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Patented Septemberl6,1873.
AM. Mam-1mm GRAPH/L 6:; M Woman/v53 mums} lvrrnn STATES PATENT OFFICE.
Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 142,764, dated September 16, 1873; application filed January 29, 1873.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, MARIE BOUPART, of Fordham, Westchester county and State of New York, have invented a certain new and Improved Article of Manufacture of Ladies Bustles; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, in which the same letters of reference, wherever they occur, refer to like parts.
Figure 1 is a back view of the bustle. Fig. 2 is a back view of the bustle as contracted by the lacings. Fig. 3 is a cut section of the same through the line m m, Fig. 2.
Letter A represents the frame of the bustle, composed of a number of narrow flat springs, arranged at right angles to each other, so as to form, when covered, a heart-shaped outline with the broad end upturned. Upon this frame of springs is stitched a covering of cloth, B, or they may be stitched in between tWo pieces of cloth to hold them securely in their places. To secure the ends of the springs to their covering of cloth a strong binding of tape, 0, is stitched upon the covering and over the ends of the springs. When thus far constructed the springs are in a distended shape but to give them a curved shape the upper or broad end is arched, or contracted by holding them in by the lining or diaphragm, which is made of a less diameter than the area of the frame when distended. Filling the space within the curvature of the arch, and directly underneath the cloth lining is secured a coiledwire spring, D, having its ends tapering somewhat to conform to the shape of the arch, and thus give strength and lightness, combined with elasticity, to support the weight of the dress. Letter E is a lining or diaphragm of cloth, stitched to the marginal binding of tape, of such contracted dimensions as to give to the frame an arch-like conformation.
To increase or diminish the curvature of the bustlethat is, its size-the middle part of the diaphragm is cut out so as to form an oblong square opening up and down, and is then slitted at each corner of the opening so as to leave tongues of cloth, F, at each side. In the ends of these tongues are inserted, in each, two eyelets, G, through all of which is inserted alace, H. Thus, by drawing up the lace, the ends of the frame will be contracted equally on all sides to swell out and enlarge its convexity.
For the purpose of securing the bustle to the person an elastic band, I, is secured to its upper or broad end, with buttons or hooks attachedthereto to hold it in its place.
It will be obvious that the covering of the frame may be made of any kind of suitable material, and also trimmed with 'edgings, flounces, or other trimmings to add to its finish, and give the article a pleasing effect or appearance.
Having now described my improved manufacture of ladies bustles, I will proceed to set forth what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States- As a new article of manufacture, a bustle, composed of a frame, A, covering B, bindingtape 0, coiled-wire spring D, diaphragm or lining E, tongues F, and lace H combined, and arranged to operate as and for the purposes set forth.
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