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duurt iuirr @anni @dat Letters Patent No. 109,257, dated November 15, 1870.
The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same..
I, FRIDOLIN SGHIFFERLE, of St. Louis, in the county of St. Louis, in the State of Missouri, have` madey certain' Improvements in l `ountainPens, of which the following is a specification.`
The object of this invention is to produce, in a penholder, a fountain that will supply the pen with its ink for a greater length of time than `the ordinary fountain-pen, and mprovide a means of securely retaining'the ink in ythe fountainwithoutloss when the penis not inuse; and
It consists in the specific construction ofthe inkfountain, and such parts of the case as is necessary to effect the object.
In the drawingu Figure 1 is a back view of pen, fountain, and case;
Figure 2 is a side View of the same Figure 3 is a detached view of the top of the case;
Figure 4 is a view of the center part of the case; and
Figure 5 is a sectional view of the case, pen, fountain, andstopper to the fountain.
In the description- A is the case, containing the fountain a, and is constructed with a funnel-shaped top, c, and with a fclnale-screw or nut, e".
Bis an adjustable ana reversible pen-holder, and by which the pen l1 is securely heldin its place.
The nut c" is secured by soldering or 'otherwise sccurely attaching it to case A in the proper position, and fountain a is firmly and centrally attached to case A at the under side of nut c.
Pen-holder B slides into and is held by the lower end of case A, the cylinder of the pen-holder snrrounding tlle fountain.
C is the cylindrical cover to stopper C', having its outer end closed, while the inner end is open, and, when the pen is in use, is slid upon and over the screwstopper C.
Screw-stopper C has a screw, e', on its lower end thatscrews into uut c" in the top of case A.
Above the screw is an annular projection or valve, c', which,as the stopper O is screwed into the nut e, cornes in contact with and fits perfectly upon or against Vthe funnel c,and makes a water-joint, so that no ink can pass out at the top end of the fountain when the stopper is screwed in tightly.
Cylindrical cover C, which slides upon screw-stopper O', has, on the inside of its top end, an India-rnbber lining, extending nearly half its length, thc purpose of whichl is to stop the inlr in fountain a when the pen is not in use,but with the pen and its holder reversed and slid into case A, and the cover C taken from stopper C' and forced upon holder B, and the lower end of fountain a into the lining d, so that the lining l will eifectually close the aperture a in the` lower end of fountain a, and thus prevent any ink from leaking out at the opening a'.
Ink-fountain a is a long tube, extending the whole length of case A, below nut e", and Abelow its lower end far enough to receive the pen-holder B, and to within about a sixteenth of an inch of the extreme point of the pen b, which is of the common form.
At the extreme lower end of fountain a is the aperture a', which is made to-nearly t upon the inside of the common-shaped pen b, as seen in gs. 1 and 2,. and from which the ink is supplied to the pen when in use, giving out no more ink than is expended by the pen b in the operation of writing, and, when not in use for writing, the penis reversed and slid into case A, cover C slid upon holder B, and the open end a of the fountain is close in contact with the rubber lining, as seen in fig. 5.
The pen is wholly protected from harm, and the ink perfectly and completely held in the fountain, with no chance of escape at either end, for the screwstopper` C' is screwed tight down upon the top of case A, so that no air is admitted; hence, if the opening a'pwas not closed, the ink would not run out of fountain a, except the ink at opening a cornes in contact with some substance that gradually conducts it away, as it does when the pen is used in writing.
In filling the fountain with ink, place the pen and fountain as seen inigs. l and 2, and in the condition for use, take out the screw-stopper C' and pour the ink slowly into the funnel-shaped top c, until full or nearly full, when the stopper is screwed into its place, and the pen is ready for writing.
1f only a little writing is to be donc, the pen, when prepared for writing, can bc dipped into the ink in the usual way, and enough ink will adhere to the pen andl fountain to write a few lines, but when the fountain is full there will be inl; enough contained therein to write ten or more pages. p
\Vhen the pen is not in use it is placed inthe case, as seen in tig. 5, and the cover() in the position there seen, and whatever ink there maybe in the fountain it is securcl y held in thc fountain until wanted again for use, and the pen can bc safely placed in the pocket or writingcase for transportation.
Having thus described lnyinvention,
That I claim, and desire to secure by Letters latont, is
l. The combination of ease A, having funnel-top c, nut e, and fountain a, with` the screw-stopper C',
having an annular valve-projection, c'7 constructed in the manner and for the purposes shown.
2. The. combination of oase A, having funnel-top c, nut c, and fountain a, having aperture a', and stopper C', with the pen-holder B and pen 11, arranged to operate as shown.
3. The combination of oase A, fountain a having stopper c', and aperture a', with Cover C having the rubber lining d, ail constructed and arranged in the manner showm FRIDOLIN SGHIFFERLE.
WitneSses EDM. F. BROWN, J No.' F. FENNELL.
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