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The invention relates to an avian medicine, in particular to a medicine for curing avian infectious bronchitis. The medicine provided by the invention contains: 100 to 150 parts of blackberry lily by weight , 80 to 100 parts of ephedra by weight , 80 to 100 parts of earthworm by weight, 80 to 100 portions of subprostrate sophora by weight, 80 to 100 parts of aster by weight, 80 to 200 parts of hyacinth bletilla by weight, 30 to 50 parts of ballonflower root by weight, 80 to 100 parts of Chinese magnolia vine fruit by weight, 80 to 100 parts of peony tree root bark by weight and 80 to 100 parts of dark plum by weight.


A kind of medicine for the treatment of infectious bronchitis of fowl
Technical field
The present invention relates to the medicine that a stud bird is used, particularly a kind of medicine that is used for the treatment of infectious bronchitis of fowl.Fowl of the present invention is to constitute with plant amedica and insecticide with medicine.
Background technology
Infectious bronchitis of chicken (IB) is the viral disease of a kind of acute, the height contagious infection of the chicken that caused by infectious bronchitis virus IBV.Main infringement chicken respiratory system, the genito-urinary system digestive system etc. of unifying.IBV all can cause in various degree harm to the chicken of each age in days, and chickling infects the back and often causes death owing to respiratory tract or nephropathy, and general death rate is 20-30%.From reported first in 1931 in more than 70 year become main respiratory infectious bronchitis (IB) with respiratory tract disease since, show as infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) strain of different tissues preferendum clinically, just constantly separated and evaluation is come out, the IBV that has reported has serotype more than 26 kinds both at home and abroad, and the pathogenic great changes that also thereupon taken place, clinical symptoms and pathological change also change along with pathogenic variation.Successively the respiratory tract type occurs having a liking for, had a liking for the kidney type, had a liking for visible peristalsis visible intestinal peristalsis and had a liking for IBV such as glandular stomach type.Laying hen shows as serious respiratory symptom and watery diarrhea after infecting, dead increasing, and egg production and egg quality descend; Chickling suffers from the renal type infectious bronchitis disease, and fallopian tube arrest of development even fallopian tube tube wall filming include big water gaging liquid, causes nearly 40% hen total crop failure; Glandular stomach type IB chickling mortality rate can be up to 95%.The situation occurred of the world and China IB shows, from traditional IB (have a liking for the respiratory tract type and have a liking for the reproductive tract type), every 20-30 a kind of new clinical manifestation form just appears almost, and use the rapid increase of kind along with world commerce and vaccine, the variation of this IBV tissue tropism is in continuous speed-raising, and the variation of IBV has caused very big economic loss for worldwide poultry husbandry.According to " world poultry " data in 1999, the most serious with respiratory system disease in the global fowl diseases, wherein IB is the principal disease of the most of area harm in world poultry husbandry.Since 1998, IB is popular in succession in the most of area of China, and the sickness rate in epidemic-stricken area can reach 100%, and mortality rate can reach 10-30%.Only domestic every year, the sick thus economic loss that causes reached more than 1,000,000,000 yuan to the part in scale chicken farm statistics in 1996.Under the large-scale breeding condition, the IB infection rate is higher, and sick type is complicated more, and difficulty of prevention and cure is bigger, endangers more violent.
