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Disclosed are a herbal medical cigarette, which is prepared from detoxified tobacco and a prescription by combining traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine research and according to characteristics of high incidence rate of hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in an influenza period so as to adapt to influenza virus and bacteria antagonism of long-term smokers, intervene blood pressure rise and relieve heart attack. The cigarette provides at least one rescue opportunity for pre-hospital sudden heart attack and has clinical medical significance to delay of sudden death caused by heart disease and grace time of rescue. After the tobacco is subjected to medical drug detoxification, toxin substances of nicotine, carbon monoxide, pesticide residue and the like in the tobacco are removed, and adverse impact and harm, to others and environment, of pungent smell and smoke produced by nicotine during smoking are eliminated. The cigarette prepared by being compatible with herbal medicine has natural coolness, refreshment, sweetness and aroma of smoke and smell produced in smoking, is capable of improving unusual odor of ambient air except for targeted smoking for persons, is beneficial to environment and health, and overcomes the defect that existing cigarettes in the market are harmful to health and environment.


中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟及其烟草医学脱毒方法技术领域[0001] 本发明涉及一种中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟及其烟草医学脱毒方法(以下简称:医学香烟),具体地说是烟草经过医学脱毒(以下简称:脱毒烟草)脱去烟草中的烟碱(又名尼古丁)农药残留等毒性物质与中草药配制的具有中医临床医学意义的香烟, 是开拓烟草产业中医药化的一新的技术领域。 Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine first environment-friendly medical detoxification cigarettes and tobacco TECHNICAL FIELD [0001] The present invention relates to an environment-friendly first TCM Herbal Medicine Medical cigarettes and tobacco detoxification process (hereinafter referred to as: Medical cigarettes), specifically tobacco after medical detoxification (hereinafter referred to as: detoxification tobacco) off the nicotine in tobacco (also known as nicotine) pesticide residues and other toxic substances and formulated herbal cigarettes have clinical significance of traditional Chinese medicine, is pioneering tobacco industry a new art of medicine. 背景技术[0002]目前,我国烟草产业生产的香烟,含有尼古丁,一氧化碳大气污染农药残留等有害物质,吸烟有害健康已被公认,根据官方公布的数字,我国烟民已上升至了3. 2亿,其中女性占一千二百多万,以每十年度吸烟人数递增估计,到2020年我国烟民将达到五亿之多, 而且越来越年轻化,从现在的每平均四人就有一人吸烟将上升至平均三人就有一人吸烟, 吸烟时产生的一氧化碳烟雾,刺激性气味,不但对本身健康造成危害,而且对环境空气造成污染,同时也对不吸烟者健康造成影响,例如在会议室、办公室等场所一旦有一人吸烟,数分钟整个场所就会充满烟雾刺激性气味,令不吸烟的同事们厌恶躲避带来不和谐气氛。 [0002] At present, China's tobacco industry produced cigarettes contain nicotine, carbon monoxide air pollution pesticide residues and other harmful substances, smoking is harmful to health has been recognized, according to official statistics, China's smokers has risen to a 320 million where women account for more than twelve million, in order to estimate the number of increments per decade smokers, smokers in 2020, China will reach five hundred million people, and more and more younger, from an average of every four people now have one person smoking will rise to an average of three people, one person smoke, carbon monoxide, smoke, pungent odor generated when smoking, not only for their own health hazard and cause environmental pollution of air, but also affect the health of non-smokers, for example, in a meeting rooms, offices and other places if there is a person smoking a few minutes the whole place will be filled with pungent smoke, so that colleagues do not smoke aversion to evade bring disharmony atmosphere. 本发明的“医学香烟”就是用本草药物脱去烟草中的有毒害物质,使吸烟时的有害烟雾转成无害烟雾,由“脱毒烟草”与中草药配制的“医学香烟”,吸烟时利用其药质气味来干预对抗疾病,消除环境异物异味对健康的危害,克服现市香烟对本身对他人对环境造成的负面影响, 使之成为有益于健康有益于环境空气的一种“医学香烟”。 "Medical cigarettes" of the invention is to use herbal drugs off the toxic substances in tobacco, the harmful fumes of smoke turn into a harmless smoke, formulated by the "virus-free tobacco" and Chinese herbal medicine "medicine cigarette", while smoking use its pharmacosomes smell to intervene against the disease, foreign body odor elimination of environmental health risks, overcome the negative effects of cigarette smoking on the city itself, now to others on the environment, making it a "Medical cigarette" environmentally healthy air . 发明内容[0003] 为实现本发明“医学香烟”,改善吸烟环境和健康,在烟草产业生产工艺中,首先对烟草进行医学脱毒处理,脱毒后的烟草和中草药配制,经过现代制烟工艺而制成“医学香烟”,用脱毒烟草制成的香烟,只能作为普通医学脱毒香烟,经由脱毒烟草和中草药配制具只有临床医学意义制成的香烟,才称为“医学香烟”。 [0003] In order to achieve the invention "Medical cigarettes" to improve health and environmental tobacco smoke, the tobacco industry in the production process, first of tobacco for medical detoxification, tobacco and herbal detoxification after the preparation, after the smoke process Hyundai made "Medical cigarettes", virus-free cigarettes made of tobacco, cigarettes can only be as an ordinary medical detoxification, formulated with only cigarettes made of tobacco and clinical significance of detoxification through herbs, it is called "Medical cigarettes" . [0004] 为实现上述技术目的,本发明的“医学香烟”的技术方案由下列本草药物组成:[0005] 烟草100、甘草10-20、黄芩10-20、甜菊花10-20、薄荷叶10-20、紫苏叶10-20、白芷10-20、川穹10-20、红花5-20、木香10-20、紫菀10-20、百部10-20、苏合香1020本草药物配比组成。 [0004] To achieve the above technical object, "Medical cigarette" aspect of the present invention consists of the following herbal drug composition: [0005] 100 tobacco, licorice 10-20, scutellaria 10-20, 10-20 sweet chrysanthemum, mint leaves 10 -20, basil leaves 10-20, 10-20 Angelica, Chuan Qiong 10-20, safflower 5-20 woody 10-20, 10-20 Aster, one hundred 10-20, 1020 storax ratio of herbal drugs composition. [0006] 为实现“医学香烟”的有益效果,上述的本草药物技术方案涉及两个方面内容,SP :1、对本草药物烟草的脱毒处理。 [0006] In order to achieve "Medical cigarettes," the beneficial effects of the herbal drugs technical solution involves two aspects, SP: 1, detoxification herbal drugs on tobacco. 