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本发明涉及公路工程沥青路面的防护技术。 The present invention relates to protection technology of highway asphalt pavement engineering. 提出一种沥青路面防水养护剂,其有如下重量份比例的材料组成:沥青100,橡胶粉2~25,树脂3~10,橡胶2~16,交联剂2~10,偶联剂1~6,乳化剂(复合)1~20,抗老化剂适量,活化剂30~300,起泡剂适量,消泡剂适量,其制造需要经过原材料预处理、复合改性、乳化、添加辅助材料溶炼四道工序;其在沥青路面上的施工工艺包括有撒布车喷撒或人工涂抹、泡沫发生器搓揉和养护三个基本步骤;本发明能有效防止沥青砼的早期水损害,强化表层沥青砼的强度,避免柴油污损;能有效封闭细小裂纹,固结易脱落的沥青颗粒,能充分充填较大而且密集的龟裂、网裂,防止水的侵入,避免沥青砼的加速破坏;具有良好的粘结性能和防水效果。 Proposed a waterproof asphalt pavement curing agent, it has the following proportions of parts by weight of materials: 100 asphalt, rubber powder 2 to 25, 3 to 10, the resin, rubber 2 to 16, 2 to 10 cross-linking agent, a coupling agent ~ 6, the emulsifier (composite) 1 to 20, an appropriate amount of an anti-aging agent, activator 30 to 300, blowing agent amount, an appropriate amount of a defoaming agent, pretreatment of raw materials need to go through the manufacturing, composite modification, emulsification, solvent addition of auxiliary materials four refining step; its construction process on an asphalt pavement comprising spraying or spreading Cart artificial smear, rub foam generator and conservation three basic steps; early present invention can effectively prevent water damage of asphalt concrete, reinforced asphalt surface strength concrete, to avoid fouling of diesel; hairline cracks can be effectively closed, consolidation shedding asphalt particles, can be sufficiently large and dense filling of cracks, crack network, to prevent intrusion of water, to avoid accelerated destruction of the asphalt concrete; having good adhesion properties and water effects.


沥青路面防水养护剂及其生产工艺和应用施工步骤技术领域本发明涉及公路工程沥青路面的防护技术.其重点是沥青路面的预防性养护及病害处理. 背景技术沥青路面由于行车性能好,施工机械化程度高,速度快,发展十分迅速,但一直也受到一些技术难题的困扰而影响到它的推广,这些技术难题主要孰是沥青路面的早期损害(未达到设计年限而出现的大面积病害),包括早期水损害、车辙、柴油污损和沥青与集料粘附性差造成的早期病害.车辙问题也是沥青路面早期病害的主要问题之一,和沥青砼的级配、基层强度或材料因素有关,路面铺好之后.车辙问题已成事实,无法改变. 因此下面只重点简述水损害、柴油污损及沥青粘服性问题.一、早期水损害指沥青铺体由于长期浸水受损,未达到设计年限而提前出现的各种病害:路面设计中虽然已考虑了结 Waterproofing agent asphalt pavement maintenance and construction technology field step production process and application of the invention relates to protection technology of highway asphalt pavement engineering. The focus is on preventive maintenance of asphalt pavement and disease treatment. BACKGROUND asphalt pavement due to the good performance of traffic, construction mechanization a high degree of speed, developed very rapidly, but has also been plagued by technical problems and affect its promotion, these technical problems mainly what the early damage of asphalt pavement (not meet the design life of the emergence of a large area of ​​disease), one of the major problems include the early water damage, rutting, diesel and early fouling of asphalt with aggregate diseases caused by poor adhesion. rutting problems are early disease asphalt pavement, and graded, the strength of the base layer or material factors related to asphalt concrete, after the paved road. rutting problems is a fact, can not be changed. Therefore, the following only briefly focus on water damage, deface diesel and asphalt sticky service issues. First, the early water damage refers to the asphalt paved flooding damaged due to the long body, does not meet the design life the early appearance of various diseases: Pavement design Although considered taking 排水和路表排水问题,但由于空隙率的存在,加上施工中级配设计,混合料制备、运输、摊铺及碾压作业过程中存在的问题,会造成局部或大面积的、随机或有规律的透水现象,特别在冷热接头及横坡两端,普遍存在严重透水现象,而水一旦浸入沥青铺体,排空极为困难,实验表明,空隙率在4. 3〜6.2的路面(横坡2%,纵坡W。)连续下雨两天后排空时间需要7〜1G天,这就意味着而季沥青铺体将长期处于水及水气的浸泡过程中.在车辆动荷载反复作用下,新青膜与集料开始剥离,渐渐的,集料开始松散掉粒,最后形成坑槽.而且,经过路面开挖检查发现,水损害往往是从新青下面层开始的.由于水分进入新青路面,滞留在基层上面,沥青砼下部空隙中充满水分的时间要比上面层时间长的多,给水损害提供了条件,在长时间的交变应力作用后,当表层新青仍 Drainage and road surface drainage problems, but due to the presence of porosity, coupled with mid-level construction design, preparation of mixes, transportation, paving and rolling operation process problems, can cause partial or large, randomized or permeable regular phenomenon, especially in the hot and cold ends of the joint and cross slope, widespread severe flooding phenomenon, while immersed in water once the asphalt paved, drained extremely difficult, experiments show that the porosity of the road 4. 3~6.2 (cross 2% slope, longitudinal slope W.) after two days of continuous rain emptying time required 7~1G days, which means that while the body lay asphalt season will be a long process of immersion in water and water vapor. repeated the role in the dynamic load of the vehicle , the aggregate Xinqing film peeling is started, gradually, beginning loose aggregate grain out of the last pit formation. Moreover, after examination revealed road excavation, water damage is often started from the underlying layer xinqing Since the new water green road, above the residence in the base layer, the top layer of asphalt concrete time is much longer in the lower portion of the gap filled with water than the time, provides feedwater damage conditions after a long period of alternating stress, when the surface is still xinqing 松散时,下面层集料已与沥青完全分离,沥青是沥青,集料是集料,处于完全松散状态,沥青混合料不再成为一个整体,而且含水量增大,面层容易被推移,这时集料在荷载作用下也会对基层表面产生挤压,基层上部的透层、封层也会受影响而产生损坏,基层的土质部分便成为泥浆并透过沥青面层挤出,形成唧浆,在而天会迅速扩展成坑槽.