人员是2880人以内,因采用车辆乘升降或平移通道模式疏散,疏散通道数量位置相比固定的电梯通道行走为主,可选范围更广,比如负二层到六楼设车辆行进专用通道,则每组升降双通道每次最多有8个或16疏散升降口,2到4层可通行车辆比较常见也足以让高层建筑实施5分钟疏散的设计方案,余下时间用于救援复核;日常运行每小时单向能载3600人次,上下合计运载7200人次;每次用时及乘员数能按需增减;通道中的轿厢也可按需简化为升降平台;能实现车辆行进自动开门自动关门或无需电梯门的设计结构;可能的缺点是同时间段人员齐聚时所需的可移动设备,需要较多占地用于通道外乘坐,同时到达的人员不多时或设为疏散防烟区域时,则占地较多就是安全保障的优点;乘坐可移动设备进行平移或升降,更能有效避免通道的拥挤进一步保障通行安全有序。Equipped with movable vehicles or movable cars, the more advantages are that the circulating elevator no longer has the danger of rushing to the ground in the passage; it can achieve faster and more stable vertical lifting or diagonal lifting or translation; 8 people per ride 8 The system can be completed once every second, and an average of one person can pass every second. 480 or 960 people can be evacuated in 8 minutes. When the evacuation channel has three floors, the number of people who can be evacuated within 8 minutes is less than 2,880, due to the use of vehicles in the lift or translation channel mode For evacuation, the number of evacuation passages is mainly compared to fixed elevator passages, and the range of options is wider. For example, if there are special passages for vehicles on the second floor to the sixth floor, each group of lifting double passages can have up to 8 or 16 evacuation at a time. Lifts, 2 to 4 floors of passable vehicles are relatively common and sufficient to allow high-rise buildings to implement a 5-minute evacuation design plan, and the remaining time is used for rescue review; daily operation can carry 3,600 people per hour in one direction, and a total of 7,200 people per hour; The time used and the number of passengers can be increased or decreased as required; the car in the passage can also be simplified as a lifting platform as required; it can realize the design structure of automatic opening and closing of the vehicle or without the need for elevator doors; the possible disadvantage is that there are all personnel at the same time. The movable equipment required for gatherings requires more space for rides outside the aisle, and when there are not many people arriving at the same time or when it is set as an evacuation and smoke-proof area, more space is the advantage of safety; riding on the mobile equipment Panning or lifting can more effectively avoid channel congestion and further ensure safe and orderly traffic.
高层推荐备选创新疏散方法:固定滑杆或滑轨加配套坐椅或配套的短距移动设施等,作为电梯或楼梯通道的疏散补充;选用滑杆滑轨主要考虑垂直下降疏散占地少,利管控维护等优点,配套坐椅主要考虑安稳舒畅快捷,可预设线路自行移动,能一键式执行疏散动作或直接归疏散滑道统一调控排序;坐椅在预设区,全智能自动化控制挂接滑杆下降,有望每五秒每杆滑道完成一次疏散指令,十组滑杆8分钟设计得当能疏散三千多人,自动技术措施到位理论每秒一次效率更高;非常适合20层以上备选措施;对于疏散用时大于8分钟的商务楼写字楼政务楼等办公场所,改建快周期短占地少成本低,建议条件有限情况下作为改造首选方案,有条件验证本文限时疏散设计选改造或增加升降通道让凳椅升降成主导;高层二分钟 内完成全部疏散,五分钟内容复核救援撤离作为目标,全部到达安全区有困难的,以到达防烟救援区为目标。High-rise recommends alternative innovative evacuation methods: fixed slide bars or slide rails plus supporting chairs or supporting short-distance mobile facilities, etc., as supplementary evacuation of elevators or stairways; selection of slide bar slides mainly considers vertical descent evacuation and takes less land. Advantages such as control and maintenance. The supporting seat is mainly considered to be stable, comfortable and fast. It can be preset to move on its own. It can perform evacuation actions with one button or directly return to the evacuation chute. The seat is in the preset area and is fully intelligent and automated. The hook slide bar descends, it is expected to complete an evacuation instruction every five seconds per slide. Ten sets of slide bars can evacuate more than 3,000 people in 8 minutes. Automatic technical measures are in place. The theory is more efficient once per second; it is very suitable for 20 floors. The above alternative measures; for office spaces such as office buildings, office buildings and government affairs buildings that take more than 8 minutes to evacuate, the reconstruction is quick and short, and the land occupation is low. It is recommended to be the first choice for reconstruction under limited conditions, and it is conditionally verified that the time-limited evacuation design of this article is selected for reconstruction. Or increase the lifting channel to let the stools and chairs rise and fall to take the lead; the high-level evacuation is completed within two minutes, and the content review and rescue evacuation is the goal in five minutes. If it is difficult to reach the safe area, the goal is to reach the smoke-proof rescue area.
现有国内外高层自救逃生装置或下降装置注重从高层到地面,容易忽略从房间内到建筑物外的特殊要求;现有下降装置对固定有要求或对使用人员有要求,故只适合少量人群应地适宜的备选,比如滑杆与绳索下降快,难在练习时间长且存在一定的安全风险,如果高楼全是特种兵或专业登山人员,仅通过滑索也能从百米高层或二百米高层在一分钟内完成疏散;本文所述的创新在于,通过设备整合优化取替专业训练,通过人工智能自动化实现持续稳定的下降,从而实现一般人员都只需简单了解或日常出行过程中掌握熟悉操作即能实现滑降;条件许可,部分慢行成员能过训练或定制配套自动化设备也能实现,甚至重伤病员通过配套滑降措施研发的救援车辆或设备滑降;考虑安全优先选配充气滑梯或安全滑索或滑轨等作为快速稳定下降疏散的备选,作为自救或救援通道一般不计入疏散通道载量计时;双重或以上组合保障稳时舒畅时,能作为日常下降通道使用或救援练习,验证通过才计算疏散载量作为疏散用时设计;条件许可再次推荐升降通道加可移动设备实现门对门或点对点的方案并入全市域一体规划;资源有限考虑成本占地等因素则认证通过再作为备选疏散方案,希望应急疏散永远都只是练习;多组凳椅升降组合能取代常规电梯或共存。Existing domestic and foreign high-rise self-rescue escape devices or lowering devices focus on the high-rise to the ground, and it is easy to ignore the special requirements from the room to the outside of the building; the existing lowering devices have requirements for fixation or users, so they are only suitable for a small number of people Appropriate alternatives for the site, such as sliding rods and ropes to descend quickly, it is difficult to practice for a long time and there is a certain safety risk. If the tall buildings are all special forces or professional climbers, you can also go from a 100-meter high-rise or 200-meter-high with only a zip line. The high-level rice evacuated within one minute; the innovation described in this article is to replace professional training through equipment integration and optimization, and achieve continuous and stable decline through artificial intelligence automation, so that ordinary personnel only need to understand briefly or master during daily travel. Familiar operation can achieve downhill; conditions permit, some slow-moving members can be trained or customized supporting automation equipment can also be achieved, even the rescue vehicle or equipment developed by the severely wounded through supporting downhill measures; consider safety priority to choose inflatable slide or safety Ziplines or slide rails are used as alternatives for rapid and stable descent evacuation. As self-rescue or rescue channels, they are generally not included in the evacuation channel load timer; when double or more combinations ensure stability and comfort, they can be used as daily descent channels or rescue exercises. The evacuation capacity is calculated as the evacuation time design after the verification is passed; the conditions permit again recommend the hoistway plus movable equipment to realize the door-to-door or point-to-point plan to be integrated into the city-wide integrated planning; resources are limited and the cost and land occupation are considered as a backup. Choose an evacuation plan, hoping that emergency evacuation will always be just a practice; multiple sets of stool and chair lift combinations can replace conventional elevators or coexist.
公共繁忙高层建筑,日常使用建议采用双轿厢或三轿厢设计,双轿厢等同单双层二个通道的组合;三轿厢以上则类似于分段接驳通达,三轿厢以内比较适合21层以内,更多轿厢采用循环结构配置也是很不错的方法,空气高压存储和水势能存储利用,建议作为必配选项,有利于升降节能或增加疏散救援安全。For public and busy high-rise buildings, it is recommended to adopt a double-car or three-car design for daily use. Double-cars are equivalent to a combination of single and double-layer two aisles; three-cars and above are similar to segmented connection access, and three-cars are more suitable Within the 21st floor, it is also a good method for more cars to adopt a circulation structure configuration. High-pressure air storage and water potential energy storage and utilization are recommended as mandatory options, which are conducive to lifting energy saving or increasing evacuation and rescue safety.
百层以上建筑或高楼升降需求大,建议加配三轿厢组或五轿厢组,形成六轿厢或10轿厢跨层同进同出的升降通道,或二通道合计16个轿厢以上的循环升降组合;余下同上述30层配套组合例或类似。Buildings with more than one hundred floors or high-rises have a large lifting demand. It is recommended to add a three-car group or a five-car group to form a six-car or 10-car cross-floor lift channel with the same entry and exit, or two channels with a total of 16 cars or more Circulating lifting combination; the rest is the same as the above 30-story matching combination example or similar.
直达电梯建议采用大小不同组合,对应不同的人流量,主要作用是节能或安稳高速;多轿厢节能结构时,大小组合主要是考虑通道范围是否受限或建造成本周期是否在接受范围内。It is recommended to use different combinations of sizes for direct elevators, corresponding to different flow of people, and the main function is to save energy or stabilize high speed; in the case of multi-car energy-saving structure, the size combination mainly considers whether the channel range is limited or the construction cost cycle is within the acceptable range.
例10:现有电梯群组的优化改良方案例:暂以各类高层采用四电梯组,六电梯组为例说明,适用于政企大楼商务楼住院楼等等);很多高层设有单层双层停靠井道,建议按上述优化为多轿厢方案,单井道双轿厢至十轿厢能采用同上同下运行,能分轿厢分段运行,上下分段配对运行等模式;单井道能设为二通道或三通道,或双井道组成双通道的循环结构;Example 10: Optimization and improvement plan of existing elevator groups. Example: For the time being, four elevator groups and six elevator groups are used for various high-rises as an example, which is suitable for government and enterprise buildings, commercial buildings, hospital buildings, etc.); many high-rises have single floors For double-deck parking wells, it is recommended to optimize as a multi-car solution as described above. Single-well double-cars to ten-cars can be operated in the same way as above, can be divided into car segments, upper and lower segments paired operation, etc.; single well can Set as two-channel or three-channel, or double wells to form a double-channel circulation structure;
10。1:单井道直接采用双轿厢或更多轿厢对提高升降效率是最直接的方法,为克服其 缺陷,使之更附合提效降能的实用性,本例以单井道单轿厢改为双轿厢或四轿厢等,双轿厢为上下结构,繁忙时各自对应上半楼层或下半楼层,空闲时等同未优化改良的单轿厢带配重(仅增加轿厢优化运行不改或少改其它结构及设备的方案,一个楼层可能因多了轿厢无法到达,或轿厢采用可移方案能直达任一楼层)各种变化同理;部分单井道也能改建为双通道实现10。2方案中的功能。10.1: The direct use of double cars or more cars in a single shaft is the most direct way to improve the lifting efficiency. In order to overcome its shortcomings and make it more practical for improving efficiency and reducing energy, this example uses a single shaft with a single shaft. The car is changed to a double car or four car, etc. The double car has an upper and lower structure. When busy, it corresponds to the upper or lower half of the floor. When idle, it is equivalent to an unoptimized and improved single car with counterweight (only increase the car Optimizing the operation without changing or changing less of other structures and equipment. One floor may not be reachable due to more cars, or the car can reach any floor with a removable scheme. The same applies to various changes; some single shafts can also be rebuilt Realize the functions in the 10.2 scheme for dual channels.