In sum, infectious bronchitis sickness rate height, popular extensive, nearly all chicken farm all is difficult to escape by luck.In the modern scale animal and poultry cultivation; infectious bronchitis be influence animal growth and development, the fertility performance of bringing into normal play and the principal element that improves survival rate, it is to cause one of plant's benefit main reasons for decrease that production loss that this disease causes and the funds that are used for this disease control are paid.The clinical no matter professional veterinary person Chang Shouxian that still do not raise chickens carries out symptomatic treatment at this disease principal character dyspnea, serious diarrhoea etc.Glucocorticosteroid hormones such as antiviral agents, broad ectrum antibiotic even dexamethasone also become first-selected or requisite auxiliary therapeutic agent.Clinical treatment for many years fact proved, though complex treatment measure such as adopt multiple medicine cooperation, escalated dose, extend the period of treatment, not only produce little effect, and because long-term antiviral, the anti-microbial type medicine blindly abused, on the one hand, cause body specific immunity and self-defense function to reduce, have a strong impact on viral disease routine immunization effect, increased suitable difficulty for effective prevention and control of infectious disease.On the other hand,, become human health and life security potential threat, be not suitable for the requirement of current healthy aquaculture fully because clinical non-rational use of drug causes egg, meat product antiviral, antibiotic and the residual of anti-microbial type chemicals to exceed standard.Effective Chinese medicine preparation of screening and preparation under Chinese veterinarian's theoretical direction, be used for this disease control, can effectively slow down its generation and popular, also avoid antiviral agents, the unreasonable application of antibiotic mushroom medicine and the drug residue in the fowl egg product simultaneously, the laying hen healthy aquaculture is had practical significance.
The research of this sick herbal medicine research of relevant in recent years treatment or natural drug is in the ascendant, especially the research of herbal medicine, but because the clinical general character of different serotypes infectious bronchitis has all been ignored in nearly all research, the different serotypes infectious bronchitis is studied as various disease, also all only at the infectious bronchitis of a certain serotype, this brings great trouble for undoubtedly the medical treatment of infectious bronchitis to the medicine of being developed.So still there be not the active drug of while at present at breathing pattern, kidney type, visible peristalsis visible intestinal peristalsis and renal type infectious bronchitis.
Chinese invention patent application 200710133020.6 discloses a kind of Chinese medicine for the treatment of infectious bronchitis of fowl, belongs to the bronchitic Chinese medicine of treatment fowl.Prescription: respectively 13 kilograms of Fructus Perillae, Fructus Forsythiae, Flos Chrysanthemi, Folium Isatidiss; Respectively 10 kilograms of Flos Lonicerae, Semen Armeniacae Amarum, Radix Platycodonis, Herba Andrographis, respectively 15 kilograms in Ramulus Cinnamomi, Semen Lepidii (Semen Descurainiae), the Radix Astragali, Poria, respectively 18 kilograms in rake leaf, Herba Houttuyniae, Gypsum Fibrosum, each 20 kilograms in Herba Ephedrae, Radix Glycyrrhizae.The material that makes up a prescription in the prescription all uses natural Chinese herbal medicines, adds that then traditional concocting method is made.
Chinese invention patent application 200610130541.1 discloses a kind of Chinese medicine granules with cough and asthma relieving efficacy, comprises Herba Ephedrae, Semen Armeniacae Amarum, Gypsum Fibrosum, Radix Glycyrrhizae four Chinese medicine.Mainly be applicable to diseases such as tame infectious bronchitis of fowl, infectious laryngotracheitis, chronic respiratory tract disease, infective rhinitis.
Chinese invention patent application 200610013143.1 discloses a kind of herbal medicine for the treatment of respiratory disease of birds, and its feature is formulated by the following portions by weight mixing Chinese medicinal herbs: 1~5 part on Folium Mori, 1~4 part of Radix Peucedani, 1~5 part in Herba Ephedrae, 1~5 part in Gypsum Fibrosum, 1~4 part in Semen Armeniacae Amarum, 1~4 part of Bulbus Lilii, 1~3 part of Radix Adenophorae; Above-mentioned each component is ground into behind the powder uniform mixing in proportion, can makes.
Chinese invention patent application 200710123068.9 discloses a kind of Chinese medicine composition that is used to prevent and treat poultry respiratory tract diseases, and this Chinese medicine composition contains: Flos Lonicerae, Herba Houttuyniae, Herba Ephedrae, Gypsum Fibrosum, Folium Isatidis, Semen Armeniacae Amarum, dried tangerine peel, Radix Platycodonis, Radix Glycyrrhizae.
Summary of the invention
The invention provides the medicine of a kind of fowl of Chinese medicine formation, both constituted compound medicine by plant amedica and insecticide medicine combination and compatibility with the treatment infectious bronchitis.