工程中往往用减小沥青砼空隙率的办法来减少渗水速度,但是它的作用是很有限的, 对于密集配沥青砼来说,空隙率小于极限值(2%~4%)时,沥青在受热膨胀时无适当空隙容纳将容易产生泛油,并导致混合料推移和车辙变形.根据美国战略公路研究计划的研究结果表明,沥青路面最合理空隙率为4%,也就是说,只要用沥青混凝土,就会有空隙率的存在,而只要有空隙率就会导致水的渗入,空隙率小,水的渗入速度慢 In bulk, the underlying layer of aggregate is completely separated from the bitumen, asphalt, the aggregate is the aggregate, in a fully loose state, no asphalt mixture as a whole, and the water content is increased, the surface layer is easily passage, which when the aggregate will be produced at the surface of pressing load on the base layer, the base layer through the upper layer, the sealing layer may be affected and cause damage, soil slurry becomes part of the base layer and extruded through the asphalt surface to form a jack pulp, day in and quickly expanded into the pits. engineering approach is often used to reduce the porosity of asphalt concrete to reduce water seepage rate, but its role is very limited, for dense graded asphalt concrete, the porosity is less than the limit value (2% to 4%), while no pitch suitable gap to accommodate the thermal expansion prone to weeping, and the passage leading to mix and rutting. according to the study of the U.S. strategic Highway Research Program showed that the most reasonable asphalt pavement void 4%, that is, as long as concrete, there will be the presence of porosity, but the porosity will result as long as infiltration of water, a small void ratio, the slow rate of water infiltration 些,但排空速度更慢,更重要的是有出现泛油的风险.近期有个别企业在尝试用一种油膏来处理沥青的老化再生问题,该方法希望通过涂料中的轻质油分作用于铺体老化的沥青,实现一定程度的沥青再生功能,但该材料最大的问题是抹平了沥青表面的构造深度,极大的降低了抗滑性能,在一些重要工程试验中已造成车辆事故率的提高及钢桥面新青铺装层的严重破坏.该种类型的材料不具备在公路上使用的最基本的条件.完全避免水进入沥青铺体是解决这个问题的关键.因此,如果能研制出一种液体涂料,作为上封层(很薄的)涂布新青铺体表面,既能堵塞表面的渗水微空隙,并在表面形成完整保护膜,隔断水的浸入途径,而且该材料的软化点必须大于75'C,不产生副作用,即在太阳光下晒不软化、不明显影响表面抗滑性能及内部空隙率,这将能从根本上解 Some, but emptying slower, more importantly, there is the risk of weeping appearance. There are individual enterprises in recent attempts to regenerate aging ointment to deal with the problem in a bitumen, which hopes to divide the role of light oil coating asphalt aging body shop, to achieve a certain level of asphalt recycling function, but the biggest problem that the material is a smooth asphalt surface texture depth, greatly reducing the skid resistance, has caused vehicle accidents in a number of important engineering tests improve and serious damage to the steel deck pavement Xinqing rate. this type of material does not have the basic conditions of use on the road. completely avoid water from entering the body is a key asphalt paved solve this problem. So, if a liquid coating material can be developed, as the sealing layer (thin) coating the surface Xinqing shop, both blockage of water seepage microvoided surface, and form a complete surface protective film, blocking water infiltration route, and the the softening point of the material must be greater than 75'C, no side effects, i.e., drying in the sun does not soften significantly affect the performance of sliding surface and internal porosity, which solution will fundamentally 水损害的问题.到目前为止,国内外学术界及工程界仍未有相关的在公路沥青路表面整体喷涂防水养护剂,用于预防沥青路面早期水损坏及提高表层使用性能,延长路面使用寿命的报道.二、 柴油污损问题越来越严重,已引起业主及专冢的广泛关汪: 特别是省际公路及大城巿过境公路,柴油车特别多,车况好坏参差不芥,很容易造成柴油污染;城巿红绿灯路口及停车处,也普遍受到柴油的污染.路况调查及试验研究成果证明:沥青砼对柴油很敏恐,路面受柴油污染后会很快起坑槽;试验室用柴油作沥青马歇尔试件耐油试验(常温下,试件置于O'柴油中浸泡12小时后晾干称重),其重量损失为2.8%,表面沥青膜完全溶解,见不到沥青痕迹,表面呈现松散状态.三、 新青粘附性差易造成的病害:只解决铺体的水损害还不够.沥青粘附性能(对集料的粘结力) The problem of water damage. So far, domestic and foreign academic and engineering still relevant in the overall highway asphalt road surface waterproofing coating curing agent for the prevention of early water damage of asphalt pavement surface and improve performance, extend the pavement life reports Second, diesel fouling problem is getting worse, the owners and has caused widespread off the mound Wang special: in particular, inter-provincial highways and transit road big cities, particularly large number of diesel vehicles, not mustard mixed condition is good or bad, it is easy to caused by diesel pollution; Town traffic lights and parking, are generally contaminated diesel road survey and experimental research to prove: asphalt concrete for very sensitive diesel fear, Pavement soon after diesel contamination from pits; laboratory use asphalt Marshall specimens for diesel oil test (at room temperature, the specimen was placed dry weighed 12 hours O 'immersion in diesel fuel), the weight loss was 2.8%, the surface was completely dissolved bituminous membranes, bituminous see marks, surface presents three loose state, disease xinqing easily cause poor adhesion: only address water damage asphalt paved bodies enough adhesive properties (adhesion to the aggregate). 也是造成沥青混砼早期损坏的主要原因之一,由于集料颗粒完全靠沥青粘结在一起,而普通沥青的粘附性能有限,在常温下使用时,受外界条件影响,沥青容易变硬发脆,呈现脆性材料特性, 因而在车轮剪切作用下,易造成剝落,普通沥青混凝土路面不到一年沥青膜即开始剥落泛白,局部承受动荷载较大部位已开始出现麻面、掉粒现象.提高沥青粘附性的通行做法是在沥青中掺加抗剥落剂(含水泥、矿粉等)或将沥青进行改性.前者在工程实际应用中的作用不是特别明显;后者虽提高了粘附性和杌老化性能,透水少一些,但滲水现象同样存在.实践证明,改性沥青砼也同样存在着早期水损害现象,而且造价很高,推广有一定难度.