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Specicaton of Letters Patent No. 13,212, dated July 10, 1855.

To all whom it may concern.'

Be itknown that I, S. N. CAMPBELL, of Elgin, in the county of Kane and State of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Sunshades; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making a part of this specification, in which- Figure l is a vertical section of my improvement, in a distended state, the plane of section being through the center. Fig. 2, is also a vertical section of the same, but in a folded or closed state.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the two gures.

The nature o-f my invention consists in having a covering of silk, muslin, or other suitable material stretched over a frame similar to the ordinary shades and umbrellas, and having said frame so modified or arranged that it may be permanently secured to a band or cap, which may be placed upon the head, thereby not only forming a sunshade, but also an article of wearing apparel, protecting the wearer from the rays of the sun, and also if necessary forming a covering for the head.

To enable others skilled in the art to fully understand and construct my invention, I will proceed to describe it.

The frame of the implementis formed of a series of curved rods, a, of whalebone, ratan, or the usual material. The inner ends of these rods are connected as usual by pivots, b, to a button, c, which forms the center of the frame. The rods, a, project at equal distances apart from the button, c.

To each rod, a, there are attached by pivots, metallic rods e, the lower ends of which are connected to a band, f. This band, f, has strings, g, attached to its upper edge, and the upper ends of the strings are attached to a hook, z., at the under side of the button, o. The band, f, is intended to fit the head of the person using the shade, and it may be enlarged or contracted by a buckle or by strings. Vhen the band is applied to the head, the rods, a, will be distended, as shown in Fig. l, and as the rods are covered with silk or other material similar to ordinary shades, the head and face will be perfectly protected from the sun. Instead of the band, f, a cap may be used, such as are commonly termed skull caps the top of the cap being attached to the under side of the button, 0. The rods, a, may also be provided with joints, z', by which the lower ends of the rods, a, may be turned or folded back, as shown in Fig. 2, when thev shade is not in use.

The above invention is extremely useful in cases, when a person is engaged in work requiring the use of both hands, and exposed to the sun. It will be found useful for ladies while engaged in gardening. It keeps the head cool and is far preferable to bonnetsor hats with large brims, as they generally are inconvenient, the brim often intercepting the sight, and subject to be moved by slight winds or breezes, so as to only partially protect the wearer from the sun.

Having thus described my invent-ion, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is,

Attaching a frame formed by the rods, a, and, e, to a head band, f, or to a cap, said frame being covered with any proper material, for the purpose as herein set forth.




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