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    • G08B17/00Fire alarms; Alarms responsive to explosion
    • G08B17/10Actuation by presence of smoke or gases, e.g. automatic alarm devices for analysing flowing fluid materials by the use of optical means
    • G08B17/11Actuation by presence of smoke or gases, e.g. automatic alarm devices for analysing flowing fluid materials by the use of optical means using an ionisation chamber for detecting smoke or gas
    • G08B17/113Constructional details
FI204871A 1970-07-23 1971-07-20 Jonisationsbrandalarmanordning FI56287C (en)

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CH1120370A CH508251A (en) 1970-07-23 1970-07-23 Ionization fire alarms

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FI56287B true FI56287B (en) 1979-08-31
FI56287C FI56287C (en) 1979-12-10



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FI204871A FI56287C (en) 1970-07-23 1971-07-20 Jonisationsbrandalarmanordning

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