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A baking furnace relates to a baking device, which is widely used for drying or baking biomass such as flue-cured tobacco, firewood, boom products, and the like, and fungus materials. A hearth of the baking furnace is composed of two geometries and formed by welding a cylindrical component at the lower part and a cut conical component at the upper part; a hot wind box is arranged at the outer layer of the cylindrical heart and a secondary air nozzle is installed on the periphery of the cylindrical heart wall close to the upper part of the hot wind box. The secondary air nozzle and the cylindrical heart wall are tangentially arranged, and an air input pipe is respectively and tangentially led out from corresponding positions outside the hot wind box and a cinder box. Two ends of the air input pipe are respectively communicated and connected with a three-way valve, and a plane elicitation pipe of the three-way valve is a main air input pipe connected with a fan. A cut conical grate which is large on top and small on bottom is arranged below the cylindrical heart and an ash containing plate is arranged below the grate with a baffle plate consistent with the depth direction of an ash hole arranged at the centre of the ash containing plate.



Affiliated field:

The present invention relates to a kind of roasting plant, relate in particular to a kind of universal oven, be applicable to oven dry of agricultural production category and bakings such as flue-cured tobacco, bamboo and wood products's edible fungus living being matter.

Background technology:

At present in drying field, number spreads all over the various places, town and country in all kinds of small-sized bakery necessarily, almost is to be fuel with the bavin coal all, realizes baking or oven dry in the mode of direct combustion heat supplying.For example in annual flue-cured tobacco season, in the tobacco curing barn cluster sky, smog curls up, and environment has been caused great harm.This is that efficiency of combustion is not high owing to present this class oven ubiquity also to have wasted simultaneously the energy.Especially the loss of chemically incomplete combustion is very big, has caused a large amount of fume emissions.Slag cleaning operation inconvenience simultaneously, improper ventilation.At open day 1990.06.27, publication number: " the flue-cured tobacco burner of burning honeycomb briquette disclosed among the CN2058556; Open day 1996.08.21, disclosed among the notification number CN2297064 " the energy-conservation flue-cured tobacco stove of the high capacity highly effective of can removing "; The day for announcing: disclosed among the 2007.10.17 notification number CN200959817 " sealing circulating air flue-cured tobacco stove " etc., though patented technology has solved partial technical problems on method for flue-curing tobacco leaves, but, general burner hearth and grate design are all unreasonable, and component of combustion is insufficient, therefore to the requirement height of ature of coal, what have can only burn honeycomb briquette, the volume of the type of furnace is big, and operating characteristics is poor, and efficiency of combustion is low.

Summary of the invention: the invention reside in and overcome above-mentioned the deficiencies in the prior art and provide a kind of simple in structure, volume is relatively little, and cost is low, carries out the oven that first and second air distribution can be regulated in proportion to burner hearth.In the hope of reaching the efficiency of combustion that improves oven, reduce gas and the unburnt loss of solid in the combustion process.Burner hearth of the present invention is made of two solids, and top is frustoconical, and the bottom is that cylindrical weldering knot forms.Be provided with hot bellows in cylindrical burner hearth wall outside, be provided with the auxiliary air nozzle in the border of cylindrical burner hearth wall, described auxiliary air nozzle all tangentially is arranged on the cylindrical burner hearth wall, below cylindrical burner hearth, be provided with grate, described grate is a frustoconical grid, hold greatly at the last burner hearth bottom that is arranged on, there is a holder ash-pan small end below, its diameter is less than the internal diameter of ash bin, formed spacing falls into the passage of ash bin for ash quarrel, and the holder ash-pan keeps certain distance with the grate small end, is convenient to the ash quarrel whereabouts of burner hearth bottom and retains on it, natural slump according to the ash quarrel forms an ash quarrel awl heap at this, thereby has the effect of supporting the siege fuel bed.On the centre direction consistent of holder ash-pan, be provided with a bar shaped baffle plate with the ash hole depth.

It below burner hearth ash bin, on the correspondence position of ash bin and hot bellows side surface, respectively there is a blast pipe tangentially to draw, be connected up and down with triple valve respectively, the horizontal direction fairlead of triple valve is the total blast pipe that is connected with air blast, described triple valve is to be provided with an air door in a rectangular casing, air door is to be made by the square metallic plate of a block length, the one end has a fixed axis, this is installed in the axis hole at the inside front drift angle place in the three-way pipe, one end stretches out outside the triple valve and is connected with a rocking arm is vertical, the other end at rocking arm has a connecting rod to be attached thereto, mobile link, can make air door around the fixed axis knee-action, it is also different with the ratio of the air quantity of the secondary wind that enters burner hearth that the residing angle difference of air door enters a wind of furnace bottom respectively, thereby make the fuel in the burner hearth under any circumstance excess air factor can both be adjusted to optimum value.

Description of drawings: Fig. 1 is a structural representation of the present invention, and Fig. 2 is that Figure 1A is to structural representation

Among the figure: burner hearth 1, hot bellows 2, auxiliary air nozzle 3, heat exchanger 4, the second combustion roasted room 5, ash bin 6, blast pipe 7, triple valve 8, chimney 9, grate 10, holder ash-pan 11, baffle plate 12, total blast pipe 13, cylindrical burner hearth wall 14, ash hole 15, rocking arm 16, air door 17, triple-valve body 18, connecting rod 1, fixed axis 20.