2、“脱毒烟草”和中草药的配制。 2, "virus-free tobacco" and the preparation of Chinese herbal medicine. 现就分述如下:[0007] —、“脱毒烟草”技术方案具体如下:[0008] 烟草的脱毒方法与步骤有以下几个方面:[0009]1、把精选的烟草与甘草按100 : 10至20的配比量称取后,分别把烟草和甘草置于耐高温的容器内。 Now it is described as follows: [0007] - "tobacco detoxification" technical solutions as follows: [0008] The detoxification step of the method of the tobacco following aspects: [0009] 1, the selection by tobacco and licorice 100: the ratio of an amount of 10 to 20 Weigh, licorice and tobacco were placed in a refractory container. [0010] 2、用至少含10%的医用酒精溶液与甘草按200 : 10的重量配比,兑入盛甘草的容器内,在温度摄氏30度左右密封浸泡。 [0010] 2, containing at least 10% alcohol solution and medical licorice by 200: 10 ratio by weight, blended with the filled container licorice, at a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius immersion seal. [0011] 3、待24小时后甘草溶液呈黄棕色或深棕色时,或测得甘草溶液PH值2-3或3_4 时滤出甘草,即制得烟草脱毒液(即:甘草解毒液)。 [0011] 3, licorice After 24 hours the solution was dark brown or yellow-brown or PH value was measured 2-3 licorice or licorice 3_4 when filtered off, i.e. de-prepared tobacco venom (i.e.: Licorice venom solution) . [0012] 4、把滤出的甘草还按上述原甘草与10%的医用酒精溶液重量比再次经过至少常温45度的热度浸泡或加热分解处理,待甘草木质基本没有甜味时滤出甘草液。 [0012] 4, filtered licorice was filtered off when the above raw liquorice further medical alcohol weight ratio of licorice a 10% solution at room temperature at least 45 degrees after the heat soak or heat decomposition processing again, be substantially not sweet liquorice wood . [0013] 5、把烟草脱毒液兑入置烟草的容器内,把烟草浸入后把烟草翻动浸匀,然后把烟草下压使液面浸没烟草。 [0013] 5, the tobacco within the tobacco off venom blended opposite container, the flip tobacco tobacco after immersion immersion homogenizer, and then pressed so that the liquid level of Tobacco Tobacco immersion. 如果烟草突出液面再继续兑入少量的“甘草液”以浸没烟草为准, 把烟草进行脱毒处理。 If blended tobacco projecting amount of the liquid surface continue "Licorice Extract" In whichever immersion tobacco, the tobacco in the detoxification process. [0014] 6、用温度计测量烟草脱毒液的温度使之在摄氏30度左右常温条件下进行烟草脱毒处理,于24小时后或测得烟草脱毒液的PH值5-6时,把烟草取出淋净脱毒液。 [0014] 6, off temperature measured with a thermometer venom of tobacco so that the tobacco detoxification at 30 degrees Celsius at normal temperature, after 24 hours or tobacco PH value measured off venom 5-6, the taken off the tobacco shower net venom. [0015] 7、把淋净的烟草浸入甘草液中进行充分浸润漂洗沾甜,待烟草无刺激性口感时取出,经通风晾干即制得“脱毒烟草”。 [0015] 7, is immersed in the leaching net licorice tobacco sufficiently infiltrated rinsing liquid dip sweet, non-irritating texture to be taken tobacco, i.e., prepared by dry ventilation "detoxified tobacco." [0016] 本技术方案效果有以下两个方面体现:[0017]1、把脱毒后的溶液用自然沉淀蒸发法取得棕黑色胶油状尼古丁样毒性物质为3-4%。 [0016] Effects of the present embodiment has the following two aspects are embodied art: [0017] 1, obtaining the solution was detoxified by natural evaporation precipitation brown oil nicotine gum-like substance is toxic 3-4%. [0018] 2、以75%度的医用酒精用萃取法取得脱毒后的烟草所含甘草甜质素为1. 5-2%。 [0018] 2, the tobacco after detoxification by extraction to obtain medical alcohol contained 75% of the sweet quality licorice 1. 5-2%. [0019] 提示:烟草脱毒液的制取开始烟草与甘草比为100 : 10即可,其余甘草10的余量为继续增添备用,因甘草的生长年份和产地不同,所含甘草酸和甘草甜素量也不同。 [0019] Note: removal of tobacco Tobacco venom preparation starts with licorice ratio of 100: 10 to, the remaining balance of licorice 10 continue to add spare, by year and the growth of different origin licorice, glycyrrhizic acid and licorice contained the amount of sweetener is also different. 另外烟草的烟碱含量也不同,所以烟草与甘草比为100 : 10至20。 Further nicotine content of tobacco is different, the tobacco and licorice 100: 10-20. [0020] 本技术方案脱毒的烟草无麻、辣、辛、等刺激性气味,吸烟时所产生的一氧化碳烟雾对环境对人体无害,口感甜润,对人体健康无害。 [0020] This technical solution virus-free tobacco-free hemp, spicy, acrid, pungent odor, etc., carbon monoxide, smoke produced when smoking is harmless to the environment, taste sweet, harmless to human health. [0021] 二、“医学香烟”技术方案及具体实现:[0022] 本发明的“医学香烟”是根据临床高血压,心脑血管病在流感期发病率高的病理特点,以抗流感,抗高血压抗心绞痛中药和脱毒后的烟草制成的药物香烟,以适应长期吸烟人群在抗感冒的同时降低高血压心脑血管病的发病率,对长期吸烟者来说是一种习惯性自然措施,最终淡化烟瘾达到戒烟目的。 [0021] Second, the "medical cigarette" aspect and the specific implementation: [0022] "Medical cigarette" of the present invention is the clinical hypertension, cardiovascular disease in a high incidence of the pathological features of influenza, anti-influenza, anti- hypertension drugs cigarettes made of tobacco after anti-angina medicine and detoxification to accommodate long-term smokers reduce the incidence of hypertensive cardiovascular disease at the same time anti-cold, long-term smokers, it is a natural habit measures to achieve the final fade smoking cessation purposes. [0023] 为实现“医学香烟”技术目的和效果,本方药配比由下列本草药物的配比组成:[0024] 脱毒烟草100、黄芩10-20、甜菊花10-20、薄荷叶10-20、紫苏叶10-20、白芷10-20、川穹10-20、红花5-20、木香10-20、紫菀10-20、百部10-20、苏合香10-20。 [0023] In order to achieve "Medical cigarette" technology object and effect, the ratio of the proportion of the following herbs herbal drug consists of: [0024] 100 virus-free tobacco, skullcap 10-20, 10-20 sweet chrysanthemum, mint leaves 10- 20 basil leaves 10-20, 10-20 Angelica, Chuan Qiong 10-20, safflower 5-20 woody 10-20, 10-20 Aster, one hundred 10-20, 10-20 storax. [0025] 上述的方药配比,最低量为基础量,最高量为拮抗量,以基础量配比制成的香烟为基础型“医学香烟”,以最高量配比制成的香烟为拮抗型“医学香烟”,下面分别叙述“医学香烟”的制作技术方案:[0026]1、基础型“医学香烟”的制作技术方案:[0027] 把上述方药中的药物经精选后,按基础量配比称取药物和称取“脱毒烟草”,方药中除苏合香外,先把药物和“脱毒烟草”分别加工成细丝,然后进行均匀混合,再把苏合香炖化成苏合油加入,进行搅拌均匀后装入容器内,在摄氏50-60度常温条件下进行密封滋润焖制,至少I小时后使之在环境自然温度下进行降温,然后把药烟丝进行密封包装储备或直接进入现代卷烟工艺进行卷制包装,适宜在摄氏25度以下阴凉干燥条件下存放。 [0025] The above prescription ratio, based on the amount of the minimum amount, the maximum amount of antagonizing amount to base ratio of the amount of cigarettes made on the basis of type "Medical cigarettes", the highest ratio of the amount of cigarettes made as antagonistic "Medical cigarettes", the following are described as "Medical cigarette" production technical solution: [0026] 1, base type "Medical cigarette" production technical solution: the [0027] selection of the drug through the above prescription, according to the amount of base weighed and the ratio of weighed drugs "detoxified tobacco", in addition to prescription storax, the first drug and "tobacco Virus" are processed into filaments, and then uniformly mixed, then stewed storax oil is added into Su, stir for loading a container, sealed moisture stew normal temperature at 50-60 degrees Celsius, after at least I hour to cool down naturally at ambient temperature, and the medicine sealed package for tobacco stock or directly into the modern rolled cigarette packaging process is performed, suitable for storage in a 25 degrees Celsius under cool, dry conditions. 此型香烟吸烟时有平淡的天然清凉、甜润、芳香烟味感。 There are natural plain cool, sweet, fragrant smoke when feeling this type of cigarette smoking. [0028] 2、拮抗型“医学香烟”的制作技术方案:[0029] 本型“医学香烟”的制作方法和工艺与基础型“医学香烟”相同,不同的是按最高量把药物称取经均匀混合后,先取出总药量的20-30%,加工成细粉,以苏合香油作赋形剂制成圆柱形空药芯,药芯的长度和所制的香烟的长度相等,药芯的空心内直径约O. 3-0. 5毫米,外周直径约1. 3-1. 5毫米,置于香烟中心,此制作的香烟,烟草味淡薄、清凉芳香,烟雾味郁浓,吸后口感有香甜的质味,能消除环境空气异味,使环境空气优越怡人。 [0028] 2, antagonistic "Medical cigarette" production technical solution: [0029] This type of "medical cigarette" production methods and processes and basic type "Medical cigarettes," the same, except that at the highest amount of the pharmaceutical that learn uniformly after mixing, first remove 20-30% of the total dose, processing into a fine powder, storax oil to be made equal to the length of the cylindrical air cored excipients, and the length of the drug core, the manufactured cigarettes, the drug core a hollow inner diameter of about O. 3-0. 5 mm and outer diameter of about 1. 3-1. 5 mm, placed in the center of the cigarette, the cigarette production, tobacco weak, aromatic cool, concentrated smoke flavor Yu, after absorption have a sweet taste of mass taste, can eliminate the odor ambient air, ambient air is superior and pleasant. [0030] 三、“脱毒烟草”脱毒效果及医学意义:[0031] 本发明的“医学香烟”最关键的是对烟草进行脱毒处理,用烟草脱毒液脱去烟草中的烟碱(义名尼古丁)焦油和一氧化碳农药残留等有害物质,才能对环境空气无害,对人体健康无害,所以对烟草的脱毒处理直接影响着吸烟与环境的空气质量。 [0030] Third, the "virus-free tobacco" Detoxification and medical significance: [0031] "Medical cigarette" the most critical of the present invention is to carry out detoxification of tobacco, tobacco off the venom off the nicotine in tobacco (meaning Mingniguding) tar and carbon monoxide, pesticides and other harmful substances, harmful to the environment air, harmless to human health, so a direct impact on air quality and the environment on smoking tobacco detoxification treatment. [0032] 前述的烟草脱毒液中是用一本草药甘草作为医学脱毒剂(甘草解毒液),是根据历代之著本草医学如“本草纲目”、“本草备要”、“神农本草”等医学著作中,称甘草“能解百药毒”、“解百药诸毒”、“调和诸药”作配伍,达到临床防治疾病的目的。 [0032] the tobacco off the venom is a herbal medicine as a detoxification agent of licorice (Glycyrrhiza venom solution), based on the ancient herbal medicine as a "Compendium of Materia Medica", "herbal preparation to", "Shen Nong" and other medical writings, saying licorice "can Cabernet drug toxicity", "Cabernet drugs of various drugs", "reconcile the various drugs" for compatibility, to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of disease. 所以在中医方剂中大多部分用了甘草,现代研究,甘草的主要成份是甘草酸、甘草次酸、甘草甜质素、甘草酸能和烟碱起反应,使尼古丁,烟油等从烟草中分离出来,甘草甜质素能吸附化解农药残留,使吸烟时所产生的一氧化碳烟雾转化为无害烟雾,同时甘草甜质素能使辛、麻、辣烟味变甜,有润肺止咳的药效,所以用“脱毒烟草”制成的香烟,能增加唾液的分泌,能滋润呼吸系统和消化系统,不产生口、舌、鼻、咽等部位干燥灼热感觉,同时有利于肺部组织痰液排出,有润肺化痰止咳的功效,因此,甘草对“脱毒烟草”和“医学香烟”的药效和品质,有“得天独厚”的药物特性,是本草药物中其它任何药物所不能替代的,也是提升烟草产业中医药化的战略性定位最关键的一味中草药。 Prescriptions mostly so in part with the main component of licorice, modern research, a licorice glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetinic acid, quality of sweet liquorice, glycyrrhizic acid and can react with nicotine, nicotine, from tobacco smoke oil separation Carbon monoxide fumes out, the quality of sweet liquorice can resolve adsorbed pesticides, so that smoke generated by the smoke into harmless, while the quality of sweet liquorice can octyl, hemp, sweetened hot smoke, have lungs and cough efficacy , the cigarette made of "detoxification tobacco", can increase the secretion of saliva, respiratory and digestive moisturize, no mouth, tongue, nose, pharynx and other parts of dried burning sensation, while facilitating sputum lung tissue discharge, have lungs Huatanzhike effect, therefore, efficacy and quality of licorice on the "virus-free tobacco" and "Medical cigarettes", the "unique" characteristics of drugs, herbal drugs are any other drug can not be substituted , but also enhance the strategic positioning of the pharmaceutical industry of the most critical blindly herbal tobacco. [0033] 四、“医学香烟”的药效及临床效果分析报告:[0034] 前所述的“医学香烟”药物配比中有两个配比量,即最低量和最高量,如黄芩10-20、菊花10-20、其中黄芩10、菊花10为最低量也称基础量。 [0033] Fourth, "Medical cigarette" pharmacodynamic and clinical effects of analysis: [0034] before the "medical cigarette" has two pharmaceutical formulation amount ratio, i.e. the maximum amount and minimum amount, such as 10 skullcap -20, 10-20 chrysanthemum, which skullcap 10, chrysanthemum 10 is also known as the minimum amount of volume basis. 20则称最高量、以基础量配比制成的香烟为基础型“医学香烟”,以最高量配比制成的香烟为拮抗型“医学香烟”,现就基础型和拮抗型两种“医学香烟”的药物效应与临床效果分析如下:1、基础型“医学香烟” 方药配比特点分析[0035] 以前述方药配比中的基础配比量是:脱毒烟草100、黄芩10、甜菊花10、薄荷叶10、 紫苏叶10、白芷10、川穹10、红花5、木香10、紫菀10、百部10、苏合香10。 20 claimed the highest amount to the basis of the ratio of the amount of cigarettes made based type "Medical cigarettes", the highest ratio of the amount of cigarettes made as antagonistic "Medical cigarettes", is now on the basis of type and type two antagonistic " Medical cigarette "drug effect and clinical effect as follows: 1, base type" Medical cigarette "Recipe ratio characteristic analysis [0035] the blend ratio of the basic prescription ratio are: tobacco detoxification 100, 10 skullcap, sweet chrysanthemum 10, 10 mint leaves, basil leaves 10, 10 angelica, Sichuan dome 10, safflower 5, woody 10, 10 Aster, one hundred 10, storax 10. 