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The present invention provides a kind of automobile loop scene monitoring safety pre-warning system, and the composition of the system includes primary processor (20), pair processor (30), memory (22), attention device (23), vibration detector (24), multi-cam (11~16), telecommunication circuit (21,31), panorama and shows liquid crystal display (40), sun-generated electric power (containing sun-generated electric power control 50, lithium battery 51 53, solar panels 52 54);Make automobile no matter parking or traveling can find at any time from no matter front, rear, left and right foreign matter close to or harm, can provide in time warning, while the machine video recording;Peripheral vehicle panorama situation can be grasped non-blind area by allowing during driver drives vehicle, the early warning and prompting dangerous on this car is obtained in time, makes driver the precautionary measures can be taken to avoid the danger in time, to protect itself it is safe, safeguard the rights and interests of oneself.


Automobile solar energy panorama monitors safety pre-warning system
First, technical field
The invention belongs to automotive safety monitoring and accident early warning technical field, by pacifying in automobile case front, rear, left and right Dress camera realizes that automobile loop scene is monitored, on the one hand provides the display that the screen of automobile loop scene non-blind area one looks over nothing left to driver, Exception of the one side automatic identification from outside all directions all around, the possible invasion of early warning or harm, improve driver's peace Full prevention ability.
2nd, background technology
One automobile, which is parked on parking stall, is likely to occur the harm, operation such as in-car article is stolen, vehicle body is impaired, vehicle is stolen On the way forward, backward or left or right may also be invaded and harassed, injured, accidents happened;And only with driver eyes each instantaneous A side can only always be looked after, it is impossible to while seeing 2 or multiple directions clearly;And peripheral vehicle has driver and can not seen Blind area, then occur unexpected possibility and increase again a lot.If set of device can be by automobile circumference panorama (including blind area) At every moment it is presented in driver at the moment, then can greatly enhances judgement, the emergency capability of driver, then can greatly reduce Accident, enhancement automotive safety.
The patent of invention of Application No. 200610148359.9《A kind of device for detecting object in automobile rear view mirror blind zone》 With the patent of invention of Application No. 03129429.4《Automobile multifunction intelligent backsight screen》All it is only to have monitored automobile rear, only It is the device that a kind of radar for backing car or anti-rear portion are knocked into the back;The patent of invention of Application No. 200910038400.0《Vehicle side-view shows As system》Automobile both sides car outline is only shot, is obtained and observation motor turning state;Application No. 201210219520.2 Patent《The preparation method that a kind of utilization automobile rearview mirror is widened the vision》It is to widen the observation to road conditions forward;Application No. 201210575388.9 patent《Automobile tail environment monitoring systems》It is a kind of measure for posteriorly observing to knock into the back.These Device or technology each simply supplement the observation in some direction for driver in fact, if only using this for driver Certain a set of then still has blind area among a little, however it remains can not immediately find, be more difficult to the danger resisted.
3rd, the content of the invention
Safety pre-warning system is monitored it is an object of the invention to provide a kind of automobile loop scene, automobile is either stopped still and exists Automobile surrounding panorama can be fully displayed at driver at the moment by traveling, allow driver at every moment to grasp automobile week non-blind area Side ring scape situation, can obtain the danger that present system approaches this car to outside any direction and provide early warning and in time prompting, make Driver can take the precautionary measures to avoid the harm in time;Even if automobile is parked in somewhere or place in parking lot, it can all find at any time From no matter front, rear, left and right it is intentional, be not intended to close to or harm and in time send alarm simultaneously the machine video recording, to protect from Oneself it is safe, safeguard the rights and interests of oneself.
This automobile loop scene monitors safety pre-warning system, and its composition includes major-minor processor (20,30), 6 cameras (11 ~16), sun-generated electric power (50,51-53,52-54);Wherein 6 cameras are all connected with primary processor (20);Primary processor (20) it can be communicated with communication unit (21) with auxiliary processor (30), connection memory (22) can be recorded to automobile loop scene abnormal conditions Picture, audible alarm can be sent out by being also connected with attention device (23), be also connected with vibration detector (24) and worked with timely activation system;Vice processing Device (30) carries communication unit (31), and the video image of each camera is transferred into panorama liquid crystal immediately via communication unit in system Shield (40) display or warn;Sun-generated electric power is controlled by polylith solar panels (52,54), lithium battery (51,53), sun-generated electric power Device (50) is constituted, and connects primary processor on sun-generated electric power controller (50), thus lower each battery of company, each camera power supply all supplies Go out.