Medicine of the present invention consists of: Rhizoma Belamcandae 100-150 weight portion, Herba Ephedrae 80-100 weight portion, Pheretima 80-100 weight portion, Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis 80-100 weight portion, Radix Asteris 80-100 weight portion, Pseudobulbus Bletillae (Rhizoma Bletillae) 80-100 weight portion, Radix Platycodonis 30-50 weight portion, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis 80-100 weight portion, Cortex Moutan 80-100 weight portion, Fructus Mume 80-100 weight portion.
Medicine of the present invention can directly be used described drug powder, both that each medicinal plants and insecticide is directly edible through pulverizing, or use after making granule, also can will use water extraction behind Rhizoma Belamcandae, Herba Ephedrae, Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis, Radix Asteris, the Pseudobulbus Bletillae (Rhizoma Bletillae), Radix Platycodonis, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis, Cortex Moutan, each medicine pulverize separately of Fructus Mume, extracting solution is carried out dried, and the weight ratio of forming by medicine according to the prescription compatibility again after the drying is got each extract and the preparation of Pheretima powder mix homogeneously.
Rhizoma Belamcandae, Herba Ephedrae, Pheretima, Pseudobulbus Bletillae (Rhizoma Bletillae) depressed lung-energy dispersing are principal agent in the prescription of the present invention; Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis, Radix Asteris pharynx-clearing throat-benefiting, preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing are ministerial drug; It is adjuvant drug that Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis, Fructus Mume are restrained astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating; It is messenger drug that Cortex Moutan blood circulation promoting competent silt, Radix Platycodonis priming are gone into lung.
More than 10 flavor Chinese medicines, pulverize, cross 60 mesh sieves, mixing is promptly.Have functions such as depressed lung-energy dispersing, preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing, nourishing YIN and clearing away heat, convergence be astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating, be used for the treatment of the different serotypes infectious bronchitis of chicken.Every day, per kilogram of body weight chicken consumption was 0.5-1.0g, during use medicine was evenly sneaked in morning and evening two feedstuffs logotype 5-7 days.
Basic ideas of the present invention are:
Lung qi dispersing method-lung can respectful falling, breathe heavily cool down flat;
The clear larynx profit of expelling phlegm method-pharynx, expectorantization are coughed and are ended;
Convergence method-convergence lung qi, the diprophylline that disappears is coughed;
Arresting discharge-relieving diarrhea with astringents, treating both the exterior and interior at the same time.
The present invention is to this modern veterinary infectious disease of infectious bronchitis, from Chinese veterinarian's organic conception, utilization Chinese veterinarian's method of syndrome differentiation and reason, method, side, medicine principle, pattern of syndrome, treatment rule and the prescription medication of different serotypes infectious bronchitis have been determined to comprise, success each serotype infectious bronchitis is summarized among the same pattern of syndrome solved the trouble that same disease brings for diagnosis, treatment because of serotype is different.This prescription selects YAOJING good, and compatibility is rigorous, monarch, and each takes charge of its merit, brings out the best in each other.
The present invention is on the basis of having studied different serotypes infectious bronchitis clinical manifestation, pathological change, conclude, analyze according to Chinese veterinarian's theory, according to the existing distinctive separately Clinical symptoms of different serotypes infectious bronchitis, the characteristic that common clinical manifestation is also arranged, these common performances are included among Chinese veterinarian's lung, spleen, the kidney three dirty physiological functions, its main diseases because of with the evil lung of violating of epidemic disease, impairment of dispersing and descending function of the lung, turbid phlegm obstructing in the lung are relevant.Because lung loses logical the accent, influences the ascending the clear and descending the turbid of spleen, the liquid metabolism of kidney water and stomach, intestinal and the normal physiological function of separating the useful from the waste.The present invention is the principles of formulating prescriptions with traditional Chinese veterinary medicine method of syndrome differentiation and reason, method, side, medicine, eliminating the phlegm, restrain astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating with depressed lung-energy dispersing, moistening and cleaning throat is the main rule of treatment, the Chinese medicine compound Rhizoma Belamcandae Herba Ephedrae Pheretima that filters out looses, can be applicable to effective treatment of breathing pattern, kidney type, visible peristalsis visible intestinal peristalsis and glandular stomach type infectious bronchitis, antiviral, antibiotics that alternative or alternative to a certain extent tradition is used, therefore, this invention is effective measures of control infectious bronchitis of chicken.