在公路养护中,处理由于粘附性差所造成的路面局部早期疲劳病害(包括龟裂、网裂、松散、掉粒等)的方法一般用乳化沥 Asphalt concrete mix is ​​one of the main causes of early damage, since complete aggregate particles bonded together by the asphalt, the asphalt is limited ordinary adhesion property, when used at room temperature, influenced by external conditions, asphalt easily becomes hard fat crisp, brittle material exhibits properties under shear and thus the wheel, could easily lead to spalling, less than a year of ordinary asphalt pavement peeling bituminous membranes began to whiten, local site subjected to dynamic loading has begun to appear larger pitted surface, grain out . phenomenon is common practice to improve the adhesion of the asphalt in the asphalt adding anti-stripping agent (including cement, slag, etc.) or modified bitumen role in the practical application of the former is not particularly significant engineering; the latter, although improved the adhesion and stool aging properties, less permeable, but water seepage phenomenon also exists. practice has proved that the modified asphalt concrete also exists the phenomenon of early water damage, and the high cost, promote a certain degree of difficulty. highway maintenance, method of treating diseases due to the road surface locally early fatigue caused by poor adhesion (including cracking, crack mesh, loose grain out, etc.) is generally asphalt emulsion 青充填封闭的办法处理,但这种方法临时处理了裂缝的严重渗水问题,但由于乳化沥青软化点低,易造成泛油,削氏了路面的使用性能.只宜作为对局部小面积存在严重病害的路面的临时防水处理.稀浆封层罩面是近年来迅速发展的一种路面维修技术,它在沥青路面上用细粒式级配碎石或沙作集料,以乳化新青(或改性乳化沥青)为粘结剂,加填料和水冷拌后用稀浆封层机摊铺成新青表处薄层,厚度3-10mm,用于封闭表面空隙、裂缝,改善抗滑性能和恢复提高路表面行车功能.但由于技术仍不太成熟,耐久性欠佳,施工费用高、难度大,对推广应用有一定影响,而且仍未能有效解决自身渗水所造成的水损害问题. 发明内容:本发明的第一个目的是研制一种沥青路面防水养护剂的配方及生产工艺,将这种养护剂喷涂在公路新青路面或其它相关部位上,可预 Green closed approach to filling, but this method of handling a temporary water seepage problem serious cracks, but due to the low softening point emulsified asphalt, easily lead to weeping, s cut the pavement performance. Should be taken only as a small local area serious temporary waterproofing pavement disease. slurry seal overlay a road maintenance in recent years, the rapid development of technology, which uses fine-grained graded gravel or sand as aggregate in asphalt, emulsified Xinqing ( emulsified asphalt or modified) as a binder, a filler and a water-cooled mixed after adding a thin layer xinqing surfacing machine paving slurry seal with a thickness of 3-10 mm, for the closing surface voids, cracks, improved skid resistance and restore the road surface to improve driving features, but because technology is still not mature enough, poor durability, high construction costs, difficult and have an impact on the application, but can not effectively solve the problem of water damage caused by water seepage itself. Summary of the invention: a first object of the present invention is to develop an asphalt waterproofing curing agent formulation and manufacturing process, such a curing agent sprayed on the road surface or other road xinqing relevant parts, can be pre- 沥青砼的早期水损害,抗柴油污损, 并增强沥青砼表层的路用性能,从而延长路面使用寿命.本发明的第二个目的是提出一种将上述沥青路面防水养护剂喷涂在高速公路沥青路面上的施工工艺技术,使该产品的路用性能得到充分发挥.本发明的第三个目的是提出将上述沥青路面防水养护剂喷涂在高速公路沥青路面的柔性涂料厚度检测装置及检测方法.本发明的第一个目的可通过如下途径来实现:一种新青路面E?水养护剂,其特征在于有如下重量份比例的材料组成:沥青ioo橡胶粉2~25树脂3~10橡胶2~16交联剂2~10偶联剂1~ 6复合乳化剂1~20抗老化剂适量活化剂30 ~ 300起泡剂适量消泡剂适量所述的橡胶粉系旧轮胎经加工后成超细粉沫状态; 所述的树脂为HMA聚合物; 所述的橡胶为SBS ;所述的乳化剂包括阳离子乳化剂、聚氨基硅油和少量无机无机细集料等复合加工而成 Early asphalt concrete of water damage, the anti-offset diesel fuel, asphalt surface and enhance the concrete road performance, thus prolonging the life pavement. A second object of the present invention is to provide a method of the above-described curing agent spraying asphalt waterproofing Expressway construction technology on the asphalt pavement, so that the road performance of the product into full play. a third object of the present invention is to propose a flexible coating thickness detection apparatus and detection method described above highway pavement asphalt pavement curing agent spraying water the first object of the present invention can be achieved by the following means: one kind xinqing water Pavement E curing agent, characterized in that the following proportions of parts by weight of materials:? ioo asphalt rubber resin powder 2 ~ 25 ~ 10 3 rubber 2 ~ 16 ~ 10 coupling the crosslinking agent 1 ~ 2 6 ~ 20 emulsifier 1 antioxidant amount of 30 to 300 activators defoaming agent suitable amount suitable amount of the blowing agent powder-based rubber tires after processing into ultrafine powder state; said resin is a polymer HMA; according to the SBS rubber; said emulsifiers include cationic emulsifiers, silicone oil and a small amount of polyamino inorganic composite inorganic fine aggregate and other processed . 所述的抗老化剂为抗紫外线防老剂及云母粉等材料复配而成,其作用是能增加乳液的抗紫外线和疲劳性能,延长材料使用寿命; 所述的活化剂为水; 所所述的消泡剂为有机硅油; 所述的起泡剂是有机酸皂,施工前现场加入.上述沥骨路面防水养护剂的生产工艺需要经过如下原材料预处理、复合改性、乳化、 添加辅助材料溶炼四道工序:① 原材料预处理:系指沥青的加温脱水,橡胶粉的泡涨、塑练和薄通,将乳化剂配制成为复合乳液;② 复合改性工序:将预热的新青与橡胶粉制剂、橡胶、交联剂、偶联剂及树脂混合搅拌加热后,在175〜22(TC高温及0. 01~0. 05MPa真空下经过多次高速剪切和研磨形成粒径<2 !am的超细混合物一高分子复合胶体;③ 乳化工序:通过乳化设备,将工序②的高分子复合胶体与配制好的复合乳液、消泡剂在80 ~ 90'C温度和0 . 