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Bryan P Murphy
Gabriella Wis-Surel
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Squibb Bristol Myers Co
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    • A61K8/00Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations
    • A61K8/18Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations characterised by the composition
    • A61K8/30Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations characterised by the composition containing organic compounds
    • A61K8/33Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations characterised by the composition containing organic compounds containing oxygen
    • A61K8/35Ketones, e.g. benzophenone
    • A61K8/355Quinones
    • A61Q5/00Preparations for care of the hair
    • A61Q5/06Preparations for styling the hair, e.g. by temporary shaping or colouring
    • A61Q5/065Preparations for temporary colouring the hair, e.g. direct dyes
NO91912054A 1990-06-04 1991-05-29 Haarfargepreparat NO912054L (no)

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US07/532,299 US5112359A (en) 1990-06-04 1990-06-04 Hair colorants

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NO912054D0 NO912054D0 (no) 1991-05-29
NO912054L true NO912054L (no) 1991-12-05



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NO91912054A NO912054L (no) 1990-06-04 1991-05-29 Haarfargepreparat

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