Specific embodiments: be designed to the bottom of burner hearth 1 cylindrical, be convenient at its outer setting hot bellows 2, after the tangential introduction of air of waiting to enter burner hearth 1 blasts hot bellows 2, can be around cylindrical burner hearth wall 14 outside eddy flows, effectively improved the temperature of secondary wind, when the secondary wind of high temperature after auxiliary air nozzle 3 enters burner hearth 1, can not reduce the temperature in the burner hearth 1, created necessary condition for fuel gas in the burner hearth and solid fuel fully burn.Reduced the temperature of cylindrical burner hearth wall 14 on the other hand again, so as not to cylindrical burner hearth wall 14 overheated scaling loss, reduction of service life.Auxiliary air nozzle 3 is tangential. and the border secondary hot-air that is arranged on hearth wall 14 enters burner hearth 1 and can produce eddy flow, not only can make the abundant mixed combustion of air and fuel gas, and can make flame in burner hearth 1, rotate into heat exchanger 4, having prolonged flame time of staying in burner hearth 1 has further improved temperature in the burner hearth 1 again for using various different fuels, comprises that colm created condition.The frustoconical on the top of burner hearth, it is second combustion chamber 5, its up-small and down-big frustoconical helps air and fuel gas mixes herein, strengthened burning, in the middle of two blast pipes 7 of hot bellows 2 and ash bin 6, be provided with triple valve 8, regulate this valve and can regulate the ratio that wind entering furnace bottom and the auxiliary air nozzle 3 on hot bellows 2, cylindrical burner hearth wall 14 enter the secondary wind of burner hearth 1.Because the difference of the quality of fuel type, quality, the proportional difference of volatile matter and fixed carbon is very big; Widely different because of the burning velocity of baking process requirement again, therefore also should regulate as one sees fit the proportioning of oven primary and secondary air, just can make different fuel that wherein gas and solid constituent can both fully be burnt, just can create the best combustion condition as long as adjust triple valve 8 according to operating mode, make chimney 9 cannot see flue dust and efflux, greatly reduced the loss of chemically incomplete combustion.

The oven of prior art generally all adopts fixedly grate operation extremely inconvenient, grate of the present invention is designed to the up big and down small below that is arranged on burner hearth of frustoconical, burner hearth bottom ash quarrel is flowed out along grate 10 inclined-planes, below grate 10, be provided with a holder ash-pan 11, be provided with a baffle plate 12 consistent with ash hole 15 depth directions in the centre of holder ash-pan.Ask the function of ash-pan 11 to be, when the ash quarrel of burner hearth 1 bottom falls, drop on the grey quarrel awl of formation one slump heap on the holder ash-pan 11, rather than directly drop down onto in the ash bin, the grey awl heap that is cut of slump has the effect of supporting the burner hearth fuel bed.Through after a while burning when the burner hearth bottom grieshoch reaches certain thickness, only need with the front and back push-and-pull that is cut of ash rake on one side ash along baffle plate 12 will hold in the palm ash-pan 11 above, making it to fall into ash bin 6 back discharges gets final product, as above method is removed another side ash quarrel again, just can make things convenient for and equably with the ash quarrel removing of whole burner hearth 1 bottom.

Claims (3)

1. oven, by burner hearth (1), ash bin (6), grate (10) and hot bellows (2) are combined as a whole, it is characterized in that: burner hearth (1) is to be made of two solids, top by cylindrical bottom portion and frustoconical is welded, skin at cylindrical burner hearth wall (14) is hot bellows (2), be provided with auxiliary air nozzle (3) in the border of cylindrical burner hearth wall (14), described auxiliary air nozzle (3) is provided with cylindrical burner hearth wall (14) is tangential, tangentially respectively draw a blast pipe (7) respectively in the hot bellows (2) and the corresponding position, the outside of ash bin (6), described blast pipe (7), be connected up and down with triple valve (8) respectively, the horizontal fairlead of triple valve (8) is the total blast pipe (13) that is connected with air blast, be provided with a up big and down small frustoconical grate (10) in the below of cylindrical burner hearth (1), be provided with a holder ash-pan (11) in the below of described grate (10).
2. according to the described oven of claim 1, it is characterized in that: described triple valve (8) is to be provided with an air door (17) in a rectangular casing, described air door (17) is a rectangular sheet metal, be provided with fixed axis (20) at the one end, fixed axis (20) is installed in the axis hole at triple valve (8) inside front drift angle place, one end stretches out vertical connection of an end of triple valve (8) outside and rocking arm (16), and the other end of rocking arm (16) is connected with a connecting rod (19).
3. oven according to claim 1, it is characterized in that: the diameter of described holder ash-pan (11) is less than the internal diameter of ash bin (6), formed spacing falls into the passage of ash bin (6) for ash is cut, and is provided with a plate washer (12) consistent with the ash hole depth direction in the central authorities that hold in the palm ash-pan (11).
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