7 ~ 1Mpa压力 The anti-aging agent is an antioxidant and anti-UV mica powder materials mixed together, the effect is to increase the UV resistance and fatigue properties of the emulsion, to extend the service life of the material; the activator is water; the said silicone oil antifoams; the foaming agent is an organic acid soap, before the construction site was added the above-described manufacturing process asphalt pavement bone curing agent is water goes through the following pretreatment of raw materials, composite modification, emulsification, addition of auxiliary material. smelting four processes: ① pretreatment of raw materials: heating means dehydration asphalt, rubber powder bubble up, and a thin plastic practiced on an emulsifier compound formulated as an emulsion; ② composite modification step: preheating the new after the green rubber powder formulation, a rubber, a crosslinking agent, coupling agent, and the resin mixture is heated with stirring at 175~22 (TC temperature and 0. 01 ~ 0. 05MPa vacuo after repeated high shear milling and size are formed ! <ultrafine am mixture of a polymer composite colloid; ③ emulsifying step: by emulsification equipment, a step ② the polymer composite colloid and the prepared composite emulsion, antifoam agents and the temperature 0 80 ~ 90'C. 7 ~ 1Mpa pressure 下经过进一步的乳化加工,形成乳液;④ 添加辅助材料工序:在工序③的乳液里添加包含抗老化剂的辅助材料,在真空下进一步加工溶炼,然后冷却即成防水养护剂基料成品.上述四道工序均要在反应釜中进行,并要对容器内材料进行连续搅拌; 第三道工序中的复合乳液要预先进行溶解搅拌加热,然后再将高分子复合胶体与乳液按比例送入乳化泵中进行乳化. 本工艺过程的忮术特点是:① 能将多种有机复合高分子材料(特别是橡胶粉)与沥青充分混合并被均匀的分散剪切成很细的胶体颗粒(<2nm),而且能稳定的存在于胶体中长时间不离析;② 能将上述①的胶体分成细微颗粒,并被水所乳化成为稳定的乳液(可存放两年以上),便于施工、储藏和运输;③ 复合改性须在高温及真空状态下进行(175 ~ 220.C, 0. 01 ~ 0. O暨a);④ 乳化过程反应釜必须施加一 After further processing the emulsion to form an emulsion; ④ step of adding auxiliary materials: addition of auxiliary material comprises anti-aging agents in the emulsion in the step ③, further processing smelting under vacuum and then cooled Serve finished waterproofing material based curing agent. the above-mentioned four processes are to be performed in an autoclave, and the inside of the container material should be continuously stirred; the third step of the composite emulsion is heated with stirring to be dissolved in advance, and then with the emulsion polymer composite colloidal fed proportionally emulsion pump with emulsification invasive surgery features of the present process are:. ① can more organic polymer composite materials (particularly rubber powder) mixed with asphalt and a uniform dispersion was cut into very fine colloidal particles (< 2nm), and can be present in a stable colloidal long time without isolation; ② ① above can be divided into fine colloidal particles and water into a stable emulsion the emulsion (can be stored more than two years), ease of construction, storage and transport ; ③ composite modified to be carried out at high temperature and vacuum (175 ~ 220.C, 0. 01 ~ 0. O cum a); ④ the emulsification process must be applied to a reactor 的气压(0.7〜1MPa)⑤ 将改性与乳化置于同一工艺流程中,实现工艺及设备的最优搭配,最大限度减少投资,降低生产成本;©加工过程主要发生物理变化,其溶剂为水,制备过程均无环境污染,是典型的环保产品.经上述工艺配制出来的沥青路面防水养护剂,为呈弱酸性液体,可单独使用,也可根据需要与其它材料配合使用,施工过程通过起泡剂与泡沫发生器使其变成泡沫,施工完成后成为固态胶体.本发明的第二个目的可通过如下途径来实现:一种将上述沥青路面防水养护剂喷涂在高速公路新青路面上的施工工艺,其特征在于包括有撒布车喷撒或人工涂抹、泡沫发生器搓揉和养护三个基本步骤:撒布车喷撒,是将前述的沥青路面防水养护剂直接或与其它配方材料混合后装入专用撒布车中,然后通过撒布车对新青混凝土路面进行均勾喷撒,涂层厚度 Pressure (0.7~1MPa) ⑤ The modified emulsion was placed with the same process flow, with the optimum process and equipment, to minimize investment, lower production costs; © physical changes occurred mainly during processing, which solvent is water , the preparation process no environmental pollution, is typical of green products prepared by the above process out waterproof asphalt pavement curing agent is a weakly acidic liquids, may be used alone or in combination with other materials as needed, by the construction process since foaming agent and a foam generator, so that it becomes a foam, the construction is completed into a solid colloid second object of the present invention can be achieved by the following means: a waterproof asphalt pavement curing agent described above was sprayed on the highway pavement xinqing the construction process, characterized by comprising spraying or spreading vehicles artificial smear, rub foam generator and conservation three basic steps: spraying spreading vehicles, the asphalt surface is water or a curing agent is mixed directly with the other formulation materials after loading special spreading vehicle, spreading Cart then xinqing concrete pavement on both hook spraying, coating thickness 格控制在0. 1 ~ 0. 3咖.泡沬发生器滚动搓揉,是在撒布车喷撒后15分钟内,用特制的泡沬发生器对该路面进行滚动搓揉。 Grid Control 0.1 ~ 0.3 coffee. Foam generator rub rolling, spreading in the car within 15 minutes after spraying, rolling Foam generator using a special rubbing the pavement. 这时撒布于路面的保护剂会自动变成泡沫,路表面微观结构全部被泡沬冲填,滚动搓揉完成之后20分钟内,泡沬消失,颜色变深,路表面微观几何形状及尺寸变化不大, 剩余少量养护剂下渗,路表恢复原状,因而构造深度基本不受影响;养护,是在滚动搓揉后让该路面静置养护12小时后才可通车使用, 一个月后基本达到额定强度.除了上述三个基本步骤之外,在撒布车喷撒之前可以有选择地增加路面状况参数检测及路面粉尘杂物清理二个步骤. 所述的路面状况参数的检测包括:了解以前沥青路面的施工资料(级配形式、结构形式、空隙率、构造深度及莉青的具体情况),检测路面构造深度、渗水系数的现况以及路面病害的调查与分析,为下一步的施工参数的制订提供依据。 