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J@ 9 @fm/w u. ruins mwuwppw. walqa ne.
A Nrrnn STATES nnnnv nisrin, or PHILADELPHIA, 'rnnivsrLi-TA'NIA.
SIECIFECATION forming partof Letters Patent No. 286,399, dated October 9, 1883. Application filed September 23, 1582. (No model.)
'.o wir? whom it may concern.-
l city and county of Philadelphia, State of Penn- Sylvania, a subject of Great Britain, having resided one year last past Within the United States, and having declared my intention of becoming a citizen thereof, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Casesvfor Cornets and Similar Musical Instruments, which improvement is fully set forth 'in the following specification and accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a top view of the case opened embodying my invention. Fig; 2 is a vertical section thereof in line x w, Fig. 1. Fig. 8 is a vertical section thereof closedinliney y, Fig. 2.
Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the several figures. e
My invention consists of a case for conveniently carrying a cornet oir/other musical instrument and retaining the same and its ap-A purtenances and attachments in position.
Referring to the drawings, A represents a box or case formed of sections A A, hinged together and' having a handlejwhereby it may be conveniently carried after the manner of a portmanteau, said box or case being adapted to receive a cornet or other musical instrument and attachments, 85o., thereof. To the Yinner faces of the sections, opposite to the hinged end thereof, are secured beds B B', which are of such height that when the case is closed they approach and are partlyin contact, as shown bythe dotted lines, Fig. 3.
In the bottom of the section A is a box or chamber, C, and adjacent thereto are ltwo apartments, D E, respectively, said chamber `having a hinged lid, C', the end of which, op-
positeto itshinge or hinges, being extended, as at C, so as to overlap the apartments D E.
ln the top or outer face of the bed B are openings and depressions, which are occupied by some of the appurtenances and attachm ents of the instrument, such as the. mouth-pieces,
tuning-bits, and set-pieces. ln the apartment D is placed a mute, and inthe apartment E an oil or grease box.
The chamber G is `adapted to receive toilet and other articles, and the hack of the lid C has secured toit a looking-glass or mirror, b, which is exposed by raising the lid. To the face of the lid is secured a turning button, F, which has an eccentric axis, and adjacent thereto is fastenedV a loop, c, the object Whereof is to holdthe implement d, by which the valves of the cornet may be cleaned, it being Anoticed that when the button is rotated in one direction it overlaps the ring of the implement and retains the same in position. By rotating the button in the other direction it registers With the space of the ring, so that the ring may be disengaged from the button and the implement Withdrawn from the loop c, and thereby removed. The lid C has also secured to it a Wedge-shaped piece, c, and is formed opposite thereto with an opening, f, for holding the lyre or music-holder g, the head whereof is slipped over said piece c and tightened thereon, and the bent shank of the holder enters the opening f, thus securely retaining the holder in position. By lifting the shank from the opening f the head may be moved clear of the piece e, andthe entire lyre thereby disengaged from the lid. The cornet or musical instrument is shown in Fig. 3, but removed in Figs. l and 2. Vhen the instrument is in the case, the body thereof rests on the lid G,betWeen the two beds B B', and the bell end in the space B is between the apartment D and thebed B, the-body of the instrument overhanging the implement d and lyre The case is then closed, the instrument being clamped between the sections thereof, the bed B pressing against the loose pieces on the bed B, and thus securely holding said pieces in place, the lid C of the chamber C retaining the mute and oil or grease bonv in position, While the implement d and lyre y remain secured to the lid C', as h as been stated, it being seen that all of the parts are clamped in position Without liability to shift or rattle, and may be carried in a most convenient and desirable manner.
When the case is opened, the instrument and other parts and appurtenances are accessible, and may be readily removed. The lid C maybe raised, thus permitting the displacement of the mute and oil or grease box, and the performer may use the glass or mirror b and the toilet and other articles in the chamber C, as will be found convenient or necessary by him. i
Having thus described my invention, what l claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
l. A musical-instruiuent case provided on IOO 2 K scacco its inside With beds B B at opposite places, and a space, B, adapted to receive the bellinouth of the instrument, and a support having fastenings or holding devices, substantially as described, the space above said support receiving the body of said instrument, substantially as set forth.
2. A musical-instrument case provided on its'inside with beds vat opposite places, one or more apartments, and a box, the latter having a lid formed with an extended end, and provided with means of attachment,- substantially as described, for the cleaning-instrument and lyre, all substantially as and for the purpose set forth, p i
3. The musical-instrument case provided o'n its inside With an apartment and a box, the
latter having alid which overhangs said apartment, substantially as and for the purpose set forth. f
4. In a musical-instrument case, a lid or support, G, having a fastening or holding device consisting of a rotating button with eccentric aXis, and a loop, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.` l
5. In a musical-instrument case, a lid or support, C, having a fastening or holder device consisting-of a Wedgeshaped piece and an opening, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.
HENRY DISTIN. Witnesses: l
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