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The invention provides health care food with radiation resisting function, which consists of spirulina, glossy ganoderma, Chinese wolfberry, rhodiola root, tea polyphenol, lipoic acid and auxiliary material, and relates to a formula with radiation resistance function. Due to the adoption of spirulina, Chinese wolfberry and glossy ganoderma polysaccharide components, the food can enforce or improve hemopoietic function of marrow, protect the hemopoietic system and obviously enhance the body immunity; and with the rhodiola root, the tea polyphenol, the lipoic acid, the food can antagonize the damage of oxygen-derived free radicals, inhibit lipid peroxidation of tissue cells, and strongly eliminate a great number of free radicals generated due to radiation, thereby greatly improving the capability of a human body on resisting radiation, eliminating the adverse effect of the radiation on the human body, promoting the restoration of human cells after radiation, improving microcirculation, recovering hemopoietic and immune functions, and making the haemogram better. Therefore, the food has good radiation resisting function.


A kind of health food with radiation-resisting functional

Technical field:

The present invention relates to field of health care food, relate in particular to a kind of health food with radiation-resisting functional.

Background technology:

Mention " radiation ", the just natural fearful sight that can remember explosion of atomic bomb of people.During the World War II, two nuclear bombs have been thrown in Hiroshima,Japan, two places, Nagasaki by the U.S., have not only caused tens0000 people's injures and deaths, and strong nuclear radiation morphs organism, and many survivors have caught fearful " Radiation sickness ".This is radioactive radiation, nuclear power station, used particle accelerator, the radioactive source of research and production; The ray diagnostic equipment (X-ray machine, γ scalpel etc.) that medical and health organization uses etc. all can produce this radiation.

The another kind of radiation bigger to people's health effect is electromagnetic radiation.Various radiation are also being perplexed us frequently in the modern life; Along with high-speed development of science and technology; The product of various charged magnetic radiations emerges in an endless stream; The radio-frequency transmissions platform that radar, communication are used, industrial large electric appliances also have radio, television set, micro-wave oven, electromagnetic oven, electric blanket, electromedical equipment, computer, facsimile machine, duplicator, mobile phone or the like, and People more and more be unable to do without these high-tech products; In house decoration today in the ascendant; Construction materials such as granite, marble, glazed tile have got into common people house; Spreading in the marmorean parlor when perfectly contented when you are sitting in, the building and ornament materials that contain radioactive substance are perhaps surrounding you stealthily.The modernization product let us enjoy high-tech bring comfortable, convenient in, " radiation source " that also under cover one by one human body is damaged.Can not rant out, we live in the huge electromagnetic field.Such as more and more general mobile phone in the life; Discover among the GSM that most mobile phone radiation maximums can reach 2000 microwatts/more than the square centimeter; The conference value of individual handset radiation is more arranged up to 10000 microwatt/square centimeters; Also up to 500 microwatt/square centimeters, situation is troubling for steady-state value after the connection; And CDMA mobile phone radiation maximum is between 50~150 microwatt/square centimeters, and the steady-state value of all CDMA mobile phone samples after connecting all is lower than 10 microwatt/square centimeters.The scientists recent findings, the slight radiation that mobile phone discharged is enough to make developmental chicken embryo deformity, and this finds that worrying and chicken embryo has the human embryos of similarity, also may be affected.Great majority research at present all is to concentrate on the influence of mobile phone to the human brain cell, but owing to much human is liked mobile phone is inserted between waist, so scientist worries that the radiation meeting that mobile phone discharges impacts human body viscera and fetus.U.S. scientist Li Tuoweisi says: " we find that if the chicken in breeding ceaselessly receives the influence of mobile phone radiation, the situation that lopsided chicken occurs is Duoed one times than the chicken fetus that is not disturbed ", these should cause pregnant woman's great attention.The mobile phone radiation consequence is surprising!

