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    • G09G5/00Control arrangements or circuits for visual indicators common to cathode-ray tube indicators and other visual indicators
    • G09G5/14Display of multiple viewports
JP60031377A 1984-02-20 1985-02-19 Expired - Lifetime JPH0254957B2 (ja)

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FR8402510A FR2559927B1 (fr) 1984-02-20 1984-02-20 Circuit cable de gestion de fenetres sur ecran

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JPS60188992A JPS60188992A (en) 1985-09-26
JPH0254957B2 true JPH0254957B2 (ja) 1990-11-26



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JP60031377A Expired - Lifetime JPH0254957B2 (ja) 1984-02-20 1985-02-19

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US (1) US4670752A (ja)
EP (1) EP0158785B1 (ja)
JP (1) JPH0254957B2 (ja)
DE (1) DE3564876D1 (ja)
FR (1) FR2559927B1 (ja)

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JPS60188992A (en) 1985-09-26
EP0158785B1 (fr) 1988-09-07
FR2559927A1 (fr) 1985-08-23
DE3564876D1 (de) 1988-10-13
US4670752A (en) 1987-06-02
EP0158785A1 (fr) 1985-10-23
FR2559927B1 (fr) 1986-05-16

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