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    • B65D7/00Containers having bodies formed by interconnecting or uniting two or more rigid, or substantially rigid, components made wholly or mainly of metal
    • B65D7/02Containers having bodies formed by interconnecting or uniting two or more rigid, or substantially rigid, components made wholly or mainly of metal characterised by shape
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Inventor Attorney Witnesses:
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 624,911, dated May 16, 1899.
Application filed March 23, 1898. Serial No. 674,855. (No model):
This invention pertains to improvements in metallic barrels, kegs, casks, &c.; and the improvements will be readily understood from the following description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in Which- Figure 1 is a side elevation of a metallic barrel embodying my improvements; Fig. 2, a vertical longitudinal section through one side thereof; Fig. 3, an elevation of the interior surface of a portion of the wall of the barrel near one end, and Fig. 4. a face view of a portion of the lower end of the barrel.
In the drawings, 1 indicates the body of the barrel, the same being formed of sheet metal; 2, the longitudinal joint of the barrel, formed by lock-seaming, riveting, soldering, or otherwise suitably uniting the edges of the sheet forming the body of the barrel, it being understood, of course, that the body of the barrel may be formed of one or more sheets suitably joined; 3, the bilge of the barrel; 4, circumferential outwardly-projecting corrugations at the bilge, the illustration showing the bilge as being provided with five of these corrugations,which number may, however, be increased -or lessened; 5, inwardly-bent p012 tions of the corrugations 4:, formed by pairs of cuts in the sheet metal transverse to the corrugations and by inward bends of the narrow portions between the pairs of cuts, these narrow inwardly-bent portions thus forming a series of interruptions to the continuity of the corrugations 4, such cuts and bends being provided at one or more of the corrugations, the illustration showing such provision at the corrugations above and below the central corrugation; 6, hoops disposed within such of the corrugations 4 as are provided with the interrupting bends 5, these hoops lying within the barrel and fitting within their appropriate corrugations and external to the inward bends 5, the hoops thus lying within the corrugations and being threaded through the series of bends 5, the cross-section of the corrugations and of the bends 5 being of a form suited to the cross-section of the hoop 6, the
illustration showing the matter as being of circular cross-section; 7, longitudinal corru-.
tions in the chimes, parallel with the axis of the barrel and extending from the chime-rim inwardly a trifle past the shoulders S; 11, a hoop fitting within the upper chimeand resting upon the shoulders 8; 12, the upper head of the barrel, the same fitting within the chime and resting upon hoop 11; 13, the top closurehoop, the same fitting within the upper chime over the head 12 and secured to the chime by nailing, the upper edge of this hoop projecting above the chime-rim; 14, a chime-hoop formed of metal and fitting Within the lower chime, its lower edge projecting below the chime edge, its upper edge resting against the shoulders 8 of the lower corrugations 7, after the manner of hoop 11; 15, an inwardly-projecting flange formed upon the upper edge of chime-hoop 14; 16, the lower head of the bar-' rel, the same fitting within chime-hoopla and bearing up against flange 15; 17, the bottom closure-hoop, the same fitting within chimehoop 14 and up against head 16 and being secured by .nails driven in through proper holes in the lower chime and chime-hoop, and 1S ribs upon the exterior surface of lower chime -hoop 14. and fitting Within the lower corrugations 10.
Shoulders 8 may be opened or closed, according as it may be preferred to stamp the wide extremities of corrugations 7 inwardly in uncut condition or to provide a cross-cut at those extremities, and thus carry inwardly only the side walls of the corrugations 7 In Fig. 2 the shoulder 8 at the upper end of the barrel is shown as being closed, the metal of the corrugations being stamped. inwardly without being cross-cut. The same is the case at the right-hand one of shoulders 8 in Fig. 3 while the left-hand'shoulder 8 in Fig.
Referring to the upper end of the barrel,as 3 illustrated in Fig. 2, shoulders 8 support head 12 through the medium of hoop 11, this hoop serving to bridge around between the circu- Y lar series of shoulders and give continuous support to the head, thus permitting the head to be formed of several narrow pieces. For small barrels or where the heads are in a single piece the heads may be properly supported by resting directly upon shoulders 8 and hoop 11 may be dispensed with. Chimehoop 13, projecting above the chime-rim, protects the chime-rim from injury.
Circumferential corrugations at stiffen the barrel at the bilge and also prevent improper slipping of barrels upon each other when in piles. Hoops 6, held in place by bends 5, give stability to their circumferential corrugations.
Referring to the lower end of the barrel, as illustrated in Fig. 2, metal chime-hook 14 gives stability to the chime and its flange 15 answers the same purpose as hoop 11 in forming a continuous intermediate supporting agent between the barrel-head and shoulders 8.
It is to be observed in Fig. 2 that chime corrugations 10 extend beyond shoulders 8, these corrugations therefore forming channels leading from the chime edge to the interior of the barrel. In many cases these channels are useful for purposes of ventilation; but where tight work is wanted then it is desirable that these channels be closed. This may be done by the ribs 18, Fig.4,formed upon the exterior of the chime-hook and fitting the corrugations 10. These ribs not only close the channels through corrugations 10, but they also fill the channels and protect them against injury by bending. In Fig. 4
the left-hand portion shows hoop 14 as being provided with the ribs 18, while at the righthand portion of the figure the ribs are omitted and the channels left open.
I claim as my invention- 1. In a metallic barrel, the combination, substantially as set forth, of a sheet-metal body having longitudinal corrugations forming inwardly projecting head supporting shoulders near the chimes, and having at each of the chimes a circumferential series of Iongitudinal corrugations forming grooves extending from the chime edge to beyond said shoulders,and ahead supported by said shoulders in a plane intermediate the inner and outer extremities of said last-mentioned corrugations.
2. In a barrel, the combination, substantially as set forth, of a barrel-body having on its inner surface a circumferential series of longitudinal grooves extending from the chime edge inwardly toward the opposite end of the barrel, and a head secured within the chime in a plane intermediate the inner and outer extremities of said grooves, whereby said grooves may form ventilating-passages past said head.
3. In a metallic barrel, a sheet-metal body formed with a bilge and having tapering longitudinal corrugations extending from near the chimes toward the longitudinal center of the body, the wider ends of said tapering longitudinal corrugations being toward the chimes, the outer extremities of said corrugations presenting themselves inwardly to form a series of supporting-shoulders for the head of the barrel, said body having also a circumferential series of longitudinal corrugations at the chimes, and a hoop disposed within the chime and havingcircumferential ribs fitting the corrugation of the chime.
JAY G. CONDERMAN. Witnesses:
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