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Practical intelligent sun tracking system belongs to new forms of energy photovoltaic/thermal application, is particularly useful for photovoltaic generation.This patent is the Optimal improvements on the basis of my 2006100486373 patents.Outstanding feature: intelligence keeps away strong wind, removes severe snow;Large area is followed the tracks of, and easily accomplishes for 10 to 20 kilowatts;Inexpensively, control without program and longitude and latitude;Arbitrarily placement can be appointed at the earth's surface general;Make without special equipment and special source materials.Therefore be particularly well-suited to China's sunlight-heat reaources and enrich and the northwest extremely frigid zones of many strong wind severe snow.Large area follows the tracks of the input-output ratio not only drastically increasing tracking, more makes photovoltaic efficiency promote more than 30%, so that electricity price drops to 7 mao suitable with conventional thermoelectricity from 1 yuan, makes photovoltaic break through high price bottleneck.Do not fear wind and snow, safe and reliable highly effective, be particularly well-suited to building roof, more can flexibly with each attribute building depth integration.Certain modification i.e. can be used for the tracking of various forms photo-thermal power generation.


Practical intelligent sun system for tracking
Technical field
Practical intelligent sun system for tracking, belongs to solar energy, new forms of energy application, is particularly applied to Photovoltaic generation, photo-thermal power generation.
Background technology exists
Key in technical field herein and describe paragraph
The energy is the most important life of the mankind and the means of production, but due to conventional energy resource scarcity with to ring The impact in border, people have to seek new forms of energy.Solar energy is exactly more satisfactory new forms of energy. But how to improve efficiency, reducing cost is but maximum bottleneck.Following is a good selection .Follow can make photovoltaic generation improve efficiency more than 30%, in other words because efficiency improve 30% with On, then mean few silicon material 30%, or the conversion ratio more than 30% that improve battery is carried by 18% High to 24%, or make electricity price reduce cost more than 30%, dropped to 7-8 mao by upper current 1 yuan.Especially It is when the current electricity price of photovoltaic close to 1 yuan/spend time, if hadCheap practical reliableIntelligent sun tracking system give Power photovoltaic generation, then the electricity price of photovoltaic generation is the most in big strides close to the price of fossil energy. Technology and the method followed the tracks of at present are various, and summing up is exactly flat single shaft, oblique single shaft and single column The double-axis tracking of brace type.But that come into operation and few, mainly cost performance and poor practicability , plainly just amount is afraid of strong wind severe snow, poor stability, thus area can not do greatly.
Summary of the invention
Patent of the present invention is in my 2006100486373 patents of invention (solar intelligent tracking device) Optimal improvements on basis.Utilize sensor and the circuit of former patent of invention.But safety Property, reliability, cost performance, but it is greatly improved, strong wind can be kept away and go severe snow, large area to follow, Can reliably combine together with the building degree of depth.Therefore named practical intelligent sun system for tracking.
This patent is to the effect that set about in terms of support, a single support column support and become many together Heart garden mesh-supported, solves poor practicability and the low problem of cost performance.Poor practicability refer to former specially Profit is afraid of strong wind, is afraid of severe snow, thus dangerous, and reliability is worse.Follow area little, thus property Valency ratio is also impossible to improve, in short, and poor practicability.
Patent of the present invention mainly comprises: composite bearing, rotation dynamic circuit interface, the parallel sprocket wheel of multiaxis Combination, ' asymmetric ' installation method (or installing adjustable choke plate additional) of cell panel and with building The depth integration five part composition of thing.And add duty show, artificial room's remote control The content such as shockproof that electronic adjustment cell panel attitude is combined with building.