In this case the road surface spreading of protective agent will automatically become the foam, the road surface microstructure Filling Foam entirely, after rolling is completed within 20 minutes of kneading, Foam disappears, darkening, road surface micro geometry and dimensional variation little, remaining a small amount of curing agent infiltration, restore the road surface, and thus the depth structure not affected; conservation, after after rolling rub let stand for maintenance of the road open to traffic 12 hours before use, basically reached a month later rated strength in addition to the three basic steps, prior to spreading vehicles may be selectively increased spraying condition parameter detecting dust and debris road pavement two cleaning step of detecting the road surface condition parameter comprises: Learn previous pitch road construction data (gradation forms, specific forms of the structure, porosity, depth and configured Li cyan), investigation and analysis of current detection structure with depth, permeability coefficient of the road surface and the road surface diseases, for the construction of the next parameter provide the basis for the development. 进一步的方案是:喷涂过程分两层施工,即在第一次喷撒和滚动搓揉完成之后大约24小时内即进行第二次喷撒和滚动搓揉。 Further options are: spraying construction process divided into two levels, namely a spray and rub rolling after the completion of a second spray that is rubbing and rolling within about 24 hours in the first. 第一层浓度可略稀一些,主要是封闭透水微空隙,软化裸露的原新青,并更易于与集料粘结;第二层浓度大一些,确保垂直投影照不到的微空隙得到充填,集料顶部及侧面覆盖的厚度应有0. 1 ~ 0. 3mm.本发明的第三个目的可通过如下途径来实现:一种将上述新青路面防水养护剂应用在公路源青路面的涂层厚度检测方法,所述的涂层厚度是指涂料干透后,垂直投影单位面积上干料的厚度一我们称之为涂层的公称厚度,其特征在于:使用一受料器,受料器面积为0. lm2,施工时将该圆盘置于需要喷洒蜂料的路面某处, 喷洒完毕后,每次称取接料前后圆盘的重量差G,(g)及烘干前后圆盘的重量差G2(g),再通过预先测定的该种材料的干容积密度及路面结构系数换算喷涂用量及喷涂公称厚度,可用下面公式计算:施工用量(含固化剂、活化剂等挥发成分)用G表示:G= IOG The first layer may be somewhat thinner with concentration, mainly closed permeable microvoided softening bare original Xinqing, and more readily aggregate with adhesive; a second layer of larger concentrations, ensuring the vertical projection to give shine filled microvoided , top and side surface of the aggregate thickness of the cover shall be 0. 1 ~ 0. 3mm third object of the present invention can be achieved by the following means: a water Pavement xinqing above curing agent used in highway pavement source green coating thickness detection method, refers to a coating thickness after dry coating, the thickness of the vertical projection of dry material per unit area we call a well-known coating thickness, characterized by: by using a feeder, by feeder area 0. lm2, road construction is placed somewhere in the disc material need to spray bee, after spraying is complete, each weighing before and after taking the difference between G material receiving disc, (g) before and after drying the difference in the weight of the disc G2 (g), and then by a dry bulk density of the pavement coefficient materials previously measured in terms of the amount of spraying and spraying nominal thickness, can be calculated as follows: the amount of the construction (including a curing agent, activating agent volatilization component) is represented by G: G = IOG (g/m2) 涂层公称厚度用B表示:B =G2/ p=10—3G2/ 1. 07 (mm) 其中:P为所测物料比重涂层实际厚度5 =kB式中:k为结构系数,与路表面构造深度有关,根据试验确定. 下面用具体实施例对本发明作进一步的说明: 附图说明图1为本发明中的沥青路面防水养护剂的生产过程示意图;图2为本发明应用在路面的涂层厚度测量工具—圆盘受料器剖视图; 图3为本发明应用在路面的涂层厚度测量工具—圆盘受料器俯视图. 具体实施方式实施例一、沥青路面防水养护剂的生产实例: 1.原料配比(重量比):沥青 100橡胶粉 12树脂 3橡胶 3交联剂 8偶联剂 1. 5乳化剂(复合) 4 5抗老化剂 8水 142 i消泡剂 微量生产工艺流程如附图 l所示2. 产品性能如下:附着力: M. 2Mpa; 防水性能:常压下3分钟不透水; 渗透深度:1 0 ~ 2 0 mm; 表干时间:2小时.3. 应用特点:① 施工过程与前面相同, (G / m2) coated with a nominal thickness denoted by B: B = G2 / p = 10-3G2 / 1. 07 (mm) where: P is the actual thickness of the coating material specific gravity measured 5 = kB where: k is the structure coefficient, and road surface depth related configuration, determined according to the following test Examples using the specific embodiment of the present invention will be further explained: BRIEF DESCRIPTION oF asphalt production process of the present invention in a schematic view of a waterproof curing agent; FIG. 2 of the present invention. application of pavement coating thickness measurement tool - receiving cross sectional view of a disk feeder; Figure 3 of the present invention is applied in a road surface coating thickness measurement tool - receiving hopper plan view of a disk DETAILED DESCRIPTION embodiments of an asphalt pavement maintenance waterproof examples of the production: 1. raw material ratio (weight ratio): 100 crumb rubber asphalt resin 12 3 3 rubber crosslinking agent 8 coupling agent 1.5 emulsifying agent (compound) 45 8 anti-aging agent, a defoaming water 142 i the trace amount production process shown in figures 2 l product performance as follows: adhesion: M. 2Mpa; waterproof: 3 minutes impervious to water at normal pressure; penetration depth: 1 0 ~ 2 0 mm; dry time: 2 .3 hours application features:. ① same construction previously, 工时加入0. 2%的起泡剂和20%活化剂并搅拌均勾.② 该种材料分两遍均勾喷洒于沥青路面上,能有效防止沥青砼的早期水损害,强化表层沥青砼的强度,避免柴油污损;实施例二、将实施例一的新青路面防水养护剂用于治理沥青路面早期病害的应用实例: 1.原料配比(重量比》新青路面防护剂基料100 (配方及加工工艺与实例一相同)起泡剂0.5水8~15 水泥4 施工工艺:先把起泡剂、水泥和水倒入防护剂基料中搅拌均匀,即可喷洒,洒到路面后15分钟内,用泡沬发生器推揉,养护剂即刻变成泡沬,15分钟后,泡沬消失,6小时后,即可通车. 一般分两遍施工,第一遍稀一些,第二遍浓一些.2. 主要性能指标如下:附着力: >1.2MPa; 防水性能:常压下3分钟不透水; 滲透深度:10-20 mm; 表干时间:2小时.3. 