It is blind before 6 cameras (11~16) of present system, wherein front left camera (11) monitoring automobile head left comer Area;Front right camera (13) monitoring automobile head right corner front blind-area;Preceding middle camera (12) monitoring vehicle front relatively it is remote it Scene, makes up driver sight, automatically-warning front, automatic identification road center foreign matter;The left camera of car (14) uses wide viewing angle Mode monitors vehicle body left hand external scene;The right camera of car (15) monitors vehicle body right hand external scene with wide viewing angle mode;Che Zuo, Observation of the right camera enhancing driver of car to both sides;Outer scene after camera (16) monitoring car, also uses wide viewing angle after car Mode.
Primary processor (20) carries video record unit (22) in present system, recognizes monitored scene by primary processor different Chang Shicai starts video recording;Specifically early warning and video recording are divided into following several situations:
Have during automobile front driving from camera (12) video identification immediately ahead of roof to front road in central certain distance and reach To video recording is started during a certain size foreign matter, while being displayed in full screen, driver is pointed out to note;
When during automobile starting from headstock both sides front blind-area camera (11), (13) scene Recognition to exception, start video recording same When output full screen display;
During reversing automobile from vehicle body rear camera (16) scene Recognition to car after it is abnormal when start video recording and export aobvious simultaneously Show;
Starting video recording during from vehicle body both sides camera (14), (15) scene Recognition to automobile both sides exception, output shows simultaneously Show.
" certain distance " " a certain size " more than all is when system installs and uses initialization all with its value of parameter setting.
The system of the present invention is then operated in another parking warning mode after parking of automobile:When driver's mobile phone wireless Communication mode postpones certain time after sending out " deploying troops on garrison duty " instruction to automobile, and primary processor is to start all directions camera to enter warning prison Depending on;Automobile case edge line corresponding to primary processor using now each camera finds certain direction away from bottom line one as identification bottom line Determine to start video recording when having foreign matter out-of-limit close in scope, be simultaneously emitted by alarm sound, also through wireless outside hair warning message.
When driver need to drive trip, " withdrawing a garrison " instruction first is sent to the system after automobile, system exits warning Turning operation monitor state.
Primary processor (20) in present system, it is touring in automobilism all directions to be taken the photograph that it, which mainly handles work, As the scene in head video is identified;Primary processor recognize first automobile currently stop or row, be forward or backward, this When determine according to extracting before and after the right camera of car (15) video image inspection in different frame the scenery direction of motion, car side view thing is not It is dynamic then be that car stops, car side view thing rearward mobile then automobile front driving, car side view thing mobile then back of automobile forwards.
Start to move ahead when primary processor (20) recognizes automobile, then scenery in front of middle camera (12) video identification before extracting It is whether abnormal;Start retroversion when recognizing automobile, then extract camera (16) video after car, identification rear scenery is whether abnormal; Enter dead ship condition when recognizing automobile, then the main extraction left camera of car (14) video identification driver, which whether there is, is left automobile, Driver, which is recognized, in primary processor leaves or receive " deploying troops on garrison duty " even if system enters the parking state of alert after instruction.
Primary processor (20) in addition to a variety of identification functions, also has a kind of very important identification more than --- and automobile starting is known Not.When automobile is under " deploying troops on garrison duty " state of alert, primary processor is received to be started to extract the left camera of car (14) after " withdrawing a garrison " instruction Video identification, it is found that driver is turned to after getting on the bus after 3 times samsaras per second extraction front left (11), front right (13) and car (16) There is scenery without exception blind area behind camera video image, identification headstock or so blind area and car, if any, strive before automobile starting to Go out to alarm to driver, provide alarm video to liquid crystal display.
