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香草养生烟是新一代保健烟,本品为解决烟卷蚊卷蚊烟对人体有害物质,选区用无毒副作用并杀菌能力强的纯香植物中药合成,香草养生烟有正品、附品。 Vanilla is a new generation of health care cigarette smoke, the product is attached to solve the mosquito coil mosquito smoke tobacco products harmful substances, non-toxic side effects of the constituency and sterilized pure incense strong ability of plants to synthesize traditional Chinese medicine, herbs have genuine health cigarette. 正品香草烟不含有烟丝,无尼古丁等毒副物质,能抑制空气病毒传播不污染环境。 Vanilla does not contain tobacco smoke genuine, non-toxicity of nicotine and other substances, can inhibit the spread of the virus does not pollute the environment air. 它气味芬芳,兴奋提神,消除疲劳,变吸烟有害为吸烟有益。 It is fragrant, refreshing excitement, fatigue, smoking is harmful as smoking becomes useful. 附品香草烟既有中药灭菌香料又保留部分烟丝的传统郁浓香味,减轻传统烟对人体的危害。 Tobacco product vanilla attached both traditional Chinese medicine Yu concentrated flavor sterilization of spices and retain some tobacco, reducing the traditional tobacco on the human body.


香草养生烟 Vanilla health smoke

一、技术领域 First, the technical field

:香草养生烟是新一代保健烟,涉及卷烟生产制作技术领域。 : Vanilla is a new generation of health care cigarette smoke, cigarette manufacturing technology involved in the field of production.

二、背景技术 Second, the technical background

:国家烟草局下达了《关于进一步做好卷烟焦油限量工作通知》,规定在2004年7月1月前对超标的烟一律封存,并按规定予以销毁。 : National Tobacco Board issued a "Circular on Further Improving the work of a limited cigarette tar", provides for excessive smoke all sealed in July 2004 before January, in accordance with regulations to be destroyed.

本发明适应保健需要,用新型无尼古丁原料取代原有烟丝,其原料严格筛选十味良性具有保健价值的植物具体功用参见1998年10月中国医药出版社出版梅全喜主编的《现代中药药理手册》第47页50页28页205页205页224,225,210,305页等,及2002年人民卫生出版社出版李益生主编的《现代养生保健中药辞典》,经反复配制而成。 The present invention adapt health needs, replace the original with a new nicotine-free tobacco raw material, the raw material has a strict screening Shiwei positive health value of plant specific functions refer to October 1998, Chinese medicine Meiquan Xi Publishing House editor of the "modern pharmacological medicine Manual "page 47 50 28 205 205 224,225,210,305 page, etc., and the 2002 people's Medical Publishing House Li Yisheng editor of the" dictionary of modern Chinese medicine health care, "after repeated preparation.


:1.发明目的根除尼古丁对人体危害,增加香烟中有益成份,减轻人们对吸烟依赖性2.香草烟配方艾叶15克 苍术15克 茵陈8克 青木香8克 当归12克 丁香4克香附5克 香薷10克 藿香8克附品用上述烟料50%+50%现有传统烟料满足现有烟民习惯口感。 : 1. The purpose of the invention to eradicate nicotine harmful to human health, increase beneficial ingredients in cigarettes to reduce people's dependence 2. Smoking tobacco vanilla recipe herb leaves 15 grams 15 grams capillaris 8 g 8 g Radix Angelica 12 grams of fragrant 4 g Cyperi Elsholtzia 5 g 10 g 8 g rugosa product was attached to the above-mentioned smoking material 50% + 50% of the existing conventional smokers of smoking material to meet the existing diet taste.

3.本香烟比现有香烟进步效果A、气味芬芳,不含尼古丁;B、增加香中对人体有益成分;C、烟雾能抑菌驱蚊;烟液杀菌作用明显;D减少烟草种植对土壤破坏四、实施方案1、现有烟厂设备即可接产;2原料可购可种,成本低;3、工艺筒单将原料洗净烘干配比压包切丝即进入流水制烟工艺;4原料尽量用叶;5、烟料尽量密封防止挥发;6、过滤嘴应加长。 3. The effect of cigarette advances over the prior cigarette A, fragrant, nicotine-free; B, the increase of the beneficial component incense; C, can antibacterial repellent smoke; liquid smoke significant bactericidal effect; D reduced tobacco growing soil destruction of four, embodiment 1, the existing equipment can be tobacco factory confinements; 2 kinds of raw materials may be commercially available, low cost; 3, the process cartridge single feed ratio of washing drying water into the pressure bag made of shredded tobacco process i.e. ; try to use material leaves 4; 5, try smoking material sealed to prevent evaporation; 6, the filter should be lengthened.

Claims (2)

1.一种香草养生烟,其特征在于:它包括:艾叶15g,苍术15g,薄荷15g,茵陈8g,青木香8g,当归12g,丁香4g,香附5g,香薷10g,霍香8g。 A vanilla health smoke, characterized in that: it comprises: leaves 15g, herb 15g, mint 15g, capillaris 8g, Radix 8g, angelica 12g, clove 4g, Cyperus 5g, Elsholtzia 10g, Patchouli 8g.
2.如权利要求1所述的香草养生烟,其特征在于:它还包括:与上述香草养生烟等量的烟丝或现有的卷烟。 2 vanilla health cigarette according to claim 1, characterized in that: further comprising: the above-described health vanilla tobacco smoke or an equivalent amount of a conventional cigarette.
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