应用特点:① 该种材料分两遍均匀喷洒于沥青路面上,能有效 Work was added 0.2% and 20% of foaming agent and activator are stirred hook .② two passes this material were sprayed on the asphalt hook, can effectively prevent water damage early in the asphalt concrete, reinforced concrete asphalt surface strength, to avoid fouling of diesel; according to the second embodiment, an embodiment of the curing agent Xinqing waterproofing pavement application example embodiment for disease control early asphalt pavement: 1. raw material ratio (weight ratio "xinqing pavement base 100 protectants (formulation example and a same process) foaming agent 0.5 water 8 - 15 4 cement construction process: first foaming agent, cement and water repellant binder poured stir, spray can, after the road to sprinkle over 15 minutes, with Tuirou Foam generator, curing agent Foaming immediately becomes, after 15 minutes, Foam disappeared after 6 hours, can be opened. general construction in two passes, the first pass dilute some of the second . Some times concentrated .2 key performance indicators are as follows: adhesion:> 1.2MPa; waterproof: 3 minutes impervious to water at normal pressure; penetration depth: 10-20 mm; dry time: 2 hours .3 application features: ① the materials in two passes uniformly sprayed on the asphalt, effective 止沥青砼的早期水损害,强化表层沥青砼的强度,避免柴油污损;② 能有效封闭细小裂紋,固结易脱落的沥青颗粒;实施例三:将实施例一的沥青路面防水养护剂用于治理病害严重的沥青路面的应用实例:1. 用作路面严重病害处理时的材料配方(重量比):防护剂基料100 (配方及加工工艺与实例一相同)水泥8 橡胶粉(〈2QQ目) 102. 施工工艺:将上述三种材料按比例一次放入养护剂中,搅拌均匀,人工涂别于路面病害严重处(大量龟裂、网裂处),用泡沫发生器推揉后再用高压风机吹赶成型即可3.其主要性能指标如下: 附着力: 〉1.2Mpa; 防水性能:常压下3分钟不透水; 渗透深度:1 0 ~ 2 0 mm; 表干时间:2小时. 4.应用特点:①该种材料分两遍均匀喷洒于沥青路面上,能有效防止沥青砼的早期水损害,强化表层沥青砼的强度,避免柴油污损;② 能有效 Early stop water damage of asphalt concrete, asphalt concrete to increase the strength of the surface layer, diesel avoid fouling; ② can effectively seal fine cracks, consolidation shedding asphalt particles; Third Embodiment: The first embodiment of the curing agent with asphalt waterproofing in the treatment of serious diseases asphalt pavement application example: 1 is used as the material recipe (weight ratio) of serious road disease treatment: 100 base protective agent (formulation and a process same as example) 8 cement rubber powder (<2QQ mesh) 102. construction technology: the proportion of the three materials into a curing agent, uniformly stirred, artificial road surface respectively coated at a severe disease (large crack, fissure network), and then with a foam generator Tuirou with high pressure air to blow molded catch 3. the main performance indicators are as follows: adhesion:> 1.2Mpa; waterproof: 3 minutes impervious to water at normal pressure; penetration depth: 1 0 ~ 2 0 mm; dry time: 2 hours 4. application characteristics: ① two passes this material uniformly sprayed on the asphalt road surface, can effectively prevent water damage early asphalt concrete, asphalt concrete to increase the strength of the surface layer, diesel avoid fouling; ② effective 封闭细小裂紋,固结易脱落的沥青颗粒;③ 能充分充填较大而且密集的龟裂、网裂,防止水的侵入,避免沥青砼的加速破坏.实施例四:将实施例一的沥青路面防水养护剂用作路面裂缝的灌缝材料1.配方(重量比):防护剂基料(其配方和加工工艺同实施例一)100橡胶粉(第一遍) 11水泥(425#) 6细集料(0~1. 6tnm) 28早强剂0. 032. 施工方法:应根据裂缝大小形状制定施工方案, 一般加工成(V)形,按配方将材料搅拌混合均匀,第一遍先用纯防护剂与橡胶粉混合充填缝隙,半小时后,再用该配方调制的混合料灌缝并修整表面,3小时后可开放交通;3. 主要性能指标:附着力: >0.8MPa材料强度: 〉1. 2MPa防水性能; 0. 3MPa压力下30分钟不渗水延伸率: 120% 4.应用特点:① 、有效充填较大缝隙.确保不渗水;② 、有较大的延伸率,能部裂缝的进一步张裂;③ 、有 Closed hairline cracks, consolidation shedding of pitch particles; ③ sufficiently large and dense filling of cracks, crack network, to prevent intrusion of water, to avoid accelerated destruction of Asphalt Concrete Example IV: The asphalt pavement embodiment one embodiment. water as curing agent pavement crack pouring material 1. formulation (weight ratio): base repellant cement 11 (which is the same formulation and process embodiment a) 100 rubber powder (first pass) (# 425) 6 fine aggregate (0 ~ 1 6tnm.) 28 early strength 0. 032. the method of construction: construction scheme should be developed according to the size and shape of cracks, generally processed into (V) shape, the formulation according to the material evenly stirred and mixed first with the first pass mixing rubber powder with pure protectant gap filling, after half an hour, and then mix the formulation prepared pouring and trimmed surfaces, traffic opening after 3 hours; key performance indicators 3: adhesion:> 0.8MPa material strength: .> 1 2MPa waterproof; 30 minutes impermeable elongation at 0. 3MPa pressure: 120% 4. application characteristics: ①, the large gap to ensure effective filling impermeable; ②, greater elongation, fracture energy portion. further tension crack; ③, there 定的强度,能抵抗一定程度的变形.实施例五:用于水泥砼桥面作为防水粘结层材料的沥青路面防水养护剂的生产工艺: 1.防水粘结剂基料的原料配方(重量比):沥青100橡胶粉3树脂6橡胶10交联剂4偶联剂3乳化剂(复合) 20抗老化剂0. 1活化剂150消泡剂0.3其加工工艺同实施例一2. 施工工艺:直接用该配方所生产的产品在水泥混凝土桥面上施工,第一遍稀一些,用量少一些, 第二、第三遍浓一些,用量多一些,施工前应对桥面进行认真清理.3. 主要性能:其主要性能指标如下:附着力: >0. 8MPa;防水性能:0. 3MPa水压下30分钟不透水;渗透深度:50〜100jjm;表干时间:l小时.4. 应用特点:① .材料性能有兼容性:产品是针对桥面而研究开发的兼顾防水层和粘结层两重功能的新型材料,这样能省工省料,节省工期;② .