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The utility model relates to an intelligent tester for bleed fluid, which adopts two sets of photoelectric switches as the starting and the stopping signals of a blood post. A computer can check the number of blood drop at a capillary outlet and the time interval, the blood flow speed in the capillary with different shear rates can be calculated, so a constitutive equation can be formed, and the consecutive change law of blood viscosity can be got. The utility model can be used as a computer aided diagnosis expert system with being matched with any apoplexy forecasting diagnostic software, so the utility model can compare and preserve medical histories and can be popularized for measuring the viscosity of other Newton or non-Newton fluid.


本实用新型涉及一种用于测量血液或液体粘度的装置,属于医疗器械或液体测量领域。 The present invention relates to a device for measuring the viscosity of blood or a liquid for a medical device or a liquid measurement field.

目前,测量血粘度的仪器主要有两类;锥板式和毛细管式。 Currently, blood viscosity measuring instrument main categories; and cone-plate capillary. 现在应用的毛细管式血粘度测量仪可分为两种,光电式和电极式,光电式血粘度测量仪是由光电开关测量血液柱的高度(一般为三至五个光电开关),可得三至五个切变率下的血液粘度值。 Capillary now applied blood viscosity measuring instrument can be divided into two, and photoelectric electrode, photoelectric blood viscosity measuring instrument is measured by a photoelectric switch of the blood column height (usually three to five photoelectric switches), available three to the five blood shear rate viscosity. 电极式血粘度测量仪可将测点角细分,但因增加竖管直径使用血量增加,这导致测量时间的大幅度增加及被测血样超过常规值很大,为病人不能接受,所以上述两种毛细管式血粘度测量仪的测点都在三至五个以下,不能得到连续的全部的由高切向低切过渡的血粘度测量仪的测量值及其变化规律,不能测出毛细管内的血液流速,所得到的粘度值为相对粘度(血液流经两组电极或光电开关的时间与水流过的时间之比) Electrode blood viscosity measuring instrument measuring point angle can be broken, but the increase in the diameter of the standpipe used to increase blood volume, which results in a large and significant increase in the blood sample to the measurement time exceeds the normal value, the patient is unacceptable, so the above two kinds capillary blood viscosity measuring instrument measuring point in three to five or less, the measured value can not be obtained continuous all its variation from high shear to low shear transition blood viscosity measuring device, can not be measured within the capillary blood flow rate, a viscosity number of the resulting relative viscosity (ratio of the flow time of blood flow through the two electrodes of the photoelectric switch or the elapsed time) ,电极式血粘度测量仪的电极将血液电离,影响测量精度,操作时电极易损坏,操作,标定困难,仅做到显示打印数值,代表的有天津中医学院中医工程研究所研制的HSN-A型红外多切变粘度测定仪。 , Blood viscosity meter electrode type blood ionization electrode, affect the measurement accuracy, the electrodes are easily damaged during the operation, the operation, calibration difficulties, so that only the printed display values ​​represented Tianjin Institute of Chinese Medicine Development of Medical Engineering HSN- A multi-infrared shear viscometer.

本实用新型的目的在于提出一个新的设计方案,提高毛细管式血粘度测量仪的测量精度、重复精度及切变率的数量以达到准连续测量,在毛细管测粘度的基础上能反映出连续的血液粘度变化规律,主要任务是得到在准连续切变率下血液绝对粘度的测量值。 Object of the present invention is to propose a new design, increasing the number of capillary blood viscosity measuring accuracy of the measuring instrument, repeatability and shear rate to achieve a quasi-continuous measurement, based on a capillary viscosity measured on a continuous reflect blood viscosity variation, the main task is to obtain an absolute measurement of blood viscosity at shear rates quasi-continuous.