多轿厢采用上下结构时的运行方法:双轿厢固定对应上半楼层或下半楼层,形成相互配重作用;四轿厢则能形成相互配重外,还能形成上半段或下半段的相互配重;就近另外一个井道实行每次上升或下降时,最多停靠六个楼层(比如只停靠二段分割部位的楼层,或预设的少数楼层,当然停靠六个以上楼层也是可行的,仅不同升降需求对应不同的效率或成本或升降用时),配合分段运行的井道电梯,实现全楼层通达,此井道电梯主要负责上半段直达地面层,或下半段直达上半段楼层;Operation method when multiple cars adopt the upper and lower structure: double cars are fixed corresponding to the upper half of the floor or the lower half of the floor to form a mutual counterweight; four cars can form a mutual counterweight, and can also form the upper half or the lower half The mutual counterweight of the sections; when the nearby other hoistway is raised or lowered each time, it stops at a maximum of six floors (for example, only stops at the floors of the second section, or a few preset floors. Of course, it is also feasible to stop at more than six floors. , Only different lifting requirements correspond to different efficiency or cost or lifting time), with the hoistway elevator operating in sections, to achieve full-floor access. This hoistway elevator is mainly responsible for the upper half of the floor directly to the ground floor, or the lower half of the floor directly to the upper half of the floor. ;
此种配合方式,主要区别特征或优点在于,减少各楼层的开关门时间,进出电梯交流时间,以及相近楼层运行较慢的时间。The main distinguishing feature or advantage of this coordination method is to reduce the door opening and closing time of each floor, the time of entering and exiting the elevator, and the slower operation time of the adjacent floors.
10.2:双井道组合优化,具有10。1功效外,更具多轿厢的组合优点,还能实现多轿厢的循环运行方案;比如单井道采用四个轿厢,二个井道合计八个轿厢,具有单层或双层停的优点外,还具有隔四层停或配合行走一层楼梯健身等运行方案的众多优点;还能配合或直接采用循环运营方案。10.2: Double shaft combination optimization. In addition to the effect of 10.1, it has the advantages of multi-car combination. It can also realize a multi-car cyclic operation scheme; for example, a single shaft uses four cars, and two shafts total eight cars. In addition to the advantages of single-storey or double-storey parking, carriages also have many advantages in running programs such as stopping at four floors or cooperating with walking on one stair for fitness; it can also cooperate with or directly adopt the cyclic operation program.
例11:常规多电梯组或群控电梯的优化创新及改良推荐例;主要区别在于快慢行分离选项。Example 11: Recommendations for optimization, innovation and improvement of conventional multi-elevator groups or group-controlled elevators; the main difference lies in the option of separating fast and slow travel.
11.1:设有单双层的电梯组,除上述改为多轿厢电梯或驳接组合外,本身仅仅改变运行方式也能指升效率或节能,隔层停靠改每层有响应即能停外,每个井道电梯每隔五层即直升五层,依次循环;每隔五层也可按需求调整为其它相同或不同的楼层数;或者增加备选忙时预案,一台电梯每隔三层停,停靠层的上层下层,一般人员通过楼梯完成,实现快速到达又附加行走健身,原单层或双层停各自对应上半部或下半部分层楼;另半部分层楼实施直达预设,比如应急直达或达满载率直达等;此方案配合四轿厢联动及节能设备,上面有提到过,则更适合复杂升降需求的稳定。11.1: There is a single-deck elevator group. In addition to the above-mentioned change to a multi-car elevator or a connection combination, only changing the operation mode itself can also refer to the efficiency or energy saving. The bay parking can be stopped when each floor responds. , Each hoistway elevator will go straight up to five floors every five floors, and cycle in turn; every fifth floor can also be adjusted to other same or different floors according to demand; or add alternative busy hour plans, one elevator every third Floor parking, the upper and lower floors of the parking floor are completed by ordinary people through the stairs to achieve quick arrival and additional walking fitness. The original single-story or double-story parking corresponds to the upper or lower half of the floor; the other half of the floor implements direct access presets , Such as emergency direct access or full-load rate direct access, etc.; this solution is combined with four-car linkage and energy-saving equipment, as mentioned above, it is more suitable for the stability of complex lifting requirements.
11.2:第三井道电梯每隔五层停靠或其它预设楼层,作为应急集中层或作为11。1配套的快速升降通道,闲时则为直达任一楼层或病残妇幼等慢行人群优先电梯。11.2: The third hoistway elevator stops at every five floors or other preset floors, as an emergency concentrated floor or as a fast elevator channel for 11.1, when it is idle, it will go directly to any floor or slow-moving people such as sick and disabled women and children. elevator.
例12:常见的四井道或六井道电梯组;其中二个井道电梯采用四轿厢或更多轿厢组合,增加载量的同时实现重力节能;余下井道电梯不作变化或多轿厢组合,比如二个井道轿厢组 合,第三个井道每五层为一段独立升降,当然按需每段高度也可不同;第四个井道为应急救援电梯或称消防电梯,第五第六井道电梯为备用电梯组;本例优化建议加配重力蓄能设备或熏力利用措施,比如重力发电,重力蓄水,重力压缩气体,重力液压蓄能,重力警示灯,重力标语变化或广告开关,重力喷泉或给花草树木浇水等,更好的节能减排,电梯升降产生的重力直接运用,实用性创造性更适合全球推广;特别是液压设备,压缩空气,水流本身就一直广泛在应用中,建议组合运用。Example 12: A common four-well or six-well elevator group; two of the hoistway elevators use four-car or more car combinations to increase the capacity while achieving energy saving by gravity; the remaining hoistway elevators will not be changed or multi-car combinations, such as Two hoistway cars are combined, and every five floors of the third hoistway is an independent lift. Of course, the height of each section can be different according to needs; the fourth hoistway is an emergency rescue elevator or fire elevator, and the fifth and sixth hoistway elevators are spare Elevator group; in this example, it is recommended to add gravity energy storage equipment or smoke power utilization measures, such as gravity power generation, gravity water storage, gravity compressed gas, gravity hydraulic energy storage, gravity warning light, gravity slogan change or advertising switch, gravity fountain or giving Watering flowers, plants, trees, etc., better energy saving and emission reduction, direct use of gravity generated by elevator lifting, practical creativity is more suitable for global promotion; especially hydraulic equipment, compressed air, and water flow itself have been widely used in applications, and it is recommended to use them in combination.
比如第三井道电梯,地下二层采用液压电梯或空气为动力的电梯,这二类能相互组合运用;楼顶改建为采用集水或蓄水结构,起到防晒防火又能蓄水或蓄能节能减排消防等多重作用;负一层或地面层到顶层采用钢丝绳曳引结构或导轨结构;空气罐则作为重力节能蓄能设备使用。For example, the third hoistway elevator, the second underground floor adopts hydraulic elevator or air-powered elevator, these two types can be combined with each other; the roof is rebuilt to adopt a water collection or water storage structure, which can play a role in sun protection and fire prevention as well as water storage or storage. Energy-saving, emission-reduction, fire-fighting and other multiple functions; the negative layer or the ground layer to the top layer adopts a wire rope traction structure or a guide rail structure; the air tank is used as a gravity energy-saving energy storage device.
上述疏散方案同样适用于楼梯结构的升降方式,区别与人员走(跑)楼梯疏散;与此前楼道电梯最大的区别,或者说结构不同方法不同增加的优势在于:同时间内疏散人群都多,或适用人群更广,或不同人流物流环境下更舒畅;建造或维护成本更低,载人载物设备与楼道措施采用可分离配套的设计,能满足日常固定舒畅应用,所有人员应急撤离优势更明显;轮椅床铺大件物品通过楼道电梯成为可能,相比人抬肩背效率更高或更舒畅;并且设计方法不影响梯道功能或效率或扩展。The above-mentioned evacuation plan is also applicable to the lifting method of the stair structure, which is different from the evacuation of people walking (running) the stairs; the biggest difference from the previous corridor elevator, or the added advantage of the different structure of the elevator is: the number of people evacuated at the same time, or It is suitable for a wider range of people, or more comfortable under different flow of people and logistics; lower construction or maintenance costs, and the design of detachable supporting equipment and corridor measures can meet the daily fixed and comfortable applications, and the advantages of emergency evacuation of all personnel are more obvious It is possible for large items of wheelchair beds to pass through the corridor elevator, which is more efficient or more comfortable than people lifting their shoulders; and the design method does not affect the function or efficiency or expansion of the stairway.
坡道结构形态各不相同随处可见,升降设备是城市一体化发展规划的重要组成部分;舒适安稳快捷过街或上下高楼,或通行各类坡道,集观光休闲、健身、整合商圈业态于一体的公共空间,使空间资源实现集约、高效的利用的桥梁。Different ramp structures can be seen everywhere. Lifting equipment is an important part of the urban integrated development plan; it is comfortable, stable and fast to cross the street or go up and down high buildings, or pass various ramps, integrating tourism, leisure, fitness, and integration of business circles. The public space provides a bridge for the intensive and efficient use of space resources.
本升降产品能保留疏导交通的功能,也能用于绿化、公共设施、互动娱乐设施等等,采用重力下降的过程,实现蓄水洗手,花草树木,公益宣传或广告内容更替等。This lifting product can retain the function of diverting traffic, and can also be used for greening, public facilities, interactive entertainment facilities, etc., using the process of gravity drop to achieve water storage and hand washing, flowers and trees, public welfare promotion or advertising content replacement.
日常应用或应急疏散重新规划提升安全或舒畅平衡的设计方法,同样适用于各行各业;提升安全认识且能有条件实现的,日常建议备一天的生存用品,座椅可当背包携带锻炼或按需自动随行漫步,或骑行赶路,随时疏散或应急救援准备的配三天到七天生存或救援必备用品,有预警或核生化考虑的按各国指导意见配备:积极备份救生安全用品,一个救生包或救生箱内含逃生用品与生活用品,各国按需推荐救生包所含用品清单与建议备选用品作用及使用方法等;救生包保质期二年以上,有条件的可选择五年以上保质期的产品。每年或定期检查,提前更换或保持期内使用。The design method of daily application or emergency evacuation re-planning to improve safety or comfortable balance is also applicable to all walks of life; to improve safety awareness and can be achieved with conditions, it is recommended to prepare daily survival supplies for daily use, and the seat can be used as a backpack to carry out exercise or press Need to walk automatically, or ride on the road, evacuate at any time or prepare for emergency rescue with three to seven days of survival or rescue essential supplies, with early warning or nuclear, biological and chemical considerations, according to the guidance of various countries: active backup of life-saving safety supplies, a life-saving The bag or life-saving box contains escape supplies and daily necessities, and countries recommend the list of supplies contained in the life-saving bag and the recommended functions and usage methods of the life-saving bag as needed; the life-saving bag has a shelf life of more than two years, and if possible, you can choose a shelf life of more than five product. Check annually or regularly, replace it in advance or use it during the maintenance period.
