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    • B22D11/00Continuous casting of metals, i.e. casting in indefinite lengths
    • B22D11/06Continuous casting of metals, i.e. casting in indefinite lengths into moulds with travelling walls, e.g. with rolls, plates, belts, caterpillars
    • B22D11/0622Continuous casting of metals, i.e. casting in indefinite lengths into moulds with travelling walls, e.g. with rolls, plates, belts, caterpillars formed by two casting wheels
NL104695D 1955-06-20 NL104695C (xx)

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US516621A US2790216A (en) 1955-06-20 1955-06-20 Method and apparatus for the continuous casting of metal

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NL104695D NL104695C (xx) 1955-06-20

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