Following advantage of the present invention:
1. medicine meets the industrial policy of national veterinary drug exploitation and Fowl meat, poultry egg food safe requirement, be of value to the development of China's poultry husbandry healthy aquaculture, has important practical usage, the requirement that meets modern veterinary drug scientific and technological enterprises' sustainable development and constantly bring forth new ideas to producing the green non-pollution poultry product.
2. satisfy the needs of new veterinary drug of independent intellectual property rights and Chinese herbal medicine modernization development for animals.
The bulk drug for livestock that has China's independent intellectual property right since the establishment of the nation is no more than 4, and most western veterinary drug preparations still have the situation that depends on the imported raw material medicine, and this becomes the bottleneck of the better faster development of Chinese veterinary drug undoubtedly.After the China's entry into the WTO, the veterinary drug industry must already integrate with international counterparts, and therefore, the new veterinary drug of safety that exploitation has independent intellectual property rights has been trend of the times, and is very urgent.Requirement according to state food drug safety and veterinary drug GMP standard; under Chinese veterinarian's theoretical direction; strengthen the research and development of Chinese herbal medicine for animals and natural drug; make herbal medicine production realize technical modernization, quality standardization and product scale; just can give full play to the Chinese herbal medicine traditional advantage; could promote the health of Chinese herbal medicine industry for animals that the supervention exhibition is arranged, finally drive the self-growth of homemade veterinary drug and move towards internationalization.
3. stability of drug is good.
The specific embodiment
Various medicine of the present invention accurately takes by weighing in following ratio, and drying is pulverized, and crosses 60 mesh sieves, mixing, and packing is standby.
Rhizoma Belamcandae 1.5kg, Herba Ephedrae 1kg, Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis 1kg, Radix Asteris 1kg, Pheretima 1kg, Pseudobulbus Bletillae (Rhizoma Bletillae) 1kg, Cortex Moutan 1kg, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis 1kg, Fructus Mume 1kg, Radix Platycodonis 0.5kg
The test of pesticide effectiveness before clinical:
Treatment laying hen respiratory infectious bronchitis clinical effectiveness
Respiratory infectious bronchitis natural occurrence laying hen group is selected in test, totally 4260, randomly draw wherein 540, be divided into " Rhizoma Belamcandae Herba Ephedrae Pheretima looses " group (establishing 0.5 gram/sky/kg body weight group and 1.0 gram/skies/kg body weight group simultaneously), medicine matched group (moroxydine 50.0mg/ days/kg body weight group and 100.0mg/ days/kg body weight group) and blank group (establishing 2 groups simultaneously).With each group medicine, evenly sneak into corresponding daily ration, 7 days experimental periods.The result: " Rhizoma Belamcandae Herba Ephedrae Pheretima loose " group average mortality is 0.55%, moroxydine group average mortality is 4.45%, blank group average mortality is 5.55%; The average laying rate of " Rhizoma Belamcandae Herba Ephedrae Pheretima looses " group improves 6.85%, 6.9% respectively than medicine contrast and the average laying rate of blank group.
Treatment Nephropathogenic infectious bronchitis clinical effectiveness
The renal type infectious bronchitis egg of choosing 27 ages in days is divided into three groups, 500 every group at random with 1500 of chickling.The I group is drunk water with 0.5%NaHCO3 and is treated, and the II group is the blank group, and the III group is treated with the diffusing 0.5g/kg body weight spice of Rhizoma Belamcandae Herba Ephedrae Pheretima, treats continuously 7 days.Result of the test: I group, II group, III group mortality rate are respectively 5% (25/500), 23.8% (119/500), 5.4% (27/500).After medication preceding 2 days of I group, in the test chicken feces white urate more, the 3rd day after the treatment is normal gradually, but still comparatively thin; The 3rd day fully shaping of the feces of III group experimental chicken after treatment, feed intake recovers fast than other two groups.