人工智能机器人越来越取代人类现在工作岗位前景下,各国有条件的加快自定优化保障标准:从起点开始,终生实行衣食住行医疗教育等基本保障,不任高低贵贱,富有贫穷,上 至各国元首政要,各行专家学者,特殊人才专业人才,下至普通工作人员,老年婴幼儿等等,都一视同仁按时发放;是各国现有保障制度救济制度的优化方案,知足常乐!应急救援包作为每个家庭必备或定期回收更换,基本安全保障促各国人类持续发展:基本保障之上继续激励扩展新工作;有理想有竞争促发展,比如深海航天人才极缺。Artificial intelligence robots are more and more replacing human beings. With the prospect of jobs, countries are conditionally speeding up their self-determination and optimization of security standards: starting from the beginning, basic security such as food, housing, transportation, medical education, etc. shall be implemented for life, regardless of high or low, rich and poor, up to heads of state. Political dignitaries, experts and scholars from various industries, special talents and professionals, down to ordinary workers, elderly infants and young children, etc., will be distributed on time without discrimination; it is an optimized plan for the relief system of the existing guarantee systems in various countries, and it is always happy to be content! Emergency rescue kits are necessary for every family or are regularly recycled and replaced. Basic safety guarantees promote the sustainable development of human beings in all countries: continue to encourage expansion of new jobs on top of basic guarantees; there are ideals and competition to promote development, such as the extreme shortage of deep-sea aerospace talents.
全球疫情下特增加补充验证说明:基本保障能对按需舒畅通行有积极作用,特别是最近的各国疫情下的通行,侧面验证了按需舒畅的实例;比如各国或地区限行下,如果能保障基本生存(生活必须品正常供应),相对于国家面对复工压力就能轻松很多;比如疫情下的基本医疗保障能更深入人心,各国有关部门就能更及时准确有效的安排管控,如果人人都配本文所述无接触防护随行椅,则能避免被动传播机率,大幅减少疫情扩散风险。各国一直在向此方向前行,再次提及主要是建议各国加速基本保障完善的执行优化落地。本文所述一种产品,同样适用于特殊环境下的升降需求,能无缝对接专用道休闲道等通道的按需通行;点对点或门对门的道路通行进一步延伸到车库对车库的按需通行保障,有望全面实现室内对室内的全程预控到达;甚至高层床位直接平移或升降移动接缝道路车辆到达的安稳舒畅通行,类似于房车进高楼或上述提到的应急救援车辆直接当作床铺日常使用,考虑到资源矛盾或使用成本等,建议各国机构或有志人员,在上述基础进一步深化改良应急救援车辆或设备的平民化,为不同人群从室内到室内按需安稳舒畅升降平移通行做出更佳的方案与贡献;例如可以人工或按预设或自动平移或升降的椅子,比应急救援车辆或能升降的其它设备更适合广泛应用推广,已知的技术能实现各种不同的移动方案,日常是普通椅子,特殊情况下能快速转为具备一定防护能力的超微车辆或设备,配套固定此椅子或能固定类似短距移动设备的车辆实现不同距离的安稳舒畅升降平移通行,成为后续全新的一种通行方式,供各国进一步研究加速推广应用造福人类;此椅子或车辆或类似设备能扩展为具备人类健身功能或蓄能等。A supplementary verification note has been added under the global epidemic: Basic guarantee can have a positive effect on the smooth traffic on demand, especially the traffic under the recent epidemics in various countries, which verifies the instances of on-demand comfort; for example, under the restrictions of countries or regions, if it can be guaranteed Basic survival (the normal supply of necessities for life) is much easier than the country facing the pressure of resuming work; for example, basic medical insurance under the epidemic can be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and relevant departments of various countries can arrange control in a more timely, accurate and effective manner. All equipped with the non-contact protective accompanying chair described in this article can avoid the probability of passive transmission and greatly reduce the risk of epidemic spread. Countries have been moving in this direction. Once again, the main point is to suggest that countries accelerate the implementation and optimization of basic guarantees. The product described in this article is also suitable for lifting requirements in special environments, and can seamlessly connect with the on-demand access of special lanes, leisure lanes and other channels; point-to-point or door-to-door road access is further extended to garage-to-garage on-demand access protection , It is expected to fully realize the full pre-controlled arrival of indoor to indoor; even high-level beds can be directly translated or moved up and down to move the joints of road vehicles to arrive safely and smoothly, similar to RVs entering high buildings or the aforementioned emergency rescue vehicles directly used as beds for daily use , Considering resource conflicts or usage costs, it is recommended that institutions or aspiring personnel in various countries further deepen and improve the civilianization of emergency rescue vehicles or equipment based on the above-mentioned basis, and make it better for different groups of people to move safely and smoothly from indoor to indoor on-demand. For example, chairs that can be manually or preset or automatically translated or raised are more suitable for wide application and promotion than emergency rescue vehicles or other devices that can be raised and lowered. Known technologies can realize various mobile solutions. It is an ordinary chair. Under special circumstances, it can be quickly converted into a super-micro vehicle or equipment with certain protection capabilities. It can be fixed with this chair or a vehicle similar to short-distance mobile equipment to achieve stable and comfortable lifting and translation at different distances, becoming a new follow-up A common way for countries to further research and accelerate the promotion and application to benefit mankind; this chair or vehicle or similar equipment can be expanded to have human fitness functions or energy storage.
椅子外其它日常使用产品结合例,同样适用上述,本例选椅子作为建议方案,主要考虑大部分人群每天都会使用,而全自动化带移动预案的座椅,更能预防拥挤,能更安稳高效执行疏散,成本效益推广等多方面带有明显优势,比如高楼上普通人员坐在椅子上收到各类撤离信息时,不仅能通过常规电梯有序疏散撤离,还能按预案走上述方案中的滑杆或滑索或滑轨或磁道等滑降通道;在应急疏散或救援需要争分夺秒情景时,能转为全部上升或全部下降的模式,这个模式是与此前已有循环电梯最关键的区别之一,座椅或其它载具不固定在升降或斜行或平移通道上又是一个最关键的区别特征;虽然固定在通道中也适用于日常需求,考虑疏散或救援强烈建议预设自控统一安全平稳有序的调度下舒畅通行。垂直通道各层起点或终点,配选曲线能增加平滑舒适感或升降效率。The example of combining other products for daily use other than the chair also applies to the above. In this example, the chair is selected as the recommended solution, mainly considering that most people will use it every day, and the fully automatic chair with mobile plan can prevent crowding and can be more stable and efficient. Evacuation, cost-effective promotion and other aspects have obvious advantages. For example, when ordinary people on high-rise buildings sit on chairs and receive various types of evacuation information, they can not only evacuate in an orderly manner through conventional elevators, but can also take the slippage of the above-mentioned plan according to the plan. Downhill passages such as poles or ziplines or slide rails or magnetic tracks; when emergency evacuation or rescue needs to race against time, it can be switched to a full-up or full-down mode. This mode is one of the most critical differences from the previous circulating elevators. Seats or other vehicles are not fixed on the lifting or slanting or translation channel is the most critical distinguishing feature; although fixed in the channel is also suitable for daily needs, considering evacuation or rescue, it is strongly recommended to preset automatic control, unified safety and stability. Smooth traffic under the orderly scheduling. The starting point or the end point of each layer of the vertical channel can be matched with the selected curve to increase the smoothness and comfort or the lifting efficiency.
建议:各国各地区按国情或各地不同需求进一步深研综合改良创新的高效节能产品,利人利已造福全球人类。轻型椅参数一例供参考:固定或折叠后的尺寸重量等,附合各国各地区通行或携带规定;本例以日常休闲办公会议等使用和配套公共交通携带换乘推荐参数:自重不超过8KG,通用尺寸25X36X50CM,每次蓄能可行驶大于2KM,重视个人防护时段则配选座椅防护套氧气瓶碗匙筷杯等,作为应急疏散产品则增加不少于5KM的自动行驶蓄能,具备自身动力升降区域则配套对应安全挂载结构,公共升降区域或人员众多时配套统一标准的各项预案减少人为不稳定的干扰保障通行效能;个性化区域可按需设计各项参数,比如同一高楼全部采用更舒适的老板椅或车载航空椅等,或蓄能行驶大于10KM,或适合慢行人员的轮椅尺寸等等;无人驾驶公共车辆按需通行重在公共换乘或固定线路通行,能按预案疏散的座椅则重在个人短距移动或配套公共交通远行接驳,公共车辆能实现门对门点对点的规划设计,座椅能实现室内对室内直达的规划设计,资源有限分配矛盾突出情况下,更合理的规划设计更需突出利国利民利人利已的总需求保障,知足常乐与竞争发展继续共存。座椅自动滑降疏散方案或座椅滑轨升降方案欢迎合作加速推广应用,也包括车辆升降或其它可升降平移设备,或各国在疫情严重期间各自先扩展研究改良规划设计或产品造福人类。Proposal: Countries and regions will further study comprehensively improved and innovative high-efficiency energy-saving products according to their national conditions or the different needs of each region. Benefits for others have already benefited mankind worldwide. An example of light chair parameters for reference: fixed or folded size and weight, etc., in line with the prevailing or carrying regulations in various countries and regions; this example is used for daily leisure office meetings and supporting public transportation. Recommended parameters: self-weight does not exceed 8KG, General size 25X36X50CM, each energy storage can drive more than 2KM, when you pay attention to personal protection, it is equipped with seat protection cover, oxygen cylinder, spoon, chopstick cup, etc., as an emergency evacuation product, it adds no less than 5KM of automatic driving energy storage, with its own The power lifting area is equipped with a corresponding safe mounting structure, and the public lifting area or when there are many people are equipped with unified standard plans to reduce artificial and unstable interference to ensure traffic efficiency; individualized areas can be designed with various parameters as required, such as all the same high-rise buildings Use a more comfortable boss chair or a vehicle-mounted aviation chair, or drive more than 10KM with energy storage, or a wheelchair size suitable for slow-moving people, etc.; unmanned public vehicles can pass on public transfers or fixed lines on demand. The seat for the evacuated plan focuses on personal short-distance mobility or supporting public transportation for long-distance connections. Public vehicles can realize door-to-door point-to-point planning and design, and seats can realize indoor-to-indoor direct planning and design. The limited resource allocation contradictions prominent situations Next, more reasonable planning and design need to highlight the overall demand guarantee of benefiting the country, the people and the people, so that contentment and development continue to coexist with competition. The automatic seat downhill evacuation plan or the seat slide rail lifting plan welcomes cooperation to accelerate the promotion and application. It also includes vehicle lifting or other lifting and translation equipment, or each country will expand research and improve planning and design or products to benefit mankind during the severe epidemic.
