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The invention discloses a flonicamid-containing ultralow volume liquid agent. The ultralow volume liquid agent consists of flonicamid or active ingredient compounded by using the flonicamid and an active ingredient II, and the balance of aids and solvent; and the active ingredient II is any one of ethiprole, etofenprox, tolfenpyrad, chlorantraniliprole, flubendiamide, ivermectin, abamectin and emamectin benzoate. The ultralow volume liquid agent can be used for preventing and controlling the pests such as rice planthopper, cnaphalocrocis medinalis, nilaparvata lugens, sogatella furcifera and the like, and has the advantages of low water consumption, high effect, long acting time, synergy and the like.


The ultra low volume liquids of fluorine-containing pyridine insect amide

Technical field

The present invention relates to technical field of pesticide, particularly a kind of ultra low volume liquids of fluorine-containing pyridine insect amide.

Background technology

Flonicamid (flonicamid), molecular formula: C 9H 6F 3N 3O, chemical name: N-cyanogen methyl-4-(trifluoromethyl) vitamin PP is the picolinamide compounds, its structural formula:

Flonicamid causes effect by hindering the insect act of sucking, resolves according to the insect sucking behavior (EM III) of electronics, and this agent can make the lancet tissue of sucking insects such as aphid can't insert plant tissue and cause effect.Insect stops to suck after taking in medicament very soon, and is last hungry and dead.Effective to various suckings pest, and have the good penetration effect.It can be from root to stem, the infiltration of leaf portion, but by leaf portion to stem, root osmosis relatively a little less than.The mechanism of action of flonicamid uniqueness and high biologically active, with and to people, animal, the high safety of environment, effective to the insect of other insecticide tool resistances simultaneously, can be used for numerous crop pest controls such as paddy rice, wheat, fruit tree, vegetables, tobacco.

Second worm nitrile, ether chrysanthemum ester, Tolfenpyrad, Rynaxypyr, fipronil bisamide, ivermectin, Avermectin, emamectin-benzoate, pyrrole aphid ketone, pleocidin, ethyl pleocidin, spiral shell worm ethyl ester, butene-fipronil, capillary, indenes worm prestige is having missible oil on the market, aqueous emulsion, microemulsion, wetting powder, suspending agent, single agent such as water-dispersible granules and composite dose of multiple formulation, there are long-term single a large amount of uses in such single agent active component, make insect easily produce resistance, increased difficulty of prevention and cure, need to strengthen dosage and spray medicine number of times, not only improved labour intensity but also strengthened the control cost.And the frequent use of medicament must cause the residual quantity of environment to increase, and pollutes to environment.

Patent publication No. CN101700024A discloses a kind of synergetic pesticide composition and application thereof, it is characterized in that: the active component in the composition by (A) flonicamid and (B) the macrolide antibiotics active matter forms, active component B is that Avermectin, Affirm (Merck Co.) or its agricultural salt reach and more to visit a kind of in the rhzomorph.This composition pesticide carries out two kinds of medicaments composite, and insect is had synergistic effect; And because two kinds of medicament mechanisms of action are different, the notable synergistic effect is arranged, help the delaying drug resistance development, prolong the service life of medicament; Compare with single agent, have the longer lasting period, wider insecticidal spectrum can a dispenser be prevented and treated various pests, reduces cost of labor.But the said composition formulation is missible oil, microemulsion, aqueous emulsion, suspending agent, water dispersible granules, wetting powder, and the ultra low volume liquids of fluorine-containing pyridine insect amide is not appeared in the newspapers both at home and abroad.

Present domestic cultural control damage by disease and insect generally adopts conventional spray-on process, and it is that pesticidal preparations is carried out the extermination of disease and insect pest with manual sprayer afterwards with big water gaging dilution, and there is many-sided defective in this method of preventing and treating:

(1) conventional spray-on process work efficiency is low, and work efficiency is 2~5 mu/day only per capita usually, is difficult to satisfy the needs of large-scale planting; Along with the enforcement of China's soil circulation policy, the soil presents the trend of intensive management, increasing agricultural planting rich and influential family occurs, and crop contiguous plant area increases; And along with the appearance of China's aging population and recruitment famine, the labour becomes rare resource just gradually, and human cost improves constantly, and agriculture production cost continues to increase; Agricultural production is obviously seasonal, and damage by disease and insect often needs a large amount of manpowers to prevent and treat at short notice.

(2) conventional spray-on process prevention and elimination of disease and pests needs big water gaging, and water consumption reaches 450~900L/hm usually 2, and much away from water source and drought and water shortage area, conventional spray-on process is difficult to carry out or can not reaches desirable control efficiency.

