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    • B41J33/00Apparatus or arrangements for feeding ink ribbons or like character-size impression-transfer material
    • B41J33/14Ribbon-feed devices or mechanisms
    • B41J33/16Ribbon-feed devices or mechanisms with drive applied to spool or spool spindle
    • B41J33/22Ribbon-feed devices or mechanisms with drive applied to spool or spool spindle by gears or pulleys


1,159,165. Carbon transfer-paper mechanism. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. 15 Feb., 1967 [18 March, 1966], No. 7164/67. Heading B6F. [Also in Division B8] A single-pass carbon transfer ribbon mechanism, mounted on a movable carriage 14 and comprising a capstan drive 24, 25 for intermittent feeding of a carbon transfer ribbon 26 drawn off a supply spool 21, is provided with a tensioning means for the ribbon wound on a take-up spool 22, which is mounted on a clutch connectable shaft 27, the means including a ratchet and pawl mechanism actuated in response to the tension in the ribbon as it is drawn off the supply spool 21 by capstan drive 24, 25. The capstan drive, which is actuated intermittently by the movement of the carriage 14 in letter-spacing direction, pulls a constant increment of the ribbon 26 past the printing station 13, whereby the ribbon is tensioned such that an arm 37 engaged by the ribbon and provided with a pawl 34 is pivoted by the ribbon to disengage the pawl from the ratchet wheel 31 and cause a length of the ribbon 26 to be drawn off from the supply spool 21, the relaxation of the tension in the ribbon causing the pawl 34 to re-engage the ratchet wheel and prevent over feed.
GB716467A 1966-03-18 1967-02-15 Web Feed Apparatus Expired GB1159165A (en)

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US53551666A true 1966-03-18 1966-03-18

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GB716467A Expired GB1159165A (en) 1966-03-18 1967-02-15 Web Feed Apparatus

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