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    • H04B7/00Radio transmission systems, i.e. using radiation field
    • H04B7/14Relay systems
    • H04B7/15Active relay systems
    • H04B7/204Multiple access
    • H04B7/2041Spot beam multiple access
JP27104084A 1984-12-24 1984-12-24 Expired JPS6366096B2 (ja)

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JP27104084A JPS6366096B2 (ja) 1984-12-24 1984-12-24

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JP27104084A JPS6366096B2 (ja) 1984-12-24 1984-12-24
US06/810,144 US4706239A (en) 1984-12-24 1985-12-18 Communications satellite repeater
GB08531315A GB2169474B (en) 1984-12-24 1985-12-19 Communications satellite repeater

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JPS61148926A JPS61148926A (en) 1986-07-07
JPS6366096B2 true JPS6366096B2 (ja) 1988-12-19



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JP27104084A Expired JPS6366096B2 (ja) 1984-12-24 1984-12-24

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US (1) US4706239A (ja)
JP (1) JPS6366096B2 (ja)
GB (1) GB2169474B (ja)

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JPS61148926A (en) 1986-07-07

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