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Royal Building Syst Canada
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    • E04B7/00Roofs; Roof construction with regard to insulation
    • E04B7/02Roofs; Roof construction with regard to insulation with plane sloping surfaces, e.g. saddle roofs
    • E04B1/00Constructions in general; Structures which are not restricted either to walls, e.g. partitions, or floors or ceilings or roofs
    • E04B1/02Structures consisting primarily of load-supporting, block-shaped, or slab-shaped elements
    • E04B1/12Structures consisting primarily of load-supporting, block-shaped, or slab-shaped elements the elements consisting of other material
    • E04B7/00Roofs; Roof construction with regard to insulation
    • E04B7/02Roofs; Roof construction with regard to insulation with plane sloping surfaces, e.g. saddle roofs
    • E04B7/04Roofs; Roof construction with regard to insulation with plane sloping surfaces, e.g. saddle roofs supported by horizontal beams or the equivalent resting on the walls
FI942258A 1991-11-14 1994-05-13 Kattoelementtien liitinlaite ja menetelmä näiden asentamiseksi FI942258A0 (fi)

Priority Applications (2)

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US07/792,356 US5245803A (en) 1991-11-14 1991-11-14 Connector means for roof panels and a method for installation thereof
PCT/CA1992/000492 WO1993010315A1 (en) 1991-11-14 1992-11-13 Connector means for roof panels and a method for installation thereof

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FI942258A0 FI942258A0 (fi) 1994-05-13
FI942258A true FI942258A (fi) 1994-05-13



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FI942258A FI942258A0 (fi) 1991-11-14 1994-05-13 Kattoelementtien liitinlaite ja menetelmä näiden asentamiseksi

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