从方药配比药量分析可以看出、除去活血化瘀药红花外,药物总配比量和烟草量是1:1的对等配比关系, 各药物之间的配比量呈对等关系,香烟燃烧时所产生的一氧化碳烟雾气味感觉是一种天然平淡的芳香的气味,有利于环境空气的改善,对人体健康有益无害,是一种普通基础型本草“医学香烟”。 Recipe from dose ratio analysis can be seen, except for blood circulation drugs safflower, the ratio of the total amount of drug and the amount of tobacco is 1: 1 relationship between the ratio of the like, the ratio between the amount of each drug was peer relations, carbon monoxide, smoke smell cigarette burning sensation is produced by a natural dull sweet smell, will help to improve ambient air, harmless to human health, is a common base type Materia Medica "Medical cigarettes." [0036] 另外,必要提示说明的是,药物在加工炮制,包装运输时切忌在高温或日光下长期暴晒,即使采摘的鲜品也要在阴凉条件下进行阴干晾干处理,进行阴干、晾干这样才能保持药物的天然灵性,如菊花、薄荷叶、紫苏叶、红花都有天然的清凉芳香,含有丰富的挥发油, 在高温或阳光暴晒下极易挥发,减弱药物的天然清凉芳香的清灵之气,对“医学香烟”的品味品质和药物功效,以及吸烟时一氧化碳烟雾对环境空气都有密切关系,含有木质的木香、 川芎、白芷都要在密封条件下保存以免被空气氧化使香味挥发而影响整体香烟质量。 [0036] Further, the prompt description is necessary, the pharmaceutical avoid long-term exposure at elevated temperatures or sunlight during processing processing, packaging and transportation, even picking fresh product must also be dried in a drying process under cool conditions, dried, dry so as to maintain the drug's natural spirituality, such as chrysanthemum, mint leaves, basil leaves, red flowers have a natural cool aroma, rich in volatile oils, highly volatile at a high temperature or sun exposure, diminished natural medicine refreshing aroma of clear spirit of the air, taste quality and efficacy of drugs "Medical cigarettes", as well as carbon monoxide fumes are closely related to the ambient air while smoking, woody wood containing root, Angelica should be stored in a sealed condition to prevent the oxidation by air flavor volatiles affect the overall cigarette quality. [0037] 2、拮抗型“医学香烟”方药配比特点分析:[0038] 从前述的方药配比中,拮抗型配比量是:脱毒烟草100、黄芩20、菊花20、薄荷叶20、川芎20、木香20、红花10、白芷20、紫苏叶20、紫菀20、百部20、苏合香20。 [0037] 2, antagonistic "Medical cigarette" Recipe ratio characteristic analysis: [0038] From the foregoing prescriptions ratio, the blend ratio is antagonistic: 100 detoxified tobacco, skullcap 20, 20 chrysanthemum, mint leaves 20, Chuanxiong 20, 20 woody, safflower 10, Angelica 20, 20 basil leaves, Aster 20, one hundred 20, storax 20. [0039] 从方药配比中,除红花外各药物最高量总合量与脱毒烟草重量比为2 : 1,这就充分实现了方药中的药物功效,当其香烟燃烧时所产生的一氧化碳烟雾,是一种较基础型香烟天然浓郁的清凉芳香,口感无刺激感,能对抗消除环境空气污染的异常气味,如垃圾,粪便气味,农药化肥碳铵氯化物味,以及病房、病体、疮疡、肝臭、汗臭等异味,对环境空气有改善效应,有益于人体健康。 [0039] From the ratio of the herbs, in addition to the maximum amount of the total binding amount of each drug and virus-free outer safflower tobacco weight ratio of 2: 1, which fully implements the prescription drug efficacy, when it is produced by combustion of a cigarette Carbon monoxide fumes, is a strong basis than cigarettes cool natural aroma, no taste irritation, abnormal odor can fight to eliminate ambient air pollution, such as garbage, feces odor, pesticides and fertilizers Ammonium chloride taste, as well as ward, ill, sores, liver smelly, sweat and other odors, to improve the effect of ambient air, beneficial to human health. 但此种香烟有它的使用局限性,仅适用于流感期有高血压或心脑血管病史特定吸烟者使用,以拮抗流感病毒,预防“心梗”心绞痛的意外病变,有关病理资料表明,感冒病毒细菌能直接损伤心机细胞,因此,此拮抗型香烟有它的针对性和局限性,此型香烟除不适应于无上述病史吸烟者外,还不受长期大量吸烟烟瘾大产生尼古丁依赖性吸烟人群的欢迎,有高血压和心脏病史的吸烟者大多数已遵医嘱或家人亲属劝告,处于不多吸烟或戒烟日常状况,从经济收入生活水平以及本型香烟禁止请客送礼、日常招待等因素考虑,商业经济前景并不乐观。 However, such use of cigarettes has its limitations, only for influenza have high blood pressure or a history of cardiovascular disease specific smokers use to antagonize influenza virus, prevention, "myocardial infarction" angina accidental lesions, pathological relevant data indicate that cold viruses and bacteria can directly damage cells effort, therefore, this antagonism cigarettes has its relevance and limitations, except not suited to this type of cigarette smokers no such medical history, but also from long-term heavy smoking addiction generate large smoke nicotine dependence welcomed by the crowd, most smokers have a history of high blood pressure and heart disease have been prescribed by a doctor or family relatives advice, or quit smoking in small daily condition, gifts from the income and standard of living in this type of cigarette ban dinner, daily entertainment and other factors to consider commercial economic outlook is not optimistic. [0040] 3、方药的配伍及药物功效分析:[0041] 方药由烟草、黄芩、甘草等13味本草药物配比组成,前面对烟草、甘草已作了简要分析下面就其他药物结合本发明的技术目的作以简要分析:[0042] 方中,黄芩清上焦湿热,善清肺热咳嗽,现代研究,黄芩的主要成份是黄芩苷和黄芩素,对流感病毒、肺炎双球菌、伤寒副伤寒杆菌有抑制作用,有降低血压和利胆作用,方中用黄芩主要作用是和菊花相伍合用,拮抗流感病毒降低血压和清除呼吸系统,因吸烟吸入的尼古丁一氧化碳烟雾附着气管壁粘膜的滞留,协同甘草润肺止咳化痰的药物功效,把滞留物化成痰液排出体外,是方中清肺主药。 [0040] 3, prescription drug efficacy and compatibility Analysis: [0041] 13 a prescription tobacco flavor herbal drugs, skullcap, licorice, etc. In the blend compositions, the foregoing tobacco, licorice has been analyzed briefly below in connection with the present invention on other drugs the technical aim for with a brief analysis: [0042] prescription, skullcap clear on coke heat, good Qingfei heat cough, modern research, the main ingredient skullcap is baicalin and baicalein, influenza virus, pneumococcus, typhoid and paratyphoid Bacillus inhibited, have lower blood pressure and choleretic effect, Fang skullcap and chrysanthemums main role is combined with Wu, lower blood pressure and antagonize influenza virus respiratory clearance, smoking nicotine inhaled carbon monoxide gas retentate smoke adheres to the mucosa wall, licorice lungs cough and phlegm synergistic drug efficacy, the retentate was excreted into sputum, lung Fangzhong Qing is the main drug. [0043] 甜菊花,清热解毒、气味平甜清香,有清热明目、醒脑提神药物功效,有降低血压作用,对亚洲流感病毒有抑制作用,与紫苏、白£、黄芩相配伍协同,能拮抗抑制多种流感病毒,春夏不因风热,秋冬不因风寒,凡因感冒发热皆有内清外解药物功效,上四味药和川芎相配伍能缓解感冒鼻塞头疼,白芷、紫苏含有丰富的挥发油,气味芳香,在香烟燃烧时所产生的一氧化碳烟雾能清除环境空气中的异味,特别是异常臭味,有消除作用。 [0043] sweet chrysanthemum, detoxification, sweet fragrance odor level, there are heat eyesight, refreshing refreshing drug efficacy, have lower blood pressure, inhibit Asian flu virus, perilla, white £, synergistic compatibility with skullcap, can antagonize inhibit a variety of influenza virus, not because of the wind hot spring and summer, autumn and winter is not due to cold, cold and fever that where Jie in the clear solution outside the drug's efficacy, and the four herbs are compatible Chuanxiong can relieve cold stuffy nose headache, Angelica, purple Su rich in volatile oil, fragrance and carbon monoxide in the cigarette smoke generated by burning to remove odor in the air environment, particularly abnormal odor eliminating effect there. [0044] 薄荷叶,其气味清凉,是改善吸烟时烟草燃烧时的熏热感觉,使吸烟时的烟味吸入和呼出有清凉爽快的感觉,和以上诸药合用有清脑醒神、缓解头痛及大脑疲劳作用。 [0044] mint leaves, the smell of cool, hot feeling when smoked tobacco smoking to improve combustion, the smoke when the smoke inhaled and exhaled a cool refreshing feeling, and above various drugs have clear brain refreshing, relieve headaches brain and fatigue. 薄荷叶质轻,其气清扬,其挥发油清凉之性能平润其它药如川芎、紫苏等香窜温躁之性,是整体烟雾吸入和呼出有清凉芳香怡人感觉。 Mint leaves lightweight, the gas Chhnang which the volatile oil cooling performance level of other drugs, such as Hong Yun manic channeling of the Chuanxiong, basil, smoke inhalation and exhalation overall have a cool feeling pleasant aroma. [0045] 川芎,现代研究主要是扩张冠状动脉,增加冠状血流量,改善心脏大脑缺血,传统中医认为能推动血液运行,是血中气药,能上行头目,下行血海,活血化瘀、调经止疼,“四味汤”用之为活血调经止疼专药,现代研究主要用于冠心病的治疗及抗脑血栓形成和脑梗塞的治疗,本方药中用之是和兴奋心脏的药物白芷吸烟的烟雾浓香气味相须为用,通过一吸一呼直达心脏,预防心脏骤停及原有心脏病患者发生猝死。 [0045] Chuanxiong, modern research primarily expansion of coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow, improve heart brain ischemia, traditional Chinese medicine, can promote blood circulation, blood gas medicine, to head upward, downward sea of ​​blood, blood circulation, menstruation pain, "four flavor soup" for the blood to regulate menstruation pain with the special medicine, modern research primarily for the treatment of coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosis and anti-treatment of cerebral infarction, the herbs are used and excitement of the heart drug smoke aroma smell of smoke Angelica phase shall cease and sudden death in patients with existing heart disease for the use of a suction through a call directly to the heart to prevent sudden cardiac arrest. [0046] 苏合香,性温气香,是本方药中开心窍治疗心绞痛专药,和红花、木香相伍为用,对冠心病心绞痛以及缺血性心脏病均有缓解作用,紫菀、百部为化痰止咳主药,无论外感内伤咳嗽都有特效,二药相须为用,能抑制多种病毒细菌,其中百部又是抑制结核杆菌专药。 [0046] storax, warm and fragrant, this prescription is happy awakened in the treatment of angina special medicine, and safflower, woody phase Ng for the use of coronary heart disease and ischemic heart disease have relief, Aster, one hundred Huatanzhike portion of the main drug, regardless Waiganneishang cough have effects, the two drugs phase must be used, a variety of viruses and bacteria can be suppressed, which is one hundred special medicine inhibiting Mycobacterium tuberculosis. [0047] 木香气味芳香,通利上、中、下三焦,宜通气化能治九种心腹诸病,本方药中用之,其烟雾能融合其它药香味调和,除对抗心绞疼以外,能贯通全方药,吸烟时的一吸一呼有通利呼吸道作用。 [0047] woody fragrance and the through Lee, in the triple burner, venting should be trusted nine kinds of various diseases can be cured, with the present prescription, which could accommodate other drugs smoke flavor harmonic, except against angina pain, You can through the whole recipe, smoking a smoke when there is a call Tom Lee respiratory effect. [0048] 以上的方药药理药效分析表明,本方药与脱毒烟草配伍,能拮抗流感病毒病菌,干预血压上升,对抗心绞痛,特别是“心梗”突发后,院前在无药无医情况下,起缓解或宽限抢救时间作用,吸烟时所产生的芳香味不损害他人或本人健康,对环境空气异味有消除作用, “医学香烟”以突出清凉、芳香、甜润天然气味为最大特点,克服现市香烟辛、苦、麻、辣、尼古丁等毒素弊端。 [0048] The above prescriptions pharmacodynamics analysis show that the tobacco detoxification compatibility with herbs, bacteria can antagonize influenza virus, intervention increased blood pressure, angina against, in particular, the "MI" burst, pre-hospital treatment in the absence of free drug case, from the ease or grace rescue time role, aromatic flavor when smoking produced not harm others or themselves healthy, to eliminate the role of ambient air smell, "Medical cigarettes" to highlight the cool, fragrant, sweet natural flavor is the most important feature, City now overcome cigarette acrid, bitter, hot, spicy, nicotine and other toxins drawbacks. [0049] 本发明的“医学香烟”是中华本草医学融入日常生活与健康的一种尝试,是“天人合一论”即人的生命活动和自然界的环境相统一的一个体现。 [0049] "Medical cigarettes" according to the invention is an attempt to integrate into the daily life of Chinese herbal medicine and health, is "Heaven theory" that is a manifestation of human life and the natural environment of unity. [0050] 4、“医学香烟”临床试验效果报告:[0051] (I)脱毒香烟:[0052] 用脱毒烟草制成的香烟试验的对象是2-3岁的儿童,试验方法是让其吸烟的家长把本香烟点燃后,让其子吸一至三口,看其子是否拒烟和发咳,试验结果表明拒烟率为30%,发咳率为10%,而且大多为感冒儿童,一日后再让其家长用现市香烟试验,试验统计结果表明:吸1-3 口发咳率为90%,拒烟率几乎为100%。 [0050] 4, "Medical cigarette" clinical trial results report: [0051] (I) virus-free cigarettes: [0052] Object of the test cigarettes made with tobacco detoxification are 2-3 years old children, the test method is to let after their smoking parents put this cigarette lit, let the child suck one to three, to see whether his son refused to send smoke and cough, test results show that 30% refused to smoke, hair cough rate of 10%, but mostly cold children, on the 1st and then let parents use the existing city cigarette test, the test results show statistics: 1-3 suction mouth made cough was 90%, refused to smoke almost 100%. 此项对比试验说明,脱毒香烟优于现市香烟,有医学意义。 This comparative test instructions, virus-free cigarettes is better than the current market cigarettes, have medical significance. (药效分析前已记载,不再重复,以下类同)。 (Efficacy analysis described before will not be repeated hereinafter similar). [0053] (2)基础型“医学香烟”:[0054] 此型香烟根据流行病学及临床观察,在流感流行期高血压人群中心脑血管病发生率比平时发生率明显升高的特点研制的,具有在抗流感的同时来预防心脑血管病的发生和发展,对专科诊疗院所调查表明,因气候异常变化由流感期诱发的心脑血管病是平时的4-5 倍,而长期吸烟者又是不吸烟者的2-3倍,男性人群发生脑溢血或心脏猝死,不吸烟者或无烟酒嗜好的几乎为零。 [0053] (2) the basis of type "Medical cigarettes": [0054] Development of this type of cigarettes according to epidemiological and clinical observations, in the center of the influenza epidemic of hypertension and cerebrovascular disease incidence was significantly higher than usual incidence of features , with anti-influenza at the same time to prevent the occurrence and development of cardiovascular disease, for specialist clinics institutes surveys show that due to abnormal climate changes induced by influenza period of cardiovascular diseases is 4-5 times normal, long-term smokers and non-smokers are two to three times, the male population occurs stroke or sudden cardiac death, non-smokers or non-alcohol addiction is almost zero. 而且逐年年轻化,因此本型“医学香烟”试验概括了三个方面科目临床试验内容:即对流感者的试验,对血压变化的试验和对抗心绞痛的试验。 And year after year younger, so this type of "Medical cigarette" summarizes the test subjects in clinical trials of three aspects: the test for the flu's, changes in blood pressure test and a test against angina. [0055]1、抗流感试验:[0056] 在感冒流行期门诊选择3-5岁儿童10人,不分性别病史,以头疼咳嗽、流鼻涕为体外症状为“医学香烟”对象,其方法是点燃一支本型香烟,吸烟的烟雾对准口鼻部喷涂三至五口,然后让儿童自吸,拒烟者家人可以用香烟对准儿童口鼻部用烟雾缭绕,一根烟燃尽为标准。 [0055] 1, anti-influenza test: [0056] outpatient select the flu epidemic in children 3-5 years of age 10, regardless of gender history, with headache cough, runny nose symptoms vitro "Medical cigarettes" object whose method is this lit a cigarette, smoke smoking snout aligned spraying three to five, and then let the children self-absorption, family members can refuse to smoke cigarettes with a smoke-filled snout aligned with children, as a cigarette burn standard. 试验结果五分钟内头疼减轻6人,咳嗽缓解8人,鼻涕回缩5人,然后进行针药治疗, 由此可知“医学香烟”临床能改善流感体征,对流感有拮抗作用。 The test results within five minutes to reduce the headache of six, eight relieve cough, runny nose retraction five people, then acupuncture treatment, can be seen "Medical cigarettes" can improve the clinical signs of influenza, influenza antagonism. [0057] 典型患儿刘珂,女,5周岁,体质差,每遇气候稍有变化经常发生感冒(习惯感冒, 08年冬因流感期发高热抽风窒息,用药氧抢救复苏),家长求为其诊治,因本屋内长期作“医学香烟”试验,屋内环境烟药气味浓厚,其家人领其进屋后自言,进屋就不再咳嗽,头也不痛了等言其感冒减轻,这种状况不止一人,因此说明“医学香烟”烟气味有抗流感作用。 [0057] Typically children with Liu Ke, female, 5 years of age, poor health, whenever climate change slightly cold (used to colds, flu of 2008 made winter due to high fever convulsions choking, rescue medication oxygen recovery) happen often, parents seeking to its diagnosis and treatment, as long as this house "Medical cigarettes" test house environment smoke smell strong medicine, his family brought it into the house after self-made, the house is no longer coughing, head pain and other words and do not relieve colds, which kind of situation more than one person, the explanation of "Medical cigarette" smoke odor anti-influenza effect. [0058]1、干预血压上升的试验:[0059] 本实验的对象是临床筛选出收缩压在140-160毫米汞柱,舒张压90-100毫米汞柱,男性长期吸烟者10名,不分年龄,不分原发性或继发性,无脑血管病,或属于收缩压140-160毫米汞柱单纯性高血压服降压药史者,作为“医学香烟”对高血压的药物效应试验, 按基础型方药十日一剂配置烟草,停药吸烟,进行一个月的试验观察,并嘱其仃吸市烟,不断测量血压,一旦血压升高即刻仃烟就诊服降压药。 [0058] 1, increased blood pressure in the intervention trial: [0059] the object of this study was clinical screening in systolic blood pressure 140-160 mm Hg, diastolic blood pressure 90-100 mm Hg, 10 male long-term smokers, regardless of age, regardless of primary or secondary, non-cerebrovascular disease, or belonging to a systolic blood pressure 140-160 mm Hg simple history of hypertension, antihypertensive drugs, as "Medical cigarette" effect on hypertension drugs test , basic configuration according to a type of tobacco Recipe ten days, stopping smoking, month test were observed, and Ding asked its smoke suction City, continuously measuring blood pressure, elevated blood pressure immediately upon Ding smoke treatment antihypertensive drugs. [0060] 试验结果表明:一个月内,收缩压152-160毫米汞柱4例,平均下降4_6毫米汞柱, 140-150毫米汞柱6例,平均下降2-4毫米汞柱,舒张压除两例下降2毫米汞柱外,其他无明显下降变化。 [0060] The results showed that: a month, systolic blood pressure 152-160 mmHg four cases, the average drop 4_6 mmHg, 140-150 mmHg six cases, the average drop 2-4 mm Hg, diastolic blood pressure in addition to down 2 mmHg two cases, but no other changes decreased. 一个月内因宾酬复吸市烟I至3包3例,4至6包6例,直接表示对“医学香烟”不过瘾者5例(注:长期吸现市烟已产生对尼古丁的依赖性)。 Bin month internal relapse paid to the city I smoke 3 packs three cases, 4-6 pack six cases, direct representation of the "Medical cigarettes" is not enjoyable in 5 patients (Note: long-term aspiration is now the city of smoke become dependent on nicotine ). [0061] 此试验说明,基础型“医学香烟”对血压上升有干预作用。 [0061] This test illustrates the basic type "Medical cigarettes" There is intervention on blood pressure rise. [0062] 前述的应试者普遍反应说,起初几日还不能适应,随后就好了。 [0062] The foregoing general reaction candidate said that, at first a few days still can not meet, then fine. 另外反映的共同特点是说吸了这烟以后,口舌也不干燥,头脑比以前也轻松多了,胃口也比以前吃饭多了,吃饭有味,大小便通利,尿量比以前增多,感觉身体不像以前沉重,有轻松感觉,急躁易怒情绪也改善多了,很少发生感冒头痛症状,即便干活出汗受风凉也没有像以前感冒那样有头痛发热症状,不用吃药打针病就过去了。 Also common feature reflects say suck the smoke after the mouth is not dry, the mind is also easier than ever before, appetite to eat more than before, eat flavored, Tom Lee urine, increased urine output than before, feeling the body unlike previous heavy, it has relaxed feeling irritable mood also improved more, rarely cold headache, sweating even under cool did not work as before flu symptoms as headache, fever, do not take medicine injections on past disease a. [0063] 典型医例周某,退休干部,现年58岁,因高血压提前病退,常年奔波乡下工作,有胃病发作史,继而发生胃心痛,经心电图证实ST段异常,心肌缺血,有三十多年长期吸烟史,应试验时测定高压156,低压96,按前述方法吸“医学香烟”,一个月后测高压146,低压92,分别降低10和4毫米汞柱,自述胸闷胃痛大减,出回气通顺,能打嗝,食后撑胀感已很少发生,很少发生以前的胸口,闷疼感,大便难已改变,自言能干一般体力劳动。 [0063] A typical example of the medical Zhou, retired cadres, aged 58, due to hypertension Bingtui ahead, the annual rush the country to work, have a history of stomach upset, stomach and subsequent heartache, confirmed by ECG ST-segment abnormalities, myocardial ischemia, three ten years long history of smoking, high pressure when the measurement to be tested 156, a low-pressure 96, suction "Medical cigarettes" as previously described, high pressure test 146, the low pressure 92, 10 and 4, respectively, to reduce mmHg month later, chest tightness, stomach greatly reduced readme , a return air fluent, can burp after eating a sense of expansion support has rarely, rarely occur before chest pain, nausea, stool difficult to have changed since the words competent general manual labor. 符合中医“不通则痛,痛则不通”的病理病机。 In line with traditional Chinese medicine "General pain, pain is not" pathological pathogenesis. 本发明“医学香烟”整体方药的最大特点就是“以通立法” 为总则,而达到临床技术效果。 The most important feature of the invention "Medical cigarette" overall prescription is "to pass legislation," as the general principles, and techniques to achieve clinical effect. (病理病机及药效分析,略)。 (Pathology, pathogenesis and efficacy analysis, slightly). [0064] 2、拮抗型医学香烟:[0065] 本型香烟是在基础型“医学香烟”药量配比基础上,增加了药物配比量,即脱毒烟草100、黄芩20、舔菊花20、薄荷叶20等,药物总量与烟草呈2 : I配比关系,更突出了医学香烟的药物效应,本型“医学香烟”适用的范围是长期吸烟患有高血压心脏病者,有针对性和局限性,以增加量配比的药物,以特制的工艺和炮制方法制成的“药芯”,更能体现出“医学香烟”的专药性和针对性,以目前院前的发病和急救的过程来看,在无医无药的紧急情况下,环境现场只要有一人有一支“医学香烟”的药芯,至少有一次的抢救机会,对延长死亡时间或宽限抢救时间都有着积极的临床医学意义。 [0064] 2, cigarette antagonistic Medicine: [0065] This type of cigarettes is based on "Medical cigarette" dose ratio on the basis of an increase ratio of the amount of drug, i.e., tobacco detoxification 100, skullcap 20, 20 Chrysanthemum licking , 20 mint leaves, etc., the total amount of drugs and tobacco was 2: I ratio relationship, but also highlighted the effects of medical drugs cigarettes, this type of "Medical cigarette" scope of application of long-term smoking is suffering from hypertensive heart disease who have for and limitations in order to increase the ratio of the amount of drugs to a special technology and processing methods made "cored" to better reflect the "Medical cigarettes," the potency and targeted specifically to before the onset of the current hospital and process aid point of view, in an emergency situation without doctors no drugs, environmental site as long as a person has a "Medical cigarette," the drug core, there is at least one chance to rescue, to extend the time of death or grace rescue time have a positive Clinical significance. [0066] 基础型“医学香烟”中已对流感、高血压已做了试验和说明,又对心肌缺血的胃心痛病例做了说明,这里就“药芯”的临床效果做病例试验报告:[0067] 王某,乡财政所分片包干收税干部,长期吸烟一日两包,高血压服药史数年,继而发展为冠心病,常服速效救心丸,硝酸甘油之类预防心绞痛发作以备用,一日逢集路遇谈话间,手捂胸口,自言心口疼,随即抽一支现市香烟,抽取一头内烟丝约两公分长,装入药芯, 嘱其大口深吸后,缓慢吐出,如此吸入不过五口,吸完药芯,顿觉胸部气顺,疼痛终止,并言, 现在得服速效救心丸4、5粒才管用。 [0066] base type "Medical cigarette" has influenza, hypertension testing has been done and instructions, but also on the stomach hurts cases of myocardial ischemia do illustrate, here to do a report on test cases "cored" clinical effect: [0067] Wang, rural finance Fenpianbaogan tax cadres, long-term smoking two packs a day, hypertension medication history for several years, then the development of coronary heart disease, uniforms JiuXinWan, like nitroglycerin to prevent angina attacks spare after a day between every set Lu Yu conversation, Shou Wu chest, chest pain from the words, then smoking a cigarette now City, a tobacco extract within about two centimeters long, into the drug core, Nursing and big mouth and took a deep, slow spit , but five such suction, sucking wick feel a gas along the chest, pain terminated, and the words, now have only served JiuXinWan 4,5 grains useful. 由此可见“医学香烟” “药芯”对于治疗冠心病、心绞痛有药物功效。 This shows that "Medical cigarette" "cored" for the treatment of coronary heart disease, angina drug efficacy. [0068] 杨某,陈旧性心肌梗塞发生心绞痛,每遇气候变化或劳累而发作,时轻时重。 [0068] Yang, old myocardial infarction, angina, or whenever fatigue and onset of climate change, when light weight. 一日忽然左臂背隐痛,问其原因又言咽喉发紧,有闷窒感觉,随即抽一支“药芯”香烟,让其深吸慢吐,吸三支才得以缓解。 Suddenly one day left arm back pain, and asked the reason goes on to say tight throat, stuffy feeling stifled, then draw a "cored" cigarette, let it take a deep slow spit, suck three was able to ease. [0069] 通过以上试验证明,拮抗型“医学香烟”有抗流感、干预血压上升和有拮抗心绞痛药物效应。 [0069] The above tests proved that the antagonistic "Medical cigarette" effect of anti-flu drugs have angina, blood pressure and intervention antagonistic. [0070] 总结以上所述的“医学香烟”有以下几个技术效果:[0071]1、烟草首先用甘草解毒液脱去烟草中的尼古丁等毒害物质,用脱毒烟草制成香烟,在吸烟时产生的烟雾无刺激性气味,对环境对人体无害,烟味平甜,有润肺止咳的功效, 优于目前市场销售的香烟,符合本发明的技术目的,实现了本发明的主题要求。 [0070] To sum up the "medical cigarette" has the following technical effects: [0071] 1, the tobacco is first stripped of venom solution with licorice tobacco nicotine and other toxic substances, detoxification made cigarettes tobacco smoking when the smoke generated odorless, environmentally harmless, smoke flat sweet, lungs and cough, better than the current market sales of cigarettes, in line with the technical purpose of the present invention, to achieve the claimed subject matter of the invention . [0072] 2、用脱毒后的烟草与中草药配伍,按一定配比量制成的“医学香烟”是以流感为诱因,致使心脑血管病发病率高为临床表现,以“通”字立法方药,拮抗流感病毒病菌,干预血压上升,药芯对抗心绞疼,延缓心脏骤停,宽限抢救时间,降低死亡率。 [0072] 2, tobacco and herbs compatibility after detoxification, "Medical cigarettes" made by a certain ratio based on the amount of influenza as a trigger, resulting in a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease clinical manifestations, in order to "pass" word legislative prescriptions, antagonize influenza virus germs, intervention increased blood pressure, angina pain cored confrontation, delaying cardiac arrest, grace rescue time and reduce mortality. 使院前突发心脏病人在有吸“医学香烟”人群的环境下,至少有一次院前随时获得抢救机会,在临床医学有广谱的积极意义。 Hospital of a heart attack before the people in a suction environment "Medical cigarettes," the crowd at least once at any time to get the opportunity to pre-hospital emergency treatment, in clinical medicine there is a broad spectrum of positive significance. [0073] 请审查指导。 [0073] Please review the guidance.

