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GEORGE KN'EIP, oFxNEw fronten.l Y.
Letters Patent No. 82,850, dated October 6, 1868.
ttt: Stimuli refemh tu in tiges: Enters @stmt mit matingjgrrt'u'ftte same.'
Be it known that I, vGraeme KNEIP, of New York, in the county and VState of New Y ork, have invented ai new and improved `.E"ountainPe en;l and I do hereby declare the following tobe a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will 'enable those skilled in' the art to make 'and usethe same, reference being had' to the4 accompanying drawing, f'orrningvpart of this specification,- in which drawing- Figure 1 represents a longitudinal section of this invention. Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same.
Similar letters indicate corresponding parts. This invention relates vto a fountain-pen, the ink-cistern of 'which is made of 'glass or other transparent material, and provided at its large or receiving-end with e central tube projecting to. a. certain distance vinto the cistern, and communicating with the vent-hole, while its thin or discharging-cud is'clo'sed by neming-valve, which can beopened by the pressure of the thumb on a,button,ri such a manner that when the valve is .closedl and tho pen is laid down or reversed, the central tube will prevent the ink from flowing out, and when the pen is to be used for writing, a slightpressure on thehutton will open the valveand allow the-ink from the' cisternA to dow down to the pen. The cistern is enclosed in a casing of metal or other opaque material, which is prei vided with two slots or openings, onediametrically opposite theother, in such a manner that in filling the cistern, the level of thev lnk therein cany be` observed through said openingswith ease vand facility.
A represents a penhlder, which is triade-in' [two' parts, a b, united by a screw-thread or other suitable fastening. 'The lower part, a, of said* holder, is bored out, or so formed that it can receive the ink-cistern B,
which is made of. glass or other transparent material, and, in order to be able to observe the level of the-ink inA the cistern, -said part a, of the holder, is provided with openings, afin its sides, as shown in the drawing.
The cistern B isopen at the top, but it can be closed by the part-@from which projects a small tube,. d,1 down into the cistern, as shown in iig. 1 of the drawing. -This tube communicates with the vent-holesL'aiid, when the pen is in working condition, it servestwo purposes, viz, to Vadmit air tothe ink-cisternso that the ink can discharge, and 'to prevent the spilling of the ink when the pen is laid down or turnedA upside down. To eect this last-named purpose, the tube cZ is situated in` the centre ofthe cistern, andth'at portion Vof s aid'cisV I ternwhich surrounds the tube is enlarged, so that when the penis -laid down the ink accumulating in said enlarged part of the cistern will not reach up to. the level of the tube d, and consequently no -ink can escape through said tub-e andthe vent-holes. i l v I v In practice I propose to make the central tube d solid, with the cisternA all of glass, and, in this case, the part b of the holder can be attached to the parte simply by a slip-joint. 'v I The loweror discharging-end of the cistern B projects somewhat beyond the pen-holder; so that it termnates close under the pen `C, secured in said holder, and its end is closed'by a valve,f, which is securedto a spring-lever, g. From this `lever extends a button, h, through thevside of the holder, and by pressing on this button, the valve is raised audit-he discharging-endet' the cistern is opened, andthe ink contained in said cistern is allowed to flow down to the pen.
When the pen is held in positionfor writing, a. small pressure'of the thumb on the button is sucient to supply the pen with ink, and as this'ink is usedup, the pressure has to be'repeated from time to time.
When thecistern is empty, itis filled again by taking o' thepart b of the holder, and introducing-the ink through the open end of the cistern, or through the `central tube d, in case said tube is made solid with the cistern, as previously stated.
Having thus described'my invention, what I claim as uew,"and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is- 1.. The ink-cistern B, provided witha central tube, d, in its receiving-end, and with a valve, f, at its discharging-eiid,in vcombination with the pen-holder A, 'constructed and operating substantially as and for'the purpose set foi-th. l
2. Also, the openings ein the sides of tho peiifholder, in combinationzwith the transparent ink-cistern B, substantially as and for the purpose described. I- I l. GEORGE KNEIP.
W. HAUrs, E. F. KAs'ruxnUnER..
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