此前的保障按需通行具备部分隔离防控救援功能及应急措施,上述座椅或似类能载人或载物的设备,日常使用的其它物品,同样可以按需优化改造为可自行升降或斜行或平移的半智能或全自动或人工智能的全自动物品,例如除凳子椅子、床、桌、柜、箱子外,生活中常用的冰箱、厨房、衣柜、甚至整个车子或房子都能成为可升降或斜行或平移的保障品;各类房车具备了移动出行需求,是加强个人防护与日常乘坐的更加细分有效的产品之一,比如无人驾驶座椅为小汽车外形;等同汽车能垂直开上楼;对应的实用场景,坐在椅子上返回小汽车或房车等,返回舒适的小区,车子走汽车垂直或斜行通道到对应楼层再进门,座椅下车到指定房间预定位置;物品能直接拿到座椅上或汽车上,再垂直或斜行或平移到目的地;效率或舒适性高于此前已有电梯模式;带有座椅升降通道或汽车升降通道的别墅或高楼房型有望普及。本例推荐座椅以适合推广普及为主线,重视座椅之间的联系或区域系统的联动调控,不缺资源或不太考虑资源的更高标准座椅也适用但不推荐,集体保障类座椅为主辅与个性化座椅。座椅之间自行互动相比人工更快更稳定,比如汽车之间带有自动协调功能或系统远程调控功能,则相撞机率就更少。慢行车辆或座椅等产品因为慢,配套产品之间的协调功能或通过系统调配相对容易或成本低,加快普及推广能早日造福更多人群。The previous guarantees for on-demand traffic have partial isolation, prevention, control and rescue functions and emergency measures. The above-mentioned seats or similar equipment that can carry people or things, and other items used daily can also be optimized and transformed into self-lifting or tilting as needed. Moving or panning semi-intelligent or fully automatic or artificial intelligence fully automatic items, for example, in addition to stools, chairs, beds, tables, cabinets, boxes, refrigerators, kitchens, wardrobes, and even entire cars or houses can be used in daily life. Safeguards for lifting, tilting, or panning; various types of RVs have mobile travel requirements, and are one of the more subdivided and effective products to strengthen personal protection and daily riding. For example, the driverless seat is the shape of a car; it is equivalent to the car’s performance. Drive upstairs vertically; the corresponding practical scene, sit on a chair and return to the car or RV, return to the comfortable community, take the car through the vertical or diagonal passage of the car to the corresponding floor and enter the door, and get off the seat to the predetermined location in the designated room; Items can be taken directly to the seat or car, and then moved vertically or diagonally or pan to the destination; efficiency or comfort is higher than the existing elevator mode; villas or high-rise rooms with seat lift channels or car lift channels It is expected to be popular. In this example, the recommended seat is suitable for popularization as the main line, paying attention to the linkage between the seats or the linkage control of the regional system. Higher-standard seats that do not lack resources or do not consider resources are also applicable but not recommended. Collective guarantee seats The chair is the main auxiliary and personalized seat. Self-interaction between seats is faster and more stable than manual interaction. For example, if there is an automatic coordination function or a system remote control function between cars, there is less chance of collision. Products such as slow-moving vehicles or seats are slow, and coordination functions between supporting products are relatively easy or low-cost through system deployment. Accelerating popularization and promotion can benefit more people as soon as possible.
上述举例中的自行移动斜行升降与无人驾驶的主要区别在于:采用按需预设方案实现快速推广应用普及,而无须继续漫长的测验及高成本运行;不考虑或较少考虑预设线路外的无 人自动驾驶,避免了现有无人驾驶面对新环境或不同环境下需应对快速变化的通行难题,成熟技术的优化创新促日常应用的实用性直接体现。预设通道建议为专用道,避免干扰,具备升降疏散移动的座椅时速建议等同或不超过人跑速度;同一楼群或同一区域建议配套按需调控系统实现高效节能的全自动人工智能通行,相对密集或有条件的能选配座椅专用道路或类似于全程由通道系统调控的其它专用通道,全程由系统统一调控速度;人员能按需预约出行或到达时间,或能按需互动变更时间或目的地,或能按个人喜好主动让行或希望超越他人,或跟随组队等,系统按总需求计算调控或提醒或推荐或引导变道,或对所有系统调控座椅按次或按天或按其它时段进行收费或发放费用做为奖励,一般情况下各类基本保障人人均等分配,希望变更的采用鼓励或竞争方式取得,例如此产品通道,希望每次都优先通行或不让行的,可以通过给系统成员补偿方式取得更多的通行权益,平时多让行多礼让能增加排序前移。能自行移动高安全级别多功能座椅,可来自汽车或飞行器中的椅子,或直接由汽车或飞行器变化而来,因成本或研发周期等本文少作举例,各国各企按需是否深入研发。The main difference between the self-moving and oblique lifting and unmanned driving in the above example is that the on-demand preset scheme is used to achieve rapid promotion and application popularization, without the need to continue long tests and high-cost operations; no or less consideration of preset routes The external unmanned automatic driving avoids the existing unmanned driving problems that need to deal with rapid changes in the new environment or in different environments. The optimization and innovation of mature technologies directly reflect the practicality of daily applications. The preset channel is recommended to be a dedicated channel to avoid interference. The speed of the seat with lifting and evacuation is recommended to be equal to or not exceeding the running speed of people; the same building group or the same area is recommended to be equipped with an on-demand control system to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving automatic artificial intelligence traffic. Relatively dense or conditional, special roads for seats or other special channels similar to those controlled by the channel system throughout the entire process can be selected, and the speed is uniformly controlled by the system throughout the entire process; personnel can make appointments for travel or arrival time as needed, or can interact and change time as needed Or destination, or can actively yield according to personal preferences or hope to surpass others, or follow the team, etc., the system calculates and controls or reminds or recommends or guides lane changes according to total demand, or adjusts all systems to adjust the seat by time or by day Or charge or issue fees as rewards in other time periods. Under normal circumstances, various basic guarantees are equally distributed per person. Those who wish to change are obtained through encouragement or competition. For example, this product channel, hope to give priority or not to give way every time. Yes, you can get more access rights by compensating system members. Usually, more concessions can increase the sorting forward. High-safety multifunctional seats that can move on their own can come from chairs in cars or aircrafts, or directly from cars or aircrafts. Due to cost or R&D cycle, this article will give few examples. Whether companies in various countries need to in-depth research and development according to their needs.
未来水上房子或能飞的房子仍会长期受限于较少人群拥有,房车受各国政策习惯等影响普及进程仍任重道远;而具备自动行走乘坐食宿防护综合功能或适用于野营生存的个人或班组用具,认为更有机率在较短时间内在军民多领域范围实现推广普及应用;比如消防员配备滑降座椅自动出警时间会更平稳安全或更舒畅快捷等;军人集结能更快更稳时更轻松或新增此装备下的新战法等;具备电力风能水能人力等动力能源的设备辅助下,适用于日常更有助于应急预案更有效的达成。In the future, floating houses or flying houses will still be limited to fewer people for a long time, and the popularization of RVs will still have a long way to go due to policies and habits of various countries. Individuals or teams with integrated functions of self-walking, boarding and lodging protection or suitable for camping survival It is believed that there will be more chances to achieve popularization and popularization in various fields between the military and civilians in a short period of time; for example, firefighters equipped with downhill seats will automatically trigger the police to be more stable and safer or more comfortable and quicker; military assembly can be faster and more stable when it is easier Or add new tactics under this equipment, etc.; with the aid of equipment such as power, wind, water, manpower, etc., it is suitable for daily use and helps to achieve more effective emergency plans.
有条件则提前优选综合防护的全功能全地形单人携行椅,能携带常见携行具或直接整合日常必须品,常用工具,日常应用及应急救生救援所需的各类用品,集日常生活休闲健身办公,高层疏散探测救援,水陆二用的野外生存辅助于一身,短距飞行按需选配,具有房车大部分功能,或当作房车座椅或战车配套产品等,人力水力热力风力等综合发电或蓄能装置和利用装置,构建自救或待援的基本保障,各类探测设备及预警防护装备及自行交互移动控制,是乘员最佳帮手,轮式和步行结构为基础,配选履带或桨叶或轨道或索道模式,实现常见复杂环境下的无障碍通行,多座椅能合拼或组装模式是功能扩展的重大亮点之一,推荐轮椅类结构附合多国道路通行或乘车规定,军用或权属区域则不限。If conditions permit, we will choose a fully functional all-terrain single-person carrying chair with comprehensive protection in advance, which can carry common carrying equipment or directly integrate daily necessities, common tools, daily applications and various supplies required for emergency rescue, and integrate daily leisure and fitness. Office, high-rise evacuation, detection and rescue, amphibious field survival assistance, short-distance flight optional on demand, with most of the functions of RV, or as a RV seat or chariot accessory product, etc., human, hydraulic, thermal, wind, etc. Power generation or energy storage devices and utilization devices, to construct the basic guarantee for self-rescue or waiting for assistance, various detection equipment, early warning protective equipment and self-interactive mobile control, are the best helpers for the occupants, based on wheeled and walking structures, equipped with crawler or Paddle or track or ropeway mode to achieve barrier-free traffic in common and complex environments. The multi-seat can be combined or assembled mode is one of the major highlights of function expansion. It is recommended that wheelchair-like structures comply with multi-national road traffic or ride regulations. There is no limit to military or tenure area.
军用携行折叠床座椅,配船形装甲底盘或防弹材料等同散兵坑随身带,加滑降功能提速弥补单兵携行装备应急反应防护生存增强的一项空白;供各国各地区参考确定是否深入研发。Military carrying folding bed seats, equipped with ship-shaped armored chassis or bulletproof materials are equivalent to foxhole carry, and the sliding down function speeds up to make up for a gap in the survival enhancement of individual carrying equipment emergency response protection; for countries and regions to determine whether to further research and development.
文中所述能自动平移斜行升降座椅或此基础上的单兵携行装备套装:含分离或能穿戴在 成员或器具上的多功能产品,日常使用与训练或战时防护结合等优点利普及;例如单兵携行必备轻装仅12公斤内,加防弹工具帐篷救援床座椅携带9天补给;选配脚踩水风空气太阳能等动力,加各辅助装备百公斤,平时人背携行座椅训练,或战时携行座椅自动带人快速反应;平战结合弥补单兵装备携行扩展的空白选项;According to the article, it can automatically translate and tilt the lift seat or the individual carrying equipment set on this basis: it contains multifunctional products that can be separated or worn on members or equipment, and the advantages of combining daily use with training or wartime protection are popularized. ; For example, the required light equipment for individual carrying is only 12 kilograms, plus bulletproof tools, tent rescue bed seats, and 9-day replenishment; optional foot water, wind, air, solar power and other power, plus various auxiliary equipment 100 kilograms, usually people carry seat training , Or the carrying seat in wartime will automatically bring people to respond quickly; the combination of peace and war to make up for the blank option of individual equipment carrying expansion;
本文架构思路进行整合优化创新,还能多套产品联动实现成熟技术或将成熟技术结合的众多扩展,比如越6米高障碍或沟渠,导轨或绳索升降滑行楼道通行等;是现用或在研技术优化应用普及的扩展。This article's architecture ideas are integrated, optimized and innovated, and multiple sets of products can be linked to achieve mature technologies or many expansions that combine mature technologies, such as 6-meter-high obstacles or ditches, guide rails or rope lifts and sliding corridors, etc.; it is currently in use or under development Expansion of technology optimization application popularization.