Radiation has very important harm to human body.Ion beam radiation from space aerospace, ultraviolet radiation, to mobile phone radiation, computer radiate, the radio in the daily life, television set, micro-wave oven radiation or the like in addition, radiation is not affecting human beings'health all the time.Discover that radiation mainly through sucking, eat two kinds of approach entering human bodies, reduces immunity of organisms, tissue suffers damage etc.Be in for a long time and thisly can be caused the radiation injury that health is acute or chronic in the environment of electromagnetic radiation pollution, the health of human body is brought influence.Medical research both domestic and external proves; Electromagnetic radiation mainly produces harmful effect to people's immune system, nervous system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and eye lens etc.; Cause the dysfunction of each system and histoorgan, blood, lymph liquid and cellular plasm are changed; Can influence the circulatory system, immunity, reproduction and the metabolic function of human body, serious also can bring out cancer; Can influence people's reproductive system, mainly show as reduction of mankind spermatozoon quality and quantity and reduce so that azoospermatism, irregular menstruation can take place in the woman; Spontaneous abortion, stillborn foetus or fetal anomaly take place in the pregnant woman; The survival baby is often with serious hypoplasia or deformity, and growth retardation also can appear in survival and do not have obvious lopsided person; Height, physique are lower than normal youngster, and the probability of generation malignant tumour is more high; Also eyes are impacted, cause that eyesight descends even cataract; Can cause children's intelligence incomplete, the cardiovascular system that the influences human body vision system etc. of unifying.In addition; The electromagnetic radiation of high dose also can influence and destroy original bioelectricity of human body and biological magnetic field; Make that original electromagnetic field takes place unusual in the human body; Cause the body ecological balance disorderly, dizziness, fatigue and weak occur, be losing one's memory, clinical symptoms such as anorexia, irritated irritability, blood pressure, haemocyte minimizing even canceration.A lot of developed countries have all listed electromagnetic radiation pollution in one of key protection project of environmental pollution in the world today.

In present existing means of defence, as wearing anti electromagnetic wave dress ornament, retaining electromagnetic radiation protection screen and wear the antimagnetic subsides that tackle mobile phone radiation etc., all is the external protection of adopting.And, resist radiation on one's own initiative, from inside to outside through taking health food or medicine with radiation-resisting functional, then be another kind of effectively radioresistance method.

Summary of the invention:

The object of the present invention is to provide a kind of health food with radiation-resisting functional, described health food will solve the technical problem of food radioresistance poor effect of the prior art.

The invention provides a kind of health food with radiation-resisting functional, wherein each component and weight percent content are following:

Spirulina 5%~20%

Glossy ganoderma 5%~20%

Matrimony vine 5%~10%

Rhodiola root 5%~20%

Tea Polyphenols 5%~20%

Lipoic acid 5%~10%

The auxiliary material surplus

Further, the formulation of described medicine is any formulation of pharmaceutically approving.

Further, the formulation of described medicine is capsule or tablet or injection or sustained-release preparation.

