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Method for sterilizing packaging


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DK152348C DK389281A DK389281A DK152348C DK 152348 C DK152348 C DK 152348C DK 389281 A DK389281 A DK 389281A DK 389281 A DK389281 A DK 389281A DK 152348 C DK152348 C DK 152348C
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sterilizing packaging
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Karl-Theo Witter
Ulrich Stroele
Peter Friedrich
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Linnich Papier & Kunststoff
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Application filed by Linnich Papier & Kunststoff filed Critical Linnich Papier & Kunststoff
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    • B65B55/00Preserving, protecting or purifying packages or package contents in association with packaging
    • B65B55/02Sterilising, e.g. of complete packages
    • B65B55/04Sterilising wrappers or receptacles prior to, or during, packaging
    • B65B55/10Sterilising wrappers or receptacles prior to, or during, packaging by liquids or gases
DK389281A 1980-10-01 1981-09-02 Method for sterilizing packaging DK152348C (en)

Priority Applications (2)

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DE19803036972 DE3036972C2 (en) 1980-10-01 1980-10-01
DE3036972 1980-10-01

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DK389281A DK389281A (en) 1982-04-02
DK152348B DK152348B (en) 1988-02-22
DK152348C true DK152348C (en) 1988-07-11



Family Applications (1)

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DK389281A DK152348C (en) 1980-10-01 1981-09-02 Method for sterilizing packaging

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