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JACOBBEHEL, OF 'ROCKFORR ILLINOIS. Laim Param: No. 88,770, dated Ami 13, 1869.
The Schedule referred vto in these Letters Patent and making part of the same. 'I
Te all whom it may, concern:
Be it lmown that I, JACOB Banni., of the city pf IRlocldord, county of Winnebago, and State of Illinois,
lhave invented certain new and useful Improvements in Gates; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is an isometrical view of a gate embracing my improvements;
' Figure 2 is a top view of the hanging-post, hangingstile, and a portion of the gate, with the hinges in place.
Figures 3 and 4 are sections ofthe lower hinge, each part being cut through its centre.
Similar-letters of reference indicate similar 'partsin the diierent figures.
My invention relates to that class of gates usuallyT known as automatic, and which can be opened .and closed from both sides.
In iig. 1, A represents a gate which may be of any desired pattern, but, in this case, is composed of rails a, a,.&c., framed into a latching-stile b, and hangingstile c.
Therails are supported in their length by rods d and d'. Y
The upper end of d is formed to receive truss-link e, the upper` end of which is pierced to receive the brace-rod f, which is made fast to the forward end of the gate, and to the upper end of the hanging-stile c.
The forward 'end of the gate is provided with a latch, g, to drop intov astrike-plate, 71'on post B.
This gate is supported upon a hookv and cup-hinge, jj, secured to hanging-stile c and hanging-post O.
The upper end of hanging-stile c is connected vto hanging-post O by a double fulcrum-lever hinge, D, upon fulcrum-pins k The hanging-stile c is provided with upward projecting studs l l and hanging-post, with stud m.
' To the ends of hinge D are attached the wires, n, n, '&c., which are formed of links 01,' n', 85e., and pulls o, o Sto.
The extreme'e'nds of links n,'n, 85o., are secured to the arms p p, which are framed into the posts E E, near their upper end.
These posts E E may be placed one on each side of the gate, at any convenient distance therefrom, and may be on line with the hanging-post, and at right angles to the gate when shut, or at any other convenient angle thereto. Y
The first part of my invention consists in providing a gate with a brace-rod, f, secured to front of gate A and upper end ofhanging-stile c, with truss-link e, connected to the gate by rod d', or otherwise, from which it will be seen that by moving the upper end of rod f will be forced downward, and will occupy the position represented by dotted lines, when the bracerod f will be griped by truss-link e, which .will prevent it slipping. i The object of this arrangement is, first, 'to prevent the forward end of the gate from sinking ;l and, second, to adjust it to the proper .height to insure its latchiug properly in the-strike-plate h; also, to prevent the middle portions of the gate from sagging.
The hinges jj are constructed with two plates, form ing a right angle from the vertex of whichprotrudes the knuckle, in one of which is formed `the cupas gt iig. 3, and on the other is formed the hook, as at This hinge is so` formed that itiwill apply to any angle of a rectangular post, andthe plates will embrace two sides thereof, as seen at j j, gs. 1 and 2, and can be used for either right or left-hand swinging-gates. The lever-hinge D, whichconnects the lupper ends of hanging-stile c to hanging-post C, upon fulcrumpins k k', is so formed that a 4portion of it projects for ward of the fulcrum-pin k, and works between the studs l l', and, also, is so 'curved that it will rest against the stud m, on C, when the gate is closed. The outer endsxare pieced to receive the wires n, with pulls o and links n', which are secured to arms p in posts E.
By this arrangement, it will be seen, from the'position of the bearings k k of the' upper hinge, that the action ofgravity will tendto keep, the gate closed.
It will also be seen that if the parts be thrown into the position represented by dotted lines, as at iig. 2, that the movable fulcrum k will-occupy the position k, in' dotted lines, and as the bearings s, of lower hinge, and k', of upper hinge, are fixed, the movable bearing k will have passed from one side to the opposite side of the bearing s, of the lower hinge,'and the gate will be in the position .represented -by dotted lines, when the centre of gravity will also have been changed from one side to the opposite side of bearings, audits action will tend to keep it open; also, the fulcrum k, in passing to k, will move upon the dottedline in red ink, which is on the side of bearing s, toward the bearin g k', from which it will be' seen that the forward end of the gate will be made to move in an upward curved line in opening, and, when open, the front end will be higher than the rear end, the object of which is to construct automatic gates that can be madeto open,r
upward on ascending grades, and to pass obstructions in opening, which is done, in this case, by changing the centre of gravity. i
To open and close the gate against heavy. gaies of wind, I have provided the studs'l l', and a portion of hinge D, to workA between them, with suicient play to permit the gate to rise sufficient to cause it to unlatch, when the projection on D will come in contact with stud Z, and, in closing, the projection will come in contact with stud Z,as in dotted lines, by means of which, through the medium of the pulls andI connect 2. Hinge j j, lever-hinge D, studs l, l', and m, or their equivalents, when applied as and for the purpose set forth, and operated by means of wires n n and pulls y o, or their equivalents, substantially inl the manner and for the purpose set forth.
JACOB BEHEL. Witnesses:
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