Spirulina contains compositions such as abundant polysaccharides, algae albumen, beta carotene, multivitamin and selenium, has enhance immunity, radiation-resistant effect.Polysaccharides wherein is a kind of natural sugar protein matter, has extensive and useful BA, especially has good using value at aspects such as regulating body's immunity, antitumor, radioresistance, anti-ageing, antifatigue and hypoglycemic, reducing blood lipid.Experiment shows no matter polysaccharides is injection or oral, and the phagocytic rate of Turnover of Mouse Peritoneal Macrophages improves 33%~52%; Phagocytic index improves 0.9~1.8 times; The T lymphocyte number improves 46.8%~87.7%, makes the serum hemolysin of mouse improve 39.5%~98.0%, spleen white pulp lymphocyte dense arrangement; Macrophage showed increased in the red pulp; The ANAE positive lymphocyte increases by 7.3%~12.8%, and can the utmost point improves the vigor of cell superoxide dismutase (SOD) significantly, promotes in the human peripheral blood NR cell activity etc.Scientific research shows: polysaccharides has the ability of overall regulating immunity of organism function, and the nospecific immunity of enhancing body, humoral immunity and cellular immune function improve human body and resist multiple viral infection ability.Polysaccharides has obvious antineoplastic: though can not the direct killing cancer cell, synthetic inhibited to the DNA in the cancer cell, RNA and protein, and strengthen inhibitory action with prolonging action time.Growth of cancer cells can be suppressed, the normal cell canceration can be do not lured into again.Polysaccharides has tangible protection effect to electromagnetic radiation, and it can make the mouse survival rate of suffering from the acute radiation accepted improve 63%, the radiation genetic damage that can also significantly alleviate bone marrow cells in mice.Can promote the propagation and the differentiation of candidate stem cell etc., many bars transmission system in the active cell improves the tolerance to radiation, promotes the recovery after the hemopoietic system raying damage.Polysaccharides reduces lipid peroxidation through suppressing free-radical oxidation reaction in the body, reduces the formation of organizing lipofuscin, can reach the effect that slows down body aging.Polysaccharides can also effectively reduce the catabolism speed of protein, improves the reserve capabillity of hepatic glycogen and muscle glycogen, thereby improves body endurance, indefatigability.Polysaccharides also has the effect of obvious functions of blood sugar and reducing blood lipid.Also have wherein algae albumen to alleviate significantly and eliminate the damage of irradiation, chemotherapy gradually, and can quicken the recovery of PBL and bone marrow cell blood leukocytes and bone marrow cell; Can significantly suppress growth of cancer cells, can be used for the control of cancer; Can improve lymphocyte activity, improve body's immunity, comprehensively diseases prevention, the resistance against diseases of enhancing body through lymphatic system; Hemopoietic function of bone marrow is had spread effect, thereby blood chronic diseases such as leukaemia and alpastic anemia are had positive supplemental treatment effect; Delay senility etc.: free radical in anti-oxidant, the scavenger-cell, prevent functions such as human senility and anti-inflammatory, promotion wound healing.

Glossy ganoderma: claim red sesame, red sesame again, be the Polyporaceae fungi.Its main active ingredient is GL-B and ganoderic acid etc.GL-B is one of composition the most effectively in the glossy ganoderma, and the GL-B that has been separated to at present has kind more than 200, and wherein major part is a beta glucan; Minority is an alpha-glucans, and polysaccharide chain is made up of three strands of monose chains, is the three-dimensional formations of a kind of helical form; Its configuration and DNA, RNA are similar, mainly fix with hydrogen bond between the spiral layers, and molecular weight is from hundreds of to hundreds thousand of; GL-B has pharmacologically active widely; Can improve immunity of organisms, improve body's hypoxia tolerance, anti-oxidant, antitumor, radioresistance, elimination eliminating side effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to; Improve liver, marrow, blood synthetic DNA, RNA, protein ability, life-saving and calm the nerves, hypoglycemic, remove effects such as stomach energy, protecting liver and detoxication.The multiple pharmacologically active of glossy ganoderma is relevant with GL-B mostly.In addition; Ganoderic acid also is one of main component of glossy ganoderma; Ganoderic acid (Ganodenic acid) is a kind of triterpene substance, and the ganoderic acid that has been separated in the various glossy ganodermas has reached kind more than 100, like ganoderic acid A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I etc.; Have strong pharmacologically active, have pain relieving, calmness, inhibition histamine to discharge, detoxify, protect the liver, kill effects such as tumour cell.Glossy ganoderma also is rich in protein, several amino acids, alkaloid, triterpene compound, cumarin, peptidoglycan, organic germanium, adenosine class isoreactivity composition.

The fruit of Chinese wolfberry (Lycium chinense Mill.) is the ripening fruits of Solanaceae defoliation bush plant matrimony vine, is Chinese medicine commonly used, is again health food, doctor's food homology.Mainly be rich in fruit of Chinese wolfberry polysaccharide, betaine (betaine), zeaxanthine (zeaxanthine), wintercherry red pigment (physalein), carrotene, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, vitamin C isoreactivity composition.Have nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting shrewd head, it is thanks to smart to cure mainly consumptive disease, soreness of waist and knee joint, and dizzy tinnitus, interior heat is quenched one's thirst, and the deficiency of blood is sallow, and blurred vision is not clear; Also have radioresistance, antifatigue delays senility, and raise immunity reduces serum cholesterol and increases effect such as phosphatide.Scalable is prevented curing oncoma in addition, and alleviates the phenomenon that chemotherapy causes that leucocyte reduces.