本实用新型血液流变测量仪,包括对测量信号进行数据处理的计算机11及其放大电路9和接口电路10,用于数据显示的打印机12,测量信号经放大电路9放大再经接口10送入计算机11进行数据处理,本测量仪还包括;一个容纳被测液体的竖管5与水平放置的毛细管6连通,竖管5的上部和下部分别设置用于检测液位的两对红外开关1、2、3、4,两对红外开关分别与放大电路9的输入端连接并馈入开关信号,一对电极7、8置于毛细管6的出口的垂直下方,液滴滴落时将电极7、8短路使之给出一个脉冲信号馈入放大电路9,电极7、8的下方设液体槽17,上述1、2、3、4、5、6置于装有生理盐水的恒温水浴箱18中,毛细管6的出口引到水浴箱18之外,由电阻加热器13,温度传感器14和温控器15组成的恒温控制系统,13和14置于水浴箱18中,搅拌器16置于水浴箱18底部。 The present invention Rheology measuring instrument, the measurement signal comprising the data processing computer 11 and the amplifying circuit 9 and the interface circuit 10, the printer 12 for data display, the measurement signal amplified by the amplifying circuit 9 and then fed via an interface 10 the computer 11 performs data processing, the present measuring apparatus further comprising; receiving a measured liquid riser 5 communicates with the capillary tube 6 horizontally disposed upper and lower vertical pipe 5 are provided two pairs of infrared switch for detecting a liquid level, 2,3,4 two infrared switches are connected to the input terminal of the amplifying circuit 9 and fed to the switching signal, a pair of electrodes 7,8 positioned vertically below the outlet of the capillary tube 6, when the electrodes 7 dripping, 8 short-circuited so that a given signal feed pulse amplifying circuit 9, the lower electrode 7, 8 is provided a liquid tank 17, placed above 1,2,3,4,5,6 constant temperature water bath of physiological saline containing 18 , 6 lead to capillary exit 18 outside the water bath tank, temperature control system by the resistance heater 13, a temperature sensor 14 and controller 15 consisting of, 13 and 14 in the water bath tank 18, a stirrer 16 in a water bath tank the bottom 18.

本仪器采用二组红外光电开关做为启始和终止血液液位的信号、见附图,血液在竖管内存在压力差,血液流过毛细管,在出口形成滴状,重力使液滴滴下,经过电极使电极导通,经过放大及接口电路被采集到计算机,由计算机计测血液滴数及其时间间隔,可计算出不同竖管液柱高度下的毛细管内血液流速,由流速及竖管血液柱的高度关系可换算出切变率及切应力的数值,从而确定了该血样的粘度规律,不同的血样流经毛细管时,相同竖管液柱高度下的毛细管内血液流速不同,所以该血样的粘度也不同,也就是粘度变化的规律不同,由统计值或经验值可确定血样粘度与正常值的偏差及其变化规律,数据采集、处理由计算机完成,可配置中风予报诊断软件形成一套计算机辅助诊断专家系统。 The instrument uses two sets of infrared photoelectric switch as start and termination signals blood level, see the drawings, the blood pressure difference exists within the standpipe, the flow of blood through the capillary, forming droplets at the outlet, gravity dropping droplets, after electrode the electrode is turned on, and after amplification to a computer interface circuit is collected by the computer and the measured time interval the number of drops of blood, capillary blood flow rate calculated at different riser column height, the blood flow rate and the standpipe column height relationship may be converted from numerical shear stress and shear rate, thereby determining the viscosity of the blood sample's law, the blood flow through different capillaries in a capillary column height standpipe same at different blood flow rate, so that the blood sample the different viscosity, which is different from the law of viscosity change, by the statistical value or an empirical value may be determined deviation and variation of the viscosity of the blood sample and the normal value, data acquisition, processing is performed by a computer, can be configured to stroke diagnosis software forms a packet set of computer-aided diagnosis expert system. 为保证测量精度配置了恒温水浴系统及搅拌器。 To guarantee the accuracy and the system configuration of the water bath agitator.

本仪器使毛细管式测量血粘度的方法由相对粘度上升到测量绝对粘度,蚍由仅能测量几个切变率下相对精度值(局部的,聩非连续的)上升到多个切变率(由血液滴数决定)下的绝对粘度值(全部的,准连续的),在相同成本下可得到精度更高,信息更全面,数据处理自动化的测量结果,对中风予报临床诊断的准确度及血液流变学研究提供了低成本,自动化数据采集,分析,处理的测量仪器,由于该仪器能测量出准连续切变率下的粘度值,较全面地反映了血液的粘度变化规律,而不是几个切变率下的精度数值,加上具有计算机辅柱诊断专家系统的功能,可由不同的诊断软件来进行诊断,减少临床诊断的工作量及误差。 This method of measuring instrument so that the capillary blood viscosity from the relative viscosity increased to measure absolute viscosity, measured only by the number Pi cut the relative accuracy variability (partial, non-deaf-continuous) rises to the plurality of shear rate ( the absolute viscosity values ​​determined drops) under the blood (all of quasi-continuous), a higher accuracy can be obtained at the same cost, more complete information, the data processing automated measurements, reported to the accuracy of clinical diagnosis of stroke Rheology studies and provides a low cost, automated data collection, analysis, processing of the measuring instrument, since the instrument can measure the viscosity at shear rates of the quasi-continuous, more fully reflect the changes of the blood viscosity, and several numerical accuracy not lower shear rates, coupled with a computer having a function of post secondary diagnosis expert system to diagnose the diagnostic software may be different, and to reduce the workload of clinical diagnosis errors. 可以保存病历及与以往病历的比较、分析等、本仪器可推广到其它牛顿及非牛顿流体的粘度测量、如各种油类,油漆等。 Medical records can be saved and the comparison with the conventional medical records, analysis, the instrument may be extended to other Newtonian viscosity measurements and non-Newtonian fluid, such as various oils, paints and the like.