Primary processor (20) determines the different camera videos of extraction to automobile in different conditions, before correspondence automobile Different directions running disorder or panorama foreign matter profile are recognized respectively when row, retrogressing, parking;What the present apparatus was recognized comprises the concrete steps that: First using automobile case different directions lower sideline as bottom line, the foreign matter of this car is influenceed in external have found that it is likely that of this bottom line, is extracted The profile of foreign matter;The size of foreign matter profile is recognized according to prioris such as the length of different type automobile, width, then calculates foreign matter From with a distance from this car;Further according to Distance l imit of the foreign matter being previously set in front, rear, side, blind area, judgement provides pre- It is alert.
Also there is vibrating sensor and vibration signal start mechanism, automobile one, which starts, will produce vibration in present system Signal;(as shut down or have forgotten start after stopping) after system closedown, as long as driver goes on a journey, by the vibration of start Signal can activation system work, input monitoring, identification, alarm, early warning.
4th, illustrate
Accompanying drawing 1 --- automobile loop scene monitoring safety pre-warning system composition, shows composition structure and the connection of present system Mode, its composition mainly includes:Primary processor, multi-cam, auxiliary processor, communication and liquid crystal display, solar energy part.
Installation site and surveillance style of accompanying drawing 2 --- the system components on automobile.
Accompanying drawing 3 --- system is monitored to automobile loop scene, recognized, the main handling process of early warning.
5th, embodiment
5.1 system main assemblies and connected mode
The system of the present invention is shown by primary processor (20), auxiliary processor (30), multiple cameras (11~16), liquid crystal panorama Show device (40), solar powered part (50) composition;Accompanying drawing 1 shows their interconnection mode.
Primary processor is carried with communication unit (21), auxiliary processor and realized between communication unit (31), 2 communication units Network mode communicates, so as to realize the data between major and minor processor and order transmission, network mode can be twisted-pair feeder ether Net can also be WIFI wireless networks;Auxiliary processor is connected with panorama liquid crystal display, especially realizes the video data of 6 cameras by leading Processor is handed over auxiliary processor to be sent to panorama liquid crystal display and shown;Liquid crystal display is to the display mode of motor vehicle environment panorama (40):Itself Automobile image is shown in center, all around totally 6 images are shown in orientation corresponding with motor vehicle environment, formed automobile panorama prison Visible image, full screen display is transformed into if there is exception in some direction automatically.
6 cameras are all digital network types, are all connected to primary processor by network, there is the clear and definite network address, Primary processor can continuously extract 6 road images through network to be handed over and shows, can also only extract wherein certain all the way image be identified, in advance Warn and hand over liquid crystal display to show.6 cameras (can reduce) are blind to headstock front, headstock left comer blind area and headstock right corner respectively Area, automobile left side, car right side, automobile rear carry out monitoring shooting, and primary processor is determined automatically according to automobile different running method Surely extract different camera videos to be identified, recognizing the direction has exception, then to driver's early warning, while starting memory Record alarm image;
Primary processor is connected with memory (22), attention device (23), vibration detecting unit (24) simultaneously, and wherein memory is used In video recording, attention device is used for driver's alarm, and vibration detecting unit is used to make the system automatic start devote oneself to work.
Auxiliary processor mainly manages the panorama display mode of liquid crystal display, is solved in the communication frame that will be received from communication unit (31) Each road video data for separating out 6 cameras is decompressed simultaneously, and corresponding press monitors orientation clockwise on liquid crystal display Shown around automobile, as automobile loop scene, or if necessary to alarm video full screen display;2 can also be shown as in the usual way The window of × 3 totally 6 formed objects.
There is sun-generated electric power part, it obtains power supply from solar energy automatically in the system of the present invention;Sun-generated electric power control Device processed manages each solar panels to lithium cell charging there is provided camera and each several part circuit electricity consumption, can day and night use, and makes this be System does not increase automobile fuel consumption;, can also back automotive interior electrical equipment offer electric energy if solar panels and lithium battery configuration are abundant.
5.2 systems mounting means on automobile
Because solar panels positive will receive sunshine, so to be arranged on roof;And liquid crystal display must necessarily be placed in car Interior driver conveniently sees the position regarded, so, and system components are destined to be divided into outer two parts of in-car, car;Outside car Dividing includes solar panels, lithium battery, solar-electricity pool controller, each camera, primary processor and communication unit, also vibrates Probe unit;In-car part includes liquid crystal display, auxiliary processor and communication unit, memory, attention device.
