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Method of getting energy in internal combustion engine


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RU94010375A RU94010375/06A RU94010375A RU94010375A RU 94010375 A RU94010375 A RU 94010375A RU 94010375/06 A RU94010375/06 A RU 94010375/06A RU 94010375 A RU94010375 A RU 94010375A RU 94010375 A RU94010375 A RU 94010375A
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  1. The method allows to modify the existing automobile and other energy engines by transferring them to another mode of operation, including purging the combustion chambers with at least two volumes of mixture components in 0.001 s or creating a vacuum in the cylinders to 0.05 - 0.2 atm. while setting the ignition timing to 25 - 50 ° until the piston reaches the top point. The new mode allows you to increase the power of the engine in 2 - 10 times and reduce fuel consumption to 30 - 80% of the original.
RU94010375/06A 1994-03-24 Method of getting energy in internal combustion engine RU94010375A (en)

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RU94010375A true RU94010375A (en) 1995-11-27



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