此军民领域实用普及的产品,包括轮椅防护罩,为免接触式公共通行交流增安全和谐稳定舒畅。This practical and popular product in the military and civilian fields, including wheelchair protective covers, increases safety, harmony, stability and comfort for contact-free public communication.
1、单兵应急动力作为前线后勤保障的补充,弥补现有快反装备的不足,或需长期训练的难题。1. Individual emergency power is used as a supplement to front-line logistical support to make up for the shortcomings of existing quick-reaction equipment or problems that require long-term training.
2、日常应用与应急救援或战时有效结合或按需配套的有机结合,减少普及成本或总战力提升所需时间。2. The organic combination of daily application and effective combination of emergency rescue or wartime or on-demand matching can reduce the cost of popularization or the time required to increase the total combat power.
3、减少集结或移动时间,应急快反新成员装备助力各个领域,随行椅走预设路途能快于跑步运动,日常使用能上下台阶或乘坐电梯,座椅靠肩背近似人员乘扶梯的辅助方式,或轮椅固定在扶梯方式乘坐。3. Reduce assembly or movement time, emergency quick response to new member equipment to assist in various fields, the accompanying chair can walk the preset path faster than running, daily use can go up and down steps or take the elevator, the seat backrest is similar to the assistance of people taking the escalator Way, or the wheelchair is fixed on the escalator.
4、动力来源广泛设计适合常见复杂环境下的动力恢复,蓄能方式为充电或人力或风能或水能或空气或太阳能或油气或分解氧气等,多种环境生存保障必备;仅日常疏散考虑成本,可选配单一动力源的产品。4. A wide range of power sources are designed to be suitable for power recovery in common complex environments. The energy storage methods are charging or manpower or wind energy or water energy or air or solar energy or oil and gas or decomposing oxygen, etc., a variety of environmental survival guarantees necessary; only daily evacuation considerations Cost, optional products with a single power source.
5、因产品整合了日常使用的凳子或椅子,座椅或床等常用品的保障压力将明显减少,配套掩体或水路两用功能等于同时具备行军床铺或单兵工事装备,实现机器作用效能加倍或防护更安全。5. Because the product integrates daily-used stools or chairs, the support pressure of common supplies such as seats or beds will be significantly reduced. The supporting bunker or waterway function is equivalent to having a camp bed or individual fortification equipment at the same time, which can double the efficiency of the machine. Or protection is safer.
6、按需预设联动或系统预案,更能保障安全稳定快捷舒畅,免接触需求下单人专用方式防护新措施。6. Preset linkage or system plans as needed, which can ensure safety, stability, speed, comfort, and new protection measures for ordering a single person without contact.
实用场景举例:室内室外快速集结或疏散:楼层滑降或训练地移动到达等于或快于跑步;进出战车或飞机等于或快过跑步;座椅可按需配套研发成新式单兵防护携行具,仅携行具能反过来载兵水路通行;本思路重在应用现有成熟技术的优化创新,更优资源整合在短时间促进局部或整体战力的提升。Examples of practical scenarios: indoor and outdoor rapid assembly or evacuation: floor slides or training grounds move to reach equal to or faster than running; entering and leaving chariots or airplanes equal to or faster than running; seats can be developed as a new type of individual protective carrying equipment as required. Only carrying equipment can in turn carry troops through the waterway; this idea focuses on the optimization and innovation of the application of existing mature technology, and the integration of better resources can promote the improvement of local or overall combat power in a short time.
舰船配置能平移斜行升降的座椅,相比走楼梯更安全舒畅快捷,是此前电梯技术应用的再次优化升级后的一种创新方案;也是保障按需通行方案中的创新产品之一,个人或公共通 行无人驾驶车辆或设备实现了点对点门对门通达到室内对室内通达的综合实用性创新,能自行平移斜行升降的座椅或车辆等设备,在个人防护或整体防护中具有更明显的优势。认为是防护优先于权利或权利优先于防护最佳的矛盾解决方案,能避免重防护严重影响生活生产实例风险,又能避免重权利缺少防护导致多国安全严重扩大的实例。The ship is equipped with seats that can translate and tilt, which is safer, more comfortable and faster than walking stairs. It is an innovative solution after the optimization and upgrade of the previous application of elevator technology; it is also one of the innovative products in the solution to ensure on-demand access. Personal or public unmanned vehicles or equipment have realized comprehensive practical innovations of point-to-point door-to-door access to indoor-to-indoor access. Seats or vehicles that can move and tilt up and down by themselves have more advantages in personal protection or overall protection. obvious advantage. It is considered that protection takes precedence over rights or rights take precedence over protection as the best contradiction solution, which can avoid the risk of heavy protection seriously affecting life and production cases, and it can also avoid cases where heavy rights and lack of protection lead to serious expansion of multinational security.
单兵装备与日常使用例:50KG内含常见功能或提速或携带作用的装备;100KG携行用品应急集合或疏散或就近带防护挖壕;以及按需或个性化定制的设备都以跟随或配合单兵为主的宽度为限,设备折叠后宽度或高度以单兵动作尺寸为主参数,总成本等同情况下增生存机会,复杂地形下适应力更强,例如带防护板带动力的船形结构的座椅能当散兵坑用,能坐还能当梯子当滑轨等,步兵下战车时防护力增加,应急工兵作业时加了一道防护,或减少单兵携带压力;能配合单兵战车或无人单兵战车无人机运用;日常使用集训战时等综合考虑总成本宜推广实用。比如单兵防弹服与外骨骼装备与日常生活使用的座椅床铺、各类箱子背包的整合,能加快反应速度或整体联动或防护能力增加或总成本减少等。此单兵携行椅还与机械化之间增进协调,比如做为各类车辆座椅,短距快速反应或复杂环境通行或生存适应提升的一种补充方案。Individual soldier equipment and daily use examples: 50KG contains common functions or equipment for speeding up or carrying; 100KG carrying supplies for emergency assembly or evacuation or nearby protective trenches; and on-demand or personalized equipment can follow or cooperate with the order The width or height of the soldier is limited. After the equipment is folded, the width or height of the equipment is based on the size of the individual soldier. The total cost is the same to increase the chance of survival, and the adaptability is stronger under complex terrain, such as a boat-shaped structure with a protective plate and power. The seat can be used as a foxhole, can sit or be used as a ladder as a slide, etc., the protection of infantry is increased when getting off the tank, and a protection is added during emergency engineer operations, or the pressure of individual soldiers is reduced; it can cooperate with individual combat The use of unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned individual combat vehicles; daily use, training and wartime, etc., should be promoted and practical in comprehensive consideration of the total cost. For example, the integration of individual bulletproof clothing and exoskeleton equipment with the seats and beds used in daily life, various boxes and backpacks, can speed up the reaction speed or increase the overall linkage or increase the protection capacity or reduce the total cost. This single-soldier carrying chair also enhances coordination with mechanization, for example, as a supplementary solution for various types of vehicle seats, short-distance rapid response, passage in complex environments, or survival adaptation.
座椅作为最常见广泛实用的日常用品,结合后续研发能成为各种脑力或肢体辅助训练必备品,比如写字训练或画图等基础标准化,本文结合常见技术或战车配套或其它已知技术研发能快速普及的产品,能作为单兵无人战车可拆装的可移动座椅;单兵必备装备+随行座椅补充装备+战车强化装备;在资源矛盾突出下,此改进车辆或飞机适用范围更广,是相对更经济普及的方案。希望全球资源能造福更多人类。As the most common, extensive and practical daily necessities, the seat can become necessary for various mental or physical assistance training in combination with subsequent research and development, such as basic standardization such as writing training or drawing. This article combines common technology or chariot matching or other known technology research and development. A product that can be quickly popularized can be used as a removable seat for a single soldier unmanned combat vehicle; necessary equipment for individual soldiers + supplementary equipment for accompanying seats + reinforcement equipment for combat vehicles; under prominent resource conflicts, this improved vehicle or The scope of application of aircraft is wider, and it is a relatively more economical and popular solution. Hope that global resources can benefit more mankind.
常规座椅优化创新分项整合举例:1、四脚凳子或椅子的二侧或前后加上滑降装置移动装置,就等于自带了电动车电梯,加上探测感应联动装置,就能在高楼疏散中提高生存保障;2、常用凳子或椅子增加滑降设施或上下楼梯的装置;3、凳椅增加单项或多项助力源;4、凳椅增加自行移动或升降或斜行预设方案或能调整行进方式的方案;5、凳椅之间增加直接互动的预案或通过系统进行协调管控的协议;6、凳椅增加应急防控方案应对自身故障或人为故障或天灾等自然灾害时的预设方案;7、凳椅溶入本区域的规划设计或跨区域之间的规划设计之中;8、凳椅作为个人的必备保障品按需随行或分拆携带;9、整合其它救生必备品适应短时生存所需;10、整合日常生活用品适应大于一个月的正常生活保障。Conventional seat optimization and innovation sub-item integration examples: 1. A four-legged stool or chair is equipped with a sliding device on the two sides or front and rear, which is equivalent to bringing an electric car elevator, plus a detection induction linkage device, and it can be evacuated in high buildings. To improve survival; 2. Commonly used stools or chairs to increase downhill facilities or devices for going up and down stairs; 3. To increase single or multiple power sources for stools; 4. To increase the preset plan of automatic movement or lifting or slanting of stools or chairs may be adjustable Plan for the way of travel; 5. Add a plan for direct interaction between stools and chairs or an agreement for coordinated control through the system; 6. Add an emergency prevention and control plan for stools and chairs to deal with their own failures or man-made failures or natural disasters such as natural disasters. 7. Stools and chairs are integrated into the planning and design of this area or cross-regional planning and design; 8. Stools and chairs are necessary for the individual to be accompanied or carried separately as needed; 9. To integrate other life-saving necessities Adapt to the needs of short-term survival; 10. Integrate daily necessities to adapt to a normal life guarantee for more than one month.
共公休闲通道中自由预设或协定为主,专用通道一般由系统全面接管调控;考虑到不同人群的需求及普及经济实用等,上述各项推荐分为一般人员,个性显明人员,训练有素人员三类分别设计对应的产品类,有条件的可以全部按需个性化设计,通用调控标准相一致,有 利于更经济普及推广;功能上分为日常应用类或日常应用加应急救援相结合二类;各国各地区按需求决定及条件自由选择。The public leisure passage is freely preset or agreed, and the dedicated passage is generally taken over and controlled by the system; taking into account the needs of different groups of people and popularization and economical practicality, the above recommendations are divided into general staff, individuals with distinctive personality, and well-trained The three categories of personnel are designed to correspond to the corresponding product categories. If conditions permit, they can all be customized according to their needs. The general control standards are consistent, which is conducive to more economical popularization; functionally divided into daily applications or a combination of daily applications and emergency rescue. Class; countries and regions choose freely according to their needs and conditions.
