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Continuous tone reversal development process


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813,915. Electrostatic image development. BATTELLE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. Feb. 1, 1956 [Feb. 1, 1955], No. 3168/56. Drawings to Specification. Class 98(2) An electrostatic latent image is reversely developed by placing a conductive surface at 1/40-1/200 inch from the image and introducing electroscopic powder into the space between these two, the polarities of the image, conductive surface and powder, all being the same. The powder may be in the form of cloud which is given a charge by blowing it through a tube e.g. of metal, into the space above the image. When the image is formed by charging and exposing a photoconductive layer, the charges on the layer uncovered by the powder may be dissipated after development by uniform exposure to light, and then the image may be further developed by introducing powder of opposite polarity to that initially used, while the conductive surface is disconnected from its source of potential, so that further powder deposits on the original powder image. Specification 698,994 is referred to.
GB316856A 1955-02-01 1956-02-01 Continuous tone reversal development process Expired GB813915A (en)

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