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Rechargeable applicator


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    • A61M31/00Devices for introducing or retaining media, e.g. remedies, in cavities of the body


1,242,334. Dispensing liquids under gaseous pressure; syringes. J. SUNNEN. Jan. 8, 1969 [Jan. 17, 1968], No. 1254/69. Heading F1R. [Also in Division A5] A rechargeable applicator, e.g. for applying a measured dose of medicinal foam to a body cavity, comprises a dispensing device 16, Fig. 5, and a holder 14, device 16 comprising a barrel 24, Fig. 4, with a piston 42 and a normally closed valve 34. The device 16 is charged by inserting the valve stem 68 of a pressurized dispensing container 12 through opening 40 to open valve 34, and depressing the valve stem to open the container valve. Pressurized liquid flowing into the device moves piston 42 outwardly until piston ring 46 engages shoulder 50, the pressure in the device then rising to that in container 12. The device 16 is then removed from container 12, the valve 34 closing under the pressure in the device, and is then placed in holder 14. Projections 22 around holder outlet 20 engage valve 34, and open the valve when device 16 is depressed into holder 14 by applying pressure to piston rod 56. The contents of the device are ejected by their own pressure and by the inward movement of piston 42.
GB125469A 1968-01-17 1969-01-08 Rechargeable applicator Expired GB1242334A (en)

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GB125469A Expired GB1242334A (en) 1968-01-17 1969-01-08 Rechargeable applicator

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