特别说明:具备自行滑降的凳椅原先为解决高楼慢行人员快速有序疏散,考虑到实用率及实际生活所需及普及成本的经济性等方方面面,最终决定让坐椅具备自行升降平移斜行的能力,不同人群都适用,认为是前期容易大范围普及的最佳方案;全球疫情防控最佳的无接触法,正好防烟要求相似,配防护功能的座椅包括带密封防护罩轮椅,小团体或区域能实施小车为基本保障的疏散方案;后续保障认为是个人与团队或区域相结合的保障体系。因全球疫情等特殊原因,增强了个人基本保障必须加重防护的意识,故而防护服防护罩或其它防护品,建议随坐椅同时配备携带。此前的缓堵不停车通行方案中,已有包含个人或多人预约出行方案,公共交通每次候时建议五分钟内不超过10分钟或按预约时间;本例坐椅作为个人防护为主的补充方面,进一步弥补了公共移动车辆或设备的不足,且实现了门对门舒畅通行到室内对室内舒畅通行的扩展,含免接触式通行或交流的产品或新体系;是相比小汽车更经济、更环保、更容易普及等优点的日用品,及短时间人人都能拥有的应急疏散救援设施;带防护的舒适移动病床或者小病房等于成为可能,滑降通道让全员短时疏散及为可能;相较部分高楼一小时以上的疏散预案对应大火扩大的矛盾,以全员疏散用时1分钟或高楼8分钟的滑降设计,从无力应对到生存希望的跨越,普及推广此实用价值欢迎合作应用或合作进一步研发,加快造福全球,谢谢。Special note: The chair with self-sliding down was originally designed to solve the problem of fast and orderly evacuation of slow-moving people in tall buildings. Taking into account the practicality, actual life needs and the economy of popularization costs, it was finally decided to let the chair have self-lifting, panning, and tilting The ability of different groups of people is applicable, and it is considered to be the best solution for large-scale popularization in the early stage; the best non-contact method for global epidemic prevention and control, just like the smoke-proof requirements, the seats with protective functions include wheelchairs with sealed protective covers, Small groups or regions can implement evacuation plans with cars as the basic guarantee; follow-up guarantees are considered to be a guarantee system that combines individuals and teams or regions. Due to the global epidemic and other special reasons, it has increased the awareness that personal basic protection must be more protected. Therefore, it is recommended that protective clothing and protective covers or other protective products should be equipped with the seat at the same time. The previous plan for alleviating congestion and non-stop traffic has included individual or multi-person booking travel plans. It is recommended that no more than 10 minutes within five minutes or according to the appointment time when waiting for public transportation; in this case, the seat is mainly used for personal protection. In terms of supplements, it further compensates for the shortcomings of public mobile vehicles or equipment, and realizes the expansion of door-to-door smooth traffic to indoor-to-indoor smooth traffic, including products or new systems for contact-free traffic or communication; it is more economical than cars , Daily necessities that are more environmentally friendly and easier to popularize, and emergency evacuation and rescue facilities that everyone can have in a short time; comfortable mobile beds or small wards with protection are possible, and the downhill passage makes it possible for all personnel to evacuate in a short time. Compared with the evacuation plan of some high-rise buildings for more than one hour to respond to the conflicts of the expansion of the fire, the downhill design that takes 1 minute for all evacuation or 8 minutes for high-rise buildings, from inability to cope with the leap of hope for survival, popularizes this practical value. Welcome to cooperate or apply. Cooperate in further research and development to speed up the benefit of the world, thank you.
带防护罩的个人随行轮椅一例:采用轮椅名称主要考虑到乘车乘坐飞机等不计入行李范围,并且本文所述凳椅目标就是,例为各国个人的基本生活保障疏散等的必须品;展开后尺寸能做为床或担架,折叠收缩后携带尺寸等同小行李箱当凳子,能通过本文所述各种创新方法或已知产品相同的技术结构实现在楼道行进或平地轮椅模式等,如果军用推荐优选上述全功能全地形的结构或配装防弹板床等。An example of a personal wheelchair with a protective cover: The name of the wheelchair is mainly considered to be not included in the scope of baggage, such as taking a car or a plane, and the purpose of the chair and chair mentioned in this article is, for example, a necessary item for the evacuation of basic living security for individuals in various countries; expand The rear size can be used as a bed or stretcher, and it can be folded and contracted to carry the same size as a small suitcase as a stool. Through various innovative methods described in this article or the same technical structure of known products, it can be used in corridors or flat wheelchair modes, etc. It is recommended that the above-mentioned full-featured all-terrain structure or a ballistic board bed be equipped.
与常规凳椅或轮椅对比,主要区别特征在于:日常应用的同时能加快应急疏散或救援,适用人群更广泛或更经济或更利普及推广;采用创新的随行凳椅,类似行走上下楼梯或自带轨索上下楼梯或垂直上升下降或滑降或斜行上下高楼的方法,日常生活中实用且安全快捷外,各类应急疏散救援等场景或需防护交互场景中,明显更突出其创造性的实用价值。例如全球疫情下,乘坐电梯升降很难做到间隔控制,凳椅升降因为采用单凳或单椅自动调控升降或预约调控模式,防护间隔更有保障,每时升降能力更高或每时运营成本更低或更环保等,每3秒通过一次等于每小时升降1200人次,配套设备有升降杆或导轨或磁道或链条等成熟技术加自动调控系统或预约系统。应用场景为真正发生大火时,采用本系统滑降方案,单通 道6分钟通疏散120人次以内,所有滑降人员初期按每分钟百人设计通道数量,并定期不定期实际验证通过检测确保安全舒畅;楼道在疏散时对慢行人员非常不利,市面上能上下楼的轮椅此时很难发挥应急作用;而待消防员到场、展开火灾扑救和营救还会受到各种复杂因素的牵制和干扰,所花费的时间会更长更困难成本更高危险更大,双脚行走技术乘坐还不稳定或价格高普及难,其它行走方式受限多等,本座椅上下楼创新采用成熟的各项技术,以三个或以上支撑的创新结构,交互升降移动方式实现上下楼道台阶;包括乘扶梯,或轨绳方式拉升或转动实现上楼或重力滑降;主要优点在于技术成熟可靠,组装快捷或成本相对低兼利普及。实用场景凳椅能自行上下公共交通工具,因为不同人群都适用,公共交通座椅量将大幅减少或无固定座椅成为可能,同时也避免了一般人员与慢行人员之间的乘车用时差距;公共场所或交通工具可区分为自动通行通道或步行通道,真正实现日常化的无障碍通行利国利民,此技术普及应用在众多方面都体现了明显优势,特别是残障人员具此拥有了与一般人员相同的通行能力,专门为之建造的无障碍通道得以大幅提升使用率,或无须再专门新建此类通道,本座椅完全适应现有的常规通道的通行能力,通行速度初期按一般人员快走作为默认时速,最高不超过跑步或电动车时速标准,可按不同人群或使用区域预设或自行调控速度或所有座椅统一由系统自动调控通行受限区域时间段,人为关闭或故障等因素不受系统统一调控的,默认排序在后或直接限走其它安全通道;具备自动固定与分离此凳椅的公共交通工具为权要项之一,固定位能结合滑降固定区域或统一设定凳椅的其它区域,区别于常见的人为固定轮椅或童车等;因凳椅自备防护服或防护罩等区隔陌生人员,能实现公共交通工具自行调控间距减少人工交织感染等风险;同时记录的是椅子自动互动信号,对应的核查分级能更好保障个人隐私权等,遇感染也能快速追踪或联系到实际感染的凳椅或人员。遇到倒地路人是否应该去扶的问题也将成过去,特别是多功能救援座椅本身也是救援床时更能争抢救治时间;每个保障凳椅建议拥有全救唯一的标识,确保各区域自动调控通行的安稳舒畅,或按需自定各区域统一标识,比如同一高楼或同一街道或同一城市或同一个洲或省或国。Compared with conventional stools or wheelchairs, the main differentiating features are: daily use can speed up emergency evacuation or rescue, which is suitable for wider or more economical or popular promotion; adopts innovative accompanying stools, similar to walking up and down stairs or self-reliance. The method of going up and down stairs with rails or vertical ascent and descent or sliding down or diagonally up and down tall buildings is practical, safe and fast in daily life, and in various emergency evacuation and rescue scenes or interactive scenes that require protection, it is obviously more creative and practical. . For example, under the global epidemic, it is difficult to achieve interval control for elevator lifting. Because the chair lift adopts single stool or single chair automatic control lift or appointment control mode, the protection interval is more secure, the lifting capacity per hour is higher or the operating cost per hour is higher. Lower or more environmentally friendly, etc., one pass every 3 seconds is equivalent to 1,200 lifts per hour. The supporting equipment has mature technologies such as lifting rods, guide rails, magnetic tracks, or chains, plus an automatic control system or an appointment system. The application scenario is that when a real fire occurs, the system will use this system toll-down plan. A single channel can evacuate less than 120 people in 6 minutes. The number of channels is initially designed according to 100 people per minute for all down-boarding personnel. Regular and irregular actual verifications are carried out to ensure safety and comfort. The corridor is in place. Evacuation is very detrimental to slow-moving personnel. Wheelchairs on the market that can go up and down are difficult to play an emergency role at this time; and when firefighters arrive, fire fighting and rescue operations will be restricted and interfered by various complex factors, and the cost is The time will be longer and more difficult, the cost is higher, and the risk is greater. The two-foot walking technology is not stable or the price is high. It is difficult to popularize. Other walking methods are more limited. The seat up and down innovatively uses mature technologies. Innovative structure with one or more supports, interactive lifting and moving methods to achieve up and down stairs; including escalators, or rope way to pull or turn to achieve upstairs or gravity sliding; the main advantages are mature and reliable technology, fast assembly, or relatively low cost. universal. Practical scenarios Stools can get on and off public transportation on their own, because they are suitable for different groups of people, the number of public transportation seats will be greatly reduced or it is possible to have no fixed seats, and at the same time avoid the difference in travel time between ordinary people and slow-moving people ; Public places or means of transportation can be divided into automatic passages or pedestrian passages, realizing daily barrier-free passage and benefiting the country and the people. The popularization and application of this technology has obvious advantages in many aspects, especially for the disabled. The traffic capacity is the same as that of ordinary people, and the specially built barrier-free passage can greatly increase the utilization rate, or there is no need to build such a passage. This seat is fully adapted to the existing conventional passage capacity, and the speed of the initial passage is normal. Brisk walking is the default speed per hour, and the highest speed does not exceed the speed standard for running or electric vehicles. The speed can be preset or self-regulated according to different groups of people or use areas, or all seats are unified by the system to automatically control the restricted area time period, man-made shutdown or malfunction, etc. Factors that are not uniformly regulated by the system, the default sequence is later or directly restricted to other safe passages; public transportation with automatic fixation and separation of this stool is one of the important items, and the fixed position can be combined with the downhill fixed area or unified setting Other areas of the stool are different from the common artificial fixed wheelchairs or strollers; because the stools are equipped with protective clothing or protective covers to separate unfamiliar people, it can realize the self-regulation of the distance between public transportation vehicles to reduce the risk of artificial intertwined infection; at the same time record It is the chair's automatic interaction signal, and the corresponding verification classification can better protect personal privacy, etc., in case of infection, it can quickly track or contact the actual infected chair or person. The question of whether people should be assisted when falling on the ground will also become a thing of the past, especially when the multifunctional rescue seat itself is also a rescue bed, it can compete for the rescue time; each guarantee stool is recommended to have a unique identification for all rescues to ensure that each area Automatically regulate the stability and smoothness of traffic, or customize the unified identification of each area as needed, such as the same high-rise building or the same street or the same city or the same continent or province or country.
