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Toggle action weapon


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    • F41WEAPONS
    • F41A3/00Breech mechanisms, e.g. locks
    • F41A3/12Bolt action, i.e. the main breech opening movement being parallel to the barrel axis
    • F41A3/36Semi-rigid bolt locks, i.e. having locking elements movably mounted on the bolt or on the barrel or breech housing
    • F41A3/50Toggle-joint locks, e.g. crank-operated


1389718 Toggle action gun W E PERRINE 28 Nov 1972 [7 Dec 1971] 54967/72 Heading F3C A toggle action gun comprises a frame 10, Fig. 1, a handle 11 on the frame, a barrel 15 having a firing chamber, a bolt 29 movable in the frame axially to and from the firing chamber, a toggle 35, 37 interconnecting the bolt 29 and the frame 10, the toggle being movable to a locked position when the bolt has been moved to the firing chamber, a first control means comprising a push rod 45 which is pivotally connected to the toggle at 48 and is slidably supported in a hole 46 in a baffle 47 of the handle 11, and a spring 44 which is mounted on the push rod 45 between a flange 49 of the latter and the baffle 47 of the hand 11 and which urges the toggle towards its locked position, a second control means comprising a spring 61 which is mounted between the frame 10 and the bolt 29, biases the bolt towards the firing chamber after the toggle has collapsed and compresses upon collapsing of the toggle to absorb a portion of the reactive force of an exploding shell in the weapon, the spring 44 compresses to absorb another portion of the reactive force upon further collapsing of the toggle. When the gun is fired, gas pressure passes from the barrel 15 along conduit means 51, 50, 52 and 53 to cause the collapse of the toggle 35, 37 and compresses the springs 44, 61. The bolt 29 collects a cartridge 28 from a magazine 14 and positions it in the firing chamber when returning under the influence of the springs. The toggle can be relased manually by a lever 70, Fig. 6, and the bolt 29 can be moved rearwardly by a rod 72, Fig. 1. In a modification a cam 73, Fig. 6, is urged against a pin 36<SP>1</SP> of the toggle to collapse the latter. This is effected by pressurized gas from the firing chamber which is passed to a passage 75 in the frame via a passage 76, to force against a rod 74 of the cam 73. In another modification a screw 39<SP>11</SP>, Fig. 7, is provided and serves to adjust the under-centre toggle position. In a further modification a frame 10<SP>111</SP>, Fig. 8, is provided with a surface 39<SP>111</SP> which is engageable by a link 37<SP>111</SP> of the toggle to locate the latter in an over-centre position.
GB5496772A 1971-12-07 1972-11-28 Toggle action weapon Expired GB1389718A (en)

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