附图为本实用新型智能血液流变测量仪的结构原理图。 BRIEF present invention shows the schematic structure of a smart meter hemorheology.

实施例:采用内径为φ2、外径为φ2.5的玻璃竖管,有效长度(即两对红外开关之间的管长)为250毫米,毛细玻璃内径φ0.5,长度100毫米,放大器为LM324运算放大器,接口电路为MS2401,计算机内存大于512KB,软驱360KB,利用上述设备和器件按本实用新型原理组装制做成测量仪,其测量精度(即与标准油粘度之比)达到±0.5%。 Example: The inner diameter [Phi] 2, the outer diameter of φ2.5 glass standpipe, the effective length (i.e., pipe length between the two pairs of infrared switch) of 250 mm, an inner diameter of the glass capillary φ0.5, 100 mm length, amplifier LM324 operational amplifiers, interface circuit MS2401, computer memory is greater than 512KB, 360KB floppy drive, using the above apparatus and devices according to the principles of the present invention made of assembling the measuring instrument, the measurement accuracy (i.e., the ratio of the standard oil viscosity) reaches ± 0.5% .

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  1. 1.一种智能血液流变测量仪,包括对测量信号进行数据处理的计算机[11]及其放大电路[9]和接口电路[10],用于数据显示的打印机[12],测量信号经放大电路[9]放大经接口电路[10]送入计算机[11]进行数据处理,本实用新型的特征在于包括容纳被测液体的竖管[5]与水平放置的毛细管[6]连通,竖管[5]的上部和下部分别设置用于检测液位的两对红外开关[1]、[2]、[3]、[4];两对红外开关分别与放大电路[9]的输入端连接并馈入开关信号,一对电极[7]、[8]置于毛细管[6]出口的垂直下方,液滴滴落时将电极[7]和[8]短路使之给出一个脉冲信号馈入放大电路[9],电极[7]、[8]的下方设液体糟[17],上述[1]、[2]、[3]、[4]、[5]、[6]置于装有生理盐水的恒温水浴箱[18]中,[6]的出口引到[18]之外,由电阻加热器[13],温度传感器[14]和温控器[15]组成的恒温控制系统,[13]和[14]置于恒温水浴 1. A computer smart meter hemorheology, including measurement signal processing data [11] and the amplifying circuit [9] and the interface circuit [10], the printer data for display [12], the measurement signal amplifying circuit [9] amplifying circuit through the interface [10] into the computer [11] for data processing, according to the present invention wherein the standpipe comprises receiving the measured liquid [5] and horizontal orientations capillary [6] communication, vertical pipe [5] are provided upper and lower two pairs of infrared switch for detecting the liquid level [1], [2], [3], [4]; two pairs of switches are infrared amplifying circuit [9] input terminal and fed into a switching signal connected to a pair of electrodes [7], [8] disposed capillary [6] vertically below the outlet when the dripping electrode [7] and [8] so as to short-circuit a pulse signal is given feeding amplifying circuit [9], an electrode [7] below [8] provided a liquid bad [17], [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] set equipped with a constant temperature water bath of physiological saline [18], [6] leads to an outlet [18] outside by the resistance heater [13], a temperature sensor [14] and controller [15] consisting of a thermostat control system, [13] and [14] in a thermostatic water bath [18]中,搅拌器[16]置于恒温水浴箱[18]底部。 In [18], agitator [16] placed in a thermostatic water bath [18] at the bottom.
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