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Patented'Ju-ne 2a, 1891.-

No. 454,812.v

'me nomus rims cu., moto-umu., wnnmcwon o c UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



SPECIFCATION forming pari; 0f Letters Patent N0. 454,812, dated June 23, 1891. Application filed February 6, 1891. Serial No. 380,496. (No model.)

- This invention is intended as an improvement on the garment represented ir`r-.U nited States Patent No. 315,093, dated April 7,1885.

The garment shown in the said patent is com``- posed, essentially, of two like halves seamed together along the back and buttoned together at front, the garment at front immediately below the waist having overlapping front and back flaps, and the garment at the back of the waist havinga gore to furnish additional fullness. The garment to be herein described does not diier essentially from that described in the said patent, except as to the construction of the back iaps, which latter have been made so as to present a single thickness of material, instead of two thicknesses, as provided for in the said patent.

Figure l is a back view of the garment embodying my invention; Fig. 2, a front View thereof; Fig. 3, an edge view of the back iiap detached, and Fig. 4 a perspective View of the back iiap.

Referring to the drawings, A B represent the two halves of the garment, the same consisting, essentially, of body portions a. b and leg portions a b', the said halves having prei'- ably selvage edges and knitted on a fiat-knitting machine. The edges of the body a b are united or seamed together at the back by stitches c, while at the front the body parts are buttoned together, as in Fig. 2.

Commencing at the bottom of the leg parts of the garment, the selvage edges of the part a are united together up to about the point a2 and the selvage edges of the part b are united together up to aboutthe parto?. From the point a2 to the point da the selvage edge of the front iiap d is seamed to the selvage edge of the front part of the leg a by a seam co4, while the selvage edge of theleg b has connected to it by the seam b4 from the point h2 to about the point b3 a front flap d. The front flaps are widened from their lower to their upper ends and have selvage edges, and, stitched to the fronts of the legs, they aord fullness at the front of the garment where needed.

Turning now to the back iiap, (shown separately in Figs. 3 and 4,) it may be lnade by knitting a strip, as e f f g, the web being gradually widened from its end c to its center f and narrowed from its centerf to its end g. The back iiap composed of the web eff g, as described, has a gore h, of single thickness,

Awhich may be made by picking the loops in the-line ff upon the needles of a knittingmachine" and then supplying the said needles with yarn, knitting the gore bya series of narrowed courses, this gore being included by the lines f f 71.. The back Hap, preferably having selvage edges, will have its edge e f attached to the rear edge of the leg a by aline of stitches 3, the part f h being connected with a selvage edge forming part of the body by stitches G. The edge g f will be stitched to the rear edge of the leg b by stitches, as at 4, while the edge f h will be in like manner attached to the body part b by stitches 5. In this Way the edges ef and g f are made to lap one over the other, as shown in Figs. l and 4, the gore bounded by ff h in continuation of and at the lower end of the back seam being of a single ply, thus preventing any bunching of the garment under the lower back end of the corset usually Worn over the garment. The back flap has its edges e m g m stitched to the selvage edges of the front ilaps from the points b2 a2 to m.

In the garment shown both the front and rear edges of the leg are broadened by the addition of front and back flaps composed of knitted gores, and the outer edges of the side gores are shown united together in the line of the in-seam of the leg, which insures averyconsiderable amount of fullness, much in excess of what would be produced should the inner edge e m m g be stitched -to the inner edge of the outer half of each leg.

It will be obvious to those conversant with knitting-machines and knitting fabrics that the back flap, shaped as shown, may be knitted upon a machine in a different way-aa IOO for instance7 one-half of the back ap may be knitted by starting at the point e, widening to the points j", then narrowing to knit the gore 77 and the stitches in the line ffmay then be picked up on the needles of the niachine and the remaining part of the ap be gradually narrowed to a point..

I claim- A garment having front aps and a back iap provided at its lower end with two triangular pieces stitched to the front Afiaps for a portion of their length, and at its upper end with a triangular gore of single thickness, by which the said iap is connected to the back of the garment, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specication in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.



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