Treatment glandular stomach type infectious bronchitis clinical effectiveness
Selecting diagnosis by experiment and pathology to cut open the inspection comprehensive diagnos is that glandular stomach type infectious bronchitis natural occurrence chicken group carries out clinical efficacy and tests, 4 groups of totally 8260 plumages.The different batches test chicken is divided into " Rhizoma Belamcandae Herba Ephedrae Pheretima looses " group and matched group." " Rhizoma Belamcandae Herba Ephedrae Pheretima loose " with the dosage spice of 0.5 gram/sky/kg body weight, used 10 days continuously, matched group does not add any medicine.After the medication, the chicken of " Rhizoma Belamcandae Herba Ephedrae Pheretima looses " group is mined massively to eat and increases, and spirit takes a turn for the better gradually, and feces is become sticky by rare, is tending towards being shaped at the 6th day feces of medication, and diarrhoea stopped in the 9th day, and stool colour is normal, and the state of an illness is controlled.Experimental period,, test group accumulative total average mortality descended 19.49% before than medication, and test group descends 20.59% than the mortality rate of matched group.
The safety evaluatio experiment: white mice acute toxicity filling excess of the stomach is tested and is failed to measure half lethal dose (LD50), so further measure being subjected to the reagent thing to carry out maximum tolerated dose (LD0) routinely.By maximum tolerance determination, calculate the actual dosage of mice, that is: 0.4ml/10g body weight * 3 * 50% * 100 * 3.33g/ml=199.8g/kg body weight is equivalent to the crude drug amount of 199.8g/kg body weight.Experiment shows, the invention belongs to clinical safety scope preparation, can be considered nontoxic level; The infectious bronchitis safety that is applied to prevent and treat the different serotypes chicken is good.
Dosage form research: large-scale production suitable dosage forms of the present invention-veterinary drug allusion quotation contained " Chinese powder medicine " has been established in research.Research is attempted crude fiber content height in the compound recipe, part medical material water extraction that the powder process difficulty is big, remove most of crude fibre and precipitate, wood substance component, participate in the prescription compatibility after the drying in proportion again, make concentrated type powder of the present invention, be equivalent to crude drug 3.33: 1.Purpose makes that its effective ingredient is concentrated, enrichment, and granularity is thinner, and the uniformity is better, improves therapeutic effect, reduces dosage.Said preparation and traditional powder compare result of the test; both effects and no significant difference; concentrating property powder requires technology comparatively complicated; large-scale production quality control difficulty is bigger; therefore use traditional veterinary powder preparation formulation; not only be convenient to production and processing, and can prevent the unnecessary loss of effective ingredient in the course of processing, also meet Chinese veterinarian's tradition medication standard.Determining this medicine suitable dosage forms is traditional powder.
Stability study: crude drug and stability of formulation research thereof, storage method of the present invention and effect duration have been determined, used Chinese crude drug is " Chinese veterinary drug allusion quotation " version in 2005 and records kind in the present invention's prescription, preparation to several different production batch keeps sample, and carries out stability inspection by the method for veterinary drug allusion quotation regulation.The result shows, 2 years with interior preparation do not see infested, go mouldy, the variation of caking and color and luster, the TLC calibrating still can detect sign property composition, it is respond well to return the clinical treatment infectious bronchitis of chicken.Test shows that preparation of the present invention has good stable, and therefore, room temperature is airtight to be deposited, and effect duration can temporarily be defined as 2 years.

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1. medicine for the treatment of infectious bronchitis of chicken, it is characterized in that medicine consists of: Rhizoma Belamcandae 100~150 weight portions, Herba Ephedrae 80~100 weight portions, Pheretima 80~100 weight portions, Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis 80~100 weight portions, Radix Asteris 80~100 weight portions, the Pseudobulbus Bletillae (Rhizoma Bletillae) 80~100 weight portions, Radix Platycodonis 30~50 weight portions, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis 80~100 weight portions, Cortex Moutan 80~100 weight portions, Fructus Mume 80~100 weight portions.
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