Composite bearing: such as Fig. 2, by the load-bearing bearing of bottom, the Limit Bearing of side and the security on top Three bearings of bearing constitute a bearing pawl, by the circular discs clamping Fig. 1 no less than three bearing pawls , make disk can not left and right move forward and backward up and down, can only rotate around its geometric center, optionally select to A few load-bearing bearing is as driving shaft, in order to drive disk rotational.Composite shaft The garden dish size held and load-bearing bearing are how many, determine according to the demand of cell panel area or weight, hold It is all the concentric of the garden heart with the theoretical center of folded disk that solid axle holds with the installation direction of security bearing Garden radius is parallel, and then this composite bearing is just formed.Large-scale ultra-large type composite bearing still can be at it Bottom even increases suitable load-bearing bearing or bearing pawl (these single load-bearing bearing or bearing pawls Form concentric garden shape, the guide rail of disk bottom certainly must be had to match therewith) in order to averraged The weight of photovoltaic cell frame.Composite bearing is used to carry photovoltaic cell support.To support slightly Add improvement, photovoltaic cell module is changed into parabolic wire casing and just can be used for photo-thermal power generation.Change concave mirror Or lens just can make concave mirror lens light gathering follow.Having had composite bearing, support bracket was by originally Single-column support and become the most looped network posts and support, cell panel load-bearing is by original one Single-bearing becomes a changeable composite bearing plane load-bearing, so since, this stent cover Long-pending (composite bearing area and upper bracket outside extension area thereof) can be big according to power demand Little design.
It is of course also possible to guide rail is placed on support (post) lower limb, the garden dish of making rotates thereon.
Under normal circumstances, composite bearing is designed to simulate the earth from West to East around day rotation.That is: in north Hemisphere north temperate zone and the north frigid zone i.e. horizontally rotate to the north of north latitude 23 degree Ban forever clockwise, It is then counterclockwise on the south the south temperate zone in the Southern Hemisphere and the south frigid zone i.e. south latitude 23 degree Ban, heat (between north and south latitude 23 degree Ban) the rotating hour hands rotation of band area (but owing to the sun is straight The equator of passing through of exit point changes (March 22 and JIUYUE 22), is preferably provided change horizontal direction and rotates Button.And require that the angle vertically followed is transferred to 90+24=114 degree).
When meeting high wind, left and right rotates according to wind direction with the wind.
Rotate dynamic circuit interface: such as Fig. 3, an insulating bar is fixed several pieces conducting metal sequins (according to required circuit how many depending on), the upper and lower surface at each disk sets relative to position Put the spring clip made with conductive material a pair, so that electric current constitutes path between sheet and folder , either sheet turns and clamps or sheet clamp rotates around sheet, all can make, electricity between limiting-members Stream is connected.And rotational angle does not limits, even rotating, translation is good within the specific limits. Garden sheet size is wanted suitably, as chankings is too small, then to composite bearing guide rail and the making of disk border Precision and installation accuracy require height, its size decide making and installation accuracy (especially for It is installed on the dynamic circuit interface of the sheet clamp dynamic formula of disc centre).One group of rotation that sheet clamp is dynamic The stator axle of shifting circuit interface is placed in the small garden hole position at composite bearing disk theory center, as Aperture in disk in Fig. 1, is connected with the supporting leg post of center load-bearing bearing.Dynamic folder is then fixed on The edge of center roundlet on the disk of composite bearing, is mainly used in overall photovoltaic electric current to export. Another group is that sheet moves the formula of clamping, branch's electricity of each column photovoltaic cell group of every line in Fig. 5 Stream converges.The transverse axis disposing the moving plate axle and its photovoltaic battery panel that rotate dynamic circuit interface is same One axle, as long as installing round moving plate additional.Clamp is then fixed on the purlin perpendicular with cell panel transverse axis On frame.
There is an aperture at composite bearing disk theory center, such as the disk rotating dynamic circuit interface of Fig. 3 Dead axle is fixed on ground center load-bearing bearings lower limb by this hole.At the bottom of the edge of aperture Portion also loads onto 12 single load-bearing bearings middle part load bearing support point as composite bearing.
Rotate dynamic circuit interface horizontal garden dish of composite bearing when strong wind to rotate with the wind and cell panel When transverse axis rotates with the wind, circuit lines keeps performance intact.
