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Farbwerk fuer druckmaschinen


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    • B41F31/00Inking arrangements or devices
    • B41F31/02Ducts, containers, supply or metering devices
    • B41F31/04Ducts, containers, supply or metering devices with duct-blades or like metering devices
    • B41F31/045Remote control of the duct keys
AT148076A 1975-07-05 1976-02-27 Farbwerk fuer druckmaschinen AT346867B (de)

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DE19752530109 DE2530109C3 (de) 1975-07-05 1975-07-05

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ATA148076A ATA148076A (de) 1978-04-15
AT346867B true AT346867B (de) 1978-11-27



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AT148076A AT346867B (de) 1975-07-05 1976-02-27 Farbwerk fuer druckmaschinen

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AT (1) AT346867B (de)
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