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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 54,243, dated April 24, 1866.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, RICHARD YHILDING, of Ypsilanti, in the county of Vashtenaw and State of Michigan, have made a new and Improved Apparatus for Burning Tar, or Tar, Pitch, or Rosin Compounded with Oil, for Fuel; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making part of this specification, in Which- Figure l is a plan or top viev of my apparatus with the upper part removed. Fig.v 2 is a vertical section on the red line of Fig. 1.
rIhe nature of my invention consists Yin so constructing a reservoir-for the reception of the material to be used as fuel, whether it be tar alone, or tar or pitch or rosin, or any or all of them compounded and mixed with oil, and combining such with a retort or burner, or using it Without, that the fuel, after having been fed into the reservoir, shall liow either by its gravity or be forced by mechanical means to the retort or burner to be ignited, and perform its functions for heating or cooking, or to be combined with other fuel-as wood or coal or coke- Without using the retort, While, at the same time, the charge of fuel in the reservoir may be renewed whenever `necessary without disturbing or even approaching the fire.
A is a vessel, composed of two cylinders, one within the other, having the space between them filled with some material, B, that is a non-conductor of heat. A cover, A', is constructed in the same manner, and fits closely over the case A. Within the case A is the reservoir B', alittle less in diameter than the case A, so that a narrow space is left all round between the two. This should be truly cylindrical and have its inner surface smooth and unblemished.
A hollow cone, C, is allowed to Work freely up and down within the reservoir, While at the same time it is kept tight by the packing D. To the top of this cone is a tube,^E, opening into it, through which the fuel is to be fed, and the opening into the cone isJ closed by means of a valve, F, having its seat upward, and kept in its position by means of a spiral spring, G, around its stem. The cone (j is kept down upon the material that has been put in to the reservoir B through the opening E, by means of a spiral spring, H, pressing u pon the flange that carries the packing around the bottom of the cone, while such spring is confined at the top of the reservoir by a bar, I,- across the top ot the reservoir. The spring H may, if expedient, be dispensed with and the cone kept down by a weight.
rIhe fuel is kept from rising through the opening E, under pressure, by the valve F, which is tightly closed as the pressure of the fuel. against it increases.
From the bottom of the reservoir, and passing through the non-conducting medium between the two thicknesses of the case A to the outside, is a tube or tubes, K, (l do not limit myself to anynumber,) through which the fuel must dow or be conducted to the retort or the placewhere it is to be burned. The tubeK is furnished with a stop-cook to regulate the How of fuel, while at the same time the orifice at the nozzle is of a size to allow the fuel to be forced in a jet as far as the retort L, with which the tube K communicates by means of the incasin g pipe or sleeve M, open at the end farthest from the retort to the external air. This is for the purpose of allowinga sufficient draft of air to be supplied to the burning` fuel in the retort. The retort L is made of copper, as a metal best calculated to retain heat, and is perforated with holes on its opposite sides, through which the ame from the fuel is aided to escape in jets by the rushing in of the air from the open end ofthe sleeve M.
When my apparatus is to be used the retort is placed within a stove or furnace andthe reservoir brought in connection with it by means ofthe sleeve M. The top A of thereservoir is then lifted off', the bar I removed, the spring H lifted out, and the cone G drawn up near the top of the reservoir B by the handle. The valve F is then opened by pressing down upon its stem and the space in the reservoir below the cone filled with fuel, the cock in the tube K being stopped. The valve F closes of itself on being relieved from pressure, the spring H is replacedof course compressedit is held down by the bar I across it, the top of the case A is put on, tire is applied in the retort, the cock is turned, and a jet of fuel is sent into the retort to be ignited, combustion being aided by the supply of external air through the sleeve M.
It may sometimes be expedient to use the reservoir and tube K Without the retort in a stove that burns Wood or coal or coke. In such case it is only necessary to introduce the nozzle of the tube K directly into the fire-chamber or furnace and allow the fuel that ows from the reservoir to be ejected over the wood or other fuel burning in the stove.
1u charging the reservoir it is not always necessary to remove the spring El 5 but 'the fuel may be fed to the reservoir through the cone by means of a pipe reaching to the Valve and pressing` it open, while at the same time the cone can be drawn up toward the top of the reservoir as this becomes filled.
Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new therein, and desire to `secure by Letters Patent, is-
the purpose of ejecting the fuel in jets to'be ignited, as hereinbefore set forth.
2. The reservoirB, with its com ponentparts, and the tube or tubes K, in combination with the retort L and the sleeve M, for the purpose and substantially inlthe manner set forth.
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