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Air Prod & Chem
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    • C08F2/00Processes of polymerisation
    • C08F2/12Polymerisation in non-solvents
    • C08F2/16Aqueous medium
    • C08F2/22Emulsion polymerisation
    • C08F2/24Emulsion polymerisation with the aid of emulsifying agents
    • C08F2/28Emulsion polymerisation with the aid of emulsifying agents cationic
TW82105276A 1992-11-25 1993-07-02 TW260675B (zh)

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US07/981,572 US5326809A (en) 1992-11-25 1992-11-25 Poly[(vinyl alcohol)-CO-(vinyl amine)] copolymers as stabilizing protective colloids in aqueous emulsion polymerization

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TW260675B true TW260675B (zh) 1995-10-21



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TW82105276A TW260675B (zh) 1992-11-25 1993-07-02

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TW (1) TW260675B (zh)

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US5326809A (en) 1994-07-05
BR9304775A (pt) 1994-05-31
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EP0599245A1 (en) 1994-06-01
NO934201L (no) 1994-05-26
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