粘结性能:粘结效果是防水粘结层的最关键指 Predetermined strength, can resist a certain degree of modification according to a fifth embodiment: Concrete for Bridge Deck as waterproof adhesive layer material is waterproof asphalt pavement curing agent production process: 1. The formulation of raw materials waterproof adhesive binder (wt. ratio): Example 2. construction of a process 100 asphalt rubber 6 rubber resin powder 3 4 10 coupling the crosslinker emulsifier 3 (composite) 20 antioxidant 0.1 0.3 defoamer activator 150 which process the same embodiment : construction directly with the formulation of the products on the concrete deck, the first pass dilute some with less number, second, third time a bit strong, the amount more, carefully clean up the deck to deal with before construction. 3. properties: the main performance indicators are as follows: adhesion:> 0 8MPa; waterproof performance: 30 minutes at 0 3MPa impermeable pressure; penetration depth: 50~100jjm; dry time: hours .4 L applications. features: ① material properties compatibility: products for both research and deck waterproofing layer and the bonding layer double features of the new materials development, so can save labor and material saving construction period; ② bonding properties: sticky refers to the effect of the most critical junction waterproof adhesive layer ,该材料对下与基层(水泥砼、钢板或其它涂料)通过吸附和渗透双重作用,保证有良好的粘结性能;对上具有热塑性,成膜后与热沥青砼(约15(TC )接触仍保持有很强的溶合粘结性能„粘结力达到0. 8 - 1. 5MPa,比其他防水、轱结材料高出几倍.③ .防水效果:能充分发挥涂膜防水和渗透层防水双重作用.防水效果与成膜的致密性和涂料的滲透性密切相关:该材料涂膜细密,因而防水效果良好;材料细度也很关键,该材料粒径达到2M以下,渗透性强,能充分滲透并充填基层的微细通道,这两方面都是提高桥面防水的有效措施.④ .耐久性能:通过多种添加剂和乳化剂的共同作用,提高了包括疲劳强度、耐紫外线辐射、耐热、耐臭氧、耐腐蚀、耐水等方面的性能在内的耐久性指标.©.抗疲劳性能良好:由于该材料常温下塑性好,施工厚度恰当,因而抗疲劳性能 , The lower base layer material (cement concrete, steel or other coating) by adsorption and penetration dual role, to ensure good bonding properties; for the thermoplastic, from about 15 after the film (TC) in contact with the hot asphalt concrete ( there remains a strong fusion bonding properties "adhesive force reaches 0. 8 - 1. 5MPa, other than water, several times higher .③ wheel knot material waterproof effect: give full play to the waterproof coating and the permeable layer waterproof dual role densification and coating permeability and waterproof effect is closely related to the film forming: the fine coating material, and thus good waterproof effect; the fineness of the material is also critical, the particle size of the material to 2M or less, permeability, and can fully penetrate and fill the micro-channel base layer, both of which are effective measures to enhance the durability of waterproof .④: interaction by various additives and emulsifiers, including improved fatigue strength, resistance to ultraviolet radiation resistance, .. hot, the durability performance indicators ozone resistance, corrosion resistance, water and other aspects including good fatigue resistance ©: Since the plastic material is good at room temperature, the proper thickness of the construction, and therefore fatigue properties 好,并能够充分吸收沥青铺装层与水泥桥面(或钢桥面)之间由于承受交变应力产生的相对位移,不致于造成层间分离而影响铺装层使用寿命.©.储存稳定性:该材料不易离析和变质,储存保质期达两年以上.⑦.环保性能:该材料复杂的配方中不含有毒或对环境有污染的原料;加工过程(原材料预处理、改性、乳化和混炼过程)均为物理处理工艺,无不良化学反应过程,工艺过程无排放物和废弃物;不含挥发性有机溶剂,其溶剂为水,施工浓度可根据需要在现场调配,施工过程中不会对环境造成二次污染.实施例六:用作钢桥面的防水粘结层的沥青路面防水养护剂的生产工艺1.配方(重量比):沥青 100橡胶粉 6树脂 9橡胶 15交联剂 4偶联剂 5乳化剂(复合) 10抗老化剂 0. 1活化剂 35消泡剂 0. 3其加工工艺与实施例一相同.2. 施工工艺-直接用该配方所生产的 Good, and can sufficiently absorb the generated relative displacement subjected to alternating stress, influence not result in separation between the interlayer pavement life Asphalt Pavement with concrete deck (Deck or steel). ©. Storage stability properties: the material is not easy segregation and deterioration, for more than two years of shelf life storage .⑦ environmental performance: the complex material formulation free of toxic or environmentally polluting material; processing (pre-processing of raw materials, modified, and emulsified. mixing process) are physical treatment processes, without adverse chemical reaction process, process effluents and waste-free; free of volatile organic solvent, which solvent is water, the concentration may need to deploy the construction site, the construction process is not secondary causes environmental pollution embodiment six cases: steel bridge as waterproof adhesive layer 1. the production process recipe (by weight) of curing agent asphalt waterproofing: crumb rubber asphalt 100 9 6 resin crosslinked rubber 15 35 0.3 defoamers which a process same as Example 10 0.1 anti-aging agent activators coupling agents 4 5 emulsifier (composite) .2 construction process - the direct use of the formulation produced 品在钢桥面上进行施工,按设计要求的厚度分多遍施工, 第一遍稀一些,用量少一些,第二、第三遍浓一些,用量多一些,施工前应对桥面进行认真清理.3. 主要性能:其主要性能指标如下:附着力: M.5MPa;防水性能: 0. 3MPa水压下30分钟不透水;材料强度: >2MPa;表干时间: l小时;实干时间: 8小时4.应用特点:与实施例五相同.实施例七、 一种将上述新青路面防水养护剂应用在公路沥青路面的涂层厚度测量方法现场检测厚度所用的仪器由受料器和厚度计两个工具构成,受料器直径为0173mm 的圆盘,面积O. lm2,施工时将该圆盘置于需要喷洒涂料的路面某处,喷洒完毕后,每次称取接料前后圆盘的重量差G, (g)及烘干前后圆盘的重量差G2(g),再通过预先测定的该种材料的干容积密度及路面结构系数换算喷涂用量及喷涂公称厚度,可用下面公式计算: 施工用量 Steel products for construction on the surface, the required thickness according to the design construction division multiple passes, the first pass dilute some with less number, the second, the third time a number of thick, an amount more, careful pre-construction deal deck .3 cleaning main properties: its main performance indicators are as follows: adhesion: M.5MPa; waterproof:. 