Motherland's traditional medicine is precious deposits.Such record is arranged in China Tibetan medicine ancient books and records Four-Volume Medical Code for a long time: rhodiola root (hiding name " Suo Luomabao ") has the effect of strengthening by means of tonics, detoxifcation pain relieving.Rhodiola root is the Crassulaceae plant that is grown in the high and cold low-oxygen environment, and there is kind more than 90 in the whole world, and just there is kind more than 70 in China, and wild resource is very abundant.Modern age, the research to rhodiola root started from the sixties in 20th century.The former Soviet Union once carried out screening study to nearly ten thousand kind of plant in space development in the works, adapted to special environment to help the astronaut.The selection result, rhodiola root is shown one's talent with functions such as its promotion energetic supersession, anti-anoxic, radioresistances, and has obtained " reusing ".Facts have proved that often taking and selecting this type of rhodiola root medicine for use is the preparation that raw material is processed, and can form natural protection barrier in vivo, strengthen the body resistance to consolidate the constitution that enhances human body is radiation-resistant ability initiatively.

Generally believing radiation-resistant effect of having drunk tea in the world, is the natural effective weapon of preventing and treating Radiation sickness.Discover, contain radiation-resistant active principle in the tealeaves, wherein composition such as catechin, fat polyacid is referred to as Tea Polyphenols; Tea Polyphenols is a kind of natural with superior antioxygen property; Its anti-oxidant index is 10~20 times of anti-oxidant index that mix Ve, and has the effect of anti-, radioresistance injury and the injury of radiotherapy property, and the hematopoietic function of health is had significant gain effect; White blood cell can be increased, the harm of radiation such as TV can be effectively reduced.Anticancer in addition, anti-ageing, remove a series of pharmacological functions such as human free radical, hypoglycemic, hypotensive, reducing blood lipid and bactericidal antiphlogistic.

Lipoic acid (Alpha Lipoic Acid) nineteen fifty-five discusses through international vitamin association and confirms as new vitamin substances; Has very strong biologically active; Participate in pyruvate oxidation decarboxylation to acetate in vivo and play catalytic action, as the protein transduction acyl group confactor of alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase complex compound, or effective positive growth factor; Can be used as radioprotector and be used to prevent the infringement of ray, and the effect that reduces blood sugar in the body is arranged DNA.In recent years, find that it has powerful non-oxidizability effect.It is " Universal antioxidant ", i.e. universal antioxidant for external title.Particularly non-oxidizability there is powerful synergy with VC, VE Combined application.These article have following characteristics: (1) is converted into dihydrolipoic acid (reduced form) easily in cell; The most of mammalian cell picked-up dihydrolipoic acids of experiment proof also are discharged into the extracellular; Owing to exist simultaneously and the coordination that complements each other with two kinds of forms in the body; Therefore most of oxygen radical all can effectively be removed, and adds dihydrolipoic acid and can swash in vivo VE, VC and glutathione, more can bring into play the function of its powerful seizure oxygen radical; (2) solubility property is better in water and lipid; (3) can catch various oxygen radicals and with metal complex (especially Fe2+ and Cu2+ play catalyst action in lipid peroxidation, and lipoic acid can reduce the peroxidating degree through complexing metal).

The present invention is to be raw material with spirulina, matrimony vine, glossy ganoderma, rhodiola root, Tea Polyphenols and lipoic acid, adds suitable auxiliary material, processes medically acceptable pharmaceutical dosage forms such as tablet, capsule, effervescent agent.Spirulina, matrimony vine, GL-B composition can promote or improve hemopoietic function of bone marrow, protection hemopoietic system, significantly enhancing body immunity; Rhodiola root, Tea Polyphenols and lipoic acid can endanger by the antagonism oxygen radical, suppress histiocytic peroxidatic reaction of lipid, a large amount of free radicals that powerful elimination radiation produces; Thereby enhances human body is resisted the ability of radiation greatly; Eliminate the harmful effect that radiation produces human body, promote the somatic recovery of radiation descendant, improve microcirculation; To recover hematopoiesis and immunity function, blood picture is taken a turn for the better or the like.This this prescription of indication is expected to be developed to health food or the medicine with radiation-resisting functional.Its function is confirmed through following result of the test.

