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William A Dittrich
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Snc Ind Products Inc L Techn I
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    • F42B14/00Projectiles or missiles characterised by arrangements for guiding or sealing them inside barrels, or for lubricating or cleaning barrels
    • F42B14/06Sub-calibre projectiles having sabots; Sabots therefor
    • F42B14/064Sabots enclosing the rear end of a kinetic energy projectile, i.e. having a closed disk shaped obturator base and petals extending forward from said base
    • F42B5/00Cartridge ammunition, e.g. separately-loaded propellant charges
    • F42B5/02Cartridges, i.e. cases with charge and missile
NO914566A 1990-03-22 1991-11-21 Löspatron for automatskytevåpen NO175022C (no)

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US49702790A true 1990-03-22 1990-03-22
PCT/CA1991/000090 WO1991014916A1 (en) 1990-03-22 1991-03-22 Blank cartridge for automatic gun

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NO914566D0 NO914566D0 (no) 1991-11-21
NO914566L true NO914566L (no) 1992-01-22
NO175022B NO175022B (no) 1994-05-09
NO175022C NO175022C (no) 1994-08-17



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NO914566A NO175022C (no) 1990-03-22 1991-11-21 Löspatron for automatskytevåpen

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