Propelling automobiles withour using petrol or gasolene


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1405575 Horse-propelled automobile A P PEDRICK 14 March 1974 11289/74 Headings B7B and B7T An automobile is propelled by a horse pushing from behind. A U-shaped member 4 is attached by its free ends to the automobile, the automobile pulling a trailer in which food for the horse can be placed. The horse is connected to the U-shaped member 4 in such a way that it can only reach the food by pushing against the U- shaped member and so propelling the automobile. The accelerator of the automobile can be connected to pneumatic cylinders 6 in the ends of the U-shaped member to influence the thrust of the horse. The ignition switch can also be arranged to give a mild electric shock to the posterior of the horse when it is switched on. The brake pedal maybe linked by cables to halter 18 around the neck of the horse. In a modification (Figs. 4 and 5, not shown), the horse is placed inside two rotating assemblies in the manner of a treadmill. Each assembly has two wheels one inside the other, with a freewheel arrangement between the two to enable the horse to rest, e.g. when the automobile is running downhill.

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