在各类特殊场景或个性化需求场景中,凳子或椅子或床的形状或结构可以千变化万,有条件的甚至可以让飞机或房车作为凳子或椅子使用,因本文主要考虑全球资源能更好更久的为全人类服务,总权利总效益总成本为主导思想,重点推荐各类常见的凳椅床做为功能扩展的首选;应用验证到宣传推广普及,事关各国各地区各方权利的保持或重新分派;各国各地区接受或普及时间有长短;故增加可移动滑降或上升的设备或系统做为支援后备力量,供消防或应急部门或各类救援机构的常备设备;相比高层建筑或地下工程中使用固定的升降通道;能装在各类移动车辆或飞机或船舶或其它设备进行组建凳椅升降通道,或自行移动组建 升降通道的车辆或其它各类形状结构的自行移动组建升降通道的设备;能补充现有消防救援装力量的不足之处;在探测领域或军事领域或其它需要组建升降通道的区域,推荐本文携行座椅升降系统;此设备只在相近环境中使用时,可按需设计精简实用的结构;常在不同环境中或常在不确定环境中使用中,变形结构模组化,更能应对各类复杂环境中安全稳定的组建升降通道,或快捷组建回收此凳椅升降通道,此设备包括动力结构,通道连接模组,探测计算模组,预设移动方案或系统调控模组,自检提醒或自检调控模组,各移动升降联动或合并模组;理论上本移动系统能在短时间内组建几十米到几百米高的升降通道,或短时间内组建几米至几万米的轨道或绳索通道,用于运送人员或物资等。本产品主要承担每米承重300KG以内人员或物资,1万吨物资按20公里时速送到百公里外,用时按一切顺利预计在6小时,为人抬肩背或空降或车辆运送,增加了一条新的输送方法,供实测验证再进一步改良固化;例如粮食与水常见包装重量在5到50KG,通过移动座椅再分送各分散需要的点;本文所述的产品含有此前疏散或救生用品的众多优点外,最大的创新优点在于,多优点的整合优化后,实现了从救生需要众多训练甚至需要附合条件的人员才能使用,转变为大部分人群都适用且只需少量练习或无须练习的跨越;或事后救援转为事前预防自救为主的跨越;从应急自主行动转向集体预案疏散或救援为主;从各救援设备相互独立作业转向各救援设备能相互组合扩展模式;单座椅无法通过的河道或坡道,N个水上座椅能组成船式或索桥或轨道实现过河或过坡;有点类似舟桥编组过河但又有很大不同;能在建筑中升降的座椅,配合缆车能实现更宽广的通道规划,把观光为主的缆车,配上本座椅正好实现了两者之间的优势互补,更多更好的溶入到日常出行中;座椅可以开进缆厢中,也可以直接脱挂在索轨上等,座椅之间能自动协调,进行缆车区别能被缆车系统直接管控排序时速等;缆车通道两点之间运行扩展到能多点运行上下人员或货物;特别是高层之间或高落差区域的通道建造,是常见的高速道路最强有力的补充,相近设备或可能相撞或拥堵的联动协调预制标准协议,或系统区域内自动接管或分流阻控的能力至关重要,这是与汽车人员控制为主或系统提醒为主的重大区别。In various special scenes or personalized demand scenes, the shape or structure of stools or chairs or beds can be varied. If conditions permit, airplanes or RVs can even be used as stools or chairs, because this article mainly considers global resources to be better Serve all mankind for a longer time, with total rights, total benefits, and total costs as the leading idea, and focus on recommending all kinds of common stools and beds as the first choice for function expansion; application verification to publicity and popularization are related to the rights of all countries and regions. Keep or redistribute; countries and regions have a long time to accept or popularize; therefore, add movable downhill or ascending equipment or systems as a backup force for the standing equipment of fire or emergency departments or various rescue agencies; compared with high-rise buildings Or use a fixed lifting channel in underground engineering; it can be installed in various mobile vehicles or aircraft or ships or other equipment to form a stool and chair lifting channel, or a vehicle that can be moved to form a lifting channel or other various shapes and structures can be self-moving to form a lifting channel Channel equipment; it can supplement the deficiencies of the existing fire rescue equipment; in the detection field or military field or other areas that need to build a lifting channel, it is recommended to carry a seat lifting system in this article; this equipment is only used in a similar environment, It can design streamlined and practical structures as required; often used in different environments or often in uncertain environments, the deformed structure is modularized, and it is more able to cope with the safe and stable construction of lifting channels in various complex environments, or the quick construction and recovery of this Stool and chair lift channel, this equipment includes power structure, channel connection module, detection calculation module, preset movement plan or system control module, self-check reminder or self-check control module, each moving lifting linkage or merging module; Theoretically, the mobile system can build a lifting channel with a height of tens of meters to a few hundred meters in a short time, or a track or a rope channel with a height of a few meters to tens of thousands of meters in a short time to transport people or materials. This product is mainly responsible for personnel or materials with a load of less than 300KG per meter. 10,000 tons of materials are delivered to 100 kilometers away at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. The time is expected to be 6 hours for people carrying their shoulders or airborne or vehicle transportation. A new item is added. For example, the common packaging weight of grain and water is 5 to 50KG, which is distributed to the points needed for dispersion through mobile seats; the products described in this article contain many previous evacuation or life-saving supplies. In addition to the advantages, the biggest innovative advantage is that after the integration and optimization of multiple advantages, it has realized the leap from lifesaving requiring a lot of training or even qualified personnel to use, to being suitable for most people and requiring only a small amount of practice or no practice. ; Or after the rescue is turned into a pre-prevention self-rescue-based leap; from emergency autonomous action to collective plan evacuation or rescue; from the independent operation of rescue equipment to each rescue equipment can be combined with each other expansion mode; single seat can not pass through River or ramp, N water seats can form a boat or cable bridge or track to cross a river or a slope; it is a bit similar to a boat bridge grouping to cross a river but is very different; a seat that can be raised and lowered in a building is matched The cable car can realize wider passage planning. The sightseeing-oriented cable car with this seat just realizes the complementary advantages between the two, and it can be more and better integrated into the daily travel; the seat can be driven into the cable In the car, it can also be directly detached on the cable track, etc., the seats can be automatically coordinated, and the cable car distinction can be directly controlled by the cable car system, sorting speed, etc.; the operation between two points of the cable car channel can be extended to multiple points to run up and down personnel Or cargo; especially the construction of corridors between high-rises or high-drop areas is the most powerful supplement to common expressways, similar equipment or may collide or congestion linkage coordination prefabricated standard agreement, or automatic takeover or shunt resistance in the system area The ability to control is very important, which is a major difference from car personnel control or system reminder.
家家户户或者人人都配有此座椅情况下,各类外送品在小区大门或大楼门前交接能成主流,机器人送货同样需消毒检测或隔离保持距离;避免各类不安全因素在楼内交接增加不可控风险;上述内容及保障按需通行的方法供各方参考或合作,保障按需通行和本升降系统或电梯或凳椅或床等常见的各类产品,适合军用民用,欢迎各市或各地区或国家机构或企业对接合作验证研发生产推广,本文申请后在公开实审前不主动修改,早日公开希望能早日造福社会或提升个人应急防护保障标准提升安全感健康幸福感,国泰民安!希望能让各行业启迪出更好更佳的思路方法,更好的为人类造福保护全球。When every household or everyone is equipped with this seat, all kinds of delivery products can be mainstreamed at the gate of the community or in front of the building, and the robot delivery also needs to be disinfected and tested or isolated to keep a distance; avoid all kinds of unsafe factors in the building Handover increases uncontrollable risks; the above content and methods to ensure on-demand access are for reference or cooperation by all parties, to ensure on-demand access and various common products such as this lifting system or elevator, stool, chair or bed, suitable for military and civilian use, welcome to all cities Or various regional or national institutions or enterprises will cooperate to verify R&D, production and promotion. After applying for this article, we will not actively modify it before the public review. We hope that it will benefit the society as soon as possible or improve the personal emergency protection protection standards and enhance the sense of safety, health, and happiness. It is hoped that various industries can inspire better and better ideas and methods to better benefit mankind and protect the world.
推荐理由:打通一条可供汽车通行的道路,所需时间或成本或维护难度要比一条能自行组建的通道高几倍到几十倍,因采用自行移动探测等设备,特定环境下更能保障救援人员安全;多模块组合可以增加承载量,适用于较大跨度的区域,比如跨越10米河沟或街区,每米承载1吨以上的通道理论同样可行,作为上述装备的配选补充,但不在本文推荐范围,本文重点推荐的都是可短时间内验证应用或量产或推广普及的实用性产品或系统或方法;这也是重点推荐座椅升降通道的必然,日常需求与疏散或救援相结合,一般人员或特训员或移动缓慢人群都可快速适应使用;不同群体有各自独立的通道互不干扰,混合通行则通过本座椅通道,自动调控统一到,有序的安稳舒畅环境中;区域组建的通道,能适合不同尺寸的座椅或车辆或其它产品,节能高效实用结合,快速普及仅推荐相同或相近原则。Recommended reason: to open a road for cars, the time or cost or maintenance difficulty is several times to several tens of times higher than that of a channel that can be built by itself. Because of the use of self-moving detection and other equipment, it can be more guaranteed under certain circumstances. Rescuers are safe; multi-module combination can increase the carrying capacity, and is suitable for larger span areas, such as crossing 10 meters of rivers or blocks, and the theory of passages that carry more than 1 ton per meter is also feasible, as a supplement to the above equipment, but not The scope of this article's recommendation, this article mainly recommends practical products or systems or methods that can be used to verify the application or mass production or popularization in a short time; this is also the inevitable recommendation of the seat lift channel, and the daily needs are combined with evacuation or rescue. , General personnel, special trainers, or slow-moving people can quickly adapt to use; different groups have their own independent passages without interfering with each other, and mixed traffic passes through the seat passage, automatically controlled and unified, in an orderly, stable and comfortable environment; The channel formed by the area can be suitable for seats or vehicles of different sizes or other products. It is energy-saving, efficient and practical, and only the same or similar principles are recommended for rapid popularization.