The cable with shielding and sheath is used to connect each camera in automobile top cover surrounding, magnet is all installed in camera bottom, Make tightly to adsorb on automobile case, suction ensures that camera is not released during galloping;Surrounded in automobile top cover cable The soft skin (leather, cloth, rubber cushion) in attached one layer of middle part, install attached under the solar panels of certain power, solar panels based on this attachment If lithium battery and charge controller;Solar panels are layered on roof and receive sunlight, the lithium battery of energy storage is fried batter in a thin layer and is arranged on The back side of solar panels, makes reduction volume and occupies less;Solar panels and battery cloth are placed on roof, can mitigate the sun to automobile Be exposed to the sun, also reduce in-car refrigeration power consumption.System with this solar energy to lithium cell charging energy storage, while to each camera, wireless Communication module is powered, powered to alarm.
If car is outer and in-car is not intended to be connected with cable, in-car part intends being powered by automobile batteries.
Outside car, in-car be inconvenient in the case of use wired connection, the outer in-car plan broadband wireless mode that communicates of car communicates Unit uses wireless WIFI circuits;When can use wired connection outside in-car, communication unit uses RJ45 Ethernet interfaces instead.
Accompanying drawing 2 shows the installation site of solar panels and each camera in automobile top in system;4, top square is (no Limit such) solar panels are represented, left and right two jiaos of vehicle front headstock respectively installs 1 camera (11,13), makes to be absorbed in monitoring The left and right angle blind area of automobile head;1 camera (12) is installed in middle part higher position in front of roof, and fixed certain focal length makes monitoring (such as 30 meters) scene within vehicle front certain distance, makes up in front of driver sight's deficiency, automatically-warning, while recognizing road Center foreign matter;(such as 2 meters) scenery in each 1 camera (14,15) the monitoring automobile both sides certain limit in both sides, makes up at the top of vehicle body Driver side is to eyesight;1 camera (16) monitoring automobile rear scenery, especially recognizes certain distance (such as in the middle part of roof rear 10 meters) within close scenery.
5.3 cameras are monitored and alarm video recording mode
Each camera video is all connected to primary processor in present system, and recognizing certain camera by it monitors scene Just start video recording when abnormal;Specifically it is divided into following several situations:
Camera video recognizes in the central certain distance of front road and occurs more than a certain size immediately ahead of from roof Startup video recording instruction is provided to video recorder during foreign matter, while handing over auxiliary processor control to be displayed in full screen, proposes attention device output Show that driver notes;
Two jiaos of blind area front lefts or front right camera video recognize institute surveillance zone and occur starting record during foreign matter in front of from headstock Picture, while making attention device export early warning, makes auxiliary processor control screen to provide the scene full screen display of correspondence foreign matter;
Recognized from a vehicle body both sides car left side or the right camera video of car when foreign matter occurs in institute surveillance zone and start correspondence video recording, together When make attention device export to driver to alarm, and make auxiliary processor provide full screen display.
Recognized from vehicle body rear camera video and start correspondence video recording when occurring foreign matter in the certain distance of rear, also make police Show that device is exported to driver to alarm, and make full screen display.
Parking warning identification method during 5.4 parking of automobile
Driver has stopped mobile phone for vehicle the system hair " deploying troops on garrison duty " instruction into automobile, and primary processor can be made to start all directions and taken the photograph As head enters alertness monitor;
If driver has stopped forgetting hair " deploying troops on garrison duty " instruction when car leaves, but is not turned off the system, then primary processor prolongs Find that automobile is in dead ship condition after slow a period of time, then system and each camera is entered alertness monitor state automatically.