(3) conventional spray-on process makes the with medicament lasting period short, because conventional spray-on process makes the formulation of with medicament be generally missible oil, aqua, wetting powder, suspending agent, aqueous emulsion etc., has certain defective in the use; On the one hand, owing to add big water gaging dilution, the concentration of soup is very low, and surface tension is often bigger, and is relatively poor in the crop that wax coat is arranged or the lip-deep adhesiveness of target, wetability, permeability, is difficult to effectively enter in crop and the target body, causes preventive effect relatively poor; On the other hand, in the natural environment of illumination, high temperature, drying, the water in the soup is easy to evaporation, causes medicament only to remain in crop surface, comes off and loses efficacy from crop easily after photodissociation and the drying easily; The 3rd, the mist droplet particle size of conventional spraying is bigger, reaches 200~600 μ m, even bigger, causes being sprayed onto the lip-deep soup of crop or target and runs off easily.

(4) for a long time, the single and frequent use of pesticide species makes biological target grow with each passing day to the resistance of medicament itself, is unfavorable for the prevention and control to pest.

(5) farm-forestry crop insect pest such as water rice hopper, rice leaf roller, forest looper etc. are that a class has explosive crop pest, bring great threat for human food security and ecotope.

Ultra low volume liquids is low by the screening volatility, flash-point is high, to former medicine dissolubility is good, low to chemical injury of crops, viscosity is low solvent and auxiliary agent, do not convert water during dispenser or convert water on a small quantity, use with ultra low volume sprayer tool, low-gallonage spraying apparatus or ultra low volume electrostatic spray apparatus.Ultra low volume spraying is not owing to contain the high volatile volatile composition in the droplet, and its size does not have significant change with quality from leave spraying apparatus arrival target process, reduced volatilization with elegant.Droplet is tiny and even, meets " biological optimum grain-diameter " requirement, has significantly improved deposition.Because need not to convert water uses, ultra low volume liquids is suitable for water scarcity, insect pest fulminant large tracts of land takes place and the occasion of dispenser on a large scale in the palpus short time, and ultra low volume spraying simultaneously reduces operator's labour intensity greatly.

Summary of the invention

The objective of the invention is the deficiency at the said method proposition, a kind of water-saving, work efficiency height, lasting period length are provided, have the ultra low volume liquids of the fluorine-containing pyridine insect amide of synergistic function.

In order to solve the problems of the technologies described above, the present invention is achieved by the following technical solutions:

A kind of ultra low volume liquids of fluorine-containing pyridine insect amide is with flonicamid, or flonicamid and active component II be active component, and all the other used additives and solvent complement to 100% ultra low volume liquids; Active component II is any one in second worm nitrile, ether chrysanthemum ester, Tolfenpyrad, Rynaxypyr, fipronil bisamide, ivermectin, Avermectin, emamectin-benzoate, pyrrole aphid ketone, pleocidin, ethyl pleocidin, spiral shell worm ethyl ester, butene-fipronil, capillary, the indenes worm prestige.

Be active component with the flonicamid, its weight content is 0.1%~15%, and preferred weight content is 1%~6%, and auxiliary agent content is 1%~15%, and solvent complements to 100%; Be active component with flonicamid and active component II, the weight content of flonicamid is 0.1%~10%, the weight content of active component II is 0.1%~10%, the weight content 1%~5% of preferred flonicamid, the weight content 1%~6% of preferred active component II, auxiliary agent content is 1%~15%, and solvent complements to 100%.

Described solvent is one or more the combination in aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, plant oil, esterified vegetable oil or the polar solvent; The aromatic hydrocarbon solvent that is fit to comprises trimethylbenzene, o-dichlorohenzene, the above heavy aromatics of C10; The above heavy aromatics of C10 is durene, diethylbenzene, methyl-propyl benzene, butylbenzene, methyl naphthalene, two wires oil; The plant oil solvent comprises soybean oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil, turpentine oil, esterified vegetable oil; Esterified vegetable oil is methyl oleate, ethyl oleate; Suitable polar solvent comprises acetophenone, phenmethylol, methyl-sulfoxide, N-methyl pyrrolidone, N, dinethylformamide, N, N-dimethylacetylamide, the above alcohols of C6; The above alcohols of C6 is n-hexyl alcohol, n-octyl alcohol.

Described auxiliary agent comprises surfactant, synergist, bleeding agent, be mainly used to improve preparation to adhesiveness, wetability and the permeability of crop and target, strengthen crop a