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Leners Patent No. 91,688, dated June 22, 1869.
. The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent andmaking part of the same.
To all whom it may concern Be it known thatV I, D AvlD TREFRY, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk, and State ot'Massachusetts, have invented a new and improved'Bureau-Bedstead, ot' which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying draw. ings, making a part of this specitcatoinin which- Figure lis a perspective view of the bureau-bed stead, representing the same folded up.
Figure2 is a transverse section of tig. 1. i
Figure 3 shows the bureau open and the bedstcad unfolded, and showing my improvements.
,The object of my invention is to'produce a bureaubedstead which can be easily opened or closed with but little exertion, and'` whchfafter being folded up, allows a free circulationof the arthrough it; and
My invention consists i so balancing a portion of bedstead, by suspending the :same on pivots secured to a suitable frame, that but little force will be required to liftit up for folding, and thus a serious obstacle will be overcome in bureau-bedsteads of ordinary Construction.
My invention consists, further, in providing the back l of the bureau with orifices, and to omit the bottom, so thatthe air has easy access to and'from the insideof the folded-up' hedstead; and
My invention consists, also, in the manner in which the sides and the top of the bureau-portion 'are prol vided with wings and retainers, so that the whole can be quickly closed and opened, andV firm-ly held in its respective position, vwithout the application of locks, pins,springs, or bars.
Referring to tbe drawings- A is the bureauportion, provided wit-h the back B, perforated by the orifices a a, a.
The top consists of theI fixed plate C, and the swingplate D, ou the outer end` of which is attached a retaining-piece, b.
The sides consist, also, of similar plates; of which those, E E', nearest the back, are xed. The outer The frames g garermly attached to the sides E f E', and foot-boards K1 of' the bureau, in such a manner that the portionscontaining the pivot-pinsor screws reach to nearly one-half the length of vsides I l".
' The portion 1' H' 1'1" is so much shorter than the inner portion, that when the saine is folded up the head-board H will tit" 'bef`ore'head-board'H, as seen in iig. 2, and thehead-board Hwheul in horizontal position, should be-.even with the top of foot-board K.
There is no bottomlto the bureau, and the lower edge of foot-board is cut out in a suitable manner, s0 as not to lie close to the .tioor of the room, so that the air can freely circulate in tbed'ircction of the arrow.
There is full space allowed;between the springs'for mattress, blankets, and pillows, so that this useful and ornamental piece of furniture causes no inconvenience whatever--in,preparingitv for use, or in setting it in order.
Having fully, described my invention,
What I- claiinas new, and desire .to secure by Letters Patent, is-' The wing D and doors F F', iuy combination with retaining-pieces b c c and bureau-bedstead, in the manner and for the purpose substantially-as specied.
In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to.
this specification, in the presence of two subscribing
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