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    • B62L1/00Brakes; Arrangements thereof
    • B62L1/02Brakes; Arrangements thereof in which cycle wheels are engaged by brake elements
    • B62L1/06Brakes; Arrangements thereof in which cycle wheels are engaged by brake elements the wheel rim being engaged
    • B62L1/10Brakes; Arrangements thereof in which cycle wheels are engaged by brake elements the wheel rim being engaged by the elements moving substantially parallel to the wheel axis
    • B62L1/12Brakes; Arrangements thereof in which cycle wheels are engaged by brake elements the wheel rim being engaged by the elements moving substantially parallel to the wheel axis the elements being mounted on levers pivotable about a common axis
NL7000262A 1969-05-10 1970-01-09 Rijwielrem. NL162603C (nl)

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JP4288569U JPS4915634Y1 (nl) 1969-05-10 1969-05-10
JP7589969U JPS4833897Y1 (nl) 1969-08-08 1969-08-08

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NL7000262A NL7000262A (nl) 1970-11-12
NL162603B NL162603B (nl) 1980-01-15
NL162603C true NL162603C (nl) 1980-06-16



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NL7000262A NL162603C (nl) 1969-05-10 1970-01-09 Rijwielrem.

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NL (1) NL162603C (nl)

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