Under parking warning mode, the touring all directions camera video that extracts of primary processor recognizes that whether foreign matter (or people) is leaned on Nearly automobile, foreign matter when crossing limit value close to video recording is started in the range of discovery certain distance, and primary processor starts warning simultaneously Device sends alarm sound, can also start long-range to driver's mobile phone alarm;
Driver need to drive before the limit value of parking stall, intending first sending " withdrawing a garrison " instruction to primary processor during trip, main Processor makes each camera exit the state of alert;During warning of stopping during the touring left camera video to car of primary processor, such as It was found that driver " does not withdraw a garrison " and driving of getting on the bus, primary processor sends alarm and recorded a video automatically, and genuine driver can supplement and send " withdrawing a garrison " instructs and system is exited the state of alert and enter driving monitored state.
5.5 system primary processors monitor the identifying processing of scene to camera
Accompanying drawing 3 shows the brief identifying processing flow of total system overall process.
No matter automobile is to be obtained in dead ship condition (51) (system is not stopped) at the startup or system of " withdrawing a garrison " instruction The startup for obtaining vibration signal in stopped status (52) (system-down) all enters system activation start-up course (61), main process task " 16 " each camera videos send auxiliary processor 20 to the extraction of device wheel stream after 12, front left 11, front right 13, a car left side 14, the car right side 15, car in preceding Control liquid crystal display 40 is made panorama and shown;
Primary processor is from " whether the camera video of a car left side 14 " identification driver gets on the bus, and such as gets on the bus, then enters system simultaneously Enter " automobile starting blind area recognizes (63) ", " 16 " camera videos recognize that these are blind after front left 11, front right 13, car for touring extraction There is foreign (65) in area, if any abnormality processing (64) link for being then transferred to startup alarm:Herein first will the abnormal feelings in correspondence blind area Condition send full screen display, and sends caution sound, also starts video recording;Each blind area video of (63) continuation extraction is then returned to be known Not, this touring process multipass per second.
Recognized in blind area after no exception, automobile enters normal activities, system loses no time to enter to automobilism shape State judges (70), is divided into forward, retrogressing to motoring condition here, stops three kinds, primary processor is regarded according to a car left side 14 is extracted Frequency is recognized;
If automobile " forward ", primary processor performs driving identification (71), extracts video from Chinese herbaceous peony camera 12 automatically, knows There is foreign profile (72) in other vehicle front certain limit, if any then into abnormality processing (73):The video of Chinese herbaceous peony 12 is given To be displayed in full screen, it is simultaneously emitted by warning and records a video;Then circulation goes to (70) and judges motoring condition;Do not sent out in such as moving ahead Now abnormal, then same turn to (70) continue to judge driving states.
If automobile starts fallback state, system enters reversing identification (78) link, and " 16 " regard after car for primary processor extraction Frequently, whether foreign matter profile (79) are therefrom recognized in the range of about 10 meters, if any then entering reversing abnormality processing:After camera car (16) video send full screen display, while sending out caution sound and recording a video;Return again to fallback state and differentiate (70), such as automobile is still being retreated Then continue to recognize;Motoring condition is gone back to if without exception and differentiates (70), motoring condition change is adapted at any time.
If automobile is recognized in (70) enters dead ship condition, system enters parking warning identification:Primary processor is touring to be carried (16) each camera video is recognized in the range of about 2 meters of peripheral vehicle respectively after pick-up left (14), car right (15), Chinese herbaceous peony (12), car Whether foreign matter is close, if any, then perform abnormality processing (76):Give the video to be displayed in full screen, and send warning and record a video, Ran Houyou Return and continue warning identification (74) of stopping;As do not noted abnormalities, then come into parking and terminate to judge (77):Inspection is whether received " withdrawing a garrison " instructs, and does not have " withdrawing a garrison " to branch to continuation and stop and guards against (74);One has " withdrawing a garrison ", and system giant single moves towards system startup (61) state afterwards, differentiates motoring condition selection identification again;If do not received in parking terminates judgement (77) state " withdrawing a garrison " instruction (possible driver forget send), then system wait until vibration signal reach ability winding be transferred to system startup (61) it Work afterwards.

