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Device for generating smoke or steam


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1393832 Producing smoke or steam E SEUTHI 5 July 1973 [5 Aug 1972] 32147/73 Heading F4A A device for producing smoke or steam, particularly for toys, comprises a container 4 for liquid 6 to be evaporated; a capillary tube 18 having access holes 18a for the liquid, and up which the liquid rises; a central electric heating filament 8; and two insulating tubes 14, 16 between which one end 8a of the filament extends. The filament 8 is wound on a fibrous carrier 12, e.g. glass-silk and is fixed to a wire 9 by solder or an electrically conductive adhesive. The tubes 14, 16 are made of temperature resistant toughened glass, the tube 8 can be formed from a coiled spring and all three tubes have capillary dimensions, their respective diameters being 0À6, 0À9, and 1À3 mm. Cementing 19 at the lower end is a temperature resisting quick hardening adhesive.
GB3214773A 1972-08-05 1973-07-05 Device for generating smoke or steam Expired GB1393832A (en)

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GB3214773A Expired GB1393832A (en) 1972-08-05 1973-07-05 Device for generating smoke or steam

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