0. 3MPa impermeable pressure for 30 minutes; the material strength:> 2MPa; dry time: h L; Drying time: 8 hours 4. application: the same according to a seventh embodiment according to the fifth embodiment, a method of the above-described water Pavement xinqing curing agent used in the coating thickness measurement method detecting scene thickness asphalt roads used by the receiving equipment and feeder thickness. count two tools, and the rear by a disc having a diameter of 0173mm feeder, the area O. lm2, the disks were placed pavement construction needs somewhere spray coating, spraying is completed, taken before and after each time said material receiving disc the weight difference G, (g) and the difference in weight before and after drying disc G2 (g), then the amount of spraying and spraying in terms of the nominal thickness by a dry bulk density and the coefficient of pavement materials measured in advance, can be calculated as follows : the amount of construction (含固化剂、活化剂等挥发成分)用G表示:G= 10Gi (g/m2) 涂层公称厚度用B表示:B= 10—3G2 / 1 . 07(,)涂层实际厚度5 =kB式中:k为结构系数,与路表面构造深度有关,根据试验确定如下:序号 沥青砼的形式 型式代号 结构系数(k) 备注1 抗滑密实型 AK-13A 0.68-0.91 2 抗滑半开级配 AK-13B 0. 46-0.76 3 密实型级配 AC16-I 0.79-0.95 4 密实型级配 AC-131 0. 73-0. 88 (Including curing agent, a volatile component activators, etc.) represented by G: G = 10Gi (g / m2) coated with a nominal thickness denoted by B:. B = 10-3G2 / 1 07 (,) the actual thickness of the coating 5 = kB where: K is a coefficient of structure, configuration and depth of the relevant road surface, according to the test is determined as follows: type code form asphalt concrete structure of the coefficient number (k) Notes 1 sliding dense AK-13A 0.68-0.91 2 half open sliding stage with AK-13B 0. 46-0.76 3 dense gradation AC16-I 0.79-0.95 4 dense gradation AC-131 0. 73-0. 88

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1. 一种沥青路面防水养护剂,其特征在于由如下重量份比例的材料组成: 沥青100 橡胶粉2~20 树脂3~10 橡胶2~16 交联剂2~10 偶联剂1~6 复合乳化剂1~20 抗老化剂适量活化剂30~300 起泡剂适量消泡剂适量在上述材料中,橡胶粉系旧轮胎经加工后成超细粉沫状态,树脂为HMA聚合物,橡胶为SBS,复合乳化剂是由阳离子乳化剂、聚氨基硅油和少量无机细集料复合加工而成,抗老化剂为抗紫外线防老剂及云母粉复配而成,活化剂为水,消泡剂为有机硅油,起泡剂是有机酸皂,施工前现场加入. A waterproof asphalt pavement curing agent, wherein the ratio of parts by weight of the following materials: bitumen rubber powder 2 100 20 ~ 10 ~ 3 resin rubber cross-linking agent having 2 to 16 2 to 10 6 ~ coupling a compound 20 emulsifier 1 antioxidant amount ~ activators blowing agent amount of 30 to 300 in the above amount antifoaming materials, rubber-based powder after processed into ultra-fine powder used tire state, the resin is a polymer HMA, rubber SBS, emulsifier is a cationic emulsifiers, silicone oil and a small amount of polyamino inorganic fine aggregate composite processing, anti-aging agent is an antioxidant and anti-UV mica compound from activating agent is water, antifoaming agent silicone oils, organic foaming agents are soaps, added prior to the construction site.
2. —种如权利要求l所述的沥青路面防水养护剂的生产工艺,其特征在于包括有原材料预处理、复合改性、乳化、添加辅助材料溶炼四道工序:① 原材料预处理工序:系指沥青的加温脱水,橡胶粉的泡涨、塑练和薄通,将乳化剂配制成复合乳液;② 复合改性工序:将预热的新青与橡胶粉制剂、橡胶、交联剂、偶联剂及树脂混合搅拌加热后,在175〜220'C高温及0. 01~0. 05Mpa真空下经过多次高速剪切和研磨形成粒径<2 ia m的超细混合物一高分子复合胶体;③ 乳化工序:通过乳化设备,将工序②的高分子复合胶体与配制好的复合乳液、消泡剂在80 ~ 90'C温度和0 . 7 ~ 1Mpa压力下经过进一步的乳化加工,形成乳液;④ 添加辅助材料工序:在工序③的乳液里添加包含抗老化剂的辅助材料,在真空下进一步加工溶炼,然后冷却即成防水养护剂基料成品;上述四道工序均 2. - the kind as claimed in claim l waterproof asphalt pavement curing agent production process, wherein the raw material comprising pretreatment, modified compound, emulsifying, adding auxiliary materials smelting four steps: Step ① Pretreatment of raw materials: heating means dehydration asphalt, rubber powder bubble up, and a thin plastic practiced on an emulsifier compound formulated as an emulsion; ② composite modification step of: preheating the rubber powder formulation Xinqing, rubber, a crosslinking agent after the coupling agent and the resin mixture was heated with stirring, and after several high shear milling diameter is formed at a high temperature and 175~220'C 0. 01 ~ 0. 05Mpa vacuo <2 ia m ultrafine mixture of a polymer composite colloid; ③ emulsifying step: by emulsification equipment, a step ② the polymer composite colloid and the prepared composite emulsion, a defoamer emulsion after further processing at 80 ~ 90'C 0 7 ~ 1Mpa temperature and pressure. forming an emulsion; ④ step of adding auxiliary materials: addition of auxiliary material comprises anti-aging agents in the emulsion of the step ③, the further processing smelting in vacuo, and then water cooled Serve finished base curing agent; the above four steps are 要在反应釜中进行,并要对容器内材料进行连续搅拌;第三道工序中的复合乳液要预先进行溶解搅拌加热,然后再将高分子复合胶体与复合乳液按比例送入乳化泵中进行乳化. To a reaction kettle, and the material in the vessel to continuously stirred; the third step of the composite emulsion is heated with stirring to be dissolved in advance, and then the composite polymer composite colloidal emulsion pump into the emulsion in proportion performed emulsification.
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