Claims (8)

1.中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟及其烟草医学脱毒方法,其特征是,所述的中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟,它由烟草100、甘草10-20、黄岑10-20、甜菊花10-20、薄荷叶10-20、紫苏叶10-20、白芷10-20、川芎10-20、红花5-10、木香10-20、紫菀10-20、百部10-20、苏合香10-20本草药物配比组成;首先把方药中甘草制成甘草解毒溶液,把烟草进行医学脱毒处理,然后把脱毒烟草与方药的配比按重量称取后均匀混合,利用现代制丝卷烟工艺即制得本发明的本草医学香烟。 1. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine first environment-friendly medical detoxification of cigarettes and tobacco, characterized in that said first TCM environmentally friendly cigarette herbal medicine, which consists of 100 tobacco, licorice 10-20, Scutellaria 10- 20, sweet chrysanthemum 10-20, 10-20 mint leaves, basil leaves 10-20, 10-20 Angelica, Chuanxiong 10-20, 5-10 safflower, woody 10-20, 10-20 Aster, one hundred 10-20, 10-20 storax herbal pharmaceutical composition ratio; the first was made licorice detoxification herbs licorice, tobacco medical detoxification, detoxification and tobacco and the ratio by weight of herbs Weigh uniformly mixed , using modern technology silk cigarette of the present invention is that prepared herbal medicine cigarette.
2.根据权利要求1所述的中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟,其特征是,它由脱毒烟草100、黄芩10、甜菊花10、薄荷叶10、紫苏叶10、白芷10、川芎10、红花5、木香10、紫菀10、 百部10、苏合香10本草药物配比组成。 The environment-friendly first TCM herbal medicine cigarette according to claim 1, characterized in that it is a tobacco detoxification 100, 10 skullcap, chrysanthemum sweet 10, 10 mint leaves, basil leaves 10, 10 Angelica, Chuanxiong 10, safflower 5, woody 10, 10 Aster, one hundred 10, 10 storax herbal pharmaceutical composition ratio.
3.根据权利要求1所述的中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟,其特征是,它由脱毒烟草100、黄芩20、甜菊花20、薄荷叶20、紫苏叶20、白芷20、川芎20、红花10、木香20、紫菀20、百部20、苏合香20本草药物配比组成。 The environment-friendly first TCM herbal medicine cigarette according to claim 1, characterized in that it is a tobacco detoxification 100, 20 skullcap, chrysanthemum sweet 20, mint 20, perilla leaf 20, 20 Angelica, Chuanxiong 20, 10 safflower, woody 20, 20 Aster, one hundred 20, Styrax composition ratio of 20 herbal drugs.
4.根据权利要求2或3所述的中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟,其特征是,所述的脱毒烟草,它是把本草药物烟草经过甘草解毒液进行医学脱毒而制成,烟草与甘草的药物重量比为100 : (10-20)。 The environment-friendly first TCM Herbal Medicine cigarette 2 or claim 3, wherein said virus-free tobacco, which tobacco is a drug through the herbal medical detoxification licorice venom solution is made, Drug weight ratio of tobacco and licorice 100: (10-20).
5.根据权利要求4所述的中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟,其特征是,所述的脱毒烟草所含甘草甜质素至少为I%。 The environment-friendly first TCM Herbal Medicine cigarette according to claim 4, characterized in that said tobacco contained in the sweet quality licorice detoxification least I%.
6.根据权利要求3所述的中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟,其特征是,所述的医学香烟中心设置一支和医学香烟长度相等的圆形药芯,所述的药芯内圆直径为O. 3-0. 5毫米,外圆直径为1. 3-1. 5毫米。 TCM according to claim herbal medicine and environment-friendly first cigarette of claim 3, wherein said cigarette medical centers and medical cigarette provided a circular wick equal length, the inner drug core circle diameter O. 3-0. 5 mm in outer diameter of 1. 3-1. 5 millimeters.
7.根据权利要求6所述的中医环境友好型第一本草医学香烟,其特征是,所述的药芯的药物配比为:黄芩20、甜菊花20、薄荷叶20、紫苏叶20、白芷20、川芎20、红花10、木香20、 紫菀20、百部20、苏合香20。 The environment-friendly first TCM herbal medicine cigarette according to claim 6, characterized in that the pharmaceutical drug core ratio: 20 skullcap, chrysanthemum sweet 20, mint 20, perilla leaf 20, Angelica 20, 20 Chuanxiong, safflower 10, 20 costas, 20 Aster, one hundred 20, storax 20.
8.根据权利要求1所述的烟草医学脱毒方法,其特征是,它包括下列步骤组成:(1)、把精选的烟草与甘草按100 : 10至20的配比量称取后,分别把烟草和甘草置于耐高温的容器内。 8. Tobacco medical detoxification method of claim 1, characterized in that it comprises the following steps: (1), the selection of tobacco and licorice 100: the ratio of an amount of 10 to 20 Weigh, and tobacco were placed in a refractory container licorice. (2)、用至少含10%的医用酒精溶液与甘草按200 : 10的重量配比,兑入盛甘草的容器内,在常温摄氏30度左右密封浸泡。 (2), containing at least 10% alcohol solution and medical licorice by 200: 10 ratio by weight, blended with the filled container licorice, at about room temperature, 30 degrees Celsius seal soaking. (3)、待24小时后甘草溶液呈黄棕色或深棕色时,或测得甘草溶液PH值2-3或3-4时滤出甘草,即制得烟草脱毒液(即:甘草解毒液)。 (3), licorice After 24 hours the solution was dark brown or yellow-brown or PH value was measured 2-3 licorice or licorice 3-4 when filtered off, i.e. de-prepared tobacco venom (i.e.: venom solution licorice ). (4)、把滤出的甘草还按上述原甘草与10%的医用酒精溶液重量比再次经过至少常温45度的热度浸泡或加热分解处理,待甘草木质基本没有甜味时滤出甘草液。 (4), the further filtered out by the raw liquorice licorice and medical alcohol ratio by weight of a 10% solution at room temperature at least 45 degrees after the heat soak or heat decomposition processing again, when the liquid to be filtered licorice licorice wood substantially no sweetness. (5)、把烟草脱毒液兑入置烟草的容器内,把烟草浸入后把烟草翻动浸匀,然后把烟草下压使液面浸没烟草。 (5), the venom blended tobacco off the container opposite the tobacco, the tobacco after the tobacco is immersed in the dip flip uniform, then the pressure of the immersion liquid surface of Tobacco Tobacco. 如果烟草突出液面再继续兑入少量的“甘草液”以浸没烟草为准,把烟草进行脱毒处理。 If blended tobacco projecting amount of the liquid surface continue "Licorice Extract" In whichever immersion tobacco, the tobacco in the detoxification process. (6)、用温度计测量烟草脱毒液的温度使之在摄氏30度左右常温条件下进行烟草脱毒处理,于24小时后或测得烟草脱毒液的PH值5-6时,把烟草取出淋净脱毒液。 (6), the temperature measured with a thermometer off venom of tobacco so that the tobacco detoxification at normal temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius, or 24 hours later measured value PH 5-6 venom off tobacco, tobacco shower venom taken off the net. (7)、把淋净的烟草浸入甘草液中进行充分浸润漂洗沾甜,待烟草无刺激性口感时取出,经通风晾干即制得脱毒烟草。 (7), is immersed in the leaching net licorice tobacco sufficiently infiltrated rinsing liquid sweet dip, removed when the tobacco to be non-irritating taste, i.e., prepared by dry ventilation detoxification tobacco.
CN201310017754.3A 2013-01-01 2013-01-01 Traditional Chinese medicine environment-friendly first herbal medical cigarette CN103054174B (en)

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