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    • E02D29/00Independent underground or underwater structures; Retaining walls
    • E02D29/12Manhole shafts; Other inspection or access chambers; Accessories therefor
    • E02D29/14Covers for manholes or the like; Frames for covers
CH634583A 1982-11-27 1983-11-28 CH655532B (ja)

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GB8233881 1982-11-27

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CH655532B true CH655532B (ja) 1986-04-30



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CH634583A CH655532B (ja) 1982-11-27 1983-11-28

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JP (1) JPS59150832A (ja)
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CH (1) CH655532B (ja)
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SE (1) SE8306558L (ja)

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SE8306558D0 (sv) 1983-11-28
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