Fig. 5 is the wheel combination of multiaxis parallel chain: needn't elaborate any further, understands at a glance, chain strings each battery The gear teeth on the transverse axis of plate, under the instruction of dynamic sensor, solar tracking rotates in the same direction.When meeting wind, with Wind direction rotates.
The asymmetric installation of cell panel: asymmetric have two meanings, and one refers to relative to being in disk In the heart for the left and right of the sprocket wheel block position in portion, more or less for the erection space of photovoltaic battery panel , such as the cell panel quantity of left and right in Fig. 5, depending on concrete ratio will be according to local wind-force.Its two, Refer to the cell panel on each column transverse axis for the rotation transverse axis of oneself, cell panel area is also It is non-symmetrical placement, such as the upper row's cell panel in Fig. 5, in short, relative in length and breadth two rotations For axle, cell panel area is, Fig. 4 is the non-of small-sized household photovoltaic battery panel for another example Symmetrical diagram.Why want asymmetric arrangement?It is contemplated to keep away strong wind, removes severe snow.Work as disease The when that wind direction being level, due to the longitudinal axis dispose asymmetric, make cell panel left and right unbalance stress And produce horizontal direction turning moment and cause the disk entirety of composite bearing to turn to as wind vane And make cell panel lateral force, and will not its front impaired because of wind resistance.When wind direction becomes upper and lower During turbulent flow, in like manner produce vertical direction moment due to transverse axis asymmetric installation and make cell panel around Transverse axis rotate and from windburn.In like manner, severe snow arrives, owing to the second asymmetric installation causes Hold the area of snow, thus the gravity produced, also cause transverse axis turning moment to make accumulated snow Toppling over and be not detained, wind and snow is the most anxious more big effect is the best.Strong wind severe snow attacks simultaneously at one's discretion, by multiple Sympodium holds, rotates dynamic circuit interface and the comprehensive function of cell panel asymmetric installation and effect group The practical intelligent sun system for tracking become all can be tackled calmly.
When affecting smooth running to eliminate because weight can be caused asymmetric for the result of asymmetric installation, The way of available additional weight is balanced, so that stable movement.
Add choke plate: also can add choke plate in the one end of the cell panel transverse axis being symmetrically installed, make to be combined Battery grillage on bearing produces twisting resistance when having wind and refuses, thus wind sheltering.Choke plate still can design Become size adjustable, adjust moment in order to changing area and angle adjustment windage, suitable Answer wind-force size.
When choke plate is overlapping and is perpendicular to cell panel Plane Installation, choke plate area is zero, works as choke Plate stretches and during 90-degree rotation (parallel with cell panel plane) side by side, and windage is maximum, other feelings Condition windage is then between the above two, and continuous stepless is adjustable.
Depth integration with building: support socle as the pillar of building using composite bearing, with The terrestrial applications that the desired height (or number of plies) of building reference photovoltaic battery panel are covered with is come Determine to support the height of socle, using the disk of composite bearing as the roof of building, building The area of thing, the floor area being covered with, purposes and composite bearing area and photovoltaic general power system Raise arrangement.Due also to overall weight concentrates on support socle, take elastic shockproof at these socles Measure can make monolithic architecture thing shock-absorbing.In a word, the purposes of building is considered with compound Bearing depth integration, makes main member function utilize each other, and economy is greatly improved.Even also Building can be suspended in the bottom of disk skeleton or be placed in the top of disk with too Sun synchronous axial system, joyful.These different buildings such as city, rural area, herd District, plant area, road surface, field, mine, office, island, frontier defense , plateau, Plain, mountain area ... farm house, villa, sight spot sightseeing, motor vehicles Refuel charging combined station, brooder, tobacco flue-curing house, plant, sentry post ... all can required design.
Cell panel large area is installed and is not the most feared wind and snow, reliability, safety, and economy is just greatly improved ?.If being placed in roof, can be direct for steel bottom the foot lower limb of spring bearing and the steel at building top In reinforced concrete, steel are connected.
Quiet sensor can be placed in the rotation dynamic circuit interface of composite bearing theoretical center axle clamp dynamic formula The top of dead axle.The translucent cover of quiet sensor is made garden taper, in order to avoid accumulated snow and dust accretions. Installation site and the method for two dynamic sensors are constant.