Claims (4)

1. automobile loop scene monitors safety pre-warning system, its composition includes primary processor (20), auxiliary processor (30), multiple cameras (11~16), communication unit (21,31), memory (22), attention device (23), vibration detector (24), panorama liquid crystal display (40), Sun-generated electric power;Wherein the multiple camera is connected with the primary processor (20) respectively;The primary processor (20) carries Communication unit (21) can communicate with the auxiliary processor (30), and the primary processor respectively with the memory (22), alert Show device (23), vibration detector (24) connection, the memory (22) can be recorded a video to automobile loop scene abnormal conditions, the attention device (23) audible alarm can be sent out, the vibration detector (24) enables to start the system after system closedown in start;Institute Auxiliary processor (30) is stated with communication unit (31), the system is via instant the regarding the multiple camera of the communication unit Frequency image transfers to the panorama liquid crystal display (40) to show or warn;The sun-generated electric power is by polylith solar panels (52,54), lithium Connect primary processor on battery (51,53), sun-generated electric power controller (50) composition, the sun-generated electric power controller (50) (20) thus, lower each lithium battery of company, each camera power supply is also confessed;Monitored scene is wherein recognized by primary processor abnormal When just start video recording;Specifically it is divided into following several situations:
Start video recording when camera (12) video identification has foreign matter to front road center immediately ahead of from roof, while giving full frame It has been shown that, concurrent warning indicators driver notes;
Sent when abnormal from headstock both sides front blind-area camera (11) (13) scene Recognition to blind area and warn and start video recording, simultaneously Output full screen display;
Sent when abnormal from vehicle body both sides camera (14) (15) scene Recognition to both sides and warn and start video recording, while output is complete Screen display;
Sent when abnormal after from vehicle body rear camera (16) scene Recognition to car and warn and start video recording, while output is full frame aobvious Show.
2. automobile loop scene as described in claim 1 monitors safety pre-warning system, wherein when system " is deployed troops on garrison duty " state in automobile Receive " withdrawing a garrison " instruction or go out to enter when driver gets on the bus by the video identification of the left camera of car (14) and start identification;Detailed process It is:Several (16) camera images after touring extraction front left (11), front right (13) and car per second, identify headstock or so blind area with Blind area foreign matter after car, to driver, simultaneously video is shown for alarm before automobile starting;Start identification make to reach it is blind after confirmation Chinese herbaceous peony car Area's foreign is just driven, in order to avoid cause damage.
3. automobile loop scene as claimed in claim 1 monitors safety pre-warning system, wherein the identification that moves ahead or move backward is:It is first depending on The right camera of car (15) the video scenery direction of motion come recognize automobile be move ahead or move backward;When recognizing automobile front driving, then carry Preceding middle camera (12) video identification front highway whether foreign matter is taken, notes abnormalities and alarms;Recognized when from camera (15) Automobile starts to fall back, then extracts camera (16) video after car, recognizes rear scene whether foreign matter, notes abnormalities and alarm.
4. automobile loop scene as claimed in claim 1 monitors safety pre-warning system, when system identification to automobile enters dead ship condition Then enter parking warning identification, be specifically:Automobile is left from the left camera of car (14) video identification driver whether there is, recognizes and drives The person of sailing leaves automobile and enters parking warning, or receiving driver's " deploying troops on garrison duty " instruction also makes system be guarded against into parking, is at this moment System starts each camera and guards monitoring;System using automobile case edge line in now each camera video scene as identification bottom line, It was found that certain direction when having foreign matter out-of-limit close in bottom line certain limit away from alarm is sent, while starting video recording, also to driving Member's hair warning message;When driver drives to go on a journey, " withdrawing a garrison " instruction first is sent out to system, system exits warning and turns to forward or move backward Monitor identification state.
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Address before: 430072, No. 102, building D, aquatic science and technology, No. 7 South East Lake Road, Wuchang District, Hubei, Wuhan

Applicant before: He Guiming

CB02 Change of applicant information

Address after: 430074 Hubei, East Lake, Wuhan, New Technology Development Zone, Xun Xun Hubei Road, the Great Wall, innovation and Technology Park, building B, block 1, building 5, building

Applicant after: Wuhan double micro electrical Limited by Share Ltd

Address before: 430074 Hubei city of Wuhan province East Lake New Technology Development Zone East Road No. 2-2


CB02 Change of applicant information
GR01 Patent grant
GR01 Patent grant