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COMMUTATOR on auth. No. 540373, about tl and the fact that, in order to improve reliability, a blocking device was inserted in it containing connected sequentially integrated (s and threshold nodes, and the input of the integrating node and the power supply bus of the former are connected to the power source, with this output of the threshold node is connected to another input of the driver.


0t / l.f The invention relates to the field of automation and can be used in mechanical control systems for contactless switching of current on an active and mixed load. , . .. Basically, sv. No. 540373, a switch is known that contains a sequentially connected driver, a switching element and a load, as well as a clock driver and a synchronization device. A disadvantage of the known device is the presence of false alarms, which reduces the reliability of operation. In order to ensure reliability in a switch containing serially connected form, key, load, synchronization device, performed on AND elements, inverter and trigger, the output of which is connected to the driver, and a sync pulse generator, consisting of a rectifier connected through a restriction element and a threshold element with an element NOT, the output of which is connected to the elements AND, a blocking device is inserted containing connected in series integrating and threshold nodes, an input integrating the node and The driver is connected to a power source, and the output of the threshold node is connected to another input of the driver. FIG. Figure 1 shows the structures of the switch; in fig. 2 time dependence and the form of voltages at the inputs and outputs of individual nodes. The switchboard contains a control bus r, an inverter 2, element I 3 and 4, trigger 5, components of a synchronization device, a driver 6, a key 7, a driver of clock pulses, which includes an element HE 8, a threshold element 9, a restriction element 10 and a rectifier 11 , load 12, power supply lines 13 and 14, interlocking device 15, consisting of an integrating unit 16 and a threshold unit 17, a power source 18. 6 The device operates as follows. The external control signal of the switch is applied to the control bus 1. When this signal is applied in the steady state process, i.e. After a sufficient time after switching on the power source of the former 6 and the interlock device 15, the former 6 generates a signal that opens the switch 7, while the supply voltage (direct or alternating current) is applied to the load. Bus 13 and .1) are applied at time t, for example, an alternating network voltage (Fig. 2a). At the same time, the power supply 18 is turned on and the voltage gradually increases at the output (Fig. 26). In the region K (Fig. 2b) false alarms of the driver 6 due to transients occur. The integrating node 16, in accordance with the selected parameters of the elements, has an output voltage that is delayed in relation to the input supply voltage (Fig. 26, curve 2 /. When a certain voltage value is reached, the threshold node 17 is triggered at time tj and The output voltage changes abruptly (Fig. 2c). The parameters of the integrating node 16 are chosen so that the operation of the threshold node 17 occurs at a time i that is larger than the upper limit of the false positives region. The driver 6. The output signal of the threshold node 17 is p and is allowed to pass the external control signal (Fig. 2d). From now on, i, the key 7 can be turned on and off by the signal from the driver 6 (Fig. 2d) -jbi Thus, when the Strike is turned on, the false positives of the driver and the entire switch are eliminated regardless of the presence or absence of an external control signal on control bus 1.

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    No. 540373, characterized in that, in order to increase reliability, a blocking device is introduced into it, comprising integrating and threshold nodes connected in series, the input of the integrating node and the driver bus power being connected to a power source, while the output of the threshold node is connected to another generator input .
    Fig .1
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