The rotating campaign under normal circumstances of cell panel transverse axis, during high wind, turns with the wind.Eliminate former patent Forward and reverse travel switch that horizontal direction rotates;The rotating travel switch circuit that transverse axis is rotated Changing a self-lock contactor into replace, (this connects the replacement of trigger unit microswitch The coil of tentaculum seals in microswitch);Add a time relay, be used for regulating control with Interval in time, makes the time of following adjustable and eliminates the hysteresis of relay, make with With more accurate, controllable.
It is respectively connected to signal display circuit at quiet sensor circuit, horizontal motor, the vertical motor circuit of electricity, , in indoor, duty is very clear to make duty show;Additionally it is further added by motor and directly controls electricity Road, button is disposed within so that remote-control battery plate attitude.
Due to the use of composite bearing, an original vertical pivot is become a plane;Again due to rotation The use of rotating state circuit interface and the asymmetric arrangement (or adding choke plate) of cell panel, permissible Wind sheltering removes the snow.
The battery board bracket of Fig. 5 is placed on composite bearing disk.The support of cell panel can suitable extension Disk area more than composite bearing.
Accompanying drawing explanation
Fig. 1 is the disk of composite bearing, and available steel or armored concrete are manufactured, and Fig. 2 is bearing pawl, Fig. 3 is to rotate in dynamic circuit interface, Fig. 4 is the asymmetric of small-sized microminiature capacity cell plate Install and (also can fill a pearl bearings foot in frame bottom appropriate location to strengthen support Intensity), Fig. 5 is the wheel combination of multiaxis parallel chain and the asymmetric scheme of installation of cell panel.
Detailed description of the invention
Seize on both sides by the arms with each several of the bearing pawl of Fig. 2 and single load-bearing bearing and support the disk of Fig. 1, allow figure The dynamic circuit interface (sheet quiet folder dynamic formula) of 3 is fixed on through the center small sircle hole of Fig. 1 disk On the supporting leg post of center load-bearing bearing, the photovoltaic cell frame putting Fig. 5 (includes on disk certainly Sprocket wheel combination and on each transverse axis upper slice clamp dynamic formula dynamic circuit interface, cell panel the most right Claim to dispose).Also the specific properties that should consider the building blended with it determines bearing pawl And the supporting leg length of load-bearing bearing, intensity quantity and the parameters of disk.
In the placement of arbitrfary point, the whole world without considering other factors.
Trail run describes
Be divided into working hour, inoperative period and consider simultaneously two the periods meet with strong wind severe snow time severe Working environment.
Normal working hour: in early morning, the sun comes up in the east, is placed in the sheet clamp of disc centre The quiet sensor on dynamic formula dynamic circuit interface top is irradiated by sunlight, and resistance diminishes, and makes to go here and there with it The circuital current being in almost open circuit of connection increases, and makes relay contact connect, so, then justifies On dish, the dynamic sensor circuit on press horizontal mobile sensor and cell panel transverse axis obtains power supply supply.In It is first to drive horizontal motor (one of load-bearing bearing in the disk bottom) (Northern Hemisphere from West to East ) rotate and find the sun, after aiming, press horizontal mobile sensor resistance cataclysm is big, cuts off horizontal motor Electric current the vertical direction current of electric being also turned on cell panel transverse axis, in transverse axis vertically dynamic biography Rotate from bottom to top under the guiding of sensor and aim at the sun, after aiming, this dynamic sensor resistance cataclysm Greatly, cut off sprocket motors power supply, start the most again time relay timing.Now, battery with 90 degree are aimed at the sun, cut off again remaining circuit and power with economize on electricity during time relay work. To the scheduled time, sunlight also offsets from dynamic sensor, then starts again to aim at ... so week And renew, until sunset, quiet sensor cuts off all power, treats to meet tomorrow that the sun rising in the eastern sky again. Disk is overcome to rub when meeting strong wind then disk by chance in asymmetric arrangement (the first asymmetric arrangement) moment Wiping power and motor torque rotate posture adjustment state with the wind, if there being upper and lower turbulent flow, cell panel transverse axis can be because of it On the asymmetric arrangement of cell panel (second claim dispose) rotate modulation attitude with the wind, thus intelligent Keep away strong wind, from its evil.If meeting severe snow by chance, also due to the asymmetric arrangement of cell panel and formed Accumulated snow weight does not waits thus produces torsional moment and make accumulated snow fall, and intelligence removes snow, makes cell panel exempt from Load-bearing, and not shading.After wind and snow, all the most only recover normal work.