Claims (12)

  1. 一种保障按需通行的方法:特征在于,规划设计按区域总用时总需求,道路维修改建周期,综合能力进行道路规划为专用道和休闲道,起点上做到周期内满足区域总需求目标;安稳舒畅通行道路以固定最大通行量配合一至二级服务水平计算,超过二级服务水平的流量进行引导或限制,或按各国地区通行需求定服务水平,超过已有路网设计通行量的临时或突发预测量部分,按预案走机动道路规划设计。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The characteristic is that the planning and design is based on the total time and total demand of the area, the road maintenance and construction cycle are modified, and the road is planned into dedicated lanes and recreational roads with comprehensive capabilities, and the goal of meeting the total regional demand within the cycle is achieved from the starting point; Stable and smooth roads are calculated based on the fixed maximum traffic volume with the first to second service levels, and the traffic exceeding the second service level is guided or restricted, or the service level is determined according to the traffic demand of various countries and regions, and the temporary or temporary traffic volume exceeds the designed traffic volume of the existing road network. For the part of the emergency forecast, follow the planning and design of the maneuverable road according to the emergency plan.
  2. 根据权利要求1所述一种保障按需通行的方法:道路网络为常见道路网的组合,即井字形+菱形+其它外形,主要特征是,斜线互通道路密集规划;或存在具有上下高低落差的穿跨互通的二层结构,高低落差结构指一条道路行驶方向不同的车道存在高低结构,高低部位有转向车道跨越另一侧道路,或转向连接道跨越相交道路的结构;或存在靠右行相交靠左行的左右互通结构,左右互通结构为跨线相交,二层外观U形或n形或m形,4个U形有8个连接道,连接道在中间位置四个方向各一个连接道或有更多的连接道,例如每个方向有二个连接道是前后设置;专用道细分的汽车专用道特征是:进出口或车道中,配有引导分流信号或阻止通行设备,促成至少有一个车道或一个层面,能在1秒至600秒内,流量超值自行调控或人工按需转换;对比高速公路:专用道相交合流或分流增加调控信号或阻断设备;或二层以上道路与二幢以上建筑,平行连接或存在升降通道结构。A method for guaranteeing on-demand traffic according to claim 1: The road network is a combination of common road networks, that is, tic-tac-toe + rhombus + other shapes, the main feature is the dense planning of diagonal crossing roads; or there is a height difference between up and down The high-low drop structure refers to the high-low structure of a lane with different driving directions, and the high-low part has a turning lane across the other side of the road, or a turning link across the intersecting road structure; or there is a right-hand drive The left and right intercommunication structure that intersects to the left. The left and right intercommunication structure is cross-line intersecting. The appearance of the second floor is U-shaped or n-shaped or m-shaped. There are 8 connecting channels in the 4 U-shapes, and the connecting channels are connected in each of the four directions in the middle. For example, there are two connecting lanes in each direction, which are set up front and back; the characteristics of the car lanes subdivided by dedicated lanes are: entrances and exits or lanes are equipped with guiding and diversion signals or blocking devices to facilitate There is at least one lane or one level, and the flow can be adjusted automatically or manually on demand within 1 second to 600 seconds; compared with expressways: dedicated roads intersect or diverge, increase control signals or block equipment; or above the second floor The road is connected in parallel with two or more buildings, or there is a lift channel structure.
  3. 根据权利要求1权利要求2所述一种保障按需通行的方法:特征在于,供无人驾驶的公共交通专用道;按顺预约通行优先,各区域设有预约互动系统或终端,监测预警设备,或宣传引导分流补偿管控,或有限制超量进入,实现道路功能或行驶方向转换的设备;道路上有拥堵预约调控设施,前置保障道路或路网舒畅通;或采用创新穿跨互通或左右互通结构的小型车专用道路。The method for guaranteeing on-demand traffic according to claim 1 and claim 2 is characterized in that public transportation lanes for unmanned driving; priority is given to traffic according to the schedule, and each area is equipped with an appointment interactive system or terminal, and monitoring and early warning equipment , Or publicize and guide diversion compensation control, or have equipment that restricts excessive entry to realize road function or driving direction conversion; there are congestion reservation control facilities on the road, and the road or road network is guaranteed to be smooth in advance; or innovative cross-over intercommunication or A dedicated road for small cars with a left-right intercommunication structure.
  4. 一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征在于,相交道路为二层,道路侧边或中间,有一组连接道或更多连接道是前后上坡或下坡组成的结构,上下坡道同在前后路口之间这段道路上或两者距离5M至1000M范围内;或者道路侧边与中间,四个方向各有一组连接道与上下层道路相连的结构,每组连接道平行对称,每组连接道有二条或以上。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The main feature is that the intersecting road is on the second floor, and on the side or in the middle of the road, there is a group of connecting roads or more connecting roads that are composed of front and back uphill or downhill structures, and the up and down slopes are in the same place. On the road between the front and rear intersections or within the range of 5M to 1000M between the two; or the side and the middle of the road, there is a structure in which a set of connecting roads are connected to the upper and lower roads in each of the four directions. Each group of connecting roads is parallel and symmetrical. There are two or more connecting roads.
  5. 一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征是,相交道路是二层结构;至少有一条道路中,全部或部分路段行驶方向不同的车道之间,存在高低落差结构;道路转向连接道左右对称或前后设置结构。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The main feature is that the intersecting road has a two-story structure; at least one road has a high-low drop structure between all or part of the lanes with different driving directions; the road turning link is symmetrical or symmetrical. Set the structure before and after.
  6. 一种保障按需通行的方法:保障特征在于,设置有部分车道或全部车道能按规则停车或申请停车的道路结构,这类道路或车道没有设置下限车速;其它车道定义为畅通车道救援车道禁停;道路中按照行车停车警示的安全距离,设有自动提醒标识或有取代人工应急放置标识的设备,或设有违停即封道设备或预警调控救援设施,保障道路畅通;道路中的提醒标识或管控措施,包括带有检测车速或信息互动的系统,以及按预设启动管控设施的反应装置。A method of guaranteeing on-demand traffic: The guarantee is characterized by the establishment of a road structure where some or all of the lanes can park or apply for parking in accordance with the rules. Such roads or lanes are not set with a lower speed limit; other lanes are defined as unobstructed lanes and rescue lanes are prohibited. Stop; the road is equipped with automatic reminder signs or equipment that replaces manual emergency placement signs according to the safe distance of the driving and parking warning, or is equipped with road closure equipment or early warning control and rescue facilities to ensure the smooth flow of the road; reminders on the road Identification or control measures, including systems with detecting vehicle speed or information interaction, and response devices that activate control facilities according to presets.
  7. 一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征在于,道路结构为模块化拼装或预制件;钢混结构拼装模块或预制件尺寸范围:长5米至45米X宽1米至28米X高0.3米至10米,或预制件尺寸等于大于10米X 5 米X 2.5米集成管网照明信号防水防火防损调控单元系统,安装检测通过即可使用;或者道路结构为模块二层或三层结构的预制件,主要特征是集成管网照明信号防损调控单元,可自行移动,特定节日集会或临时救援通行,快速应急设备。A method to ensure traffic on demand: The main feature is that the road structure is modular assembly or prefabricated parts; the size range of steel-concrete structure assembly modules or prefabricated parts: length 5 meters to 45 meters X width 1 meter to 28 meters X height 0.3 Meters to 10 meters, or the size of the prefabricated parts is equal to or greater than 10 meters X 5 meters X 2.5 meters. Integrated pipe network lighting signal waterproof, fireproof and loss prevention control unit system, which can be used after installation and inspection; or the road structure is a modular two-story or three-story structure The main feature of the prefabricated parts is the integrated pipe network lighting signal loss prevention and control unit, which can be moved by itself, specific festival gatherings or temporary rescue passes, and rapid emergency equipment.
  8. 一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征是,相交道路中,同一走向道路上存在靠右行靠左行结构;或一条道路设有靠右行驶方向标或信号,与之相交道路设有靠左行驶标识或信号的结构;道路或路口区域,能有或没有通行信号调控设备,指示信号或阻断设施是光栅或投影或杆栏等常见产品或改良产品,路口有许可行人与慢行工具通行设施或禁止行人与慢行工具通行的信号或设备。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The main feature is that in the intersecting roads, there is a right-driving and left-driving structure on the same direction road; or a road is equipped with a right-driving direction sign or signal, and the intersecting road is equipped with a road The structure of the left-hand driving sign or signal; the road or intersection area may or may not have access signal control equipment, the indicating signal or blocking device is a common product or improved product such as grating or projection or railing, and there are permitted pedestrians and slow-moving tools at the intersection Passage facilities or signals or equipment that prohibit pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles from passing.
  9. 一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征在于,相交道路为二层或以上结构,相交道路的四个方向各有二条连接道路或更多的连接道;至少有一层结构是仅供车辆行驶的或能在同平面路口范围换乘。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The main feature is that the intersecting road is a two-story or above structure, and there are two or more connecting roads in each of the four directions of the intersecting road; at least one structure is for vehicles only Or you can transfer within the same plane intersection.
  10. 一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征在于,换乘区设在同一平面的路口范围,路口范围指相交路口区域或路口四角位置,或路口范围指相交道路任何一个方向换乘距离在200米以内。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The main feature is that the transfer area is set in the intersection area on the same plane. The intersection area refers to the intersection area or the four corners of the intersection, or the intersection range refers to the intersection of the road and the transfer distance in any direction of 200 meters Within.
  11. 一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征在于,每街区或村落,或全市公里道路网范围内,按预设线路或引导线路,通过提前预约互动系统,定点发车或门对门匹配接送,24小时服务稳定的公共交通;街区范围或道路上使用的交通工具,指具有预设开车停车规则线路的无人驾驶工具,或按需预约互动系统完成接送的移动工具,能与地铁互补或常见公交延伸,或成独立体系。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The main feature is that within each block or village, or within the city’s kilometer road network, according to the preset route or guiding route, through the interactive system of advance reservation, fixed-point departure or door-to-door matching shuttle, 24 hours Public transportation with stable service; the vehicles used in the block area or on the road refer to the unmanned vehicles with preset driving and parking rules, or the mobile vehicles with the on-demand booking interactive system to complete the shuttle, which can complement the subway or extend the common bus , Or into an independent system.
  12. 一种保障按需通行的方法:主要特征在于,公共交通使用创新的运行方法,创新的运行方法是预约互动优先通行或六站通达稳时公交系统;或使用创新措施保障道路不停车通行的方法,道路不停车通行方法指,相交路口采用靠左行靠右行实现互通的方法或预约互动通行系统通过引导分流调控保障道路舒畅的方法,预约互动通行系统能按预设自动执行或面对临时超量车流自动引导分流或人工调控。A method to ensure on-demand traffic: The main feature is that public transportation uses innovative operating methods, which are to make appointments for interactive priority access or six-stop access to the stable bus system; or use innovative measures to ensure non-stop traffic on roads , The method of road non-stop passage refers to the method of crossing left and right to achieve intercommunication or the method of booking interactive traffic system to ensure road smoothness through guidance and diversion control. The booking interactive traffic system can be automatically executed according to preset or face temporary Excess traffic flow is automatically guided or adjusted manually.
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