The specific embodiment:

Embodiment 1:

Spirulina 100g

Glossy ganoderma 100g

Matrimony vine 50g

Rhodiola root 100g

Tea Polyphenols 100g

Lipoic acid 50g

Starch 100g

Above component mixing is crossed 80 mesh sieves, processes 1000 capsules

Embodiment 2:

1. radiation-resistant subacute test

1.1 principle: the acute radiation injury that disposable heavy dose of whole body causes mainly shows as the shortening of animal mean survival time, decrease in survival rate, the minimizing of leucocyte number etc.

1.2 instrument and reagent: blood counting chamber, microscope, 1% hydrochloric acid etc.Tried thing and be the capsule among the embodiment 1.

1.3 experimental technique

1.3.1 60 of animal used as test 20~24g Kunming kind Healthy female mouse are divided into 4 groups, 15 every group, as radioresistance I group, carry out the white blood cell count(WBC) experiment; 60 of 19~21g Kunming kind Healthy female mouse are divided into 4 groups, and 15 every group, as radioresistance II group, the experiment of surviving.

1.3.2 3 dose groups and 1 control group are established in experiment, and promptly 1.67,16.67 and 166.7mg/kg BW group.Control group replaces with running water.The sample per os is irritated stomach, gives continuously to shine after 17 days, gives sample to experiment more continuously and finishes.

1.3.3 experimental procedure radioresistance I group was carried out disposable irradiation on the 17th day giving Tea Polyphenols, exposure dose is 7.5Gy, and in pre-irradiation 1 day, the irradiation back was got peripheric venous blood respectively on the 1st, 8,15 and 22 day and carried out white blood cell count(WBC).Radioresistance II group carried out disposable irradiation on the 17th day for Tea Polyphenols, and exposure dose is 9.0Gy, observed and write down the date of death of irradiation back mouse, calculated 30 days survival rates.

1.4 data and result judge

The 30d survival rate is used Chi-square Test; White blood cell count(WBC) and mean survival time are used variance analysis.Tried thing group and radiation control group relatively, if mean survival time prolongs or the 30d survival rate increases, and total white blood cells increases, and through statistical procedures difference conspicuousness arranged, then decidable this tried thing disposable irradiation had antagonism to higher dosage.

1.5 experimental result:

The influence of the table 1 pair disposable full-body exposure murine interleukin of 60Co-gamma-rays (8.0Gy) number (x ± s)

The influence of table 2 pair 30 days survival conditions of the disposable full-body exposure mouse of 60Co-gamma-rays (8.0Gy)

Total white blood cells is comparatively balanced between each group in the predose mouse peripheral blood.Mouse peripheral white blood cell amount obviously reduces after the radiation, shows that radiation is very strong to leukocytic lethality.Quantity of leucocyte slightly raises afterwards, compares with control group, and each dose groups quantity of leucocyte raises obviously, all returns to normal value to the 15th day, has significant difference, shows that the leukogenic effect of mouse was significant after said composition was to radiation.Return to normal value to the 22nd day control group.

Dose groups is compared with control group, and survival number, the dead mouse day number average of on average surviving has significant difference.

Above result of the test prompting, these article have significant radiation resistance.

Capsule among the embodiment 1 has significant radiation-resisting functional.Prescription function provided by the invention is processed radiation-resistant health food or medicine, can be used for resisting the infringement of radiation.

Claims (1)

1. health food with radiation-resisting functional, wherein each component and weight percent content are following:
Spirulina 5%~20%;
Glossy ganoderma 5%~20%;
Matrimony vine 5%~10%;
Rhodiola root 5%~20%;
Tea Polyphenols 5%~20%;
Lipoic acid 5%~10%;
The auxiliary material surplus;
The formulation of said health food is capsule or tablet.
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