The non-normal working period: all power supplies are broken entirely, the moment factor without motor affects, all With aforementioned phase seemingly, cell panel appoints wind and snow to behave unscrupulously to situation and its attitude is made the best of things, and exempts from The evil of wind and snow.
Above-mentioned operating mode, all can by the display lamp of Control Room out, and the removal to accumulated snow still can be passed through Indoors artificial remote control attitude-adjusting method removes.
Trail run describes and the trail run of referring also to patent 2006100386373 patent can describe part.

Claims (4)

1. practical intelligent sun tracking system, including composite bearing, dynamic rotary circuit interface, photovoltaic cell module area asymmetric arrangement portion Point, sprocket wheel built-up section and the depth integration part of building, it is characterised in that: composite bearing by the load-bearing bearing of bottom, The Limit Bearing of side and three bearings of the security bearing on top constitute a bearing pawl, the bearing pawl no less than three clamp Disk, makes disk not move forward and backward up and down left and right, is only possible to rotate around its geometry center of circle, optionally selects at least one load-bearing bearing As drive shaft bearing, in order to drive disk rotational, the disk size of composite bearing and the number of load-bearing bearing are according to photovoltaic cell module The demand of area or weight determines, the installation direction of load-bearing bearing and security bearing all with its folded by the theoretical center of disk be the center of circle Concentric circular radius the most parallel, large-scale or ultra-large type composite bearing still can increase suitable load-bearing bearing at its bottom even Or bearing pawl, these single load-bearing bearings or the composition concentric circles distribution of bearing pawl, certainly must there is the guide rail phase therewith of disk bottom Supporting, in order to averraged the weight of light cell support, composite bearing is used to carry light cell support, improves a little, Photovoltaic cell module changes into parabolic wire casing and just can be used for photo-thermal power generation, puts concave mirror or convex lens just can make concave mirror or convex lens gather Light is followed, it is possible to place solar water heater;Dynamic rotary circuit interface fixes several pieces conducting metal roundlets on an insulating bar Sheet, depending on circuit is how many needed for the several evidence of sheet, the upper and lower surface at each disk arranges a pair relative to position and uses conductive material system Make spring clip so that between sheet and folder electric current constitute path, either sheet turn clamp or sheet clamp around sheet rotate, all Circuital current between dynamic, the limiting-members that can make to be rotating is connected;Sprocket wheel built-up section is strung on each cell panel transverse axis by chain The gear teeth, under the instruction of dynamic sensor, solar tracking rotates in the same direction, and when meeting wind, box haul rotates;The asymmetric arrangement of photovoltaic cell module area Part photovoltaic cell module area for two rotary shafts in length and breadth disposes;With the depth integration part of building with composite bearing Support socle as the pillar of building, the terrestrial applications covered with building desired height or the number of plies reference photoelectric cells plate Determine to support the height of socle, using the disk of composite bearing as the roof of building.
2. according to the practical intelligent sun tracking system described in claim 1, it is characterised in that: duty shows in real time in indoor, It is easy to understand working condition, and failure judgement approximate range.
3. according to the practical intelligent sun tracking system described in claim 1, it is characterised in that: indoor manual remote control can adjust light cell Plate attitude, when non intelligent control, can manual intervention posture adjustment.
4. according to the practical intelligent sun tracking system described in claim 1, it is characterised in that: owing to adopting at the supporting leg of load-bearing bearing Tackling earthquake by appropriate action, whole system has defence seismic function.
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