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    • F21S41/00Illuminating devices specially adapted for vehicle exteriors, e.g. headlamps
    • F21S41/10Illuminating devices specially adapted for vehicle exteriors, e.g. headlamps characterised by the light source
    • F21S41/19Attachment of light sources or lamp holders
    • F21S41/196Wire spring attachments
JP59242532A 1983-11-19 1984-11-19 Expired - Lifetime JPH0311482B2 (ja)

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GB838330925A GB8330925D0 (en) 1983-11-19 1983-11-19 Retaining device

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JPS60121601A JPS60121601A (en) 1985-06-29
JPH0311482B2 true JPH0311482B2 (ja) 1991-02-18



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JP59242532A Expired - Lifetime JPH0311482B2 (ja) 1983-11-19 1984-11-19

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US (1) US4670822A (ja)
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YU (1) YU45910B (ja)

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