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Dispositif d'alarme


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    • G08B29/00Checking or monitoring of signalling or alarm systems; Prevention or correction of operating errors, e.g. preventing unauthorised operation
    • G08B29/02Monitoring continuously signalling or alarm systems
    • G08B29/10Monitoring of the annunciator circuits
    • G08B17/00Fire alarms; Alarms responsive to explosion
    • G08B17/06Electric actuation of the alarm, e.g. using a thermally-operated switch
    • Y10T307/62
BE748026D 1969-04-02 1970-03-26 Dispositif d'alarme BE748026A (fr)

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US81262169A true 1969-04-02 1969-04-02

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BE748026A true BE748026A (fr) 1970-08-31



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BE748026D BE748026A (fr) 1969-04-02 1970-03-26 Dispositif d'alarme

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US (1) US3641570A (fr)
BE (1) BE748026A (fr)
FR (1) FR2038166B1 (fr)
GB (1) GB1253499A (fr)

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GB1253499A (en) 1971-11-17
FR2038166A1 (fr) 1971-01-08
BE748026A1 (fr)
US3641570A (en) 1972-02-08
FR2038166B1 (fr) 1976-02-06

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